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  1. Oh yeah ready for another one.
  2. batsu=nostalgia
  3. Jon Jones just beat dc new light heavy weight champion!!!!!!!! 


     lol he also called out the returning brock lesnar.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elazmus


      It was fucking incredible I was soso scared but wow.

      Ugh lol I do wanna see Brock back too but do we have to start cooking another "superfight"(circus act) at the moment.. Gusty should keep speaking up too

    3. Disposable


      Almost shed a tear when Jon did his condescending golly gee good guy voice and DC was losing his shit during the post-fight interview. Was really hoping for DC to get this one, for the sake of his mental wellbeing.

    4. Elazmus


      PowerfulJoeRogan: "I made a big deal out of not interviewing KO'd fighters because it seems unreasonable and makes fighters look bad after the fact."


      but seeing this grown man and champion fighter concussed AND bawling his eyes out on t.v. is too juicy mane let's exploit this for an extended response and audible tears.. 

  4. Awesome just like the old one on last.fm
  5. Everyone should be listening to "天上天下" by ARCHEMI. It has such a tribal Asian like world music feel along with the metal and hard rock visual kei sound. I think it's truly the best release this year so far. 

  6. Wow "天上天下" by ARCHEMI. is so fuckin' badass!

  7. Didn't expect something new so quick.
  8. So awesome!!! That's my birthday.
  9. Can someone make me a cool vk banner? With SAVAGE, DIMLIM,FIXER, JILUKA or any combination of those 4?

    1. PsychoΔelica


      Pay me. lol

  10. Yeah this is a great look as was their first one. Probably my favorite looks in vk right now.
  11. The vocalist looks cool..ish.
  12. For me "JILUKA" still wins on both fronts but only by a small margin on the subject of "Libra" vs "Xenomorphic".
  13. So I have previously had this discussion with "JILUKA" winning beating "FIXER" by 72% of the votes. So with their new mini-albums released last month I thought this would be a good time to re-open this discussion. So this one can be view two different ways either you can judge weather "JILUKA" is still better than "FIXER" or you simply judge the mini-albums only. I'll set up the poll so you can't vote for the minis and the bands themselves or just the bands if you prefer. Oh and unrelated but they toured together recently as well which is pretty awesome VS. FIGHT!!!
  14. Same!!!
  15. #justfckin'bringbackdeathgaze2017