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  1. There's literally no reason for me to be on the internet now; especially since our queens have bestowed us with the utmost Pinnacle of visual-kei greatness.
  2. So that was DEFINITELY Sugizo on violin, during Hakudaku, right?
  3. I could definitely see myselfgiving this more spins than Immortalis, and I think I listened to that inside out.
  4. Can we just talk about how this new audio and video collection is a game changer for all VK? Seriously, I'm only on track 5, and it's the most interesting thing I've heard from these guys ever.
  5. It just looks aesthetically pleasing. Damn, Ruki.
  6. Shit, Ruki has been doing that clawed throat thing for years. Is that make up? A tattoo?
  7. Maybe every band will cover their own version of Zetsubou. Maybe that's the tribute album.
  8. Holy shit, it does. Do the other tours correlate like this?!
  9. Nigga, whaaaat. I'd pay good money to hear a sukekiyo cover of Orgasm. That must be ridiculous.
  10. I just want sukekiyo to cover "Boku ga hontou..." Is that such a stretch?
  11. L'arc has definitely put out some cool music...in the past. I mean, Dune, Tierra, and those double albums were really solid Jrock fanfare. ...that being said, it's time to put up the reins. Label issues or not. Ken is living it up as a producer, yukihiro has that Geek Sleep Sheep thing, and acid android. Tetsu...I couldn't care less, but his solo stuff is *okay*. Hyde has Vamps. I think they'll be okay if they disband.
  12. Soooo...check out Baby who wanders? Got it.
  13. Holy FUCK.
  14. Kenzo, looking fresh as fuck.
  15. Holy shit. It's actually happening.