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  1. Greetings, MH! Another month, another batch of recommended tracks from the amazing ORZ team! Check them out and let us know what you think! (We apologize if some videos aren't available due to region restrictions!) @The Reverend's Pick "Lunar Regret" by BLESS THIS MESS At first blush "Lunar Regret" is just another VK song in a long history of mediocre tracks released by nobody visual kei bands. It's got all the hallmarks: the band playing in a nondescript basement, frilly black jackets, piano in the intro that isn't quite necessary, a drummer consigned to the shadows because he's not actually in the band, random stock footage of things that set a mood but don't really say anything. But then you start to notice the things that make this track a winner: a band with the patience and maturity to let the song breath and introduce elements gradually, the vocalist's unique timbre that makes you think you could actually identify him without the band's name on the screen, the chorus being catchy as hell, the guitarist Kevin Shields-ing a smart guitar solo that doesn't just ape the vocal melody, and the band interacting in natural ways in the video! (Don't get me started on this tangent... why do so many VK bands seem to only acknowledge they're sharing a stage with other people during the prescribed 'this-is-our-fanservice-minute' portion of a show?? I blame Dir en grey) I'm rooting for BLESS THIS MESS to have success and find a wider audience with the backing of their new label home Starwave. This video may have been released slightly too early to be a teaser for an album that doesn't drop until December, but if this is a taste of what's to come I'm excited for their future. Fingers crossed Yanagi stays healthy!! @emmny's Pick "症状4" by SCAPEGOAT "Shoujou (shi)" by SCAPEGOAT Back at it again, our consistency legends SCAPEGOAT are continuing to snatch the wigs firmly off our heads. They've been on a murderous streak for the past three years (*wink*), combining mid-era DIR EN GREY heaviness with Royz-core melodicism. The basis of their sound isn't new, but the band's execution is god-tier, resulting in some of the strongest songs to come out of the scene in the past few years. I had written them off for a while simply because they weren't a superlative band--they weren't 'br00tal', highly technical, virtuosic, challenging, über melodic or with shocking presence. They're a middle of the road band--but they're far from average. "Shoujou shi" is a perfect example of their trademark compositions. Haru's raspy vocals ratchet up the tension, but it never culminates in a screaming match--rather gang shouted, exclaiming 'despair" among his yells. Guitar and bass are simple, laying a firm rhythm while the band's trademark circus-y synth/guitar occupy the lead space. The structure follows like clockwork, from fist bumping riffs, blastbeats and key change to a dazzling chorus; rinse, repeat and topped off with a beautiful vocal solo toward the end. A track this good off another of SCAPE's concept mini-albums has me literally counting down for October when it drops...let's see what other medication the band have prescribed for us. @plastic_rainbow's Pick "Utopia" by Behind the Shadow Drops If you haven't heard yet, Takaakira 'Taka' Goto, the guitarist and composer of post-rock band MONO, released an album titled H a r m o n i c under a new solo project called Behind the Shadow Drops. Being less rock and metal oriented, the album breathes out an ambient and neoclassical soundscape full of melancholy with a tiny glimmer of hope, portraying much of the orchestral side of MONO. There were many remarkable tracks from the album; it was hard to pick just one track to recommend, but of the many standouts, "Utopia" presents a refreshing taste to MONO listeners. Contrary to its title, the track sounds nothing like bliss, rather expressing a desolate and haunting view of the world. The intro leads a trip-hop beat with a blaring noise in the background as an eerie drone seeps in. The guitars lament in a melody and the strings sway in a sad prayer. "Utopia" feels like you're losing your mind slowly when everything has become blurry and deafening, yet it is somehow quite soothing at the same time due to its subtlety. I'm very pleased with this new solo project of Taka and wonder if he will have anything else planned in the near future. @tetsu_sama69's Pick "puzzle" by アルルカン "puzzle" by Arlequin Overall, 2017 has been an extremely solid year for Arlequin and they seem to have no intention of slowing down or releasing anything but pure bangers. Not a trace of overwhelming bloops to be found or predictable br00tal breakdowns. "puzzle" is a sweet refined candy that you can't help but hit the replay button to get another wonderful taste. It's hard to pick out a favorite part of "puzzle" since the composition is so damn top notch and the vocals take the perfection up another level. I'm a major fan of when both guitarists play an amazing solo together, especially since Kuruto and Nao have no issues keeping up with each other to make it shine brilliantly. If you haven't already been charmed by Arlequin, then I highly recommend anything they've released this year since none of it has fallen short. @doombox's Pick's "グラスの底は、夜" by JYOCHO "Glass no soko wa, yoru" by JYOCHO Math rock isn't normally my gig, but every once in a blue moon a song gets a hold on me. "グラスの底は、夜 (Glass no soko wa, yoru)" happened to do it this month and I got sucked into the emotional ebb and flow of the track. There's a wonderful musical contrast JYOCHO has that takes their math-y, complex time signatures and put them across in a very restrained, almost minimal fashion. I can really dig their gentler approach. Maybe JYOCHO will finally be my foot in the door to dive into this genre properly, what about you? "Phoenix" by SEVER BLACK PARANOIA The boys are back with a new release and a new label, recently making the switch to Epictive Records. As one of the bands still carrying the electronicore torch they maintain a blend of metal with it that's become rare after most bands in the scene chased the popularity of more dance-able EDM or have disbanded over the years. "Phoenix" is a great showcase of all the elements that make this band great and only getting better. It's a good place to start if you've never heard of SEVER BLACK PARANOIA before, or something to hype you up even if you have. Guest Submissions: @Ada Suilen's Picks "Mademoiselle" by KAMIJO After the glorious return of his historical band Versailles, Yuuji Kamijou turns back to his solo project, where he continues to be majestic, starting from the sublime "Castrato" (where he shows a great improvement in his English). In this new track, after having tricked us with a goth industrial look, the Prince kicks out a ballad which goes back in time, recalling the nostalgic work of Lareine's best tunes and a bit of personal fascination, in a tender melody and sweet vocals, showing that Kamijo hasn't lost his 'tendresse'. "Sadistic Emotion (D'Erlanger cover)" by Kiyoharu With a thrilling line-up worth of guys like Hyde, Kiyoharu, Dir en Grey, Acid Android, Mucc and Merry among others, the D'Erlanger tribute album is a real attraction for true J-rock adepts, especially for the lineage that band has for the scene itself. All the interpretations were made different from each other, but Kiyoharu made something which no one expected: he Kuroyume-ized the famous hit "Sadistic Emotion," driving it with deep vocals and an engaging rhythm, with a sumptuous touch of nostalgia. In general, "Stairway to Heaven" is only for true J-rock lovers, so listen to it as soon as possible! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thanks for checking out our recommendations this month! If you have any thoughts on the list, or if you have any recommendations of your own, we look forward to seeing your comments below!
  2. #7 Album of the Week 10/01 - 10/07 「Shocking Lemon - Sometimes Alone」 selected by @plastic_rainbow Shocking Lemon was an alternative rock band that was active from 1996-2007 and are well-known for performing the first two openings for the anime series Hajime no Ippo. From the early days their music and aesthetic can be described as soft-visual kei, but after 2000 or so they branched away from the style and grew more alternative and casual. It's worth noting that their guitarist Hideki Taniuchi also composed soundtracks for anime series like Death Note and Kaiji. Despite gaining some recognition through the anime industry however, Shocking Lemon's music still goes rather unheard of. Members: Takahiko Ogino Hideki Taniuchi Makoto Sakata Toshiki Shimizu 2001.09.05 1. Zero 2. Singer Song Writer Man 3. Stay 4. Unchain 5. Night Fly 6. Karma Place 7. Inner Light 8. Under Star (album edition) 9. Soon 10. You 11. Never My Sun ⭐Let's discuss!⭐
  3. Being black in America.
  4. 新作EP「S」をリリースします 2017/10/25/(水)発売 qujaku 2nd EP『S』 1.rrr 2.KATSUKETSU 3.futAe 4.oSo 5.GYAKUSHI 6.MEI
  5. What's your fav. album from downy? I'd come across downy's music prior to this album being released, but couldn't get into it, but when this came out I became a fan. As I grew to appreciate this album, I slowly grew to appreciate some of their older material to (though I admit some of it still gives me trouble). Their 2 albums post-hiatus have been amazing, though. Just with those alone, i'd consider them one of my favorite bands!
  6. FAIR WARNING! =D haha, ok. A bit of an explanation as to why I chose to suggest this album! My music taste can be....rather peculiar at times, so I spent a long time thinking about what album to suggest first. Initially, I was going to choose something a bit more straightforward to break the ice - something that I thought might be reasonably accessible to everyone. But after some thought - I basically said fuck it! So I've chosen to suggest what's become ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE JAPANESE ALBUMS! Now, mind you, I thought this album was fantastic the first time I heard it, and I even named it one of my fav. albums of 2013, but it's taken me a few years to fully appreciate it. downy is literally a band that defies category - and not because they mix a bunch of different styles of music together, but because they genuinely have a unique sound. As you'll hear, some of the songs on this album are pretty trippy...with weird time signatures and cerebral melodies that might be hard to wrap your ears around at first. You might literally think "wtf am i listening to" at times, but I'd say downy's sound begins to make sense the more you listen to them. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the production on this album - it's dense, intricate, heavily layered, and pristine. You can listen to this album hundreds of times and still hear new things or pick up on little nuances that you hadn't noticed before. I also love how they play with so much texture on this album - from the different sounds of the drums to the plethora of effects applied to Robin's vocals. Each song is literally a brand-new landscape full of things to explore, yet the album is incredibly cohesive as a whole. It's truly an otherworldy experience! So yeah, this may not be the most immediately accessible album, but I chose it - not only because i love it - but because whether you end up liking it or not, I can at least promise you that it'll be an interesting listen! Looking forward to hearing what you all think!
  7. #4 Album of the Week 9/10 - 9/16 「 downy - 第五作品集『無題』(Dai Go Sakuhin-Shu "Mudai")」 selected by @CAT5 downy (ダウニー) is a Japanese post-rock??? band founded by Aoki Robin in April 2000. To date they released six albums, all titled 無題 (Mudai), which roughly translates to "Untitled". Each release has a distinct yet mutually comparable sound. Members include Aoki Robin (vocals, guitar), Aoki Yutaka (guitar), Nakamata Kazuhiro (bass), Akiyama Takahiko (drums) and Zakuro (live effects). On 22 October 2004, the group announced they would temporarily cease activity. In the meantime, all members are currently engaged in one or more musical projects. On 1st October 2013 downy announced their reunion after a 9 year hiatus and a special concert to mark the reunion on the 1st of November in Okinawa. Their reunion was also marked by their first studio album release in 9 years with all new material on the 20th on November. 2013.11.20 01. 『   』 02. 赫灼セルロイド 03. 曦ヲ見ヨ! 04. 下弦の月 05. 時雨前 06. 黒 07. 春と修羅 08. 雨の犬 09. 燦 10. 或る夜 11. 椿 Let's discuss!
  8. This was my very first BUCK-TICK album! 2005 was the year that I got into J-rock, and so it was among some of the many new albums I tried at the time. I haven't even listened to all of BUCK-TICK's albums, but I definitely think this is a good entry album for those looking to explore the band. It's not exactly the most expedient album to listen to given its length, but as @Tokagenoted - there's not really a bad song on the album, so there's a lot to return to and appreciate even if you're just cherry-picking tracks. @Ro plzyou brought up a good point too, bruh - about B-T not playing anything technical or complicated. These guys have been active as a band for as long as I've been alive, and from the various stretches of their discography that I HAVE heard (old and new), I can say that they're amazingly consistent. And I think the key factor to that certainly isn't their technical ability, but the fact that these guys simply have taste. I'm not even sure that's something you can teach, and a lot of skilled bands seem to lack it. These guys, however, they just seem to know what sounds "good" - for lack of a better explanation. But anyways, great album! My fav tracks: 道化師A, Cabaret, 異人の夜, DOLL, ROMANCE-Incubo-
  9. There are a few that I enjoy, but I don't listen to them often enough to recall which. One that's always stuck with me, though, was "Crucify Sorrow" from the "Filth in the beauty-Auditory Impression-" single.
  10. Happy Birthday mang! Hope you had a good one! ps: the new Susanne Sundfør album was good!

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  12. Happy Birthday, bruh! Hope you have a great day, and know that all of your hard work here may be seldom seen, but it's always appreciated! 

  13. @VESSMIERwas my partner. Apologies for being insanely late. He sent me a choice of two different mixes, and rather than contemplate things too deeply, I simply chose the first mix to listen to and review just because it was first. What I got was a mix comprised entirely of Visual Kei bands that I've never properly listened to. 01. ANGEL+DUST - Lady With Tears I could tell that this was old-school Visual Kei right off the bat, with the sound of the recording. Looks like this band was active from 1997.05.09 to 1999.10.09 according to last.fm. The vocalist vaguely reminds me of Kiyoharu....or at least he seems to have similar inflections. I'm sure more discerning listeners would disagree lol, but that's probably a result of me not being the most avid vk fan. Musically, I wanna say this song sounds somewhere between upbeat melodic/pop-punk and power metal? I'm not sure really, but it's decent. Can't say that anything jumps out at me in particular - for better or worse. 5/10 02. La Fẽerie - 目覚メノトキ~覚醒サレタモウ一人の××~ More old-school VK from the late 90's. This song is similar to the first in sound and recording quality. The drumming is also similarly punky throughout with some variation here and there. It's also a bit more gothic-sounding? Not sure if that's the right way to put it. The vocalist sounds a bit more melodramatic too. 5/10 03. Missalina Rei - キス〜君死僕死〜 The 90's VK is on a roll here. This song follows in the trend of the first two, with its upbeat, melodic rock sound. Whereas I found myself pretty indifferent towards the first two tracks, this one definitely falls in to the negative spectrum for me. Musically, this song is fine, but the vocalist absolutely kills it for me. He's tolerable during the verses, but when he REALLY goes for it during the chorus...oh man, I can't do it! 3/10 04. 藍華柳 - Medical Shower This band seems to be from the early 00's, but sound-wise, it fits in perfectly with the songs up until now, despite being the most overtly power-metal sounding of the tracks thus far. The vocalist, however, sounds pretty flat and lifeless, which doesn't make for the best contrast with the energy of the music. It almost sounds like karaoke to me. XD Up until this point, theme-wise the mix has been flawless and everything has flowed well - unfortunately I just don't think the style of VK encapsulated in these first four tracks is for me. 4/10 05. Aliene Maφriage - 夜の舞踏会~ル・ソワレ And even more of that upbeat late 90's Visual rock, haha! This one seems to have an extra dose of weirdness, though...with a few animal-like growls? screams? in the verse and a suspiciously high-pitched voice during the chorus lol. Not bad, but this sound just doesn't seem to elicit an emotional reaction out of me. 5/10 06. カリメロ - 虹の待ち人 The mix seems to change a bit here. The sound/recording of this song is noticeably more updated than the previous songs, but the style and melodies still hearken back to the previous songs a bit. I like that because it shows progress, yet it doesn't depart from the theme of the mix at all. Very nicely done @VESSMIER. We may not have the same taste, but I can still appreciate that you have a great ear. I actually like this vocalist the most out of the ones I've heard thus far (and that helps A LOT), but musically it leaves me with a bit to be desired. 6/10 07. heidi. - 少年 Yooooooooo. I take back what I just said about the vocalist of the last track being my favorite - this guy just took his place. This is upbeat, melodic, "full-sounding" - (which is probably just a result of the more modern/professional recording quality), and the vocalist is great. Can't quite explain why, but this one seems to hit all of the right musical spots for me. It's catchy as hell too. 9/10 08. M - 雨人と花 efhjgarkhjlhjGJKG;. What in this!?!?!? This mix has seriously turned around for me just that quickly. This song is intensely upbeat, with Latin-inspired riffs and melodies, and the vocalist is pretty amazing. There's even something folky about the tone of his voice during the chorus. This is awesome! 10/10 09. tosinn - buffer of butter Oh, oh, this is groovy. It sounds a bit worldly in a way, so that definitely plays off the vibe of the last song a bit. Yeah, I definitely dig this....but iirc, this is the same vocalist of cocklobin...a vocalist that never sat well with me. Still, the song is too nice for that to be much of a bother! 8/10 10. 黒夢 - 寡黙をくれた君と苦悩に満ちた僕 (Full Acoustic Version) Hey, looks it's actually Kiyoharu! Alright, I admit, he sounds way different than the guy in the first track, haha. I tried most of his solo stuff and SADS, but never ventured into Kuroyume. This song isn't exactly what I was expecting, as it also sounds a bit worldly/folksy with the flute and all of the acoustic guitars. It's pretty nice. May need to finally try Kuroyume one of these days. 7/10 Well, this is probably the first mix I've come across that has polarized me to such an extent in one sitting, haha! I couldn't get into the first half, but the 2nd half was smooth sailing. Very well done @VESSMIER! As I menionted above, you've clearly got a fantastic ear because, in spite of how I felt about the songs personally, the mix flowed incredibly well and traversed a fair bit of sonic ground while remaining consistent and cohesive in mood/theme. Very nicely crafted. Will definitely be looking more into M and heidi. too. Thanks for exchanging mixes with me @VESSMIER!
  14. #3 Album of the Week 9/03 - 9/09 「 BUCK-TICK - 十三階は月光 (Juusankai wa Gekkou)」 selected by @Chi BUCK-TICK is a Japanese rock band, formed by Imai Hisashi in 1985 in Gunma, Japan. They are commonly credited as one of the founders of the visual kei movement. Their musical style is very hard to describe as they keep changing it and developing their music all the time. The band members are 櫻井敦司 (Sakurai Atsushi) (vocals), 今井 寿(Imai Hisashi) (guitars, noises, electronics, vocals), 星野 英彦 (Hoshino Hidehiko) (guitars, chorus), 桶口豊 (Higuchi Yutaka) (bass) and ヤガミ・トール (Yagami Toll) (drums). This is their fourteenth fucking album!!! 2005.04.05 1. ENTER CLOWN 2. 降臨 3. 道化師A 4. Cabaret 5. 異人の夜 6. CLOWN LOVES Senorita 7. Goblin 8. ALIVE 9. 月蝕 10. Lullaby II 11. DOLL 12. Passion 13. 13秒 14. ROMANCE -incubo- 15. seraphim 16. 夢魔 -The Nightmare 17. DIABOLO -Lucifer- 18. WHO'S CLOWN? Let's discuss!
  15. Oh man, this was a pretty challenging listen for me! Not challenging in the sense that the music was too complex or cerebral to parse, but challenging in that it played pretty heavily against my usual tastes. @Chiwas unfortunate enough to receive my live feedback during my first listen, and she could probably attest to the fact that my initial responses were....let's just say "less than flattering" Visual Kei is larglely outside of my wheelhouse, but there's still a good bit that I enjoy...you could call me picky in a way. The vocalist's tone is usually one that I don't gravitate towards, but I took issue mostly with his clean singing...well at the times that he actually tried to "sing" in the traditional sense - I was completely fine with all of his screams, shouts, grunts, and other vocalizations. But the actual singing parts rubbed me the wrong way - mostly because they were so overtly off-key, haha. I'm cool with imperfect vocals, and I realize that a certain amount of "off-key-ness" comes with the VK territory, but his singing was pretty rough on me! Track 7 "傷跡" was probably the biggest offender regarding this, but thankfully also less than 2 minutes long LOL. I survived, though! Musically, I'm more drawn to melodic stuff - and if there's some type of groove - even better! A lot of these tracks had a straight-forward, oldschool punk sound to them with really simple melodies, and I while can understand the appeal to that, most of the songs sounded a bit too sparse for me to get into. Tracks 5 "雨小僧" and 8 "エトセトラ", which were my favorite tracks, had a lot more going on melodically, and the songwriting seemed more fleshed out than the other tracks. Track 8 had a specifically memorable riff throughout which I enjoyed, and I really liked the kind of manic, spoken-word-ish parts where the vocalist was kinda talk-screaming. I like stuff like that. I thought these two songs had a lot of character, and the vocalist was able to utilize his voice in a few different ways that thankfully did not involve straight-up off-key singing, lol. I'm gonna give the album a 5 overall. Not something that I can get into personally, but I can definitely see where its appeal might lie for others. I think if there were a few more tracks in the range of 5 and 8, I would have gotten on a bit better with it. @Takadanobabaalien - thanks for giving my ears a good stretch outside of my musical comfort zone! Is this all this band ever released?