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  1. Yukami

    According to his twitter account, a new component called カナデ(Kanade) can be his new bass player.
  2. SET-LIST at 2019/07/15: 1.バベルとだべる 2.ステイサム 3.カブトムシ -MC- 4.アレだ 5.Hey Siri They have opened their official website.
  3. Yukami

    It's a DIR EN GREY session, it's not what I expected but at least it's still active as a vocalist...
  4. They have only lost one component.
  5. The 3th single "天国への扉" has been released on 2019/05/25 in iTunes and more... TrackList: 01. 天国への扉 02. CRISISCORE ~17才~
  6. Yukami

    What kind of porn is this? Waiting for the output of its first component.
  7. JUN, you can stop creating bands and focus on one in particular, thank you. I don't give this project much time... looking at the history.
  8. Finally the new image of i.D.A, after so much time I expected bad news. I need to see a preview of the new videos! >.<
  9. Yukami

    They are still on time not to show their faces. You're welcome.
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