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  1. I count her as a has-been jpop act if that helps x
  2. honestly I hope the music lives up to the weirdness of it all so far omg not them exposing tenten's summer vacay spots like thaT
  3. because this generally never happens, with the most consistently successful more or less recent example being, probably, girugamesh. VK builds clout like no other indie scene does. there's probably a small chance that some members ghosted and reappeared under their real names that the gya were never aware of, but other than that, I can't name anyone making it really big after departing VK. miyavi is a d-list actreuse with an illusion of a domestic career, and Gackt is not releasing shit (and still probably living off MM/visual era career savings/investments/acting cheques.) non-vk, however closely associated (through their prev. bands that also spawned that awful hollowgram chanteuse.) they're now all retired with exception for nigu too.
  4. nekkichi

    serving that thing in the corner of ur bed that appears when u develop sleep paralysis while listening to despairs ray x
  5. Aries season goals: migrating into parallel universe where Daisuke and Satsuki switch places & all of us still get reg zetsubou served properly

  6. nekkichi

    I'm not sure what the versailles cosplay act performing a starwave malice mizer homage teaser was meant to embody but photo looks v. trashy tbh
  7. oh yes, it is a hiro band ❤️ dat track 12 tho 😍👌
  8. what kind of kylie minogue high on crack worship act is that look wtf
  9. i think u need to stream The end of [Delusion] by lycaon if you think everyone on here is following each half-dead act they had a tepid interest in at a some point and I think u need to stream it off tr*mbe's ipod photo x
  10. nekkichi

    "a first world male thinks that slaving away at the most deprived corner of IT-adjacent industry to build a shitty xbox franchise is a civilzation building tier achievement, types all that in and hits "send", look what happens nexT!!!!"
  11. nekkichi

    same energy
  12. this cursed scene never getting a moderately ambitious bootleg d`espairs ray indie unit is the visual kei thing that bothers me most atm whattaboutyou

    1. CAT5


      That would be über dope

    2. Gesu


      The NON-limited edition of DIAURA's live DVD costing the English equivalent of just over £40

    3. nekkichi


      oh dear we aren't surprised by the pricetags after sukekiyo emerged are we

  13. nekkichi

    ohmygod why
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