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  1. Nobuo Uematsu is a god damn genious

  2. Marchen

    I'm like that as well hahah
  3. Marchen

    Eu até pensei em ir, mas meeeeeeeeeeeeh
  4. Marchen

    It works for me, maybe she suggested because It was her way of getting something? Well, my bad
  5. Marchen

    Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary
  6. Marchen

    Yeah the title is strange but the movie is amazing and the title is related to it hahahah
  7. Marchen

    Today is world goth day I am thinking about doing some cool makeup
  8. Marchen

    $73 for a CD, I'm going to pass it this time
  9. Marchen

    Angels of Liberty - Gothic rock english band
  10. Marchen

    I agree since I am picky, but men here look kinda desperate and that's annoying (I don't know if it's like this everywhere)
  11. Marchen

    I'm fine. Broke some hearts along the way, but I keep going. I am not searching everywhere for someone like I used to do, lol Also Tinder sucks so much around here, I wonder how it's going to be in Vancouver
  12. Marchen

    Depeche Mode The Cure Enya Grimes
  13. Marchen

    What's going on here guys lol Anyway since I left my 3 years relationship I just don't care about being alone anymore
  14. Marchen

    Finally got a new haircut, I was delaying it for months xD
  15. Marchen

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