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    it's there to launder money and create art jobs and pretty much it; I've been at pretty fascinating lectures on modern art which kind of blew my mind away by how much an educated mind can attribute to a piece of abstact, making no sense garbage to me that (clearly) wasn't implied by its createussé in any capacity, and the explanation is henceforth presented as a part of arté objéts life cycle experience where whatever the viewer can see plays as much role as whatever the artist intentionally constructed, but let's just say, years later I question the authenticity of said detailed, phylosophical critical deconstruction as much as I do the author's skill and intent bc. see first line, because it doesn't take much to bullshit with a convincing distracted look once your initial art critique vocabulary and methodologies are academically trained.
  2. nekkichi

    totally agreed with u babez, climate change demands most radical measures x
  3. nekkichi

    and it works!!!! we must protect the str............... *looks at the population estimate prognosis for the next 80 years*
  4. $5 says this video is better than the incoming reboot:



  5. nekkichi

    they streamed 『she don't know how to dance』 by miayvi and ran with it
  6. coming for satsuki's rapping wig @ track 3 lmao Bialystok coupling tour next pleawse I genuinely like the covers but that's not even their own achievement so it doesn't count
  7. nekkichi

    ugh so are all from them associated with VK but somehow have ended up on the wrong road because this isn't VK and is not even good at what it aspires to be tbh crrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggggeeee @ korean catering right there in the title tbh
  8. nekkichi

    theres quite a spectrum between say (generally well educated and chill) sirians who got caught in geopolitics and chechen rats applying for eu asylums to turn back and rob everything that moves on arrival (rip johar tzarnaev!!!!!!), however from whatever scoop I have from people working with fresh migrants in say Germany, the chill sirians went elsewhere; they have procured decent integration stats though, so who knows, I don't live there.
  9. I think if you don't like them at their most accessible you probably won't get into their sound at all: but I sneak this track in-between other less polished vrxn songs to get more oomph and more longevity out of their playlist on the other hand I can't get into kizu at all, they sound straight like mediocre major matenrou opera w/o their strong indie start tbh ps: delete the bolded
  10. ummm so like guys you know how the left are always triggered so easily so TODAY I ACTUALLY WENT OUTSIDE and there was this bird and you know like lol birds and twitter haha right like bird twitter twitter bird twitter SJWs you get what I'm talking about so it got me thinking and I ran back home and you know what time is it haha it's time to SHITPOST SHITPOST SHITPOST AGAIN SHITPOSTING TIME OH YEAH 

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    2. anadentone


      gets triggered cuz my hot pocket is still too hot after 5 minutes

    3. YuyoDrift


      I know I don't know what your voice sounds like, but I imagine how you'd pronounce this entire paragraph, grammar errors and all, and it's all too funny.

    4. nekkichi


      thank u queen i am glad the satire translates well @YuyoDrift 

  11. nekkichi

    third time is the charm!!!!!
  12. does anyone else remember this epic fight between akane and issei with the latter rage-quitting d.i.d afterwards




    1. secret_no_03


      For history preservation purposes, is there a thread? I don't remember seeing much in the actual artist thread.

    2. nekkichi
    3. ricchubunny



  13. nekkichi

    tbh it's not the case with either akitas or shiba dogs however people who side-eye cats for (this or that) while dogs have evolutionary developed their begging and owner manipulation mimic muscles is a kiii
  14. FROM CURRENT TO 『mode of no1current』



  15. nekkichi

    ok so that's tragic all around, but if you want to feel better, an average feral cats lifespan is like 3 or 4 years, those cats already likely have FIV, and if the area fauna hasn't done their deed by ten years, they'll probably live relatively happily for a while. the indoor/outdoor thing: cats don't need space to roam, and can keep themselves active enough in an apartment. the best thing you can if you plan on getting one is getting a small house/shed because they need privacy, a scratching post, and a bunch of pillows and maybe a small blanket for the winter if you live in a cold climate (otherwise they'll sneak your cashmere for the same purpose anyway.)
  16. nekkichi

  17. nekkichi

    they get bored indoors if they already know there's a bigger available territory to roam out there (an exploration instinct, or something?), but they absolutely don't need to know that; I cringe so much when suburbian cat owners let their cats out because of coyotes (idc about birds, but mice potentially transmit a shitload of parasites and like lung worms and other "nature is very kawaii" infectia like smh you're grown adults, keep your cats in. have you tried, like, not messing with his diet than? just stick to literally same food he does eat fine, they don't need variety unless you see the beast nibbling on house plants or something, give him a multivitamin if you see that happening. he's basically making a statement because he knows perfectly well you'll see the puke puddle, otherwise he'd just quietly retch somewhere behind the coach or something.
  18. Dir en grey jail time on drug charges
  19. we had glee debuting ten years ago, and we have literally no new major queer actors emerging recently, meaning that besides niche roles, low-paid TV gigs and local theatre, entertainment has nothing to offer to them. nvm the general rise of social conformism and homophobia is also real, it's tangible and measurable, and this heffer with her transpropriation is just another symptom of a bigger process which, I suspect, is entirely ignored by the heterosexuals and the adjacent closeted crowd because it doesn't affect them/their job prospects. ScarJo is a known imbecile, her google quotes page has been making rounds on twitter like literally yesterday again; I don't see any reason to be happy about anything related to this person.
  20. nekkichi

    good thread
  21. nekkichi

    FROM DEPRESSION TO 『mode of lawsuit』
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