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  1. EzraEroguro

    Can any one direct me toeards Everlasting-K and Aki's solo stuff? I used to have Conflict/Live into Conflict, but lost them due to storage crashing.
  2. EzraEroguro

    Hot Take: anyone ever notice how much Kyo looks like Frieza?
  3. This is so shitty and awesome.
  4. EzraEroguro

    emmuree and MIRAGE is like...a match made in heaven. what the hell!?
  5. EzraEroguro

    Girl if you prove this to be true, all the weaves in visual kei will literally fly off.
  6. EzraEroguro

    That was 8 years ago.
  7. EzraEroguro

    Why won't these dudes call it quits? They're seriously creatively spent --- have y'all HEARD doorAdore? Ryutarou just sounds done. The song writing is boring. Didn't we read recently that they were heading into their "last phase"?
  8. EzraEroguro

    Jesus. When is the inevitable cross over w/ Marilyn Manson?
  9. EzraEroguro

  10. EzraEroguro

    Gotta ditch her, they do.
  11. ALRIGHT, I'M IN.
  12. EzraEroguro

    Just started listening to these dudes. Super curious!
  13. EzraEroguro

    Did she really have the audacity to set it up like a full band was going to be there?
  14. EzraEroguro

    Utafumi took my extensions out, straight up from the glued part of my scalp. ningen didn't even try. just a minor adjustment.