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  1. CAT5

    Although I've not visited myself, I actually know and fellowship with quite a few of the individuals from this community, as they have a satellite institution here in my city. The origins of this village are pretty fascinating. It was established in the late 1960's by a group of "African Americans" who, during the height of the civil rights movement (when most 'African Americans' were fighting to fully integrate into the U.S.), basically gave a HUGE middle finger to the United States, migrated to Israel, and started their own way of life. I can definitely attest to the fact that the people I've met who were born in this village or have interfaced with this community to any great extent have all been upstanding people. It's wonderful to witness how people can flourish as individuals (and on a collective basis) when those people are nourished in a culture that's not inherently poisonous.
  2. CAT5

    You just made me think of this video... 😛
  3. Ok, @yomii....I might have to rescind the statement I made on your status not too long ago! There are some cool features here, and this definitely has the potential to be dope!
  4. CAT5


    Hey there, welcome to the forum! Feel free to make yourself at home! If you have any questions/concerns, just feel free to hit up the staff (members with blue/red/green names). Enjoy!
  5. CAT5

    Art in the Age of Automation by Portico Quartet
  6. I feel like throwing together a random J-rock mix of about 10 songs or so. If I do, who's willing to listen?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. indigo


      I'm up for it! 

    3. Gesu


      Me~ ^_^

    4. CAT5


      aww, shucks! :hum:


      I'll whip something up within the next week or so and send it y'all way!

  7. My dear Dispo, WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN?!? ahahaha, i'm just fuckin withchall. I like the song.
  8. Yoooooo @plastic_rainbow ,@reminiscing2004, @indigo - you guys every heard of this band? I just stumbled across them and they sound DOPE!!!



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    2. plastic_rainbow


      yoooo this sounds awesome!! thanks for sharing~

    3. indigo


      That sounds sick, I've been pretty out of loop with Japanese music lately. 

    4. reminiscing2004


      I recognized the name from the split with KMKMS, but never checked it out! Thanks @CAT5 :)

  9. Just realized there was a new VELTPUNCH mv out!



  10. CAT5

    This world is fucked beyond belief. But despite how treacherously people treat one another...and despite how poorly we even treat ourselves...to be courageous enough to even just try to do better in the face of such overwhelming bleakness, and not just fall into the mire of spiritual destitution like the rest... That's such a beautiful thing!
  11. CAT5

    I'm not sure if these guys are classified as VK or pseudo-VK or whatnot, but they're a jazz-rock band that may appeal to you. "really good guitar" is a bit vague for me, as I'm not super familiar with Sugar...BUT, here's one of my favorite bands called 八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88kasyo Junrei). They're not VK...but the vocalist is male Here are some of their songs that u can skim through:
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