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  1. CAT5

    She may have just given birth to the anti-christ
  2. If any of yall got spotify and wanna come play some tunes with me and others, feel free to join:




    password is: MHpeeps

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    2. CAT5


      whats a good way to alert you when we on

    3. togz


      uuuuuh maybe twitter? but like you don't have to go out of your way or anything haha

    4. Jigsaw9


      tfw want to hang out & jam but no spoti' ;((

  3. CAT5

    @Peace Heavy mk II we gon fight
  4. CAT5

    woah, haha. Had no idea this dude went on to start a music career. That's hilariously awesome! Also cancel culture and sjws can suck a big ol' dick: non-black cancel culture sheeptards: "OMG HE SAID THE N-WORD. DISGUSTING. CANCEL HIM!!!" non-black cancel culture sheeptards as soon as a black person does something they don't like: "OMG I HATE NIGGERS!!11" They can get the fuck outta here with that fake, moral-posturing bullshit. For this thread's sake, I just finished watching this:
  5. CAT5

    You tried the new NOVEMBERS yet?

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    2. togz


      i totally lost my log in information for that place so i'll have to wait haha

      but i did get caught up because i hadn't heard anything from this year. 

    3. CAT5


      I can send it to you if you need. As for what i thought, well...it's definitely a lot different. Not bad at all, but I'm leaning towards it not being for me. Which feels pretty weird for me to say about them...

    4. togz


      Yeah for sure, if you're willing to share it. I know they're weird about sharing stuff from there. But i'd appreciate it. I'm surprised it's not on spotify though. They've been pretty good about that since 2014??

  6. CAT5

    I tend to shower before I start my day in the morning, and will often take another shower in the evening.
  7. CAT5

    I feel you 100% on this. As an African Descendant of Slavery, I've experienced similar situations. Who would be more qualified to speak on a culture than someone who's already fully immersed in it? I hate when I see these non-"black" SJW types parading around as "allies", when over half of these muhfukkas don't even truly fuck with "black" ppl like that. Most of these ppl don't even want to live around "black" folk, which tells you how they REALLY feel about us. And a lot of these SJW-types champion ideologies that are harmful and destructive to "black" ppl in general. But yeah, I wouldn't even sweat those people. They're more interested in policing the thoughts and actions of others than their own. They wanna change the world by changing other ppl instead of just being the change they want to see. It's ass-backwards...
  8. CAT5

    Christians really need to take time and actually READ the text they claim to be following. The Most High ain't concerned about no damned video games.
  9. CAT5

    I'm not deserving of anything, yet The Most High's mercy and lovingkindness brings me to tears. Just when I thought i'd gone off the deep end, he was there to catch me. That's a level of love that is certainly not of this world. The longer I walk with him, the more I'm learning and understanding his ways.
  10. CAT5

    A friend posted this on FB, and I thought it sounded really nice!
  11. Trump is the GOAT :tw_joy:



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    2. CAT5


      It's like watching a sketch comedy show...except it's "real".

    3. tetsu_sama69


      Sad part is too many people think he's actually doing a good job even though this pandemic has shown he is less than capable of handling things in a crisis. If anything it just makes us as a whole look like a complete joke to everyone one else even more than we already do.


      And people wonder why I don't vote and think politics is a mess. This is what it is now. A complete joke.


    4. CAT5


      @Tetsu-san I feel u 100%. I don't get involved either, especially cuz I can't see any positive effects that voting has had on the so-called "black" community. Altho even beyond the issues plaguing ADOS (African Descendants of Slavery), I just don't see the system being very beneficial for any group of people in general.


      To me, Trump is the perfect face for the farce known as the U.S. It's like the jig is up now...

  12. CAT5

    bro, I COMPLETELY overlooked this post! This is Wes / one80! Welcome, and it's great to see you around!
  13. CAT5

    I got 99 problems but a bit ain't one nah, seriously, I don't really stress this shit anymore, especially since I'm not really in the arena of sharing/trading/collecting music anymore. I'll generally take the best I can get.
  14. New TAMTAM is fiyah!!! I'm glad they got past that lil anisong-wannabe hiccup they had years ago, cuz THIS IS IT.


    BTW, I love Kuro but her lack of dance ability/rhythm is both hilarious and painful to watch :tw_joy:



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