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  1. 4th live-limited demo mini-album "KING MIMIC" will be released at 2019.02.21. (2,000yen) TrackList: 1.愛が腐る。 2.ヤリタイ 3.シンデレラ嬢 4.「結局」
  2. TrackList: 1.ガガガガガガガ 2.こんにちは孤独 3.ガガガガガガガ(オリジナル・カラオケ) 4.こんにちは孤独(オリジナル・カラオケ)
  3. New band "L'eveil en Roseraie" have formed on 2018/11/11. Next live will be at Nishikujou BRAND NEW on 2019/01/27. The first single "静寂の闇に舞う愛と悪戯の遁走曲" went on sale on 2018/12/31 in his live at Kyoto MUSE. "L'eveil en Roseraie" members: vo. Neue -ノイエ- gt.&pi. Renée - ルネ - ba. 忍(ren)(support) dr. 拓郎(takurou)(support) (ex.Larme d'ange) "静寂の闇に舞う愛と悪戯の遁走曲" CD TrackList: 1. 静寂の闇に舞う愛と悪戯の遁走曲 2. フーガ ト短調 -Organ Choral- ohp
  4. Dr.Hayato (Moi dix Mois, draw the perspective,...) has opened his new account twitter.
  5. A CD entitled "真白(Mashiro)" will be available on his latest live.
  6. Yukami

    DOBE 2nd single "性ト死" will be released.
  7. GE+IM has joined the MST Project in January, established by METAMORPHOSE STUDIO TOKYO (led by EMIRU -ex.LAREINE-). Their activities will resume on 2019/04/05.
  8. Yukami

    01. Sepia - 1st official release on his live-limited single "Dinner of the Slit Mouth" on 2016.06.06. 02. Tragedy Night of Restraint - This song was shown in his live on 2016.12.22. 03. S - 1st official release on his Demo "Kuro Namida de… Shuumaku wo…" on 2010.06.05. 04. a decomposed body - If I remember correctly, it was shown in a secret live in 2014. (If someone has more information I would like to hear it.) 05. (bonus track) - Regarding the date that appears on the CD (2008) could be some Lu: natic song, which appears on his CD "楽園歌 2007~2008 THE WORST" (DIE PAST DIE, Seishin Yokkyuu Fuantei, among other. And some that does not appear on that album and were composed by Kijin in that project - CD : 事実からハ・・・逃レらレなィ・・・コノ楽園歌で・・・(2008) and 生命ノ・・・青ィ糸が・・・(2008)) Btw, I love that he throws something new every time they give a concert ^^
  9. Yukami

    1st Single "鬼華(Oni Hana)" - Arranged and directed by Gt.Shun (DuelJewel). CD TrackList: 01. 鬼華 02. アノ頃ノ狂ッタ夜ニ... Cover: Release - 2019/02/27 For more information; this first single was released on 2018/12/24 with another cover in his concert, here you can listen to a preview of it. Cover: Release - 2018/12/24