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  1. It's cool to see a few Japanese artists/musicians weighing in on current events. I know they don't understand the half of it, but the show of compassion is definitely appreciated.





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    2. nekkichi



      waiting for yoshiki to post something similarly woke from her LA mansion with her private police squad nonchalantly posing in the back

    3. CAT5


      SUGIZO can take several seats

    4. CAT5


      What SUGIZO really meant:



  2. CAT5

    The world is in a precarious state right now, and If shit were to truly hit the fan, all these ideologies and beliefs that people are so deeply invested would no longer matter. What is your political identity gonna do for you when it's a famine and niggas is literally beating down your door trying to take your food cuz they're starving (and don't care if they have to take you out in order to do so)? What is feminism gonna do for you if the world literally descends into an actual rape-culture and you don't have any real men around to protect you? What are your thoughts on race gonna matter if it's life or death and you have to depend on people that don't look like you? I think about shit like this because it's frightening how detached we are from reality. I mean, if people can't even deal with dissenting opinions online, I fear for how mentally and spiritually equipped these ppl will be if shit get real out here. It's like ppl have built their entire lives and identities around computer programs, not realizing that the computer itself could one day lose power, crash, or simply be turned off.
  3. People are really showing their true colors in the midst of all this chaos.

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    2. CAT5


      @Seimeisen this is all written on the heavenly tablets (the stars) - sis @nekkichi know what I'm talkin bout.

    3. platy


      @CAT5 you mean astrology? Yeah, this year is chock full of celestial events. -_-

    4. nekkichi



      it's not cosmic in nature. political orgs mostly operate through goetia and similar entities.

  4. PSA: If you have issues or complaints that you want to take up with the forum, then let us (the staff) know. Bitching and complaining in private doesn't help anything, and closed mouths don't get fed.


    However, if you're just upset because other ppl share opinions and perspectives that you don't like. Then you need to take a good look inside and ask yourself why you're so pressed about the opinions of random strangers on a damn J-rock forum. Alternatively, you can GROW THE FUCK UP. Some of yall are way too old for this nonsense.

  5. I'm a real-ass nigga, so imma keep it real with you: I think you petty as fuck, and half the time I think you be on some ho shit, but regardless of what you may think of me: I still got love for ya bitch-ass . You're an MH vet, and I've always loved your music taste, especially in J-indie. We've shared more than a few laughs together too. So not only am I thankful for your presence on MH, but you were there for me personally when I was a miserable, suicidally-depressed wreck and barely anyone was in my corner. You can't put a price on shit like that. I'll always be grateful to you for that. I wish things were different, but it is what it is. Take care~
  6. In light of your J-hip hop thread, I've renamed the "Japanese Rock" uber-forum, to "Japanese Music". Look at you. You're a revolutionary.

  7. CAT5

    We had this thread for a while before it died out: But I'm not opposed to a strictly J-hip hop thread either.
  8. CAT5

    She may have just given birth to the anti-christ
  9. If any of yall got spotify and wanna come play some tunes with me and others, feel free to join:




    password is: MHpeeps

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    2. CAT5


      whats a good way to alert you when we on

    3. togz


      uuuuuh maybe twitter? but like you don't have to go out of your way or anything haha

    4. Jigsaw9


      tfw want to hang out & jam but no spoti' ;((

  10. CAT5

    @Peace Heavy mk II we gon fight
  11. CAT5

    woah, haha. Had no idea this dude went on to start a music career. That's hilariously awesome! Also cancel culture and sjws can suck a big ol' dick: non-black cancel culture sheeptards: "OMG HE SAID THE N-WORD. DISGUSTING. CANCEL HIM!!!" non-black cancel culture sheeptards as soon as a black person does something they don't like: "OMG I HATE NIGGERS!!11" They can get the fuck outta here with that fake, moral-posturing bullshit. For this thread's sake, I just finished watching this:
  12. CAT5

    You tried the new NOVEMBERS yet?

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    2. togz


      i totally lost my log in information for that place so i'll have to wait haha

      but i did get caught up because i hadn't heard anything from this year. 

    3. CAT5


      I can send it to you if you need. As for what i thought, well...it's definitely a lot different. Not bad at all, but I'm leaning towards it not being for me. Which feels pretty weird for me to say about them...

    4. togz


      Yeah for sure, if you're willing to share it. I know they're weird about sharing stuff from there. But i'd appreciate it. I'm surprised it's not on spotify though. They've been pretty good about that since 2014??

  13. CAT5

    I tend to shower before I start my day in the morning, and will often take another shower in the evening.
  14. CAT5

    I feel you 100% on this. As an African Descendant of Slavery, I've experienced similar situations. Who would be more qualified to speak on a culture than someone who's already fully immersed in it? I hate when I see these non-"black" SJW types parading around as "allies", when over half of these muhfukkas don't even truly fuck with "black" ppl like that. Most of these ppl don't even want to live around "black" folk, which tells you how they REALLY feel about us. And a lot of these SJW-types champion ideologies that are harmful and destructive to "black" ppl in general. But yeah, I wouldn't even sweat those people. They're more interested in policing the thoughts and actions of others than their own. They wanna change the world by changing other ppl instead of just being the change they want to see. It's ass-backwards...
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