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  1. I haven't checked on her over past year, and this video is one of the saddest, and also most candid things I've seen tbh :((( 



    the going to hospital and being uncertain if they even can provide help is....just wrong, idk

    I have lots of emotions after watching this vid, but I don't even know how to process it all r.n.

  2. it's not even a new picture - it surfaced around the time he released that boring song about a month ago. late avelcain was not good, but jisatsukween has already shown he has lots of potential to do worse.
  3. idg what was the point of disbanding megamasso if none of ex-members' projects so far come even remotely close to it they all sound derivative, soulless and completely lacking any fun that mgmss had very very sparingly once in a while.
  4. expecting new fans by association?
  5. akasaka blitz 5 days concerts and code of vulgarism live dvds are iconic (altho I remember wtf-ing a lot at the bonus bootleg vulgarism footage, that shit already sounded suspect a.f.) he still sounds ok when performing old versions of their pre-WTD songs that aren't plagued with squeals lol @ first Japanese comment here saying they like old obscure more than remake I have no idea who this messy band really is catering for these days tbh
  6. I highkey applaud 誠's dedication to rocking that hair fry #jealous I don't like approx. half of their music, but their looks slay me lots recently, who'd have thought I will be stanning ex-undercode darlings out of the entire current scene
  7. very not excited tbh
  8. when Trumps bans anime, the vs can't-can't song will be listed as the major reason for this decision.
  9. we'll take them from normies, as long as demon adnroid androgynous' scene doesn't dry out itself.
  10. are you excited for the TIMELESS CLASSICS off sia's upcoming 🎄christmas album🎄 drilling into your brain through every shopping mall voyage starting @mid-november, MH? 🎅🏻


    ((I went from a chandelier stan to a hater over past two years so this is especially jarring, don't judge))

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Mariah has been dusted off and is ready 2 go

    2. nekkichi


      I have a very developed interest in mariahs culinary secrets tbh


      is it the adderall casserole, kale-ritalin smoothie, or vyvanse pho that makes them so effective, so festive, so special?!

  11. I have a theory he's only singing less than 50 % of his wordcount on concert releases that cost less than $ 100 per pop. double the price, double the sung lines!
  12. ok but do we have that ultimate diru stan who has lived through all recent Dir en grey DVDs and can confirm that the audio in their CM is not recycled from one of the mode of… things in that case (can you imagine if kyo's actual wailing is even worse than that? omygod.)
  13. this looks like either the band itself, or their label higher-ups, have given up on funding their promotion at this point; are they slowly heading towards a disband? song is not really bad, but very forgettable.
  14. well this is what angelo sounds like, pretty close to studio Critter knows what his vocal cords are capable of and doesn't abuse high notes with embarassing deaf cat sounds, props for that alone
  15. they should restart this as a shitnoodle delivery app a visual-kei staffed ubereatspoossi