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  1. Tracklist: 1.Just Retired 2.From This Herd 3.Tacit 4.Security Blanket 5.Troposphere 6.Just Retired (off vocal ver) 7.From This Herd(off vocal ver) sample: just sooo excited about the news
  2. nice they still have FACT's vibe
  3. they release another new song ENDLESS DEMISE
  4. Tracklist: 1.バックライト 2.(still un)seen 3.Daydreamer 4.Trigger 5.skyline 6.月明かり照らしたなら 1.18.2017 release (itunes) and they suspend all activities start from february Since they lost their bassist, I hope they can recover and start over again some times
  5. never heard them, the MV looking good
  6. I don't know if this can help, but MEKU post about his guitar demonstration a while ago please if someone know the music lol it is very different from GALEYD
  7. I only like their first debut mini album, "Sense". Their recent release seems a little bit off for me, especially in their electronic music part. Aside from that, Kohei has talented voice, and I like the female drummer My fave tracks: ペトリコール 揺らぎ巡る君の中のそれ
  8. Still sad news, Kenta's guitar parts are the most interesting in the band. Hope they can find better guitarist
  9. According to their official website, they will hold last live on february 2017 Enough 2016, I feel bad for this year
  10. This is so sad, a little bit disappointed after going major, but this is worse than that
  11. same label, same artwork CD? looking forward to this kinda missed uchuu conbini's usual sound, this made my day
  12. can't join this session but since when revived?
  13. Itunes: And I think they suddenly changed formation Sound heavier than before, looking forward to next release!