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  1. Finally, the release date is 2018/11/21.
  2. THE SOUND BEE HD new mini-album "DEAD SILENCE" will be released at 2019.01.16. TrackList: -CD- 01. 転化 02. DEADMAN’S WALK 03. I 04. DEAD SILENCE 05. So sad -DVD- 01. DEAD SILENCE (MV) 02. DEADMAN’S WALK (MV)
  3. True, I forgot to add it, thanks to the departure of Yuki, a pity... I hope that Kashiwa forms a new band.
  4. Yukami

    Btw, the new boy that appears in the image is Dr.Takahiko (ex.almoSphere-->SUN OF A STARVE-->Vanity Sicks).
  5. 1st DEMO 「 衣の羽」 「 幻想華」
  6. 慟哭~doukoku~ new mini-album "夜煌" will be released at 2018.11.21. TrackList: 1.煌ノ種 (inst.)  2.雨傘    3.暗夜行路  4.絶愛    5.水際ノ恋  6.愛音    7.蓮ノ彼方
  7. Yukami

    Nice!!! "The Big 4" seems right to me! A pity that it is only a one-day revival...
  8. "ねむたいプロジェクト〜season2〜" members: vo.ここあ(Kokoa) vo.ナオ(Nao) gt.般若(Hannya) ba.ききょう(Kikyou) dr.ましろ(Mashiro) Twitter
  9. 怪盗戦隊ヌスムンジャー (Kaitou Sentai Nusumunja) new single will be released at 2018/12/19. TrackList: 01.(・ω・)ノシ 02.拝啓、東京でビジュアル系バンド頑張ってます vo.りとるはーつまさと gt.自主盤倶楽プトン gt.ジュエリーブランドエックス
  10. Yukami

    A CD entitled "正直者は馬鹿を見る。" has been distributed free of charge since 2018/10/06. It is assumed that on 2019/01/01 will show their faces.
  11. Yukami

    New limited demo single "leash" will be released at 2018/11/15.
  12. New look (where it seems that Jester (performer) does not appear)