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  1. kOTOnoha seems good, I know them because they toured with arbus
  2. -Track list- 01. New dawn. 02. Impulsion 03. Smoke and mirrors 04. Post truth 05. Epoch. 06. Ignite 07. Aerials
  3. here's the radio rip for the full song it's bad, I think
  4. I haven't follow many bands right now but this new single from bacho is good
  5. MODE - STREET EP (2017) | OUT AUGUST 12TH. TRACKLIST: 1. Slow Dancer 2. Monologue 3. Stay With Me 4. Mind Your Own Business
  6. http://jyocho.com/news/0/36337/
  7. The bassist of A Barking Dog Never Bites quit the band and join this band? What a shame
  8. Crystal lake's live last night was a blast!

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    2. anakuro


      Correct me if I'm wrong but I think @DeithX252 is in Indonesia? Crystal Lake's performing around asia a lot rn


      Well if there's a crystal lake show in osaka that I decide to go to during that time sure :) and I think you'll find the moshing is probably quite different from America lol

    3. togz


      @anakuro I'm sure it is. Idk my photographer friend shoots a lot of shows there and he said it's wild but about the same to American shows and to just watch out for crowd surfers mostly. 

    4. DeithX252


      @anakuroyes exactly! I managed to see A Ghost of Flare and 7Years to midnight in the past years because they come to Indonesia too. Japanese metalcore scene is neat in performance. And I am happy because they come to my country even they are not recognized by people here.

  9. Tracklist: 1.Just Retired 2.From This Herd 3.Tacit 4.Security Blanket 5.Troposphere 6.Just Retired (off vocal ver) 7.From This Herd(off vocal ver) http://arbusjp.com/ sample: just sooo excited about the news
  10. nice they still have FACT's vibe
  11. they release another new song ENDLESS DEMISE