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  1. Aeolus

    If I cant get my hands on VIP next month I'm down to meet up. Depending on the time you plan on going again haha
  2. Aeolus

    Just got my bday present 3 months early, anyone else going? Might spring for VIP next month.
  3. Happy Bday @-NOVA- you crazy mofo

    1. -NOVA-


      Thanks ❤️ haha

  4. Aeolus

    @sheepprincessgara 'twas sarcasm
  5. Aeolus

    @Naaaaanii do understand, that was an example that not all vinyl are true analog but digital recordings just pressed onto vinyl. When it's a low quality digital recording analog isn't gonna do shit. anyways back to gazette, has anyone thought that instead of just a cash grab maybe they released traces as a contractual agreement with SONY? Maybe they fulfilled their contract with this and wanted to start new and sign with another label and come back with something better.
  6. Aeolus

    Protip: It's up to both of you to keep the relationship interesting Protip: Give each other some space once in a while Protip: It Helps to do random little things for eachother @sheepprincessgara *gasp* does that mean I made it stressful and exhausting for her if i didn't feel that way?
  7. So now that we have Hi-Res quality of this album I'm curious if it has changed anyone's mind about how it sounds. Some say you cant hear a difference and I disagree with that. Let your thoughts be heard, does it still suck? does it sound any better than the iTunes copy? Do you not give a shit and just want more GAZErock? Also, What equipment are you using? I dont have an audio card that supports anything above 48khz so I choose to use my Walkman NW-A35 with Grado SR80E headphones for a wired connection while I use my Sol Republic Shadow and Insignnia Bluetooth sport headphones for wireless. I for one can hear the difference and I'm now enjoying the album more than I already was, anyone else feel the same?
  8. Aeolus

    @reminiscing2004 never said anything about mp3 haha. And yes, depending on the vinyl they are the same. Some examples: The Internet's Ego Death is only 48khz just like the Hi-Res release. Another is Frank Ocean's Blonde that shit is just the fucking cd quality pressed onto vinyl, so yes i will consider them equal, Hell even japan released Led Zeppelin IV in 192khz/32bit my vinyl doesn't have that quality. I'm not saying i can here 50khz, all I said was that I can hear a noticeable difference between the itunes store quality and Hi-Res, it's no longer a wall of sound as some have called it. I can say I like this version of 絲, I'm not much of a fan of pre-NIL. (*gasp* I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this huh?)
  9. Aeolus

    @Nagisa I like both versions of all the songs. What I mean is that the Hi-Res copy sounds better than the copy shared by @Mihi. Do they sound better than the originals? In my opinion yes but thats how I feel. CD and itunes rips are 44.1khz / 16bit, Hi-Res is 44.1-192khz / 24-32 bit (the quality of a vinyl) DVD and Bluray usually have this quality but most Hi-Res is found from online stores such as 7digital, HDTracks, Qobuz, and Mora. Then there are the few exceptions, the releases that come out on Super Audio CD. You also got your Direct Stream Digital and Master Quality Audio (this one is new) which Tidal is supposed to be using for their streaming soon. This is what everyone has been listening to a standard 44.1khz/16bit rip And this is what I have 96khz/24bit
  10. I should get some kind of special recognition for all these Hi-Res release haha

  11. Aeolus

    So I just listened to the first 5 tracks of my Hi-Res Traces2. I gotta say, it sounds much better then what we all have been listening to.
  12. But wait, there's more!

    1. Himeaimichu


      Next Billy Mays right here ^^

  13. Guys, umm... it's kinda big....

    1. Komorebi


      That's what she said.

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