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  1. nightwish666999666

    the image is perfect, thank you! OCR Japanese scan is really useful :-)
  2. Hello all :-) I'm looking for black and official merchandise (size XS or S) of these bands: Morrigan (I'm interested only in the black t-shirt with their logo on the front), DEVIZE, ELYSION, YUSAI, MIZTAVLA, VIRGE, VEXENT. Thanx whom will help :-)
  3. nightwish666999666

    Thank you sooooo much!!!! :-)
  4. nightwish666999666

    Mi piace molto il suo modo di proporre la sua musica. Specialmente la storia che ha creato e il mix di parole italiane e giapponesi. I like his way to advertising his music. I expecially like history/manga and the mix of Italian and Japanese words :-)
  5. If you like dance music (I do not, but I like their concept), try listenin' to this band called RED 赤い空 SKY :-)
  6. nightwish666999666

    I voted DEXCORE because they're new to me. But I really like Virge music too :-)
  7. nightwish666999666

  8. nightwish666999666

    Hello, anyone have this song in romaji or kanji? I'm looking for Fallin' Night by DEVIZE. Thank you!:)
  9. DEVIZE ELYSION MIZTAVLA MORRIGAN ヴァージュ (virge) Leetspeak Monster
  10. nightwish666999666

    They're so great!:O
  11. nightwish666999666

    they're a really brilliant band on stage! their music and voice are really better in a live show. please go to their live shows because they really deserve it and you really deserve all good vk music.
  12. nightwish666999666

    synk;yet: great
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about his voice problem. I've always like Nightmare and I wish the best for them. I've always had good thoughts about Yomi (=positive feedback for me). Anyway, that was his choice and this is the fact. We can't handle with it :-) So I accept his choice and I'm happy to do this