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  1. I wasn't criticizing I promise just a light-hearted joke.
  2. Oh yeah I forgot about the glass skin version
  3. Lol #best news source ever
  4. So is it confirmed? Are they returning?
  5. Everyone better vote for it on the M-H J-Rock Awards. Because I agree it's easily the best album this year.
  6. Someone else should archive the site just in case.
  7. This makes DEG pv's look tame by comparison lol
  8. R-shitei's new song 毒廻る (Doku Mawaru) better be on the recommend tracks for December. 


    1. Zeus


      you can submit a guest blurb if you want

  9. Brilliant Also I just realized only 2 more days
  10. Why in the fuck do people like DAMY? They're like the version of DEZERT and the vocals are utter shit! Chilled sucks.
  11. @bear I'll check those out I haven't even heard of any of those bands.
  12. We made it happen guys!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Can someone help me out? How many releases did MUCC have this year?

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    2. TrentReznor


      1 totally new album (Myakuhaku, + his LP later release), 2 best of (best off II and coupling bestII), 2 re-editions/remasters (Tsuzetsu and Homura Uta), 1 self cover album, 1 tribute album, 1 only-live single (Ieji), 1 mv DVD/BR,  Plastic Tree and D'ERLANGER tribute song, and what it should be a "big" DVD boxset to come soon (it was announced but without date...and with all the different kind of tours they have done this year, it should be big :D) that in terms of just music...they had the interview/history book too and even their Tower Records beer :grin:

      I think I´m not missing any relevant release...also most of the stuff just released through their indie label.

    3. Mamo


      holy shit!

    4. TrentReznor


      I know :tw_grimace:

  14. I like blue-eyes decks a lot. lol But as far as competitively I play True Draco's