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  1. Yukami

    New PV
  2. Yukami

    6th solo song 『深淵』
  3. They have changed the release date to 2020/09/09. The single is titled "夜葬曲".
  4. Yukami

    Several songs 『"ムクロ(Mukuro)" · "淡彩(Awairo)" · "Kill My Name"』 are available on TuneCore from April. They have also released on that same date two single "MONSTER" and "偽りの大人達へ(Itsuwari no Otona-tachi E)" that are also available on TuneCore. New PV "WALK" TuneCore
  5. 2 digital single "LIE" and "ANGLA" have been distributed as of today.
  6. Yukami

    They have commented on twitter that they will perform their 2nd twitcasting LIVE on 2020/07/18.
  7. Yukami

    They have modified the release date: 2020/07/12.
  8. Yukami

    Black Tear · 3rd Anniversary
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