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  1. tbh, if you're a fan of Diru only, better be buying their DVDs/Blurays only, more songs and setlist might suit you better and if you're a fan of Pierrot only, better be checking if some copies of their Dictators Circus tour final are still for sale somewhere on the web, setlist have more than 20 songs for each day if you're a fan of both just think twice before buying those DVDs/BRs, it's really expensive and might not worth it seeing how short the setlists are
  2. DIR EN GREY x PIERROT Collab "Androgynos" will release its DVDs and Blu-Rays from the 2 lives they performed together, here are the informations: - ANDROGYNOS Blu Ray Deluxe edition (3 DISCS) will include - a view of the Megiddo - 2017.7.7 (fri) at YOKOHAMA ARENA - a view of the Acro - 2017.7.8 (sat) at YOKOHAMA ARENA It will costs 23,000yen - ANDROGYNOS DVD Deluxe edition (5 DISCS) will include  - a view of the Megiddo - 2017.7.7(fri) at YOKOHAMA ARENA  - a view of the Acro - 2017.7.8(sat) at YOKOHAMA ARENA It will costs 22,000yen Both edition will include: - Bonus picture DISC - Special package specification - Luxury Live Photo Booklet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ANDROGYNOS DVD<DAY1> (2 DISCS) will include  - a view of the Megiddo - 2017.7.7(fri) at YOKOHAMA ARENA It will costs 12,000yen - ANDROGYNOS DVD<DAY2> (2 DISCS) will include  - a view of the Acro - 2017.7.8(sat) at YOKOHAMA ARENA It will costs 12,000yen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reservation period is from 2017.07.07 (7th of July) to 2017.30.09 (30th of September) [Delivery schedule date] December 12, 2017 (Tue) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setlists of these 2 lives were as follow: a view of the Megiddo - 2017.7.7(fri) at YOKOHAMA ARENA DIR EN GREY 01.Revelation of mankind 02.audience KILLER LOOP 03.FILTH 04.空⾕の跫⾳ 05.OBSCURE 06.Chain repulsion 07.輪郭 08.INCONVENIENT IDEAL 09.SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH 10.THE FINAL 11.Agitated Screams of Maggots 12.CHILD PREY 13.Un deux 14.詩踏み 15.激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 PIERROT 01.MASS GAME 02.Adolf 03.ENEMY 04.AGITATOR 05.脳内モルヒネ 06.ドラキュラ 07.THE LAST CRY IN HADES (NOT GUILTY) 08.HELLO 09.新⽉ 10.REBIRTH DAY 11.HAKEN KREUZ 12.CREATURE 13.MAD SKY -鋼鉄の救世主- 14.蜘蛛の意図 EN 01.HUMAN GATE - a view of the Acro - 2017.7.8(sat) at YOKOHAMA ARENA PIERROT 01.MAD SKY-鋼鉄の救世主- 02.Adolf 03.ENEMY 04.HAKEN KREUZ 05.脳内モルヒネ 06.MAGNET HOLIC 07.パウダースノウ 08.鬼と桜 09.PIECES 10.PSYCHEDELIC LOVER 11.CREATURE 12.クリア・スカイ 13.HUMAN GATE 14.蜘蛛の意図 DIR EN GREY 01.Un deux 02.OBSCURE 03.詩踏み 04.濤声 05.audience KILLER LOOP 06.Behind a vacant image 07.アクロの丘 08.VINUSHKA 09.GRIEF 10.朔-saku- 11.Revelation of mankind 12.Sustain the untruth 13.激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 en. 14.THE FINAL 15.残.
  3. It has already been said, and it's up for pre order already, has been for almost a month now And those are actually DVDs and Blu-Rays Also the video posted above is from a DVD that was distributed to people who attended the shows, one also exists forAngelo (yes, it's from Angelo, not from Pierrot, and was distributed on the same days too)
  4. Just received ! directly from Megamasso webshop to us, one for me and one for my dear @eiheartx 2 Ryoshei's chekis ♥ we had luck ♥
  5. is this already a thing ? source ? nevermind, I found it, on Androgynos OHP
  6. As far as I understand, all the xxx episode of Ruin Mizerius or other song name are DVDs, so most likely live footage of the so called song, but you need to purchase both edition at the shop to have it x) Some also have photosets or postcards
  7. Hizaki - Crimson Rose Live DVD GRACE Fanclub limited edition ! That photobook is fucking amazing
  8. They are changing their look so often that I don't even get why they had a new one before that Was that fairy look just for one live ? not even a release ? or was there some live limited shit going on again and we totally missed it ?
  9. Limited edition will also come with a DVD-R including Encore songs from the live, interview, and off shots (think that's it) Beware, DVD-R seems to be limited to GRACE fanclub
  10. Actually I'm not fighting with you, despite what you think, just asking you to post tracklist or at least set lists for live DVDs which is why I came here in the first place And you're the one making it personal by mentionning other people's topics
  11. True, many do that, and for DVDs they don't even update it, as for arlequin is concerned, they didn't update it for their other live DVDs, same will probably happen for those 2
  12. Like I said, half done, you don't even do it yourself and it doesn't even need to be romanized anyway, if you can't understand Japanese, having it romanized won't change it. There's a MAJOR difference, which is: you can't create CD tracklist on your own There's another difference: bands most of the time don't update their website with DVD tracklists, while they do for CDs (cause yes, live setlists are on the web 90% of the time, so why bothering updating it when you can find the info about DVDs online) Actually I did before you posted your reply, but thanks for wondering, I appreciate it and no I don't love them, nor hate Arlequin, nor care about being the first to post the news nor plan to buy the DVDs, but there are people who do, and probably don't know where to find the setlists of lives and fyi, the news has been on twitter for days now, about both bands so if I wanted to be first to post it, I would have done it but I don't really care about that that being said, I'm glad you're here @emmny was wondering if you'd show up, never disapoint me still wondering why you're here though since you most likely don't like this band
  13. It 99% sure is the same, but ok, at least there's something You would have written if it was just "scenes of" and not the full setlist inside the DVD right ?
  14. @Yukami Same as for Pentagon DVDs, please search and post the tracklists for DVDs, no one buys DVDs without knowing what's inside アルルカン 2016.10.23 Zepp DiverCity Tokyoのセットリスト 01.暁 02.in the dark 03.墓穴 04.「私」と”理解” 05.境界線 06.PARANOIA 07.独白 08.棘 09.Cuffs 10.omit 11.ハッピーセット 12.ジレンマ 13.Utopia 14.クオリア 15.像 16.ダメ人間 17.Eclipse 18.残響 アルルカン 2016.04.02 赤坂BLITZのセットリスト 01.PARANOIA 02.身を知る雨 03.道化ノ華 04.Pandora 05.墓穴 06.暁 07.imp 08.拒絶 09.白い鬱 10.似非林檎 11.clepsydra 12.link 13.クオリア 14.人形-ヒトガタ- 15.DROPLET 16.像 17.「私」と”理解” 18.ダメ人間 19.ジレンマ 20.Eclipse