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  1. CAT5

    So i'm confused. I really like these guys, but I don't follow them closely enough to know all of the details about their history. What's the major difference between the release of this new album and "CHE DO A RA"? What changed so drastically that their operation was affected to this extent?
  2. CAT5

    ah, shit, you know what. I think i might be confusing projectJ with the jmusicignited forums. It was so long ago that I can't remember anymore, but it was likely the latter. Anyways, how did you stumble upon MH?
  3. CAT5

    Psysalia psysalis psyche
  4. CAT5

    Yoo, welcome to the forum. I used to frequent the project J forums around 2005 - 2007. iirc under the name "one80". I think there was a guy there named Nickblaze (or something like that), and a few other guys that were extreme metal-heads...they introduced me to a lot. What was your name there and around what years did you frequent?
  5. What are some of your favorite Band/Artist promotional pictures? At one point in my life, I'd damn near made a career out of sharing and uploading music (in addition to uploading artist photos to last.fm), so I basically have a lot of artist pics and album art saved that I just never got rid of. Here are a few of my favorites! THE NOVEMBERS i think i like this pic so much because it reminds me of when THE NOVEMBERS dropped "zeitgeist" and just blew all of our damn minds! Plus Kobayashi is just oozing a kind of dark, cool confidence here...it's like from this point he became an entirely new person...miles away from the average bowl-cut indie rocker he started as, haha. 9GOATS BLACK OUT Even tho I never got super deep into their music, these guys were CLASS and their aesthetics were always on point!! D'espairsRay One of my fav. Despa pics. I was with the mallgoff shitz, ahaha downy I love this pic because it speaks to their dark, sophisticated sound, but I also love it simply for the fact they actually bothered to take some nice promo pics for once in their career! J.A.M Probably not the kind of pic you'd expect from a Jazz band! コトリンゴ (Kotoringo) Suuuper pretty pic, that's as pretty as the music she makes! 赤い公園 (Akai Ko-en) Chiaki lookin all tall and sexy It's hard to go wrong with nature-dense photos, but I loove the colors here! EGO-WRAPPIN' There's a lot going on here, but this pic fit their sound so well for the time. It kinda has a cartoony/animated vibe to it. TK from 凛として時雨 (ling tosite sigure) Simple, but effective. トクマルシューゴ (Shugo Tokumaru) 青葉市子 (Ichiko Aoba) That's all for now! What are some of your favs???
  6. Pardon my spam, BUT I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND'S SOUND!!!! ANYO been active since 2007 and they still ain't released a full length :tw_grimace:  bro WTF!!!  :tw_bawling: Let's crowdfund it! Do you hear 4ho's voice?!?!? :tw_love: DO YOU HEAR THAT DRUMMER THO!!??  :tw_flushed: THAT LAST SONG IS POWERFUL!!! (tho entire set is really, but still)


    THAT ENDING!!!!!

    So. :arg:Damn. :arg:Dope. :arg:




    That second song is a new one...they haven't released that yet, but it sounds GOOD!  I need more music from this band so I can go ahead and put em in a playlist with downy.:starry:

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    2. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Uhm, I will check them out for sure, thanks Cat!

    3. tetsu_sama69


      That whole song was a mood I can get all up in and ride out for days. Thanks for the rec Cat!

    4. plastic_rainbow


      been digging these guys ever since you recommended them to me!

  7. Juko is no HYDE (not by a longshot), but sokoninaru's cover of L'arc's "HONEY" is damn good!



  8. CAT5

    ^ I don't know any of those songs. The M.I.B song you chose isn't quite for me. 01. MONDO GROSSO - SOLITARY [Vocal:大和田慧] 02. muffin - 夜の絵 03. Battle Of Mice - Bones In The Water 04. mergrim - Miles 05. 平沢進 - Aria 06. THE BACK HORN - 栄華なる幻想 07. 凛として時雨 - JPOP Xfile 08. Kvelertak - Offernatt 09. GoGo Penguin - Bardo 10. Annabel - helical symmetry Good shuffl, but going based solely on my mood right now, i'm going with MONDO GROSSO.
  9. CAT5

    Man this is wiillllllld. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been experiencing and witnessing it for myself, but people are waking up and the truth is coming out. I think times are slowly, but surely changing...and perhaps we'll see how things unfold.
  10. CAT5

    ^ and yet you still got further than me. I may be kidding myself by posting here, but let's see...
  11. CAT5

    Yooooooooo, welcome to the forum! Are you familiar with the Japanese Emo/screamo scene at all?
  12. CAT5

    I don't necessarily mind if they change their sound to something more akin to ONE OK ROCK or whatever, cuz I can appreciate some of that stuff, and I can live without all the boogeyman vocals and pig squeals. I just hope that they go hard and really knock this shit out of the park, whatever it is. That said, the promotion for this album thus far has been utterly unappealing.
  13. CAT5

    He's the first VK vocalist to give me chills since 2005's Hizumi and Satsuki. So it's like out of all the bands out there, I just HAD to get attached to this one 🤣 It's also funny because as long as I've been on MH, I've always heard about the general turmoil that comes along with following VK...the constant disbandments, member changes, drama, insanity, etc, etc...And I think this may be my first time actually going on the fated "VK rollercoaster" 🤣🤣🤣
  14. ^_____________^


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    2. CAT5


      Miku is a SUPER talanted woman, and I think this band has all of the right ingredients, but I still think their songwriting needs some work. The singles have mostly been great, and this is one of my fav songs by them, but I thought the album kinda fell flat. Maybe I need to listen to it more too, though?

    3. platy


      @CAT5 in my first couple of listens I thought it was almost too chaotic. I couldn't take in the new songs in the context of the album, I'll need to listen to to them separately. But I'm a huge fan of their work, it could be that they just work better in small bites. That could be due to their songwriting as you said. 

    4. CAT5


      I feel ya! What I mean about their songwriting is that... I think they should take more time to really flesh out some of their ideas...because they have some GREAT fucking ideas, but everything kinda goes by in a flurry...and at the end of a lot of their songs, i'm left like "yeah that sounded kinda cool", but the song doesn't leave a lasting impact. Listening to their songs are like getting little shots of dopamine, but never enough to sustain a high - if that makes sense! XD


      I think it's difficult for a lot of bands similar to this to really get right, but I think ling tosite sigure is a good example. Tk's songwriting is able to balance technical prowess and chaos, all while being catchy, memorable, and full of character. Mind you, I'd take Miku's vocals over TK's any day :lol:

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