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  1. TOday Arrive My Mail, All Excellent, THanks For Selling me the Items, Recommend P.S: Thanks for The 7' Ep
  2. Mad Kenzi

    ??????????????????????????? i quit from SLSK a long time ago, and in this time i have to do to get from some elitist fag some stuff, but honestly i don't like treading (excep when we are talk of original stuff) to get stuff from other guys who trade videos, fortunately this is gone xD
  3. Mad Kenzi

    WTF????????????????????' precisely a lot of users here upload stuff to avoid trading and fucking elitists.. anyway mosto of the stuff you want can get from free here
  4. Mad Kenzi

    You may change your opinion after see The PV La Vie En Rose from VHS an aphfrodisiac
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