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  1. EzraEroguro

    Ever seen GAUZE -62045-?
  2. EzraEroguro

    Granted, it was a rough version.
  3. EzraEroguro

    This is going to be one KILLER video compilation.
  5. EzraEroguro

    here's hoping for a lynch. world tour.
  6. EzraEroguro

    Man, I'm surprised they've been around as long as they had been.
  7. EzraEroguro

    Holy shit, Tokyo Jihen is back?! Yesss.
  8. EzraEroguro

    Ouji-Kei is back on the menu boys. I expect this to be as kino as doorAdore's first half.
  9. EzraEroguro

    I'm living upstate, myself!
  10. EzraEroguro

    Check out eBay. There's a shitton of Japanese artist model guitars, and a lot of the prices are (often times) competitive with what JapanDiscoveries charges.
  11. EzraEroguro

    You know what? From listening to all of you, I don't ever want Dir en grey to come back to the US.
  12. EzraEroguro

    That 7th track, tho.
  13. This is the first visual kei band that I've been interested in, in YEARS.
  14. EzraEroguro

    It's Leda. We know what to expect.
  15. EzraEroguro

    In the city?
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