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  1. Biggest update I've ever made on my selling thread: more than 350 CDs added ! 


  2. Alright this was a tough day, boring as hell, 10 hours straight if CDs and DVDs and names but here it is: Biggest update I've made so far, added more than 350 CDs to the list ! Created a google sheet for the whole list You can now search with romaji names or japanese names for bands, and japanese names only for releases ! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19RE1gmDJEe2uH_ujdOMksgymp_Yp1HoifFcJWbkmnG0/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy the list As usual, PM me for infos, or anything you'd like to know about those items
  3. please, wake up What was he recording exactly ? except LA Venus, what's new in this ? NOTHING even LA venus probably didn't need "recording" since it was already made for the movie itself, most likely completely recorded months ago I highly doubt there are any new recording of those old titles, but it will surely give Yoshiki a "good reason" to postpone X album AGAIN SO yes of course he gets this bitching, and he's literaly searching it, and he's been for years now
  4. arrived today 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 - 宴-UTAGE-
  5. Received today! KEEL - Migration Bootleg 2 KEEL - Undead Beauty LUNA SEA - Holy Knight LUNA SEA - The Holy Night Live limited and webshop tee shirt (same design as SLAVE FC limited one, but different color) Elysion - Chaos of Dystopia + War of the Dead paradise (gift given by the band with my purchase) pissaro - Gradation Soanプロジェクトwith芥 - 慟哭を鼓動として道とする音 I'm surprised by the quality of the slipcase ELYSION single came in, considering how small they are, it's pretty nice and doesn't seem cheap at all
  6. omnibus

    oh oh drama incoming, let's grab popcorn great job kisaki for not saying to people involved in it that this collection is a thing
  7. nope. Sounds like Megaromania to be honest, anyway I don't even care about what it sounds like, as long as it is good
  8. Hmmm he doesn't sound at all like Kamijo lol I don't even get how people can mix him up with kamijo's voice xD Well, so far it sounds great, let's see how it goes now
  9. well can't play the preview for some reason u_u I'm happy to se SUI back but how long is it even going to last x_x
  10. As soon as the setlist of the live is posted I'll decide if I buy it or not, cause it's really expensive.... if there are like 16 songs there's no way I put that much money into it
  11. LMAO SO PREDICTABLE this news literally made my day. maybe even my week See you 2 months after disbandment with a new band dudes ! maybe dir en grey copycat instead of versailles ? xD
  12. Today's arrival ! Initial'L - Moon light down all types the god and death stars - It isn't a singles DALLE - ambivalence to violentia Kisaki Project - Re:Requiem megamasso - 雨降る夜に megamasso - Frosty + 雨降る夜に for my girl @eiheartx (who will probably be in love after this pic :D) LUNA SEA The holy night SLAVE FC limited tee shirt LUNA SEA The holy night candle FInal Fantasy XV Limited Collector's edition + Amazon JP pre order bonus FFXV Prologue drama CD
  13. To be honest, this is extremely lame. Metaphor is a new song included in the album, so no "new single" just use of a song from the album, random remix inside, and a SE
  14. Live and mail order limited (i.e. Starwave Records shop) and of course it's not on the oversea shop....