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  1. meat

    Yeah you have pretty much summed up that news article. Can't believe he went to Sanrio though! lol The article quotes Kyo: "They (Sanrio) may want to avoid a slightly scary character. I don't like normal happy endings. I will publish this for people who resonate with the realism it depicts." And it also says he may do a sequel or create a mascot character ("yuru kyara") I would love to see his yuru-kyara XD And the article opens with an introduction of Kyo as "vocalist of visual-kei rock band, DIR EN GREY". So yeah, DEG is still only recognised as a vk band.
  2. Just bought 10,000 pairs in each colour via my Brazilian PayPal account
  3. suji

    Happy birthday dear!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! β™₯πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

    1. meat


      Thanks darling ❀️

  4. Now that 2 musicians in his backing band have dropped out and both the French and German gigs cancelled and everybody are slagging the guy off, you might think the world is against Threatin the Rock God. Show your support and join the er... official fan club whilst most of the website is still working to keep up this rock phenomenon: https://www.threatin.com/fan-club The piss take version is here: https://twitter.com/ThreatinFanClub And don't forget the merch whilst they last https://www.threatin.com/shop
  5. Yeah not surprised that they've quit just surprised that it's taken so many gigs with no audience for them to realise something is seriously wrong. I was amused about this whole thing at first but I now realise the human and economic costs to real committed musicians and reputable venues who have been dragged along on this hoax train, so I hope no one is seriously hurt from this, apart from Threatin's humungous ego of course.
  6. meat

    This is great news. I've been listening to M-ology to death and need some new Merry-ness
  7. I came across the story of "Threatin" this morning via my facebook and just cannot stop sipping this delicious tea. The basic story is, Jered Threatin, aka Threatin, is a supposedly amazing 'Top Rock Artist of the Year 2017' hailed from LA and is currently embarking on a UK and Europe tour. He's got millions of views on his YT channel, thousands of followers on his FB and twitter, and sold thousands of records etc. etc. Watch and behold his fabulousness!!!!! Except no one has ever heard of the guy and it turns out the whole rock star career has been elaborately fabricated, with Jered shelling out at least Β£30,000 of his own money to make this tour happen whilst pretending to be his own label, management, PR, and more. http://www.metalsucks.net/2018/11/09/l-a-band-threatin-faked-a-fanbase-to-land-a-european-tour-no-one-attended/ https://www.sickchirpse.com/guy-paid-thousands-pounds-tour-uks-most-prestigious-venues-play-nobody/ Since Threatin's incredible story has gone viral on the internet, his European tour is now ironically starting to sell! I don't know whether this is out of pity or simple curiousity, but please do report back if you are attending!
  8. meat

    Oraoraoraoraora!!! JoJo is the BEST!
  9. meat

    Some of background graphics, and possibly the backing tracks, were nice but this whole losing computer track thing was such shambles that they should just perform without it in the future. It was a much better "live" experience anyway
  10. meat

    As far as I could tell, the technical issues they had were: terrible feedback on Kyo's mic and Die's guitar during Devote My Life Die's guitar was really out of sync with the others, especially overpowering Kaoru's during Phenomenon someone spotted Toshiya raising his hand to signal he had some problems at one point But despite all the stopping, starting and frustratingly long wait for both the band and the audience, it was obvious the guys really wanted to play the gig. The first half was solidly good music with the band loving every minute of it, head banging and (Kaoru's awkward) dancing throughout. And when they finally came back having solved all the syncing problems, they got rid of the video backdrop and gave their rawest, most intense performance. The whole place was totally rocking. And what a killer setlist!
  11. I like the new look. It's funky without being too over the top, it's very them
  12. meat

    Speaking of merch, if you are looking for baubles for your christmas tree, may I suggest the "wearing human skin" set... I can't tell which is meant to be Kaoru or Toshiya πŸ˜•
  13. meat

    Five fans at a time? That’s 1 fan : 1 member ratio. Seems like a pretty good deal to me ;D
  14. meat

    It's always nice to hang out with fellow fans so I'll PM you ^^x
  15. meat

    I'll take any footage of the legendary δΈ‰ζ―›ηŒ«η—…ι™’ (mike neko byouin) please!