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  1. Cas

    Yeah, this actually does resemble me quite a bit. I often even wear a similar shirt.
  2. Cas

    Blitz the Ambassador - Accra City Blues
  3. I used to be a massive Rentrer en Soi fangirl, so I'd definitely pick one of their songs. I'd love to choose something fun and unexpected, but that might be a bit too cruel. Wither kDhrT0Ucsco
  4. Cas

    Breaking Bad S02E08
  5. Cas

    A Make Up Store eyeshadow in Brown Sugar and a couple of flowerpots.
  6. Cas

    The Story of Us: Symphony of Science - "Children of Africa"
  7. Cas

    Cosmos - Episode 2 (One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue) I still remember watching this as a kid. Good times.
  8. Cas

    My god, what kind of coffee has she been drinking?
  9. Cas

    Keep Batman?
  10. Cas

    Whoever wrote the words to this song is a lyrical genius.
  11. Cas

    Hey, happy birthday to Maiku and Masamune!
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