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  1. nekkichi

    so which one is madeth gray'll and which one is beyonce
  2. nekkichi

    they have a free desktop app. idk if cure has any location-specific restrictions on the magazines themselves tho.
  3. nekkichi

    shitty mixing aside, these singles so far sound better than their averaged early discog & I don't think I really can hear Chaos missing in there x I hope they get better production budget and re-release them ltr tho.
  4. +khrhysth+ drummer is so hot omFGGGGGGG

  5. nekkichi

    ugh sacred sounds like an alice9/sadie hybrid and I'd hate if their japanese gya end up stanning this meaning they'll abuse the formula till their end, クラクラ sounds like everything I wanted from them style-wise thooooo I'm so torn tbh
  6. it's time to give imitation a stream or two good sisT
  7. nekkichi

    i hope it lives up to its title tbh
  8. nekkichi

    hope this helps x
  9. needs more weave x

    tag a local x

    1. saishuu


      @The Moon exposed

    2. Gesu


      @Gesu if she was a 26-year-old man who liked women

  11. nekkichi

    the bearz legit taste better if you twist off their heads first I can't explain it but it's true!!
  12. I find it fascinating that girugamesh (which is their closest comparison popularity/scene comeup wise) had a full good major album and a bunch of decent singles/EPs or something like that before going down the drain, those hussiez haven't been bothered enough to repeat same formula at least to get that major gig bookedT and went straight for the one ok rock imitation except with vaguely visual outfits I'm shook I can't wait to see all of this crash and burn tbh
  13. nekkichi

    ugh uncommence iT
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