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  1. EzraEroguro

    Let's not forget how poorly the mix sounds in any of their live videos/sound productions. Like...why does Takumi take volumized precedence? Why is Uta so inaudible?
  2. EzraEroguro

    Well, i have no idea how to feel.
  3. EzraEroguro

    20. Keibetsu no Hajimari 19. Ruten no Tou 18. Behind a vacant image 17. CHILD PREY 16. dead tree 15. Zakuro 14. ZAN (1998/2010) 13. Mazohyst of decadence 12. -karasu- (2001/2013) 11. Bottom of the death valley (2001) 10. Uroko 09. Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai ni Hohoemi. 08. Ash (1998/2000/2018) 07. Byo " " Shin (1997/2001/2012) 06. Rinkaku 05. Doukoku to Sarinu 04. Keigaku no Yoku 03. Vinushka 02. Macabre (2000/2013) 01. Yokusou ni DREAMBOX
  4. New Corona/Velvet/FANTASY didn't woo me.
  5. EzraEroguro

    Uta on 8 string!
  6. EzraEroguro

    This is the worst.
  7. EzraEroguro

    Holy shit.
  8. EzraEroguro

    Holy shit, I'm not the only one.
  9. EzraEroguro

    How does Sou always sound *perfect*?
  10. EzraEroguro

    How about...this album pales in comparison to the output on Hallelujah? Honestly, some hooks were great, but holy shit -- Yusuke cannot top the songwriting on Hallelujah or Zeitgeist, no matter how much he screams.
  11. EzraEroguro

    Can i get the Merry, D, and A9 fliers? Are they still available? Edit: and the Merry photosets??
  12. EzraEroguro

    Is he TRYING to be Yoshiki?
  13. EzraEroguro

    I hate the cicada noise in that song.
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