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  1. well JUPITER were looking for a frontman just like this year, she wasn't bothered to apply
  2. nekkichi

    damn that's really frugal if they couldn't afford renting a white room for a PV this time. I'm glad Kirito's face settled from whatever bloat from hell happened to it during androgynos x
  3. I can't believe he mustered an entire album that basically screams「buy my shit jpop howling ~ my fulltime band doesn't pay the bills 」out of nowhere, yet the (allegedly) finished and done xjapan album is yet to get a release date
  4. @area artsy hennies I need ur input again



    anyone tried this creative jùs booster from this weeks the onion?




    post ur stories I need something to keep the autumn blues at bay x

  5. nekkichi

    I think so. there's no public legal data floating around (otherwise tanuki/other internet gossip would have already caught up on it) linking the two; Tomomi is the official ceo of PSC, and they're creatively independent from F-W, aside for sharing a few video directors for PVs/concert shootings with free-will bands, but I always assumed those ppl are just freelancers who happen to work with both.
  6. nekkichi

    from dynamite tommy's website: http://dynamitetommy.com/ which seems plausible since miyavi had Pata and Shinya of Luna Sea playing support for him in 2003 when his future looked bright and promising, and there's no way Tomomi Ozaki herself would have secured this having only successfully promoted a bunch of sponsored lives and Due le Quartz at that point. PSC probably started on a money loan from D.T., which I vaguely remember being typical for VK industry from that alleged ex-VK executive interview that circulated around for a while, he namedrops Tommy a few times there as well. iirc it used to have a table of connections between a bunch of labels, but it seems gone from the web, and I don't have it saved anywhere.
  7. nekkichi

    like bolded is like the relatable and realistic degree of being invested into this band in 2018 considering you'll probably get it if you try hard enough and throw a vintage 2002 Deg flyer at him at a cologne show or smth (just don't even try it with D+L posters or anything, you'll come off as a possessed creep) there's...a very LOUD chav yelling out ha name during moscow performance of rinkaku, my piscean fav dragging in trade with literally no real effort her power x
  8. nekkichi

    nnnnn u r so wrong for this good sister, FWD threw money at this shit: like nbd, while ReS got a shitty PV collection filmed with a VHS cam and that was the swan-song of their promobudgets back in 2004 as if Luvie did, like, significantly better under same label/same producer. the decline in merry promotional effort ever since they signed with FWD is also really telling. it's super obvious d tommy will never properly promote another band as long as they're sharing the spotlight with his beloved washed-up brainchild that is Deg yukari left his ass for resistar and even 12012 got the narrative they were heading into swift and built their own label before flopping for good.
  9. nekkichi

    **a guest feature at an anime and k-pop parTy that snekz agency apparently specialize in, like literally the embarrassment
  10. nekkichi

    I'm wondering if nikalenina_official is going to lipsynch some rentrer en soi classics while wearing angel wings and a tiara to impress the guest x
  11. I'm really curious if they're removing chaos parts entirely, re-recording/rewriting them with someone else or re:realizing it as is, but I'm glad they're sort of active again anyway
  12. nekkichi

    why tho we're in the age when major bands vogue in a white room for four minutes, slap a stock ink blot clip on top of that and call it a day. garden is an independent cinematic SPECTACLE compared to that shit tbh
  13. nekkichi

    冷血なりせば and remade zan PVs are, like, on a DIY youtube fanvideo levels of awful grief is a piece of shit out of old eras, unknown despair lost video is p uninspired
  14. nekkichi

    they should also do a one day revival/mixed session band with members from LuLu, and call it DELULU