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  1. I'm assuming that was sarcasm but even if you don't view it as important, it definitely isn't bad news.
  2. Lol that's kind of the same thing with me also I kind of identify by that name online now. Mine actually came from me being really into "Maximum the hormone" back in like 2008 I think. On btw. At that time "Tsume Tsume Tsume" was new and I forgot to put the " T " so my name ended up as "sume" so then I never really wanted to change it and it eventually grew on me. lol The " 7 " part is of no significance that was just in case the name was already taken. Man I still don't know how I didn't notice that I left out the " T ". lol
  3. Nice to see them finally expand, especially in Nagoya and Sapporo.
  4. Cool looks.
  5. @r... Glad to see them I actually forgot they existed. Can't wait to hear.
  6. Anyone here big chariots fans?

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    2. sume7
    3. The Moon

      The Moon

      I love chariots! My favorite songs are probably Jade and 邪.

      Not sure how I feel about the new EP yet - only listened to it once.

    4. sume7


      I really love all of the new stuff they've been doing.

  7. Here's a link to a higher def image of meidara in case you want to have a not-so-pixelated avatar.

  8. Laputa yay! More nagoya kei.
  9. Hopefully one of the long dead indie vk bands like "since1889" or "the rudie satan park".
  10. Damn love them oni masks.
  11. lol that's good.
  12. Do you still have this and can you share?
  13. Yeah I'd like to know something about this to. SKULL were actually really great now that I'm thinking back on it.
  14. Oh yeah! Hopefully this will be the album's track list.