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  1. This album is a head scratcher. I feel like the only songs with a clear focus here, are the singles. I dunno man, I feel a bit let down.
  2. I came back from the Dead, so I could post on this. This is ridiculous.
  3. I'm being 100% real when I posit this question. I love this band. I really do. So please understand I'm coming from a place of love when I ask. So, I've been listening to VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES, and I can't understand why any one of us would like any of this old Dir en grey shit. It's. Awful. What compelled you all to like this band? For me, it was after my mom bought me a copy of Withering to death. after I was sick for like...2 weeks. Tl;Dr - old DEG is a mess, what got you into them?
  4. So, judging from the songs played on the Mode of____ Tours, are we hoping it's the thrashy song or the one with the electronic direction? With the title, I'm hoping for a bit of both.
  5. Maybe Akira's jangly tone will sit this album out in favor of washed out droning.
  6. Hot Take: this is the only listenable version of this song.
  7. I'm serious. When are we gonna petition for remastered Vulgar, and Withering to death.?
  8. These remastered tracks seem exciting...I can actually hear the drums in Saku, now.
  9. The remastering on the old tracks all sound kinda tacky. The rerecorded versions of THE IIID EMPIRE, Beautiful dirt, and Fukai are unnecessary and they sound completely lifeless.
  10. I remember Vajra almost too well...
  11. Yep, more of those silly ass song comparisons comin' at ya -- "Mushigoe" is literally System of a Down's "Chop Suey", and "B.Y.O.B.", just with 8 strings. It's kinda ridiculous how they managed to get away with all of that very blatant riff lifting...I know from previous experience with VK, that most bands have borrowed some riffs and and a bunch of bands just straight up take songs note for note.
  12. So... literally rereleasing Jinkaku Radio songs, after talking shit about basically the same thing, right? Fuck that man.
  13. Even I thought Plastic Tree played it WAY too safe with their cover of "Ryuusei"... sukekiyo sure did come out of left field with their reconstruction of "Gerbera" though, holy smokes. Like most people here, I was very curious to see how Kyo would interpret Tatsurou's vocal melodies...I think what we got though is what most people, again, are saying: it sounds like a Dir en grey jaunt.
  14. Why are they untouchable? God, Ao looks FA-BU-LOUS.
  15. I really hate this, but it's true. "Delta" is literally a drop E cover of "Headache Man" (the GazettE).