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  1. Alright guys. Thread closed.
  2. That A-side was a beast. I think i'd be able to elevate myself from a semi-casual listener if these guys gravitated towards that sound a bit more, but I can understand why they'd probably want to have a somewhat...varied output.
  3. My partner for this trade-off was @qotka. Since she's new to MH, I was not familiar with her tastes nor did I have any idea what to expect from her. But after a few brief exchanges on twitter, I got the impression that she was fairly open-minded and eclectic - two qualities that I think were reasonably well-reflected in her mystery mix. So let's investigate this mystery shall we? All in all, this mix was super fun to listen to! It was engaging from start to finish and also fairly diverse, with a good range of styles. I enjoy how the opening and closing tracks compliment each other. Despite the varying contents enclosed between 1 and 10, those two tracks gave the mix a feeling cohesiveness. And despite having already heard 2 of the tracks, and at least knowing (or having a really sound guess for) some of the artist/bands on here - that didn't bother me at all, as the mix was still a fun and fresh experience. Was there a theme for your mix btw? This has been a wonderful tradeoff, and I even feel as if I've made a cool new friend through it! So thanks to @qotkafor the mix and taking part in this. 10/10 would trade again. Cheers!~
  4. I'm elated that you enjoyed the mix! I debated on going for something a bit more immediately accessible, but ultimately, I felt compelled to go with this theme, despite knowing that's it's probably something one would have to be in a specific mood for. My biggest fear was that you'd find the tone of the mix a bit too static, but thankfully you were able to get into it and appreciate what I was going for. Here's the full tracklist for the mix btw! 01. ELECTROCUTICA - [SWANSONG #01] CRUCIFIxxxION 02. TK from 凛として時雨 - [flowering #07] film a moment 03. ハイスイノナサ - [変身 CD1 #03] ブラインド 04. Aureole - [Spinal Reflex CD1 #04] The House of Wafers 05. kacica - [MOSAIC #06] video letter(put it into the time capsule) 06. downy - [第六作品集『無題』 CD1 #08] 乱反射 07. trico - [Musics #02] Tokyo 08. school food punishment - [amp-reflection #11] line 09. sleepy.ab - [palette #03] mass gymnastics display 10. やなぎなぎ - [エウアル CD1 #06] Ambivalentidea They're all Japanese bands btw. It's funny that you mention Radiohead, because I've become come quite a fan of there's over the years, and I tend to dig most Japanese bands that you could deem comparable to them in some way. I've seen downy, and especially trico and sleepy.ab compared to Radiohead quite a bit. And as you can see, school food punishment have done several anime songs (their entire major label career kinda took on the sound of their anison stuff), so your observations were pretty spot on. "line" was an album track, though! Nagi and ELECTROCUTICA definitely belong to that whole otaku/weeb music sphere (not trying to bash that scene, as I enjoy a good bit of it), but I really enjoy the...imaginative, dream-like qualities of their songs, and thought that they'd mesh well with the aesthetic I was going for here. Also, you getting into ling is perhaps the best take-away from this trade-off! They're one of my favorite bands so, i'm happy about that. You should stop by The 凛として時雨 (ling tosite sigure) / TK from 凛として時雨 Thread and tell us about your favorites so far or just fangirl with us I'll have my review for your mix up in a bit!
  5. @nekkichiand @Carmelzors- let's not derail the thread any longer with your lover's quarrel. ; )
  6. First heard Rentrer en Soi's single for "Wither" in either late 2004 or early 2005, and fell in love. Funnily enough, I had no idea what Visual Kei was and hadn't even seen a picture of the band at the time. The title track is still one of my favorite VK songs ever.
  7. A few of us are hanging out in plug atm. Feel free to join us!
  8. heaven in her arms will release their 3rd album on March 22nd, 2017. heaven in her arms / 白暈 ヘヴン・イン・ハー・アームズ / ハクウン レーベル:Daymare Recordings CD: DYMC-278 税抜価格:\2,400+税 2017/3/22 on sale tracklist: 1.光芒の明時 2.月虹と深潭 3.赦された投身 4.終焉の眩しさ 5.枷 6.円環を綯う 7.幻霧
  9. I'm completely unfamiliar with your taste, so this will be interesting!
  10. LMAO. I think anyone in their right mind would want to forget about that
  11. I've experienced this as well! For example, rock music was something that I largely avoided up until around 2004/2005 when I started developing an interest in Japanese rock. As a result, getting into J-rock opened me up to the world of rock in general. It essentially pierced the veil of my biases and cultural indoctrination, and offered me a new perspective - one that I think furthered my appreciation. I still listen to and prefer J-rock on the whole, but because of it, I've been able to branch out and enjoy some things outside of Japan too. I don't know any Dutch music, but I just wanted to say I that agree that those other languages are really easy on the ears. Let me know if you actually do come across the Icelandic version of THE NOVEMBERS
  12. Agreeing with @Biopandaand @fitear1590 - Phonetically, Japanese has always resonated with me for whatever reason. I may sound like a helpless weeb saying this (and I am =P), but it never really sounded "foreign" to my ears. I've always found the language beautiful and smooth, whereas hearing other languages sung was initially jarring for me, and required time for me to really get used to them, if at all. As for the OP - I definitely think it's interesting to discuss these patterns, but I'm not sure if "hypocrisy" has any bearing in regards to music appreciation (and you probably already understand this with your use of quotations in the title). I say that because you need some kind of static, objective reference to discern if something is hypocritical or not, and music appreciation is far too ambiguous for a judgment like "hypocrisy" to be applied, let alone relevant.
  13. ^ Barbatos coming along nicely! If we're speaking strictly anime, that's one of my favorite Gundam designs of late! Vidar is also pretty sick. Are there any kits you're eying atm @Original Saku?