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  1. nnn those prices cat litter is expensive
  2. when is he gonna apologize for mamo's homophobia
  3. every time I see a Karen joke thrown at the harry potter chanteuse JKR I read it as a tongue in cheek Karen White crossreference, and it amps its funniness subliminally wbu

  4. nekkichi

  5. nekkichi

    there're several VK vocalists with full on operatic range who actually have control over how they sound unlike kyo, but for a kpop stanbait thread you're doing amazing sweetie x
  6. nekkichi

    oh no that sucks I kinda feel we'll see a new vIsUaL iDoL come out of this soon
  7. nekkichi

    yes it is true, therefore the mustang stallion babydaddymachine band duties were delegated to hide while x lasted source: me, perpetually pregnant hide gya eyeing sugizo now.
  8. nekkichi

    an upgrade 👏👏👏 would love a source tho
  9. nekkichi

    in P*tersons case growing up in bumfuck Alberta would be a pretty reliable giveaway
  10. nekkichi

    they sound like an absolutely dreadful versailles<>diaura crossover, the vocalist is really ruining it
  11. I'll never forgive myself for not sending libowner(-d) papi this meme because 『the social contract』 or whatever lmao



  12. nekkichi

    monochrome-heaven....just lost an angel......
  13. I'm about to cancel on her if that's a hint they collaborate; I probably would prefer if whoever mixed lynch. last album took over Deg records tho.
  14. nekkichi

    @Ikna I don't want to shame you for disagreeing, but we are not an early society by any measure, we are also capable of reflecting and judging what we want to translate in public through architecture and monuments. there're examples of how similar "problematic" historic actors and visuals were handled dating to 70 years ago - https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/20/why-there-are-no-nazi-statues-in-germany-215510 and there's also shit like this: there are places for those statues to be kept, exhibited publicly, and preserved, but the question of their presence in open air in a heating social climate that canonically prioritizes WASP dominance over anything else is open.
  15. nekkichi

    beloved everyone knew they were shit people back in the day, there're no sudden post-factum epiphanies and rewriting very well documented history. they were put on that pedestal with all around complete and sober awareness of how shitty they were. political power does not ask for public approval to celebrate itself.
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