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  1. @VESSMIERand I have exchanged mixes as well.
  2. Hey guys, it just dawned on me, but which club name would you all prefer? Château Musical or JRLC (J-rock Listening Club)? Vote and/or comment! Or did you guys have something better in mind?
  3. #1 Album of the Week 8/20 - 8/26 「 Mr.unknown - Amnesiac's Nothingness」 selected by @itsukoii \ Mr.unknown is a visual kei band from Hiroshima, Japan formed in 2007. Member: Voice: 京介 (Kyosuke) Guitar: takekazu Guitar: 淳司 (joined 2011) Drum: jun Ex-Member: Bass: You (left 2010) 2010.12.15 irs-007 1.Amnesiac 2.Nothingness there 3.conflict days 4.answer 5.The Other Side Of hope 6.追憶の雨 7.the Indifference TV show 8.冷たい部屋(fortessimo) 9.calm scream 10.Murder 11.この静寂の果てに Alright, here's our first selection - chosen by @itsukoii. The first full album from the obscure Visual Kei band Mr.unknown! Let's all give it a go and use this thread to discuss our thoughts! Feel free to comment whenever you want!
  4. Nope. I probably should have mentioned that. Sign-up is only for selecting albums, and that's optional. You can still take part in the discussions regardless!
  5. @saishuuand @Saishu. You guys are gonna have to fight it out or something. Winner gets to keep their name. :P

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    3. Saishu


      Hey, I also have the correct amount of u's in my name!

    4. AimiGen7
  6. Added you all to the queue/calendar! I added you for the week of Nov 5th - 11th. Is that ok! We'll be starting the first week this Sunday, with @itsukoiiselecting the album.
  7. Welcome to the Château musical J-rock listening club! If you're interested in sharing, discussing, and bonding over some of your favorite J-rock albums with fellow fans (plus possibly hearing some new things as well) then this is the club for you! Every week, we'll explore a new album together, with a different member assigning an album of their choice! To assign an album, simply join the queue by posting here and you'll be added to the list. When it's your turn, choose an album that you'd like to assign for the week (make sure you can provide links to the album for the rest of the members if necessary). You can join the queue again when 3 weeks have passed since your last turn. We'll post a new discussion thread here every week for each selection! Feel free to post your thoughts on the selected album anytime throughout the week. A few ground rules! Your selection must be J-rock/Visual Kei only. Your selection can be an album or a mini-album. You don't need to write a full album review or anything, but try to expound on your discussion responses (aka put some actual effort into it!). I'll post some discussion tips below that might help. Keep things civil and don't be an ass! Have some fun! Discussion Tips! As stated above, no one wants to read or write some formal album review. That's not what this club is about. This club is all about sharing and expericing music together as a group, as fellow J-rock fans - so when you post your thoughts, do it openly and honestly! It doesn't matter if you like or dislike the album, but try to provide a bit of insight as to why you feel the way you do about the album. Here are some things to ponder on that might help you when discussing the albums: What did you like about the album? What did you dislike about the album? In what ways could the album be better? What are your favorite tracks? Which tracks did you dislike? Have you heard anything from this band before? Would you be interested in hearing more from this band? Is this something you'd normally listen to? If you've already heard this album, has your opinion on it changed about it all? If you've already heard this album, how does it compare to other albums by the band? Could you see this album growing on you? Would you listen to this album again? How'd you feel about the production? the lyrics? the vocalist? the instrumentation? What did you feel about the album overall? That's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Selection Queue: Aug 20 - Aug 26: @itsukoii Aug 27 - Sep 2nd: @Takadanobabaalien Sep 3rd - Sep 9th: @Chi Sep 10th - Sep 16th: @CAT5 Sep 17th - Sep 23rd: @doombox Sep 24th - Sep 30th: @VESSMIER Oct 1st - Oct 7th: @plastic_rainbow Oct 8th - Oct 14th: @Ito Oct 15th - Oct 21st: @Seimeisen Oct 22nd - Oct 28th: @tetsu_sama69 Oct 29th - Nov 4th: @Original Saku Nov 5th - Nov 11th: @platy Nov 12th - Nov 18th: @Delkmiroph Nov 19th - Nov 25th: @WhirlingBlack Nov 26th - Dec 2nd: Dec 3rd - Dec 9th: Dec 10th - Dec 16th: Dec 17th - Dec 23rd: Dec 24th - Dec 30th:
  8. I have no idea what i'm going to put together, but likewise, this should be interesting!
  9. Ichiko Aoba - the one, true, living Goddess. Do we deserve her? Are we even worthy???  :wan-48:



    1. Original Saku

      Original Saku

      So good! I can hardly wait for her next album, (whenever that will be) hopefully not another 3 year gap in between. Even though Mahoroboshiya wasn't as good as 0, it was still quality material.

  10. Hi

    Welcome (back) to MH! Hope you enjoy it here! I wonder if you've ever run into @WhirlingBlack? at one of those DIR EN GREY lives, haha.
  11. I've only been scrobbling on this account for about 2 years. my downy plays definitely spiked up rather dramatically, as I've been binging on them these past few months. XD @hiroki- holy shizzlekobabbles - I might be wrong, but...hear me out on this...I think there's a chance, just an inkling, that you really enjoy vistlip.
  12. bleh, i'm good on this one bruh. Has it not occurred to TK that he uses that exact same bassline progression over and over AND OVER??? With that said, I'll probably end up liking this sometime down the line, echoing your exact sentiments "this isn't so bad".
  13. Heya, welcome to MH! Is SiM the only J-rock band you've heard of so far? @doomboxmight be able to shoot you a few recommendations for similar bands! If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to let us know! Users with blue, red, and green names are staff btw!
  14. Sakanaction??? Suchmos??? Susumu Hirasawa??? Hell yeah! We could always use more indie fans around here! Welcome to the forum and I hope you like it here! If you're ever in need of recommendations, we've got you covered!