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  1. nekkichi

    idts, they're likely stylistically distancing themselves from their issei/heavy vk period by choice rn, but since its VK they'll probably bring a lot of that back if their gya stop attending the gigs with newer stuff only.
  2. nekkichi

    they sound like 2003/2004 Rentrer en Soi wtf
  3. yep it came out this year lol (saw it on amazon during my recent cd binge) I'm afraid we won't have it in english bc. the translation scene is p much dead in general and duel jewel were never big on fandom fucks given
  4. nekkichi

    they made some points on dahlia but overall they're awful & yoshiki's narcissism is so weird in light of their mediocre overhyped discog BT/luna sea >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. I hope someone got him a copy of Hayato's recent memoire/vocal recovery essay book describing dealing with an exactly same condition!
  6. Cazqui? it's in the tweet - he writes for both 7 and 8 string guitars for this. they'll probably find someone on top to play one of the guitars live.
  7. nekkichi

    lol no it's just a historic name for Kagawa where most of those bands are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanuki_Province
  8. nekkichi

    it's such a wild mix of derivative -core by hoodie normies and stale b'z covers by creative young sararimen but at ¥500x2 it's such a wonderful economic introduction to all the inane shit that Japan spews out to make us feel better about our own degenerate music tastes tbh also I'm surprised initial'l are not there, they should be mentally prepared to the financial reality of dumping VK by now
  9. nekkichi

    not everyone is mentally/financially prepared to adopt tho, it's more often than not incomparable in terms of resources required to raising own kids (however at 7 bil. we've already reached w/o any signs of slowing down, the selfishness of having children in general can be dug deeper into.) I am so triggered tbh we're fucked until american corporate culture/team building style hits some sort of a major cultural roadblock and dies off forever as a result tbh but I don't see that coming for at least our gen
  10. @whoever missed japanese omnibus releases - I genuinely recommend directing that manifesting power literally anywhere else

    1. Tokage


      i will never stop

    2. nekkichi



  11. nekkichi

    are they even vk or we're in for some Real Indie Musicians playing for 3 visitors max @ an area karaoke
  12. nekkichi

    sis nooo suck off the original, they could use a friendly brojob!!!!
  13. i wonder if they realize that coming in with watered down diaura looks doesn't really do anything w/o getting on their level musically first
  14. nekkichi

    I hate queen so much I literally LIVE For this x
  15. nekkichi

    their band name is giving me a teen makeup brand vibe tbh good Airo cosplay @ whoever the right sis in group photo is
  16. nekkichi

    god knows I tried sisT!!!!!!!!
  17. nekkichi

    umm I, like, respect your stanning, but angelo on average sounds like a pierrot's lowpoint covered by creatively blocked d'espairs ray X homura session band so....
  18. nekkichi

    but that's a symptom and not the root cause. the het/repressed not-het anglo whites out there have their consecutive fifth marriage by the time they hit 50s with an obligatory Iwanna and/or Cumiko flewn in for power-tripped free sex on the reg with a side of pirogi/tempura, and they still whore like crazy, they just aren't OTT about it as the hood hoe type (who probably would have made better choices if the community and the whatever accessible entertainment they have available in general didn't promote the ease and the glamorized picture of sex-addicted life and didn't give free tools to live it all out. some people don't have the internalized demand for anything else?.. I'm not even saying about someone hypothetically living a financially independent life just by being smart about selling sex and being careful (and to a certain extent lucky) about the act.) like fr I avoid sex and relationship threads on here, but I see a lot of problems with this victorian view of the coitus; the irresponsible sex was here for ages, I literally read an excerpt from a historical russian book just the other day mentioned someone shaming a peasant for bearing too many kids they couldn't feed, and their response was along the lines of "well I can't afford the classy fun the rich are into; the nights are long and we're just keeping ourselves warm that way" and like lbr we are not that different in terms of social stratas and classification compared to 200 years ago, we just learned to reflect on what's going on better now ("my twinflame fingered my sister are our karmic ties broken beyond repair now???????")
  19. nekkichi

    just a new spin on an old classic x
  20. nekkichi

    I literally can't @ binch releasing two albums while yoshitty been occupied with the ~finishing touches~ on the xjapan LP
  21. nekkichi

    i thot only the twitter institute of piss and cum handed out assignments of that kind, some next level royal homework tbh
  22. mercari is gonna be LIT when this song4u CD gets released x
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