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  1. Happy birthday, Cat! Hope you have an amazing day :D You are an inspiring person and an awesome admin. Wishing many more years for you!



  2. Gesu

    Ayy, thanks for the follow and happy birthday, friendo! :3

  3. Happy b-day Cat! ❤️

  4. I'll also be a day or two late, as this weekend is proving to be quite busy.
  5. CAT5

    Indeed, the mind/heart is the most important battleground.
  6. No problem at all. It's completely understandable! Thank you for letting us know!
  7. The Most High is truly good. I suppose this post isn't in reference to a specific event, but rather it's me sitting in awe at a sequence of events (both good and bad)...at the realization of a process that's been cumulative and ongoing for me....and also bearing witness to the fruit of that process and gaining confirmation thereof. One of the things I've heard often is that The Most High could not only heal and restore that which you've lost, but could also renew you in a way better than you could even conceive - and naturally, I just assumed this to be a comforting cliche - but to actually experience this... it's been both humbling and reaffirming. And so my understanding is deepening and my faith is growing roots. Unlike the abstract concepts and schizophrenic doctrines espoused by religion, I'm seeing that true faith is instantiated in diligent action. It's not passive, nor is it obtained overnight. And in my experience, it's not something that one can be convinced of (and certainly not coerced into) believing. It's something that must be walked out to truly grasp. It takes humility tho...and humility is trusting the process. 🙏
  8. CAT5

    Thoughts on the new album? I've only listened to it once so far, but my first impression was that I'm much more pleased with it than I was "Hallelujah"! Different, but good.
  9. CAT5

    THIS But it's not just men. It's women, too. It's everybody. Most people simply do what they were taught to do, whether they learned directly or indirectly. And I'm not talking about academics - I'm referring to how we're being taught to live in general. When you look at society as a whole, particularly western society - it's clear that what we're doing isn't working...that what we've been learning (and subsequently acting out) isn't good enough. We live in a society that perpetuates, encourages, and even rewards dysfunction. So is it any wonder that we're all depressed, anxious, and stressed out of our minds? These are things WE'RE ALL affected by. This also raises the question: What and how are we being taught? Do we even have the tools to better educate ourselves? If so, what are they? .... Ya know, I've gotten shit for saying negative things about feminism before, as people are quick to assume that anti-feminism = anti-woman or anti female-empowerment, which is absolutely fucking ridiculous. But I'm of the opinion that all of these different social movements can go...be it feminism, men's rights activism, red pill, MGTOW, black lives matter...whatever the fuck. They all appear to be well-meaning movements on the outside, but as they say, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - and ultimately, these movements seem more like dysfunctional solutions to a misdiagnosed problem. It's like trying to cure a cancer patient with cyanide. Meanwhile, they actually have AIDS . Sure, your *intentions* may be to cure the patient (which is great), but your actions are just introducing more toxic elements to an already deteriorating structure - the cause of which has not been fully explored. So from what I can tell, the real problem seems to be much deeper...and it transcends both men and women, black and white, rich and poor, etc. Whatever it is, it effects society as a whole. And society isn't some nebulous thing. It does exist outside of us, yet we all make up society individually as well. So if men are lost (and we definitely are), would that not also imply that the whole is lost as well? So all I'm saying is that perhaps we should endeavor to take a more balanced and holistic approach to viewing and scrutinizing these important social issues, instead of blindly entertaining all of these divisive ideologies that constantly pit one group of people against the next. Meanwhile, the whole suffers. How is society going to get anywhere if the right leg is constantly at war with the left? The body needs both of them to walk properly. And so I'm glad that @Zeus brought that point out, because it offers an additional perspective (without demonizing other perspectives) and shows that there's often more going on beneath the surface than we might be willing to explore. These are complicated issues.
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope all is well!

  11. CAT5

    I appreciate both your proposal and your genuine concern for the community, lil' sis. But unfortunately, I don't see the need for something like this - and here's why: This is already an open forum, so people are free to discuss and debate whatever topics they'd like to as long as they abide by the forum rules. 'Civility' is already a prerequisite to posting here, and we've got tons of forums/sub-forums suitable for a variety of topics. It's already the job of staff to quell unnecessary drama . We're not always as efficient as we'd like to be, but fuck, we're human. sue us Too many people would just use this as an opportunity to indulge in pointless one-upsmanship instead of seeking genuine understanding. And lastly, this forum just isn't mature enough to debate important topics without taking things personally. Hell, half of the community would already be triggered before the debate even got started. 🤷‍♂️
  12. CAT5

    SiR - D'evils on Vimeo.
  13. Things have been busy on my end, but I hope to plunge into your mix soon and rack up some listens throughout the rest of the week! Also, it looks like everyone has submitted their mixes!!!
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