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  1. Same here.
  2. Hopefully this mini will have that recent live dist. song on it.
  3. Is it out yet?
  4. Maybe he really wasn't aware.
  5. More people need to be talking about XAA-XAA's new album "不幸な迷路" it's seriously the best visual kei album in years and probably one of the best of all time.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Seimeisen


      Not sure about "of all time," but it is a marvellous album, and definitely AOTY material. ザアザア are one of the few VK bands I still hype the fuck out of.

    3. Jigsaw9


      A bit too long and samey for me, but it was okay. Definitely better than some recent releases I guess.

    4. Duwang


      I love XAA-XAA but I personally didn't really enjoy the album that much.
      A couple songs stuck out to me and had potential but they fell short in my opinion (排水口, ラストダンス, ユメオチ) . I enjoy 不幸の始まり live but it falls in the same group of songs mentioned previously. There are some songs that I don't like at all and skip every time they come up on shuffle (ぐちゃぐちゃ, 恋人ごっこ, 寄り道) and the rest is just kinda whatever to me.

  6. The full single "Succubus" for anyone who hasn't heard:
  7. New ryo cover like a month old but it wasn't posted so why not:
  8. This one is great.
  9. I wonder if their upcoming best of album might contain new recording of their old songs from the "mode of" tours? It would be nice to see proper recording and not just lives.
  10. MUCC's remix cd is so fuckin' lit!!!

  11. Can't wait
  12. Greatest recommendation in M-H history!!! Can't wait to check these out seriously especially "P.ON.". Also I'm very familiar with "John Zorn" but not the "zeuhl" genre but I'll certainly be sure to try start listening and familiarize myself. Perhaps then we can further discuss music of this sort in the future.
  13. Hopefully new album will be sooner rather than later.