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  1. so first some no1curr indiefag band jacked Bon Appetit a few months after Perished released her chart-smashing number; next, A9 are graciously borrowing Pendulum off Witness tracklist;


    I wonder what next KP track title will surface in VK scene — Mind Maze (stylized as MinD÷Maze I guess) seems like the most fitting one, but Roulette also seems like a viable candidate


    #i_am_so_bored #cointreau_darling_I_am_omw

  2. they srsly look like their label keeps them chained in the basement (which corresponds to the visible part of right heffa's leg tattoo spelling "SOS") in that beach photo omg @ same dude already having grey hairs in his eyebrows
  3. 2017 has been really weird so far, there're no new bands I can stan for which is sad (altho yuuki is recording something again so at least there's gonna be some good raaargs coming later)

    the Thing is sug disband suprised me just a tiny bit less than kameleo kaisaning earlier 


    you'd have thot both were doomed for lasting and successful major careers that would've brought their tunez into every karaoke on tha block to be squaled by drunk normies, and would also bless their mediocrity with ripe profits, yet apparently! even spineless sell-out scene droids sometimes rebel against whatever creative corner they have pushed themselves into

    1. Zeus


      i've been feeling this way since 2015

    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Come to think of it, I don't think I've started following anything new that's popped up this year either. I've started liking bands that were already around, but there haven't been any great new comers to me.

    3. nekkichi


      I mean yes, but I got life from soan project and insanity injection last year; not so much this



      see... like, my most exciting vk-discovery of last few months is that matenrou oprahs vibratto kween is actually a former jeniva vocalist. didn't make me ~stan, but gave some legitimacy to liking them now and then.

  4. everything about this is just sad — from creepy, re:dead and embalmed, almost uncanny valley looking photoset, to lazy clipart mishmash covers their music has hit a creative roadblock a couple albums before they left PSC, and those two new songs are uninspired and lack any interesting development. it is almost like that b-side was too thinned down and basic to be stacked with the rest of their recent album filler on the CD, therefore they decided on a separate release. they certainly could learn a trick or two from their past labelmates sug playbook - I'm not sure a9 could fill a pre-disband budokan gig again now that they aren't a promising PSC novelty anymore, and all of their youthful glam has worn off.
  5. I can't shake off the feeling that a9 will be gone next, but they were so vehemently denying it less than a year ago…


    what do you think, MH, are they ready for the final flopdown now that's it's middle of 2017?

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    2. saishuu


      I think they are gonna hang around a bit longer. They are harmless anyway and I dont mind their existence lol


      SuG on the other hand can rot

    3. Tokage


      i deadass thought they already went on hiatus in 2016 or something, werent some of the members doing that diawolf project or smth?

    4. nekkichi


      I vaguely re:member diawolf was announced at the same time as their transition from alice9 to a9, when they started that cute crowdfunding campaign and shit, but don't quote me on that.

  6. lmao they all look completely dead behind the eyes (aside for bb teruki) this is the worst piece of shit song I've heard over this year (and I listened to three most recent brittany sparse albums recently to put this into perspective) what is holding you off from a disband come christmas gaiz

    this is the best thing ever, pop music can retire now

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    2. nekkichi


      tangentially related 



    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      fuck her for coming for versailles like that

    4. nekkichi


      please be respectful of her #scream_for_the_truth!!!!😡😡😡

  8. yassss @ yuuki upgrading from werewolfhoe chanteuse to an irl alien overlord when will your faves
  9. no love for your song?????
  10. they played Stop My CPR during the debut live. it goes nowhere once you've heard the first minute of it, or so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. that's a lot of green screen tbh what does the fucking butterfly have with anything else in the end I don't understand
  12. previews 4 pussay pops/10, could be much worse (night and day is pure trash tho, and I guess there will be a christmas single with the remaining 3, or so, debutto raibu songs? I don't understand this band tbh.)
  13. here for fynil-fyntisy-cosplay-kei emerging as a genre
  14. blonde Kaoru looking like shit is a way bigger problem than whatever failed political message they've been trying to squeeze over this tour