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  1. Happy Belated Born Day! Hope it went well! :D

    1. spockitty


      thank you! ❤️ a few hiccups occurred but I ended the day on a good note ^^ 


  2. CAT5

    Artists like that exist, but they don't get nearly enough exposure. So-called African Americans are the most glaring example of a collectively dysfunctional people, and unfortunately, everyone is profitting and benefitting from our dysfunction but us. There are deeper reasons for this that I won't get into atm, but rest assured, everyone from the local beauty supply shop all the way up to Capitol Hill are reaping the spoils of pillaging a ruined people and further enabling their continued dysfunction. So it's no marvel that the artists most heavily promoted to this group of people are avatars of dysfunction themselves.
  3. CAT5

    This is beautiful
  4. CAT5

    "There are many who know that without you, MH faced certain doom. The VK stans won't give you any honors, the J-rock blogs won't mention you, but WE will not forget."






    ahaha, Have a blessed born day, my boy! I hope all is going wonderfully with you. Rejoice! :D

  5. CAT5

    There has to be a special place in the lake of fire for "mothers" that voluntarily destroy their own families and go out of their way to keep the fathers from seeing their own children. My brother has been going through this shit for the last year and a half and this shit is just outright evil.
  6. CAT5

    Race is a stupid-ass concept and ultimately a divisive game with no winners like politics and religion ....BUT, with that said. I fuck with this 100%.
  7. CAT5

    Ayyyye, Happy Born Day, lil sis! It's always blessing to see another year. Enjoy!

    1. Gesu


      Thanks, bro~ ^_^ I will!

  8. CAT5

    Yeah basically. A lot of ppl are enraged about the jokes he's been making, and he's definitely pretty out there, but personally, I think he's both hilarious and clever in how he illuminates the ridiculousness of a lot of sensitive issues.
  9. CAT5

    Hmm...A good brother I know has been talking about this show a lot recently, and now I come here and see you two talking about it. I've never heard of it because I don't watch much of anything these days, but I may have to check it out now.
  10. CAT5

    I thought the new Dave Chapelle standup was pretty funny tbh, but i'm not surprised at some of the feedback its gotten.
  11. Blessed Born Day, my dude! I hope it's enjoyable and I hope all is well with you! :D

  12. CAT5

    That's exactly why I said what I said. Something ain't right if you need to see virtual pussy "to get off" when you got actual pussy right in front of you. Look, yall can do whatever yall want, but personally, I just ain't wit it. I've never needed to look at random muhfukkas goin at it on a screen to generate genuine intimacy, passion, and desire with any of my sexual partners.
  13. CAT5

    Porn is bad enough as is, but if you're watching it and you're in a relationship with someone, then something is VERY wrong. I'll never understand ppl that do that.
  14. CAT5

    I got a ps3 and a ps4, but I'm mostly on the latter.
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