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  1. As soon as the setlist of the live is posted I'll decide if I buy it or not, cause it's really expensive.... if there are like 16 songs there's no way I put that much money into it
  2. LMAO SO PREDICTABLE this news literally made my day. maybe even my week See you 2 months after disbandment with a new band dudes ! maybe dir en grey copycat instead of versailles ? xD
  3. Today's arrival ! Initial'L - Moon light down all types the god and death stars - It isn't a singles DALLE - ambivalence to violentia Kisaki Project - Re:Requiem megamasso - 雨降る夜に megamasso - Frosty + 雨降る夜に for my girl @eiheartx (who will probably be in love after this pic :D) LUNA SEA The holy night SLAVE FC limited tee shirt LUNA SEA The holy night candle FInal Fantasy XV Limited Collector's edition + Amazon JP pre order bonus FFXV Prologue drama CD
  4. To be honest, this is extremely lame. Metaphor is a new song included in the album, so no "new single" just use of a song from the album, random remix inside, and a SE
  5. Live and mail order limited (i.e. Starwave Records shop) and of course it's not on the oversea shop....
  6. the GazettE WORLD TOUR 16 DOCUMENTARY new DVD & blu-ray release read the title of the thread
  7. Anybody selling SchwarzKain first single Moment Glow ? searching for it atm ! PM me if you're willing to sell it

    1. DarkWater


      I'm willing to share my rip if you share another SW release with me which isn't shared.

    2. Danao


      Ok, pm me to tell me what you want then :)


      you most likely have something in mind

  8. just a way to sell more albums and tickets, always like that but please, do disband, misaruka got boring a while ago, there are many other great bands that deserve more attention under starwave records Anyway if misaruka disbands, they'll instantly form a new band so there's literaly no point x)
  9. I'm so happy to see Guren in this, I love this song so much Definitely here to buy this re recorded best of
  10. Can't wait for this, especially the one with Temari Covers look great !
  11. the god and death stars disbands aie forms a new band with ex the god and death stars members and calls it "the death of the gods was fake I'll never die I rule nagoya kei" (well, aie forming a new band is very likely to happen) DALLE releases a single, then disappears for years KEEL keeps on doing great stuff HOLLOWGRAM loses members and vanishes for quite some time Amano Yuki releases new CDs, and it's impossible to find them anywhere, even though it will be amazing mejibray finally decides to disband and a petition to cancel disbanding happens called "we have bad tastes don't leave yet, we need you", which works and they stay again Initial'L releases singles and an album and get hated from MH D disbands (tbh I think it will happen) megamasso releases an album and it's fantastic More releases a new mini album and.. and that's it, let's call it a year Lolita23q releases new materials, and Sou came back only for girls so he doesn't care about it being good or not (I hope they iwll release stuff though) Kisaki returns with a band, but it will release only 2 stuff, and then nothing happens X japan releases new album which turns out to be only a mini with 6 songs including 2 SEs and Kurenai in english which is a complete disaster LUNA SEA releases new album and two singles, but turns out to be just ok, they also release 2 DVDs for 20,000yen each Moi Dix Mois releases a new album and decide to call it a decade, Mana never dies and drink Kamijo's blood to become mortal though it turned out to be lethal and shit happens Versailles is back, do a world tour, release an album with the same song played over and over and rick roll everyone (should I call it versailles roll ?) MH DL section is dying, less and less members are sharing stuff, and people are now forced to buy CDs to listen to music (such a disaster) MH Drama over and over MH trolls being more present than ever and get supported behind the scene by "important" people from the forum Val daily newsletter for Rarezhut stops and hourly newsletter happen because she thought daily was not enough.
  12. Just had 15,000yen charge 2 payment on FromJapan for 15 CDs and a bunch of tee shirts, I think it's time to stop using this shopping service...

    charged me for 5kg when it's overall 3kg, 3,5kg at most , nice guys.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Danao


      I mailed them on that concern, they told me the weight is most likely due to bonus items being sent along with my orders and also due to the box + random paper they use to fill the box for the shipping


      There are no bonus items since everything was from private sellers, but yea, use more paper next time FJ, and use a bigger box so that you put even more paper x)


      And also now that they packed the items, they can't do anything about it


      I'll just wait for it to arrive and weigh it before opening, then weigh the items + box only to see the real weight of it and I'll see to it once it's done

    3. DarkWater


      @BiopandaMaybe good to check if there are other proxies you could use? Or is FromJapan really the best for big orders?


      @Danao 5KG: EMS is 9800 yen for shipping.
      airmail is always more expensive than EMS if something weights more than 2kg.

      Anyway, yes weight the stuff when it arrives at your home. because I really doubt that they add 1,5kg to packing material.

      However, their fee isn't that much.
      700yen only? or another 900 if you wanna buy in one order from different websites/auctions. 

      So no wonder why they ask a higher shipping price ^^"


    4. Biopanda


      @DarkWaterFor our purposes they're the best, at least. They have an absolutely killer discount with FedEx that works out to something like 410 yen per kg before any loyalty discount from FromJapan(at my tier, it's 10% off of that shipping cost). There may be other proxies out there that are better, but every other one I've used so far has been more expensive in the end.

  13. I don't understand why everybody's like "awesome!" ? it's just a documentary, nothing deeply enjoyable, you'll just see random faces of people you never saw before, most likely not even a full song will be included in it, and if you're lucky enough you'll see your own face for a second or two The only thing I'm excited about in this news is that they release it again as a bluray, so I guess now everything they'll release will be in the same format + DVD, which is extremely nice.
  14. Just finished watching Kingsglaive movie, it was so amazing :o and now I'm even more excited about FF15, even more than how I was after finishing the Judgment Disc Demo 

    I so hope the game will have a huge length