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  1. nekkichi

    don't blame u tbh (2)
  2. does anyone else only listen to nightmare in the summer months?


    this will be my 2nd year blasting them p much non-stop through june - september and I will completely drop them until next summer after that

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      wtf this is so randomly specific

    3. reminiscing2004


      interesting af because the first time I revisited nightmare after like 5 years of dormancy was in July 2015 🤔

    4. nekkichi



      right now it's best of [~ćløwns~] CD on repeat, otherwise I don't have a top 10. their VAP albums are the best overall.



      see 👀


      I think one of the reasons I actually crave them so much rn is the immediate "summer is cancelled 👏 👏" vibe they tend to build up really quickly that just doesn't work during other seasons but I'm glad I'm not the one sharing the sentiment omg

  3. nekkichi

    that wig.... that ring... the vocals..... the serve of it all
  4. nekkichi

    cancel moix diś moisse and give us femme fatale with Mana taking over iori 😭
  5. just because you've just discovered a seven years old thread specifically started to ridicule asinine visual kei self-parody acts doesn't mean anything about it is ridiculous itself, dldr. the most sinister thing about Yugiohio on this board to date is his weird scandinavian stan with 20 accounts arguing with each other and dragging other users into their madness.
  6. kiwamu quietly slaying the spring/summer VK release schedule:



  7. nekkichi

    I despise her but I hope her legacy stans buy every CD printed
  8. kidz be mourning black dresses disband with one personality while bullying xxemiryxx with the other SMDH WORST TIMELINE EVER

  9. his social media manager buys views and likes in bulk to show numbers to his label execs who don't follow his twitter (which probably isn't mentioned anywhere too.) if his IG has following and like count numbers they're probably buying it too.
  10. nekkichi

    and it works!!!! raise those vibrations queen!!!!!!
  11. nekkichi

    can't wait to hear same stale BOPS ever again! I hope they're all Donetsk live recordings!
  12. nekkichi

    I often think ur drags don't get appreciated enough (I'd love to see the lead yoko ono twin of this band to outright end them ビートルズ-style to save us all from misery)
  13. nekkichi

    legacy x stans? it will totally make it to national news and stay there for like a year with japanese media creaming itself in agitated hysteric excitement and his devoted former mitsu flooding their diapers with nostalgic tears ruminating over their metalhead days from 1985, and all of that is still not enough for this bitch because this is actually the tea: yoshitti doesn't seem to realize his last chance to get big in the west was in 2010 at the latest
  14. nekkichi

    i have no idea who made this but have they been on like gay twitter ever since the vilest tumblr demons migrated?????
  15. give us a Degreeds Centigrade upload, HD queens 💔
  16. It is not inequality that is the real disgrace, it is dependency. Voltaire.


    If you like the shirt, you have a 10% discount with the code: [cvjxifji]
    •page: @asfsdfsfk


    can someone please explain what the hell is wrong with instagram right now? i have questions

    1. 123Sandman321


      for a second I thought you got possessed by the book kid.

    2. nekkichi


      yeah by this one




      El mundo es por supuesto, nada excepto nuestra concepción del mismo jajajajaja.-Anton Chekhov.


  17. I wonder how many of you realize that not engaging with internet people you find grating is completely free??? I can testify that using this approach on here worked fabulously for me, my brain no longer registers the very existence of shitheads I used to waste my energy on in the past. you're the one doin' the most keeping it going I actually think if that was the case you wouldn't been occupied on here consequently shitposting in someone else's threads in a thematical music corner which you now obviously see as some sort of an unofficial competition over attention, responses and kiis and therefore you're trying to one-up OP who's already getting more local talk with their music, regardless of its quality or professionalism. there's a very clear line between someone actually being confident in their musicianship and offering their advice in a presentable, constructive manner, and someone getting a kick out of their softly disguised insults of an amateur who doesn't meet your own personalized criteria of being good enough to present Their Craft, and generally speaking your comments read in a very one-sided manner, you aren't interested in anyone else's creative development whatsoever no matter how many coats you wrap your offensive mental vomit into. brainworms luv
  18. nekkichi

    自我 is outright divine and that's that on that, rest of the scene can't relate
  19. i think it's really cute that several yrs ago ppl shamed this board for being mean, a lot of us toned down and now bored gurls are bullying the music corner person and another young lady on twitter policing her language,


    thank u for finally showing ur true colors luvs!

  20. nekkichi

    they're temporarily airing an old MV of theirs until 05.31, idk it this should go here or in their artist thread tho.
  21. very solid release, a true vk classic, my personal highlight <,3
  22. nekkichi

    I honestly wouldn't mind if shinya took public speaking coaching from Mana (however not watching him speak probably would be easier.)
  23. if I'm not mistaken, starwave and chateauxês agency use freewill cd printing facility and supply chain I don't remember if kiwi had any releases lined up for june/july that weren't announced like half year ahead, but kamijo and his label cancelled CD printing for the summer because of logistics and stuff. this probably will be released again in some physical form later.
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