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  1. nekkichi

    I-have-to-laugh.gif https://www.teenvogue.com/story/k-pop-idols-accountable-for-racist-actions https://www.scmp.com/culture/music/article/2182512/racist-comment-about-thai-k-pop-star-lisa-spurs-online-outpouring https://www.thedailyvox.co.za/k-pop-idols-and-blackface-its-not-okay-fatima-moosa-shaazia-ebrahim/ https://www.buzzfeed.com/ikrd/14-bts-fans-talk-about-the-racism-theyve-experienced-within https://www.teenvogue.com/story/k-pop-idols-accountable-for-racist-actions which is ultimately on brand with the music diarrhea septic tanks that this scene produces their music at but w/e they evidently have enough stans to stay profitable
  2. nekkichi

    this doesn't have kiwamu's low budget breath all over the project and for that alone they've improved heaps tbh haters can seethe x
  3. nekkichi

    ngl I really prefer this over David; both song and video are really nice, and the looks are slaying labaiser kind of found dead in the ditch etc, this might be my fav indie thing of past several years and I'm shook about it a few listens in, it almost has this middle/late femme fatale vibe. good stuff.
  4. getting bit predictable cropping it to 3 minutes huh
  5. nekkichi

    RIP yaoi fandom (1550s - 2019)
  6. nekkichi

    I'm not sure if I've got your tone right and you're judging, but this line is giving me a major cosmic brain moment coming from a stan of a band that released clever sleazoid tbh
  7. nekkichi

    they're on the same level of uninspired as that micro head phones band, no matter how many same-sounding songs they're releasing all of them are practically impossible to find anything likeable about. iirc that was @ricchubunny recapping their boring-ass concertos under the new name stripped off all the flaunt lycaon relied on.
  8. sis wyd wtf is this look what the hell I'm mildly surprised they had funds for two videos (both shot with iphone it seems), but we already have zicross giving us cringe-kei without half of the clownery those guys are pulling I'm mildly shook they bothered coming up w. an elaborate lie about their alleged 10+ music making narrative bc. this shit sounds on the same level insipid as any other bored kabukicho fuckboi side-hustle project out there
  9. nekkichi

    oh god they finally released it, it sounds like shit, I can cancel on my lukewarm stanning of this band and peacefully forget they ever existed bye felicia
  10. nekkichi

    they still have 3 weeks to cancel this release and learn how to make better choices in life ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  11. nekkichi

    if you listened through their entire discog, specifically the tragic acapellas, you'll probably hear it by now?.. creatively they're p much an exact d.i.d. replica, they've just happened to emerge during a relative indie scene downtime.
  12. nekkichi

    mako SERVING that necrotic astenia morgue realness!!!!!!!! new album 2020 come onnnnnnnn
  13. nekkichi

    u aren't a real diru tribute act until your sanger is hissing through a collapsed, ruined inside out voice box what r u all talking about
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