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  1. nekkichi

    why are you always so pressed?
  2. nekkichi

    I guess it's around what they expected for it to sell. considering the best thing about it is the bluray/DVD bundle, and Ruki hyping his clothing label waaaay harder than their music over the entire past year, and the delay to summer vs. spring (whereas it's not a summer-sounding album at all), it all sort of comes together. I hope they release the next album by next autumn at this rate and make it all gloom tbh. I mean l'arc are basically scammed of all their CD revenue by their label management so who cares, and SID really snatched that entire play-it-safe mainstream mediocre VK niche that japan throws their moneys at (it's like nightmare, but even more generic and tepid), gzt are too edgy for average office girl to stan.
  3. >when u expected the worst but it actually goes hard orz
  4. this video having better production value than any visual act on starwave says A LOT about how delusional kiwamo is when it comes to promoting talent (unless they fund their productions out of their own pocket entirely and just use the label to get concert gigs booked.)
  5. nekkichi

    lasering it off is always an option x matter of two weeks worth of mitsu checks.
  6. nekkichi

    I don't hate this look, I don't like it either; interesting lip things going on. curse of RPDR stans giving her 15 seconds of mainstream attention tbh, I can't wait until she's gonna be gothing it up for schwarz stein in the autumn. knowing how fickle she is with style choices, this phase probably won't last past that.
  7. inb4 two fulltime bands featuring Miku as a frontman coming next year ✧SoundCloud✧Rap✧Cafe✧ VS RAT☆CAFE debutto battle raibu!! good move for Teruki and Kanon tho, they should have dumped the decaying band after Bou left.
  8. nekkichi

    omfg this literally sounds like a recent the gazette production
  9. nekkichi

    I haven't seen anyone else (and his stans have been wilding the past few days) questioning the credibility of allegations against him considering he was dumb/drugged out enough to punch a lady on snapchat https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/worldnews/6571358/xxxtentacion-dead-girlfriend-domestic-violence-beating-girlfriend-geneva-ayala/ and seeing the nyappy-kawaii board members defending this fiend made me twitch a few times already idk
  10. nekkichi

    I'd compare Kisaki to Beyonce (I'm so sorry sweatie...), in a sense he's a harmless credits thief, shady businessman and morally questionable person, but talking about self-betterment of this demon like where are you even getting that shit from, he's the closest thing to being rotten internally and externally - this is also the first place where his Gf's allegations are called "false" and "retracted", atrl still talks about their story in present perfect tense. we always have an option to disagree on things but woah, MH locals defending XXXT, that's a surprise
  11. nekkichi

    bop galore, we stan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  12. nekkichi

    why am i just seeing this I have this unsettling hunch that the next album era-worth of domestic Dir en grey performances are all gonna feature Kyo's vocal exorcisms over Takumi improvising on a chipped thrift store grand piano, it's not a cute feeling tbh
  13. nekkichi

    maria†cross runs that hood x
  14. nekkichi

    dnw your psychopath has enough grieving devoted stans, I never realized soundcloud maniacs get this much clout kiii @ u comparing a jailed criminal to Kisaki tho, can't wait for the latter getting a similar write-up by 週刊文春 (even tho I'm not sure they still care about semi-retired indie scene darling) http://www.miaminewtimes.com/music/the-real-story-of-rapper-xxxtentacion-10410980