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  1. I definitely stan the shit outof DeG, sukekiyo, Plastic Tree and MUCC. I just found other stuff i like atm.
  2. Oh jesus. Reich-Rock is not dead.
  3. Hey yall, is this an old school batsu thread? DEADBORN CULT!
  4. So...the setlists are the best they've ever been. Holy shit.
  5. I would literally die if we got Puppet Show -rebuild-. Double post -- Ken looks remarkably like Satoshi in these photos...
  6. Dude. What the hell is Plastic Tree doing? Tribute shows?
  7. Just...why?!
  8. Ugh, goddamn CHILD PREY. Good on them for that Chair Repulsion tho!
  9. It's practically a sin.
  10. Man, that setlist is super lame.
  11. I'm definitely in it for that MUCC cover. Tbh MUCC has been slaying it all lately.
  12. Boku ga Hontou by MUCC
  13. I dig Hida Uta. Goddamn.
  14. Well how about that, you figured it out without us telling you. But yeah, initial novelty is cool, then wears off like cheap cologne.
  15. There's literally no reason for me to be on the internet now; especially since our queens have bestowed us with the utmost Pinnacle of visual-kei greatness.