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  1. It will be region free, other Blu Rays are region free too
  2. Really love it, but I think aesthetic was way better for DOGMA, their look is basic, very gazette-ish also I think we already saw that girl in one of their pvs, even wonder if she's not one of the girls doing shooting for black moral brand
  3. I could have said Eminem, that would have worked better if you prefer x) was just an example anyway ------------------------------------------------------- The thing that I don't like about Deluxe edition though is how they use the footage from a 2015 live while there have been many others since that time, I don't think it had anything particular, other than the fact it was their 15th anniversary, they've been doing the same setlist over and over
  4. Ridiculous cause you can't go to Japan and that after party, that's all VIP tickets for Western lives from enormous stars (take Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Madonna, whoever you want) are HELLA expensive, just to be able to meet them, say hi, take a photo or whatever that's included in the package Here this is exacatly THE SAME, 50,000yen is approximately 378€ atm, tbh it sounds "ok"
  5. lmao I thought the post just above was from a bot because of the tracklist and everything xDDD Well, the preview sounds great, another album to look forward to
  6. I'm so disapointed that it doesn't countain the two full lives..... They should have make a regular shop edition and limited heresy member edition with the full thing, but oh well, at least there's a blu ray
  7. they should just include the two full lives, if the audio quality is great then there's no need for live CDs, eveybody's able to make great audio rips of DVDs nowadays but ofc if the audio quality is the same as Starwave DVDs, better be making live CDs along with DVD x) I'd rather have 2 full live on DVDs with great audio than only one with poor audio and a live CD
  8. all of their intros + Live CD + last live DVD, not so unnecessary with all that, SEs only would have been shit yes
  9. haha beat me to it, was posting it really can't wait for the album, especially since I bought the Slave limited version I'm sure the packaging will be pretty cool !!
  10. Concerning the SLAVE Limited Edition (FC members only), the tracklist of the Live CD and the Live DVD/Blu ray is as follow: (LIVE CD) May 29, 2017 Select from "Nippon Budokan" performance Tracklist  01. Metamorphosis ~Beginning part  02. PRECIOUS...  03. Dejavu  04. JESUS  05. Image  06. The End of the Dream  07. HURT  08. NO PAIN  09. I’ll Stay With You  10. BLUE TRANSPARENCY  11. I for You  12. STORM  13. TIME IS DEAD  14. ROSIER  15. Metamorphosis ~Ending part  (excluding drum solo & bass solo) (LIVE Blu-ray or DVD) September 24, 2016 "SLAVE Limited GIG Zepp Nagoya" Performance Tracklist  01.SLAVE  02.BLUE TRANSPARENCY 限りなく透明に近いブルー  03.Limit  04.JESUS  05.Rouge  06.AURORA  07.SANDY TIME  08.I'll Stay With You  09.Metamorphosis  10.TONIGHT  11.The End of the Dream  12.TIME IS DEAD  13.BELIEVE  □<EN>  14.Dejavu  15.ROSIER  16.WISH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No infos yet about the album tracklist
  11. no fucking way I'm definitely going to buy the Blu ray of this, this will be amazing, love the visuals
  12. The bands were so bad so far xDDDDD I thought lack co was pretty good though ! great live, and tenten is a great singer too let's see how is zero mind now x_x EDIT: ok zero mind infinity won't be streamed cause they don't want to, nice one guys, great idea.
  13. Hahaha I'm glad I bought both editions of the Single now, this sounds so good
  14. God this is so expensive, but if you use a shopping service, they charge 500-600yen for domestic shipping, add to that the proxy fees + oversea shipping + bank transfer fee and you're done, same amount as the global version of the shop x)
  15. bump ! lots of stuff still available