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  1. That moment when you start hearing your jrock library again and freaks out

  2. Marchen

    I just found this https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2523893 and my heart hurts
  3. Marchen

    I am turning 26 soon and people sometimes tell me that I look like I have 16, I really like it lol
  4. Marchen

    Finished the Mo Dao Zu Shi's novel, what's going on with me
  5. Marchen

    I need someone to speak about Mo Dao Zu Shi
  6. Marchen

    Wow, I posted here so little that I'm really happy that someone would remember me lol Yeah, I used to be a HUGE D'Ray fan, the disband really broken my heart (I still hope that I will be able to attend a show like they did in 2014). My favorite band for a while is Depeche Mode, but I also have a big spot in my heart for Moi dix Mois/Malice Mizer and Schwarz Stein Considering more underground japanese bands I used to listen to 天照(Amaterasu), exist†trace, Aural Vampire, etc~ I don't really know what happened but in the last few years I was barely hearing any songs (probably related to my humor) but I am trying to change it now Thank you! ❤️
  7. Oh, I also play FFXIV~! Teresa Karlov @ Behemoth I tried Tree of Savior and was happy with it until the game went without quests out of nowhere and you were supposed to just start killing monsters to level, like the old RO
  8. Marchen

    If there's Final Fantasy in it, I'm in
  9. Starting a big list would be: Ragnarok M Eternal Love and the latest WoW expansions I really liked FFXV I still need to play the Royal Edition though
  10. Marchen

    There was a funny situation with my sister: She was at a supermarket and there was this wine tasting thing, she asked for some and the woman that was serving said they couldn't give it to minors. My sister was almost 30 at the time. I would be super happy if that happened to me lol
  11. Marchen

    Same picture that I showed at the scape forums. Me and Kaya ❤️ And the full pic of the profile o3o
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