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  1. I used Tenso to transfer a bunch of my Japanese shopping to me in the UK a month ago. Two out of three parcels got held by customs and I was charged heftily for them. I appealed against their decision and received this letter after about 3 weeks: I don’t think it works every time but in case anyone wants to try and challenge HMRC/ Border Force’s decision, what I did was try to proof that the parcels contained “personal belongings”, which are not liable for customs under HMRC’s regulations. The proforma invoices/ custom invoices and the waybills Tenso attached to my parcels state that they are “personal effects” and I also highlighted the fact that the sender and receiver names are the same (even though one of them has Tenso.com as the sender). I sent all originals of custom declaration forms, proforma invoices, custom charge letters, charge labels and the Form BOR286 for each parcel to Border Force. If you have a photocopy of your flight ticket, that’d be even better. But I don’t in this case as I ordered everything online but I am lucky that they have reversed the charges.
  2. I spent the last few days searching through all my stuff trying to find some old CDs and DVDs only to realise I must’ve thrown them out at my husband’s urging. And also just realised that some of them are really rare 😢
  3. Just bought a digital album when I have it already -___-;

    1. DESTINYGUY0316


      i got the same situation

      i buy 2  song

      more funny is the same song

      omg so mad that day

  4. Woohoo! I am doing a happy dance right now
  5. I’ve got some old Fools Mate and band members’ books that you are welcomed to have for just the shipping costs: https://imgur.com/a/pODcp I also got a few angura kei magazines, which I am selling. Please PM me of you are interested
  6. (Mods: please delete this post if it infringes on the rules, regulations, covenant, common sense, taste, or whatever) Me again. I'm still on a Merry binge and am very excited to finally getting to watch the Nonsense Market -Final- DVD tonight after some pc problems. It's such an excellent gig, just watching it got me excited. And it seems I wasn't the only person to be excited I first thought I must have imagined it but it got worse and worse as the song goes on and he sang more and more off-key. Am I the only perv to notice this? lol
  7. oh ;_; Another good one gone. RIP
  8. Take it from this oldie who spent too many years at higher education here ^^ Log off of MH now (after reading the rest of this of course)! In fact, put all your social media and electronic devices away until you have done the tasks you have set yourself for that day. Browsing social media and hanging out with friends should be your end of the day treat. Set yourself realistic goals to do for each day, whether it be finish reading 100 articles or writing just 250 word chunks, and manage your time and take breaks around it. Since your deadline is just round the corner, stock up with easy to make meals and make sure you eat, drink and sleep properly. It's easy to forget to do so and I often ended up not understanding why I couldn't concentrate before a deadline. Many also find writing their essays on analogue pen and paper to be more productive than typing away on a keyboard, something about the flexibility of pen and paper meant you actually spend less time procrastinating and less likely to be distracted by cat videos on YT. You might also consider going analogue with your practice interviews too. Roleplay and read your script to yourself loudly (with or without an audience), to help you familiarise with possible answers and build confidence along the way. I wish you all the best!
  9. That's the problem I have with most portable players as well. I used to use the iPod Classic 160GB and have switched to Cowon Plenue D for better sound and more flexible storage. The Plenue D has an internal storage of 32GB but you can stick a microSD of any size on top. So potentially you can have 288GB (internal 32GB + external 256GB)
  10. I know Daremo Shiranai has been mentioned a few times already but I am a big fan of Koreeda's work and will happily plug anything from After Life onwards. After Life is about people who have died and before they can truly pass on, they have to recreate one single memory to be played out eternally in their minds. It's a funny and poignantly beautiful meta-film, with lots of scenes that have stuck with me for years. And his more recent works, like Still Walking, are simply masterpiece studies of the everyday, almost Ozu-like in its rhythm and sparkling energy. I also recommend checking out the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme. I attended for a few years and every year they have an excellent choice of films (that are not always mainstream) but well worth watching. http://www.jpf-film.org.uk/
  11. "elizabeth addict" by Sukekiyo What would you be doing when the world's ending tonight?
  12. My ears are quite scarred from getting piercings when I was a wee kid. And only a few holes done at professional piercers (with hollow 16g needles) remain and they are not spaced out very well so unfortunately I don't think I can do even spaced combos like the ones you have illustrated. But yeah, I'd love full black titanium set up ^^ Otherwise, I am also looking for jewelry inspiration because the stuff I see in the UK are a bit limited
  13. Nice! That combo of jewelry looks a bit like Gazette's Ruki's ones: I also like the weights/ extra jewelry hooped through the tunnels look
  14. Has anyone heard of Necronomidol? Their website (in English) says they are an "idol" group playing black metal, darkwave and NWOBHM. But I suspect they are also a bit angura inspired. I don't know how I feel about these guys, they seem tooooo cute and pretty for angura. But I am quite intrigued just by the fact that Maruo Suehiro did their album cover. I might go see them when they play in London in June. Anyone wanna come as well, just hit me up ^^