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  1. [enver] brain Ba.零牙(Reiga) has left the band at 2018/09/14. "[enver] brain" current members: Vo.カユキ(kayuki) (ex-焔-HOMURA-) Gt.憂佑(yuusuke) (ex-焔-HOMURA--->UNVOID) source: ohp
  2. It seems that Natsume has returned as a vocalist. The title of the 4th album is "& Ripper" and it will go on sale on 2018/10/28. New MV "JESUS":
  3. CD+DVD 1. This is Halloween 2. The Beginning 3. Make your treats DVD This is Halloween MV CD 1. This is Halloween 2. The Beginning 3. Jack-o'-lantern
  4. Yukami

    typical farewell look...
  5. Yeti new mini-album "宇宙人(Uchūjin)" will be released at 2018/12/12.
  6. Yukami

    vo.さえまる(Saemaru) gt.Kou Gt.玖(Tama) Dr.むー(Mu)
  7. 暁月梓媛 & MIRAI collaboration CD will be released at 2018/09/17. And MIRAI (ex.Secilia Luna, HOLY TEMPTATION) has announced that it will form a new band soon.