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  1. should have taken a closer look on FF 12 remaster on utube before purchasing, shit is so atrociously ugly and I'm legit having a motion-sickness episode because of persistent oversharp thrown on effing everything #epileptic_purgatory_realness;



    probably first real instance where running a ps2 release on an emulator actually produces a better experience compared to the official remake 


    I think I'm done w. supporting square at this point, unless they release some 💯💯💯iOs titles tbh #end_rant

  2. black/black >>>>>>> she v. cute, and I love that hakuei is a part of this.
  3. from lycaon dupe to a budget major ayabie knock-off, what kind of downgrade???
  4. lmao this is such a gr8 reminder that MH never filled the void left after the foaming-at-the-mouth news reposter chanteuse got bannedT are we, tha community, tha people, ever gonna recover from that, or once the Heart of news section is gone, the rest of it just drifts along?
  5. I believe this has to do with low car ownership in Hong Kong, where this method originates from; in the west they'd fire up a car engine and put an exhaust pipe extension into the car, shutting the windows tight. will visual kei appropriate a hongkonese app that locates rental apartments with history of inhabitant suicides, including the abovementioned method? is akasaka blitz haunted by the hopes of Dir en grey fans who perished while waiting for good releases? does the ghost of Akira (ex-Baroque) relevancy spook drunk bangyas who loiter in the streets late?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charcoal-burning_suicide
  7. I'll just say misery (in both of its ~optical impression~ and ~auditory impression~) puts gazette's reluctance to release those dainippon geisha concerts on DVD/BR in a certain understandable perspective (unless youkicker splurged out on actual live tickets to snatch some ideas from the madara-era material in an alternative arrangement, but if I were tomomi, I would blacklist anyone associated with ains from attending gazette concerts.)
  8. tasteful

    new dead or alive installment is LIT, fam

  10. knock off sioux with an embarrassing name and awf vocals hard pass 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  11. I'm not sure what you mean here, but idt confucianism prohibits appointing a manager while she's occupied with a music career, I still think it's $$$.
  12. they're cute and vocalist ain't giving me alien-with-a-touch-of-Down's-looking chanteuse takeru realness, this is an upgrade for shinpei!
  13. rest in peace, poor lady
  14. I def. hope this show culminates with them banging a fox instead of the encore.
  15. I'm not feeling this subway station BGM in the spot, and idk where to look for this (jpopsuki?), but itsuka's other creative collabs are v. suspect judging by what youtube has around: charisma lucked out on music producers while they lastedT -- oh I found itsuka's samples https://www.amazon.co.jp/MAJO-EP-メリヤス♀/dp/B008KZ04T4/ref=ntt_mus_dp_dpt_2 she can keep iT.