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  1. 衝動性ヒステリア (Impulsivity Hysteria) 1st demo CD will be released 2017.08.25. TrackList: 1. 楽園  2. Another "衝動性ヒステリア (Impulsivity Hysteria)" members: Vocal.双葉ゆん  Vocal.めいじちゃん  Bass兼P Tukky  Drums兼P aki_TKD
  2. More tracks by Railtracer, nice
  3. Gu.せーや(se-ya) has joined.
  4. 1st single "Another" Release: 2015.02.25 2nd single "cry baby" Release: 2015.03.25 3rd single "my feeling made bloody" Release: 2015.04.29
  5. And that change so drastic? It's quite interesting, it reminds me a little of memento mori.
  6. MAST (ex.Dead Children, Noir Fleurir) interesting. Sounds pretty good.
  7. 暁月(Kyogetsu) new mini album "奇なる不心中惨毒劇" is available from 2017.08.12. Free distribution has been uploaded to the youtube account: