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  1. haha beat me to it, was posting it really can't wait for the album, especially since I bought the Slave limited version I'm sure the packaging will be pretty cool !!
  2. Concerning the SLAVE Limited Edition (FC members only), the tracklist of the Live CD and the Live DVD/Blu ray is as follow: (LIVE CD) May 29, 2017 Select from "Nippon Budokan" performance Tracklist  01. Metamorphosis ~Beginning part  02. PRECIOUS...  03. Dejavu  04. JESUS  05. Image  06. The End of the Dream  07. HURT  08. NO PAIN  09. I’ll Stay With You  10. BLUE TRANSPARENCY  11. I for You  12. STORM  13. TIME IS DEAD  14. ROSIER  15. Metamorphosis ~Ending part  (excluding drum solo & bass solo) (LIVE Blu-ray or DVD) September 24, 2016 "SLAVE Limited GIG Zepp Nagoya" Performance Tracklist  01.SLAVE  02.BLUE TRANSPARENCY 限りなく透明に近いブルー  03.Limit  04.JESUS  05.Rouge  06.AURORA  07.SANDY TIME  08.I'll Stay With You  09.Metamorphosis  10.TONIGHT  11.The End of the Dream  12.TIME IS DEAD  13.BELIEVE  □<EN>  14.Dejavu  15.ROSIER  16.WISH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No infos yet about the album tracklist
  3. no fucking way I'm definitely going to buy the Blu ray of this, this will be amazing, love the visuals
  4. The bands were so bad so far xDDDDD I thought lack co was pretty good though ! great live, and tenten is a great singer too let's see how is zero mind now x_x EDIT: ok zero mind infinity won't be streamed cause they don't want to, nice one guys, great idea.
  5. Hahaha I'm glad I bought both editions of the Single now, this sounds so good
  6. God this is so expensive, but if you use a shopping service, they charge 500-600yen for domestic shipping, add to that the proxy fees + oversea shipping + bank transfer fee and you're done, same amount as the global version of the shop x)
  7. bump ! lots of stuff still available
  8. I don't think so, lately they've been doing only 3 or 4 shows / year, two of which always at Xmas, one or two SLAVE limited When A WILL was released I think they did only one tour which was called a liberated will and it lasted a bit more than this newly announced tour + their regular shows at Xmas Don't expect more from them But let's pray for a World tour, that doesn't go only in Germany u__u
  9. New Look It was announced that Migimimi sleep tight new digital single 「MACAU:The Massive Market」will be released at 2017/09/13 (so it is already out) on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. It was also announced that their new mini-album「The Massive Market」will be released at 2017/12/06 and will cost 1800yen+tax Tracklist: 1. MACAU:The Massive Market 2. MOVE ON ! 3. Akirakeiko 4. Workaholic 5. TREES ON FIRE 6. Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO Akirakeiko was their first live-limited single released at 2016/05/01 Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO was one of their past digital single released on iTunes & others
  10. No no it just means that you can buy it wether at their lives OR on their webshop If you buy it at the live you'll have it right away, and if you buy on the webshop it will be sent to you via post office in Japan, but this only works for Japan, not oversea
  11. Yep it is stated on their discgraphy page: 愚かしい竜の夢 2017年10月27日Release!!【会場・通販限定販売】(Venue - mail order limited sale) Here is the shop mentionned before for anyone who wants it http://www.rosen-kranz.jp/shop/
  12. Nop can't find more infos and the OHP is experiencing many visits atm so it doesn"t load for me I'll try to update when I find more infos if nobody has done it before me edit: updated with setlist from their SLAVE Limited GIG Zepp Nagoya
  13. LUNA SEA new album will be released on the 20th of December and it's called "LUV" They will also have a tour called LUNA SEA LUV TOUR 2018 consisting in 18 performances in 9 different places in Japan album will be released in different types, as follow: ■ SLAVE limited PREMIUM BOX LUNA SEA Official Fan Club SLAVE Members Only Special Package [Price] ¥ 18,519 (tax excluded / Blu-ray, common to DVD) [Part No.] Blu-ray: PDCJ-1100 / DVD: PDCJ-1101 [Contents] ※ luxury special BOX specification ※ (CD) 9th ALBUM "LUV" ※ (LIVE CD) May 29, 2017 Select from "Nippon Budokan" performance ※ (LIVE Blu-ray or DVD) September 24, 2016 "SLAVE Limited GIG Zepp Nagoya" Performances are reedited and visualized ※ (PHOTO BOOK) Original 100 pages luxury photo collection ※ (GOODS) Staff Pass Replica & B2 Poster [Reception period] October 5 (Thur) 18: 00 ~ October 29 (Sun) 23: 59 For details, go to the SLAVE official site ⇒ http://www.lunasea-slave.jp ■Saitama Super Arena Venue Limited Edition On December 23, 24, 2017, Saitama Super Arena Show "Limited sale of 5,000 pieces each day at the venue! [Price] ¥ 4,630 (excluding tax) [Part No.] PROJ-1017/8 [Contents] * Special Tall Case Specification ※ (CD) 9th ALBUM "LUV" ※ (LIVE CD) December 23, 2016 Select from Saitama Super Arena performances from 23, 24 ■ Initial Limited Edition The latest MUSIC VIDEO 2 songs and the making of footage included DVD with the first limited edition! [Price] ¥ 3,980 (excluding tax) [Part No.] UPCH-7373 [Contents] * Special sleeve case specification ※ (CD) 9th ALBUM "LUV" ※ (DVD) "Limit" MUSIC VIDEO + "Hold You Down" MUSIC VIDEO & Making picture ■ Regular Edition Normal board containing only original album [Price] ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) [Part No.] UPCH-2144 [Contents] (CD) 9th ALBUM "LUV" ----------------------------------------------- Setlist of the SLAVE Limited GIG Zepp Nagoya 01 SLAVE 02 BLUE TRANSPARENCY -限りなく透明に近いブルー- 03 Limit 04 JESUS 05 Rouge 06 AURORA 07 SANDY TIME 08 I'll Stay With You 09 Metamorphosis 10 TONIGHT 11 The End of the Dream 12 TIME IS DEAD 13 BELIEVE -ENCORE 1- 14 Dejavu 15 ROSIER -ENCORE 2- 16 WISH ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm so fucking excited about this album, every LUNA SEA new album is a huge thing in this scene, but I have to say it, this album will be played entirely during one live tour, and then fall into oblivion since they always play the same songs live also: thanks for releasing the most interesting version for SLAVE members only -___- I'm not prepared to pay 300€ for it on auctions
  14. In case people didn't see, this mini is Mail order and Live limited ONLY It can be bought on their shop rosen kranz
  15. Happy Birthday ! Have an awesome day ^^

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