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  1. It's "Yokusou ni DREAMBOX"
  2. It's actually all of their songs. I double checked.
  3. This fucking guy.😂
  4. Goddamn, Shuu. Forever the underrated member of Giru. I'm excited to hear his sound.
  5. Why does Sakura look like he's about to put out a serious Type O Negative tribute album?
  6. I'll put up a more detailed review at a later date, but WOW. This is legions better than what Plastic Tree has been offering us since Bucchi left the band. This is not a joke, this is a fact. The vast majority of these songs are pretty old, having been played at Neji lives (THOSE BOOTLEGS OF NEKOYUME RULE.) Anyway, solid 8/10. I'll probably have more to add, as i listen to the album further.
  7. It sounds like "What's Up People" by Maximum the Hormone, and "Bouzenjishitsu" by MUCC. Why have these comparisons not been made? Still, sold me on the deep down tuning, but...it suffers from JAGS a bit. (JAGS --- just another gazette single/song)
  8. i wonder how many of his tsunagiri funded this.
  9. Dude, Ryo. YOU ARE KILLING IT.
  10. This RULES. 100% behind Ryo's solo project.
  11. Visual-Kei

    YEEEEEEAH, MY BOY! Kazutoshi Yokohama too?! Fffffff
  12. Visual-Kei

    A9 is pretty fab. Interest for the new EP is hype level MASSIVE. Haven't been this excited for new VK in ages!
  13. Visual-Kei

    tbh, I liked their Clowns era the most. After that, take it or leave it. That track name tho. Lol. Sounds like an intentionally unironic tumblr name.
  14. I already figured out how I'm not going to be disappointed I didn't see Dir en grey. holyfuckthisismyfirstenvyshow.