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  1. does anyone else remember like 2005 russian gya living in an osaka dumpster who would shame u for owning a 12012 discog in shit mp3 rips instead of purchasing every re:re:reprint of consecutive [limited 10 copies] singles by sending nudes of your first born and ¥1100 to kisaki directly?


    I sometimes think we didn't protect them hard enough x

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    2. xriko


      Came into vk avg in 2006/2007, so I have absolutely no clue about this story O_O

    3. nekkichi



      manifest iT, good sis



      no I'm like p sure she upgraded from living in a dumpster following the arrival, not the other way around x




    4. Arkady


      @nekkichi: Because italian base was much more confined so some times information was limited and The Drama was of a minor quality.

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