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  1. CAT5

    This was such a fantastic evening! We had an impromptu rap cypher at the School of the Prophets here in ATL, and our teacher closed out the class with a brilliant spoken word - speaking straight FAAAACTS!!! 💯 🔥🔥🔥 Dedicated to Life vs. Educated to Death - > We're the former.
  2. CAT5

    Hands down the best hip hop artist I've heard in ages. Dude is on another level, both lyrically and aesthetically. Creative and original.
  3. CAT5

    The new album was super dope! They hit a great balance on this one - catchy and accessible while still capturing the band's zany essence.
  4. CAT5

    Eidolon by The Seshen
  5. I missed D'espairsRay when they came to Atlanta in 2008 for the Taste Of Chaos tour with MUCC and The Underneath (formerly Transtic Nerve, now Defspiral). Unfortunately, that was my only chance to see them before they disbanded!
  6. CAT5

    Some new promo pics. Sad to see them without Yutaka, but great to see them carrying on!
  7. CAT5

    BRO WTF I'M DYIN 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Man weren't you just 21 like last year or so? ahahaha, U GROWN grown now! Congratz and rejoice, bruh!

  9. CAT5

    Dude is sick.
  10. CAT5

    I saw this recently on twitter, in regards to the #WomenTakeaKnee and #TakeAKneeForWomen hashtags spawned in backlash to the Kavanuagh nomination. I understand where he's coming from. I'm sure these women mean well, but their methods are certainly in want of tact and general consideration. For so-called blacks, our struggles have continually been co-opted, usurped, subverted, and perverted by groups outside of us throughout our history in this land. And in light of that, it does come off as opportunistic, and even disrespectful, of white liberal women to try and append their movement onto ours - especially when they've never had any 'skin in the game' concerning our plight. Now that's not to denigrate the #metoo movement at all - it's simply to make a distinction. These are two separate issues, and two separate movements. With that said, however; I personally think that protesting is a waste of time - especially for the so-called Negro. We've continually supplicated to a nation that has practically shown no regard for us over nearly 400 years. Our time and energy would be better spent taking redemptive action for and towards our own, rather than endlessly trying to convince others of our humanity.
  11. We're going to spin some tunes for a lil' bit on plug.dj. Everyone is welcome to join!


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    2. IGM_Oficial


      When's the next time? ;-;

    3. plastic_rainbow


      ^same, i keep on missing these sessions :'<

    4. CAT5


      Man yall just gotta call a session whenever you feel up to it. I ain't been around like that, but I had some free time and thought "hey, it's been ages since we had a plug sesh", so I hit up @Pho and @doombox and we got it poppin' :lol: