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  1. Does wrist cut have a cover art?
  2. @Jigsaw9 The vocalist was really good but the rest of the band was rather mediocre. I wish the vocalist would have continued though.
  3. @suji Thanks for your youtube you've allowed me to discover "DiSPiИA"  I'm subscribing and you're fuckin' awesome! Also you're the first vk related channel I've subbed to ever.

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    2. suji


      @Mamo if that was their intention, they should've put in more effort cuz I sure don't listen to most of those bands......js

    3. Mamo


      Or maybe you stole theirs? lolFuturama-Fry.jpg

    4. Mamo


      Well this is embarrassing I only subscribed because I thought it was yours. So I unsubbed. lmao 

  4. Did anyone get this song and can pm it to me?
  5. Anyone remember these 2004-2008 "brutal kei" legends? I'm actually being serious though they are really good and vastly underrated. GLAMMY / Bio-Glammy / 昭和愚裸魅會(shouwa gurami kai). They sound similar to "SINCE1889". I can provide disco. if anyone is interested(only 9 tracks total).
  6. My top 20 of the last 30 days according to last.fm: 01. DexCore — Imitation 02. Swarrrm — March 03. Fixer — ARBITER 04. Fixer — sublime dystopia 05. DexCore — Coward 06. DexCore — I’m President 07. Fixer — TEMPtation 08. 勇企 — BLACK BOX trailer 09. 勇企 — deep in silence trailer 10. 勇企 — 〓〓〓 11. Far East Dizain — Beyond These Walls 12. Swarrrm — 愛のうた 13. 勇企 — 蟻地獄 trailer 14. 勇企 — 朧 trailer 15. DIMLIM — THE SILENT SONG 16. DIMLIM — 塵外 17. DexCore — 独り言 18. DIMLIM — PERSONALIT NONCONFORMITY 19. DexCore — A.S.H 20. DexCore — noise
  7. I hope Tomozo gets in a new band soon.
  8. Like @Axius said I'd recommend starting with their album since it contains 5 of their first 6 singles. Here's the Album on the youtube Fixer-topic
  9. European? Because ever since dir en grey became DIR EN GREY I've only seen people in the U.S. associate them with progressive metal or avant-garde metal and many aren't even aware or their visual kei past.
  10. Hey! What happened to this topic for 3 and a half years? Lol
  11. Yep everything pre-starwave. All of their music is on YouTube ever since they signed with "Starwave Records" under the Fixer-topic. Except live dist. of course.
  12. How did you like "ARBITER"? And yeah I have no idea why this topic just suddenly died shortly after "FIXER" started and before they even signed with "Starwave Records" in fact I'm really not sure why the discussion didn't pick up again right around then. But Now's as good a time as any to pick this topic back up with the release of "ARBITER". Edit: Wow! I just realized that this topic was last active two years before you even joined lol Edit 2: The last time this topic was active only their first two singles had been released. They have came a really long way since then. I guess people just forgot this topic existed, because I've seen plenty of people on here talking about "FIXER" for years.
  13. @VkBrutaliaN FIXER have just released a "brutal kei" masterpiece "ARBITER". I remember you said you hadn't liked their Starwave Records stuff, but trust me you'll love this. @filth_y ex. "ReivieЯ" Vocal : "Jey's" band if you didn't know.