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  1. The GazettE - DIM I've been enamored with too many albums to name during my time on MH, but strictly speaking in terms of VK, I'd say "DIM" had the greatest impact on me. I joined MH in 2008, so by that time, most of my favorite VK albums were behind me (D'espa's "coll:Set", and Renter en soi's "sphire croid"), and I was beginning to delve much deeper into J-indies. I hadn't listened to The GazettE since the "filth in the beauty" single and completely skipped over SR, so I curiously checked up on Ruki & co. via the "LEECH" single and was completely sold. Pretty much all of the singles leading up to the album grabbed my attention in a major way. I loved what the band was doing both musically and aesthetically (the PVs were gorgeous for their time), and when the album finally dropped I was blown away! I think that may have been the last time that I was so incredibly hyped over a VK album, and to have it fully deliver too! Good times~
  2. Happy Birthday, young man! Hope it's been a good one for ya.

  3. My partner was @reminiscing2004! My apologies for being super late. Overall, this was quite an experience. No doubt the most challenging tradeoff mix I've ever had to listen to. My tastes gravitate towards the more melodic and accessible, though I do enjoy certain shades of ambient and IDM music. This mix, however, was mostly outside of my wheelhouse - with long, droning tracks, melody being scarce, and the bulk of the tracks being vocal-less. It was a demanding listen, but also refreshing in a way. I doubt that I'll want to look further into the artists that I haven't heard of (basically everything outside of mucc, killie, and jaga jazzist), but Jonas Olesen does sound like something I could get into. With all of this said, from a thematic standpoint, I thought this mix was absolutely brilliant! There were a few choices I didn't quite understand (the last 3 tracks particularly), but not because the songs didn't fit the theme, but because I couldn't really think of how to connect them with narrative I had in mind. All in all, I found this mix better appreciated as a whole, which is why I opted to omit individual song rankings. Thematically, i'd give them all a 10/10. As for my personal enjoyment of the songs on an individual basis - well, those rankings would be inconsequential. This mix was extremely well made. All of the tracks upheld the theme, while most were individually unique enough to evoke their own feel and sense of progression in the narrative. This would make a perfect soundtrack for a bleak and hopeless post-apocalyptic movie or something. I'd give it a 9.5/10 overall. Thanks @reminiscing2004for participating and for definitely making this one of the most memorable tradeoff experiences for me! Also, in regards to my mix, and I apologize for not explaining my concept to you beforehand, but I basically wanted to chronicle a kind of rebirth of that takes place after all of the destruction, where days were still dark but new civilizations had already begun to rise...So I wanted it to kind of flow from dark and mysterious to something a bit lighter and eventually have the final few tracks symbolize a kind of "reawakening"...where humanity ascends to a higher consciousness and spiritual level as one. I also wanted to give it a worldly vibe, as I imagined new cultures and religions would have arisen out of the destruction. In a way, I guess my mix was almost a post-post-apocalypse mix, haha. ^^;
  4. These guys are on fire.
  5. Hi @drnic010! The review forum is open to all kinds of reviews. It doesn't matter how new or old it is - as long as it's about Japanese music, then you're good to go! Looking forward to your contributions!
  6. Be sure to sign up for the POST APOCALYPTIC Trade-Off if you haven't already!



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