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  1. I can recommend a couple RED INVISIBLE by RAZOR(ex. Vocalist of BORN) and ESPADA by ORCALADE(ex. Vocalist of EAT YOU ALIVE). I only assumed you were talking about Visual kei bands since you said mini-album because that's a term only used in vk. If you'd like non-vk recommendations just let me know.
  2. I just did lmao
  3. How can I wait over a month? Need a medically induced coma for the next month right now.
  4. +1 I hope this happens adding it to my 2018 vk wish list.
  5. What are your current top 5 vk bands? Mine are: 

    1.) R指定

    2.) Fixer

    3.) SCAPEGOAT 

    4.) SAVAGE

    5.) ARCHEMI.

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    2. BrenGun



      スネメガマフィー (Sunamegamafy)

      Calmando Qual



    3. Nightmares4ever


      5.Leetspeak Monsters

    4. Lestat


      01. ダウト

      02. R指定 / ゴシップ

      03. D

      04. More

      05. 己龍

  6. Need something new from SCAPEGOAT not just a best album. 


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    2. Mamo


      No clue. But in Japan they have some relative popularity just not so much in the west.

    3. Axius


      they should prob make a world tour

    4. Mamo


      @Axius Yeah at this point they could at least try to do a European tour. 

  7. @DESTINYGUY0316 Sólo quería que supieras, he subido SAVAGE's single 悪趣味な性癖 (Akushumi na Seiheki) en 320 Kbps @Aferni subido pero en muy mala calidad sólo 160 kbps. Aquí:
  8. My first vk band as well as my first favorite was girugamesh and the first song I heard by them was Jarring fly.
  9. Love this makes me cry:
  10. I normally don't indulge but this was too precious

    Danielle (Bhad Bhabie) Vs Vicky (Woahvicky) FIGHT: 


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    2. Mamo


      Y'all just #haters

    3. Elazmus


      Danielle rushes for the blindside...  *[[squeaky-toy.sfx]]*


      but who wins cringiest crew? I don't envy the judges on this day l&g...

    4. nekkichi


      I worship unproblematic indigo child bhad bhabie no other winner here x

  11. No matter the genre or whether they're vk or not, what are your favorite Japanese songs utilizing auto-tune preferably throughout the song? I'll start things off
  12. Yeah FIXER and THE SOUND BEE HD are probably the 2 biggest. FIXER is already based out of Tokyo plus they did that Oneman tour last year. Yeah for a Starwave band I think they have a decent amount of popularity, especially among Starwave Records fans.
  13. Lmao. On a serious note though, they're one of Starwave's biggest bands, I think Kiwamu isn't ready to let them disband just yet. Who knows who the new drummer will be though, it wouldn't really surprise me if they did just use a drum program because they already like to use electronic effects so it wouldn't be that big of a stretch. Plus like you said Korey wasn't the greatest drummer. Mediocre at best. Also yes I'm really looking forward to argentum. Although I like all of their recent cds so not really surprising lol
  14. Can't wait to hear the full version.