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  1. CAT5

    Imagine this. A man loses his keys. He tells himself, "I left them here. I know I left them here. They were right here on the table". And so he spends a good amount of time searching for his keys in the small vicinity of that table. All the while thinking, "well maybe it fell here or maybe it's behind here". and so he repeats this cycle over, and over, and over - for a good 15/20 mins or so. Well, finally the man gets frustrated with this process, and he gets sick of looking in the same 3 or 4 places...in that small vicinity, and still not finding his keys. So he abandons his knowledge. All the " i know i left them here", "i know they were here, etc" - > he abandons all of that. And at this point, he embraces something wonderful. He then starts to say: "The keys can be anywhere." Because they're not where I "knew" they were. Therefore, the keys can be anywhere. So at this point, the man starts to back-track, tracing his steps, and basically starts to look in all possible places. Wherever keys can be. And so now, the whole house opens up to him. The keys could even be outside at this point, or in his car, or perhaps he dropped them on the ground somewhere? All of these different possibilities open up to him all of a sudden. And so once the man reaches this point, and realizes he doesn't know where his keys are at, and that they could be anywhere - he quickly finds them. ------ This little story basically sums up my experience in seeking "God", so to speak. Like the man looking for his keys, I was SO invested in my own self-deceptions...in my own error...that I closed myself off from all of the possibilities...even things that were literally right in front of my face/glaringly obvious in retrospect. It wasn't until I rejected what I THOUGHT i knew, that I was then able to perceive things as they actually are - and not what I thought they were. To be clear, I reached this point a little over 2 years ago. I was at a place in life where what I knew (or thought i knew) was no longer sufficient. And I had a choice: kill myself or grow. I chose life...or perhaps life chose me? Doesn't matter. The point is that I was humbled to the extent that I had no choice but to let go of what I knew (because what I knew had lead me to a dead end), and open myself to new possibilities. Subsequently, I was led to the bible. I say "led" because, in my sincere quest for wisdom and truth, it's almost as if The Most High himself was dropping breadcrumbs in my path - in the form of several different resources - the most important of which being people. And so, in following this newfound trajectory, I decided to learn about and study the bible. Mind you, I come from a non-religious household. I've never attended a church service and prior to this point in my life, I'd never even read the bible. But I always had a deep-seated feeling that there was something "more" than simply this material world. And so throughout my life, I entertained several different ideas from atheism, polytheism, buddhism, to different schools of spiritual thought. Before studying the bible, I think I'd settled on simply believing in the universe (whatever that means) and describing myself as "spiritual, but not religious" . But I digress. The point is, I stayed away from the bible and religion in general because I saw the fruits of its practitioners - both in my own life and throughout history, and wanted nothing to do with it. So as I began to seriously study the bible without any religious background or context, the first thing I realized was that I was harboring a ton of opinions and thoughts on the bible that simply were not true. Most of the impressions and thoughts that I had about the bible and 'God' in general were immediately falsified upon sincere inspection. Like many people, a lot of my thoughts about the bible and 'God' were derived from shitty experiences with religious people, observing the evil, hateful things people have done in the name of religion, seeing how religion and the bible are portrayed in media, etc. Basically, you could say that I believed in all of the rumors and gossip about "God" and the bible without ever exploring it or seeking him on my own. Unfortunately, this is how most people are. We're so invested in our own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings...so invested in our own deception that we cannot see things for what they truly are. We're so small and infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things, yet we're all so sure of the things we know and the things we think. But that's the funny thing about thought. Thought is a more collective process than most realize, as many of the thoughts we have are not necessarily a result of our own thinking. In fact, thinking in and of itself is more difficult than people realize - simply because it requires effort, and we as humans are practically hardwired to take the route of least resistance. So it's more often the case that the thoughts we have are given to us from elsewhere, or they just 'appear' in our heads and we believe them because it feels good to. For some, perhaps their thoughts on the bible, god, and religion derived from what they learned as a kid going to church with their parents, or maybe the thoughts came from a documentary or an article that made sense to them. Maybe even their own imagination. Whatever the case, rarely do people scrutinize, critique, and actually try to validate (or invalidate) these thoughts and actually seek understanding on them. So for me, since studying the bible, and actually putting the word into practice, my life has changed drastically and continues to change. My entire outlook has changed in fact. All of the thoughts I had prior have been completely decimated. For instance, I thought the bible was a religious text, but religion has nothing to do with the bible. A lot of people avoid the word because of how religion has taken the ancient texts, grossly misinterpreted them and used them for hateful and nefarious purposes. It's no different than ppl avoiding listening to certain bands because their fans are such raging assholes. Those ppl have no idea if they'd actually enjoy the band or not, but they let the actions of others sway/taint their opinion instead of just listening to the band for themselves. It's the same with the bible. People don't know any better, so they let their opinion of the bible and "God" be tainted by religion and religious zealots instead of sincerely studying it for themselves. A ton of religious doctrines will fly right out the window by simply reading the texts for what they are, without even having to do any indepth study. You gotta think. The bible is one book. One collective of texts. So where does all of these different religions come from? You have the big three "Abrahamic" religions...and within Christianity alone you have a crapload of different sects, denominations, and doctrines....This don't add up. You're telling me ALL of these different religions are correct? This alone is enough to confuse ppl and keep them away from the word, and The Most High IS NOT the author of confusion. Would it not just make sense to read the text and study for yourself? Instead of relying on endless (mis)interpretations? Furthermore. All religions have a start date. Meaning it was created by man at some point. If I truly believe in an all-mighty creator, why would I follow something a man came up with instead of what the creator provided himself? You see, religion is born when man tries to define his path towards 'God'. But what sense does that make? Shouldn't the creator himself define for us the path to reach him? When a man creates an app, does he not provide instructions on how to use that app? He doesn't just create an app and say "figure out how to use it". Why would The Most High be any different? I could go on for days, and I'm a complete baby in the word. I've only been studying for 2 years so far and it's impossible for me to relay just how endlessly deep and profound the word is. I've not even scratched the surface. I literally get my mind blown by the word on a regular basis, and so many things that I wondered about and always questioned prior to coming into the word now make perfect sense. For instance, the Transatlantic slave trade, the true identity of the so-called African American, the real reason so-called African Americans (and other descendants of the slave trade) are oppressed and downtrodden all over the world...all of this is explained in the Bible. And so much more. But I implore everyone....please DO NOT take my word for anything. Do your own research. And if you prepare yourself to truly seek The Most High, prepare for your entire world to shift. So in closing, I'll say this. I do not follow any religions, but I do keep the word of our creator. I could list a million reasons why, but it's not my job to convince anyone of anything. I'm more than open to talking to or discussing the word/bible with anyone and even answering questions, but my knowledge is small and I mostly certainly do not know everything. But knowing that you don't know is the first step. "Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seem to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.”
  2. In terms of J-rock, I been bangin' the fuck outta "CAMELUS" by peelingwards these past few months. What have yall been jammin' to the most lately?




    1. Jigsaw9


      Great sound on these guys! Powerful, clear but not overproduced.


      For me, I just realized a few days ago that Uchoten released an album back in 2016 (like 25 yrs after their last one, lol) and it was available on ototoy sooo one thing led to another... :D Best thing is, it completely rocks! They didn't lose that special something they had back in the '80s.




    2. CAT5


      Never listened to this band, but daaaang, this sounds good!!! Seems like it'll be ton of fun to listen to as well. :D


      @Tokage - you familiar with Uchoten?





    3. Jigsaw9


      Really fun! Them ol' oyajis still bringin' it live too. 8) 




  3. CAT5

    As the late great Curtis Mayfield said in a song, "We can deal with rockets and dreams But reality, what does it mean?" Also, here's a relevant unpopular opinion: I don't even think we've been to space ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. CAT5

    I've loosely followed the whole immigration ordeal out of sheer curiosity and I'm familiar with some of the arguments and grievances on both sides of the spectrum, but...here's my perspective. Look at my user title/rank. This is my user title for many reasons, but not least of which - because it's true. I can't trace my ancestry back more than a few generations. My surname is Irish, and i'm damn sure not from Ireland. I had Irish slave owners. The first thing that I learned about my ppl as a kid is that I was bought, and I was sold. Just like most of my ppl, I have no idea where I come from. We're some of the only ppl on the planet who have no idea where we descend from, or what our heritage is. My people - the so-called "African American" (whatever that even means) were brought to this country roughly 400 years ago. We've spent the greater amount of that time in slavery, so we were enslaved longer than we've been "free". And in all of that time, this country has only continued to shit on us and make it abundantly clear that they don't give a fuck about us. No matter what we do, the stigma of being a "NIGGER" persists, and we'll always be second class citizens at best. So personally, I could give a fuck about immigration. This country has been and IS more of an enemy and a terror to my people than any outside "threat".
  5. CAT5

    Romantic love and the concepts of "being in/falling in/falling out of love" are some of the most dysfunctional ideas ever. Love is a verb. Either you do it or you don't. Fuck outta here with that other shit. "Follow your heart" is some of the stupidest advice ever. People's hearts are full of all manner of sick, twisted inventions, and most of us decieve ourselves daily as to the contents thereof. "Do whatever makes you happy". Also bullshit advice. Ask your local crackhead or alcoholic how that's working out for them. We're living in hell. Chasing happiness in hell doesn't seem like a good strategy. The fact that everyones chasing happiness is evidence enough, as it clearly shows you that happiness must not be the default state of this world if everyone is chasing after happiness to destract themselves from the fact that they're living in hell. We're living in a time where 60 years ago, there was no such thing as "organic" food. Why? Cuz all the food was organic back then. We're also living in a time where muhfuckaz is seriously debating if there are more than 2 genders, the family unit is being obliterated, the poor are still being shat on, everyone is depressed & anxious, and muhfuckaz are becoming more divisive by the minute...you'd truly HAVE to believe that we evolved from some damn monkeys to think this world has progressed anywhere. Anywhere good at least.
  6. It would be super helpful if you could do this! Thank you in advance! Just contact @Komorebi and exchange mixes with her.
  7. CAT5

    It's wild how The Most High will use other people to reveal things to you that you've been inquiring about. And these people usually have no clue what's happening. Blows my mind.
  8. That'll work. I'm already gonna be late with my review for @Triangle's mix. Just send your mix to @indigo.
  9. CAT5

  10. Doombox won't be able to participate as originally planned, so I'm gonna take over her position as your partner. So that means i'll be working double duty for this tradeoff, but i'll make a mix for you before the weekend is out. Send me your mix when you get a chance. It's understandable if you're late with your review, given the circumstances!
  11. CAT5

    Easier said than done, but try to take it easy on yourself, sis! Relationships are often one of the most difficult aspects of human life...I mean, we been at this shit for thousands or millions of years (depending on your perspective), and we still can't get this shit right. Hell, most of the ppl in relationships today have absolutely no idea what they're doing either,and are just wingin' it at best. It's also natural that you'd feel these kinds of things after a breakup....,but give it time. Time will both heal and reveal all things. Besides, you'll be surprised what life will bring your way, so don't count yourself out just yet!
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