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  1. Even I thought Plastic Tree played it WAY too safe with their cover of "Ryuusei"... sukekiyo sure did come out of left field with their reconstruction of "Gerbera" though, holy smokes. Like most people here, I was very curious to see how Kyo would interpret Tatsurou's vocal melodies...I think what we got though is what most people, again, are saying: it sounds like a Dir en grey jaunt.
  2. Why are they untouchable? God, Ao looks FA-BU-LOUS.
  3. I really hate this, but it's true. "Delta" is literally a drop E cover of "Headache Man" (the GazettE).
  4. I voted for MACABRE, cause that album has the best melodramatic aesthetics. Myaku, Riyuu, egnirys, Hotarubi, Berry, and Zakuro are, in my eyes, probably some of the most incredible pieces they've ever written. And of course there's the title jam it's self...it's just an incredible album.
  5. Literally the same chorus in every song that's deemed a single. Literally the same vocal hook on "Blind Days" he uses in "Goodbye HUMAN" on NEGA's "VANITAS".
  6. He's gotten NEGA into some hot water for his credibility as a person, his gyaru, and the multitudes of tsunagiri he's had. "I'M SHIT NOODLE, BUT..." Is literally hilarious when you listen to it, if you think it's about San. That being said, he sounds great in LACK-CO.
  7. Ray was in Dead Children I thought? I knew Yuu had done a bit of piano work on OUSIA, but wasn't sure of his status as far as being in a band goes.
  8. @nekkichi-- tis why I said "without Shit Noodle." San is, and will always be a bad egg to me.
  9. I really dig OUSIA, and the prior singles to it's release. I didn't like Rage; but that new jam, Mushigoe, is killer. Nega revival without Shit Noodle?
  10. probably something like... 01. Plastic Tree 02. Dir en grey 03. MUCC 04. Laputa 05. Kuroyume 06. IX -nine- 07. Nega 08. emmurée 09. Luna Sea (pre-Shine) 10. Ayabie Judge me, y'all.
  11. Please let this be the best single to start 2018 right. *beenwaitingsolongfornewryutaro*
  12. How about a deep cut, like Zakuro? Or, hell, they might end up releasing a new Byou" "Shin. I'm hoping for the latter.
  13. Myakuhaku is genuinely that good?
  14. That cheeky bastard...