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  1. CAT5

    LANDLOPER by Little People This album tho!!!
  2. CAT5

    yikes.... I've noticed that many Western intellectuals and philosophers of today seem to practically worship IQ/the intellect. I've also noticed that many of them cannot see the forest for the trees.
  3. CAT5

    The recent JYOCHO album was pretty good. They just released this PV from it!
  4. CAT5

    Welcome to MH! Thank you for joining us!
  5. Albums from my last 12 Months:
  6. CAT5

    Man this sista be kiilin' it!
  7. CAT5

    Every time anyone even mentions Trump and his presidency, this clip comes to mind. ahahaha
  8. New Spangle call Lilli line album out tomorrow!



  9. CAT5

    Just realized that Leyona released a new album called "SMMR" last month. It's on spotify, so Imma def have to check it out cuz this is pretty dope. Shout out to the bassist from PETROLZ in the video, rockin the afro!