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  1. CAT5

    Romantic love and the concepts of "being in/falling in/falling out of love" are some of the most dysfunctional ideas ever. Love is a verb. Either you do it or you don't. Fuck outta here with that other shit. "Follow your heart" is some of the stupidest advice ever. People's hearts are full of all manner of sick, twisted inventions, and most of us decieve ourselves daily as to the contents thereof. "Do whatever makes you happy". Also bullshit advice. Ask your local crackhead or alcoholic how that's working out for them. We're living in hell. Chasing happiness in hell doesn't seem like a good strategy. The fact that everyones chasing happiness is evidence enough, as it clearly shows you that happiness must not be the default state of this world if everyone is chasing after happiness to destract themselves from the fact that they're living in hell. We're living in a time where 60 years ago, there was no such thing as "organic" food. Why? Cuz all the food was organic back then. We're also living in a time where muhfuckaz is seriously debating if there are more than 2 genders, the family unit is being obliterated, the poor are still being shat on, everyone is depressed & anxious, and muhfuckaz are becoming more divisive by the minute...you'd truly HAVE to believe that we evolved from some damn monkeys to think this world has progressed anywhere. Anywhere good at least.
  2. It would be super helpful if you could do this! Thank you in advance! Just contact @Komorebi and exchange mixes with her.
  3. CAT5

    It's wild how The Most High will use other people to reveal things to you that you've been inquiring about. And these people usually have no clue what's happening. Blows my mind.
  4. That'll work. I'm already gonna be late with my review for @Triangle's mix. Just send your mix to @indigo.
  5. CAT5

  6. Doombox won't be able to participate as originally planned, so I'm gonna take over her position as your partner. So that means i'll be working double duty for this tradeoff, but i'll make a mix for you before the weekend is out. Send me your mix when you get a chance. It's understandable if you're late with your review, given the circumstances!
  7. CAT5

    Easier said than done, but try to take it easy on yourself, sis! Relationships are often one of the most difficult aspects of human life...I mean, we been at this shit for thousands or millions of years (depending on your perspective), and we still can't get this shit right. Hell, most of the ppl in relationships today have absolutely no idea what they're doing either,and are just wingin' it at best. It's also natural that you'd feel these kinds of things after a breakup....,but give it time. Time will both heal and reveal all things. Besides, you'll be surprised what life will bring your way, so don't count yourself out just yet!
  8. How are things coming along for everyone?
  9. CAT5

    sheesh. I hope this band keeps pushing forward. They'r one of the few, newer VK bands that I've taken a serious interest in.
  10. CAT5

    Ya know. Despicable as it is, people lie all of the time. You have people that lie for absolutely no reason, you have people that think telling white lies somehow makes it less of a lie. You've got lies of omission. You've got ppl who deliberately lie for selfish and/or nefarious means. Even some of the most upright folks will lie if it benefits them. And hell, most of us lie to ourselves on a daily basis. People lie. But what amazes me is that some people have a hard time even just entertaining the possibility that many things that have been accepted as fact or that people put their trust in, whether we're speaking about history or modern times, could indeed be lies. Maybe it's because being so-called "woke" has become such a meme that people seem less inclined to consider ideas that might directly contradict the status quo or history as we know it? I don't know. But I don't even think it's a matter of being woke, honestly. I think it's a matter of common sense: Just because one has a title like historian, scientist, politician, banker etc....that does not exempt them from fallibility, corruptibility, or the human condition. Everything we put our trust in is the product of other human beings, most of which are just as fucked up as we are (if not more). That's a sobering thought. Knowing how humans are, it just makes me wonder how many personal/political/religious agendas and biases have shaded the lenses through which we view the world.
  11. CAT5

    New ATATA is fun!
  12. - also for the record, i don't give a fuck about this movie or the "controversy" surrounding it - i just think this shit is funny
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