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  1. 2nd live >>> 2020.01.26 "革命前夜(Kakumei Zenya)" members: vo.ノエル(Noel) (ex-Embrace (as Atsushi)) Gt.RoA (ex-Embrace) Dr.屑希 (Kuzuki) (盲目ダイアリー (Moumoku DIARY), ex-Metis Gretel) support Ba.SIORI (ex-VAASTU)
  2. Support members - 2020/01/05: Gu.嫉-shitsu- (ex.篠突く雨(Shinotsuku Ame), Fi'Ance.) Ba.玉城総司(Tamaki Souji) (ex.マーブルヘッド(Marblehead))
  3. Yukami

    ユメリープ (Yumeleep) has revealed new look!
  4. Yukami

    They have announced their separation due to differences in direction and objectives.
  5. Yukami

    SET-LIST at 2019/11/16: --SE-- Metamorphosis Tears of Venus 揚羽蝶乃夢 (agehachou no yume) --MC-- Flames Virginal Blood No.6 --MC-- Promise Everlasting Life Darkness Circus Misty Night Shadow's Game --MC-- Angelic Sky Reincarnation Raison d'etre Story Believe Heaven --MC-- Secret Eden --En1-- Dear Rose Cruel Scar --En2-- WILL Prayer Shining...
  6. MAKE MY DAY 3rd digital single "Fragment" will be released at 2019/12/18.
  7. Vo.英斗(Eito) (ex.MISERIA) session band "うさぎ天使(Usagi Tenshi)" will perform at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU at 2020/01/17. "うさぎ天使(Usagi Tenshi)" members: vo.しあ(Sia) (ex.MISERIA) [fka. 英斗(Eito)] gt.來榴(Kuru) (HOLOH) gt. ba. dr.りょーが(Ryoga) (Sky is the Limit) More details of his upcoming lives:
  8. Yukami

    Scarlet Valse new single will be released at 2020.
  9. Suspension of activities: And the vocalist will continue with a session band "外郎" playing songs of "蜉蝣(Kagerou)":
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