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  1. Shit another live dist.
  2. Pretty sweet but please don't release any impossible to get live dist.
  3. Wow what?
  4. LMAO they have like one song holy crap vk gets ridiculous
  5. I wonder if they get a permanent one?
  6. Glad to see SCAPEGOAT on here especially early.
  7. Buying anything and everything and I'm also willing to pay for mp3 rips. Discography: 2011.00.00 existence ploof (demo) 2011.07.03 PUNISHMENT, ENEMY (1st mini-album) 2012.03.31 激情MISTAKE (1st single) 2012..07.20 Alive of a Death (2nd single) 2012.11.18 【THE DISPOSAL OF WORLD】(2nd mini-album) 2013.04.07 「All answers in self」(3rd single) 2014.02.22 【E.G.U-is-M】(3rd mini-album) 2015.03.12 【CRY OF THE NAMELESS】(4th mini-album)
  8. Mr bacon you still got COCKROACH stuff I'll buy.

  9. @Saaam-chan in 2014 you said this 

    Do you still have them I would like to purchase cds or even just mp3 rips?

  10. Someone needs to make an artist thread for them.
  11. Can someone do like a Nagoya kei guide?

    1. helcchi
    2. sume7


      I've read it, I just really want to know what the best bands are to listen to.

  12. gibkiy gibkiy gibky are gods