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  1. Greetings, MH! The ORZ team are back with our latest batch of recommended tracks! Check them out and let us know what you think! (We apologize if some videos aren't available due to region restrictions!) @fitear1590's Picks "リビルド" by a crowd of rebellion "rebuild" by a crowd of rebellion @doombox got me on the acor train a few years back and I haven't looked back since! While the band is known to produce some freakout tracks here and there, their new digital single "rebuild" falls on the more emotional end of their sound spectrum. Having said that, the music is still pretty high-octane with speedy riffs implemented throughout. What also sticks out to me in this arrangement are the subtle, pulsing synths. Another hit for a crowd in rebellion! "F.A.T.E." by Rides In ReVellion From the first time I heard Rides In ReVellion, I could appreciate their appeal, despite not being able to call myself a fan yet. Well, "F.A.T.E." might finally be the single to tip the scales for me. With a solid power metal-inspired approach, they are writing more solid material than a band like Jupiter, who supposedly embodies this style. With the great vocals and instrumentation in "F.A.T.E.", I'm really looking forward to seeing where RiR goes from here! @tetsu_sama69's Picks "不機嫌" by chanty "Fukigen" by chanty If there's a band out there doing anything right then it's definitely chanty, no doubt about it (except for their guitarist Shia, but let's hope for the best). The band may not have a massive library of releases in their repertoire but everything they've delivered has been pure artwork. "Fukigen" is an invigorating banger of a song, from it's supercharged start to its burst of an ending. There's not a dull moment with it's hyped frantic pacing and infectious melody. chanty is a band oozing with insane musical goodness that no one should be skipping especially since "Fukigen" is only just a preview for their upcoming new single 今年も春が希望という名の嘘をつく(Kotoshi mo Haru ga Kibou to Iu na no Usowotsuku). "Adam" by A9 Stop what you are doing right now and go listen to A9's Ideal. Wait, actually not right now, immediately after you read this paragraph I want you to get your hands on this album and be amazed. Believe me when I say, do not miss this album. Ever since their return, A9 has risen from the ashes and has become a phoenix of musical empowerment. Even though the video is a mostly trippy mess of bad green screen, the song is an example of how much this band has grown since going in their own direction. It takes me back to when I really enjoyed them near the start of their career, when they made much heavier servings with a dash of dulcet spices thrown in. Granted, the entire album has a plethora of fantastic tracks, but "Adam" is the standout definition of their current style. Even though I wasn't a fan of the small, oversynthed dubstep bit thrown in, the rest of "Adam" is a delicacy for the ears. @emmny's Pick "アハレワタ" by DIMLIM "Aharewata" by DIMLIM DIMLIM, the hot new deathcore hunties of the scene, featuring ex-D.I.D. drummer and roadie guitarist + Deviloof's runaway ex-guitarist, come serving you an old D.I.D. style spin on Nokubura's style (or is it the other way around?). They seem to be turning a lot of heads; the comment section is unusually full of Japanese people either remarking that they bought views (duh) or are the next continuation of v-metal. Foreigners are getting their life too, as noted by the warm reception from you old, bitter people ;). Ultimately, the track is as good as you want it to be: the composition is fairly rigid but a little messy, drum track sounds like arse, the guitarwork is a little flat considering the members' experience and Sho's vox are inconsistent. On the flipside, the chorus gives you all the GazettE-isms you could have ever wanted, Sho's quasi-operatic range is dazzling, the acoustic+solo section is pretty awesome and the last 30 seconds of the track literally shit on anything v-metal released this year. What you chose to ignore and chose to ~love~ is up to you, but at the very least, DIMLIM show potential in their attention to detail, even if the kinks are yet to be smoothed out. @CAT5's Picks "pulse" by cinema staff I've said it before, and I'll say it again - cinema staff have been on fire lately! They're already gearing up for the release of their 6th full album netsugen next month, and they've dropped the PV for "pulse" in anticipation. The song follows in the same the vein as the material on their previously released Vektor E.P., showcasing the band's harder-edged rock sound that they seldom fail to impress with. The video actually serves as the sequel to 2013's "great escape" (the tunnel should be a dead giveaway!), both of which share the same director. If "pulse" is anything to go by, netsugen is going to kick ass. "liquid rainbow" by SuiseiNoboAz These guys went from being one of the coolest up-and-coming indie bands of the 10's only to unceremoniously land themselves in major label mediocrity by their 3rd album. Displeased with the band's shift towards the mainstream, the original bassist and drummer jumped ship, leaving the trio as a solo act. I thought that they were done for at this point, so you can imagine my shock when they resurfaced with this PV, and as a quartet no less! "liquid rainbow" sees the band return to full form, as they revisit their groovy indie-roots with all of the blatant NUMBER GIRL worship that made us fall in love with them in the first place. Welcome back, SuiseiNoboAz! "Sabre Dance" by Tomy Wealth Chances are you probably haven't heard of drummer/beatmaker Tomy Wealth unless you're some kind of Japanese beat connoisseur. He's not incredibly well-known, but with two albums and a few EPs under his belt, he's still worthy of note. His music combines his very own live drumming with melodic piano samples and orchestral strings for a decidedly cinematic sound that's more organic than my description entails (sometime's it closer to post-rock than straight-up hip hop beats). His new song "Sabre Dance", which will be featured on his next album, is what I imagine fox capture plan would sound like if they only had the conviction and the unassailable coolness of mouse on the keys. Guest Recommendations: @Ada Suilen's Picks "Missing" by NoGod It was time that NoGod didn't release something in an official manner, despite their successful work done in these years as metal band. With this new single, they go back to the style which got me to them, in a powerful and energetic metal ballad, featuring virtuous touches and vibrant vocals (reminiscent of great hits like "Atria"), confirming and improving NoGod's status in the visual kei scene and renovating my love for them! "ぼくらのアブノーマル" by R指定 "Bokura no abnormal" by R-Shitei R指定 When I listened to this band, in particular to "Seishun wa wrist cut", I had mixed feelings, since I thought that their sound was quite generic for me. But in the latest releases, starting from Suicide Memories, they developed a solid and better sound, which appeals me more. And in the mini-album Nihon Kyoukai Abnormal they tried and experimented with different styles, each one for each song and it brought up to an energetic release, where this song is surely the best one, with aggressive riffs and versatile vocals dominating all over it. Thanks for checking out our recommendations this month! And another big thanks to our guest contributor @Ada Suilen! If you have any thoughts on our list, or if you have any recommendations of your own, please feel free to comment below!
  2. The GazettE - DIM I've been enamored with too many albums to name during my time on MH, but strictly speaking in terms of VK, I'd say "DIM" had the greatest impact on me. I joined MH in 2008, so by that time, most of my favorite VK albums were behind me (D'espa's "coll:Set", and Renter en soi's "sphire croid"), and I was beginning to delve much deeper into J-indies. I hadn't listened to The GazettE since the "filth in the beauty" single and completely skipped over SR, so I curiously checked up on Ruki & co. via the "LEECH" single and was completely sold. Pretty much all of the singles leading up to the album grabbed my attention in a major way. I loved what the band was doing both musically and aesthetically (the PVs were gorgeous for their time), and when the album finally dropped I was blown away! I think that may have been the last time that I was so incredibly hyped over a VK album, and to have it fully deliver too! Good times~
  3. Happy Birthday, young man! Hope it's been a good one for ya.

  4. My partner was @reminiscing2004! My apologies for being super late. Overall, this was quite an experience. No doubt the most challenging tradeoff mix I've ever had to listen to. My tastes gravitate towards the more melodic and accessible, though I do enjoy certain shades of ambient and IDM music. This mix, however, was mostly outside of my wheelhouse - with long, droning tracks, melody being scarce, and the bulk of the tracks being vocal-less. It was a demanding listen, but also refreshing in a way. I doubt that I'll want to look further into the artists that I haven't heard of (basically everything outside of mucc, killie, and jaga jazzist), but Jonas Olesen does sound like something I could get into. With all of this said, from a thematic standpoint, I thought this mix was absolutely brilliant! There were a few choices I didn't quite understand (the last 3 tracks particularly), but not because the songs didn't fit the theme, but because I couldn't really think of how to connect them with narrative I had in mind. All in all, I found this mix better appreciated as a whole, which is why I opted to omit individual song rankings. Thematically, i'd give them all a 10/10. As for my personal enjoyment of the songs on an individual basis - well, those rankings would be inconsequential. This mix was extremely well made. All of the tracks upheld the theme, while most were individually unique enough to evoke their own feel and sense of progression in the narrative. This would make a perfect soundtrack for a bleak and hopeless post-apocalyptic movie or something. I'd give it a 9.5/10 overall. Thanks @reminiscing2004for participating and for definitely making this one of the most memorable tradeoff experiences for me! Also, in regards to my mix, and I apologize for not explaining my concept to you beforehand, but I basically wanted to chronicle a kind of rebirth of that takes place after all of the destruction, where days were still dark but new civilizations had already begun to rise...So I wanted it to kind of flow from dark and mysterious to something a bit lighter and eventually have the final few tracks symbolize a kind of "reawakening"...where humanity ascends to a higher consciousness and spiritual level as one. I also wanted to give it a worldly vibe, as I imagined new cultures and religions would have arisen out of the destruction. In a way, I guess my mix was almost a post-post-apocalypse mix, haha. ^^;
  5. These guys are on fire.
  6. Hi @drnic010! The review forum is open to all kinds of reviews. It doesn't matter how new or old it is - as long as it's about Japanese music, then you're good to go! Looking forward to your contributions!
  7. Be sure to sign up for the POST APOCALYPTIC Trade-Off if you haven't already!



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