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  1. nekkichi

  2. I love how no one mentioned that awful satsuki rap album, as if the collective unconscious of MH decidedly erased it from memory nnnnnnn
  3. 1/256-th Japanese rap legend! (NOT AN ENDORSEMENT)
  4. how rude, cum closer is her top-5 sangs tier
  5. she actually did that around 2011 already, I was under impression homegirl went on HRT at some point around chocolate era bc. it looked that rill
  6. nekkichi

    her face is giving off eerie real housewives of tokyo teas tbh
  7. screw gazette fans bunch of ugly fatty girls (most of them) obsess their looks with makeup only and annoying as fuck, overall gazette music is not that bad just so so, ofc they have alot interest tracks, i dont know what gazzette thinks or aim (fame and popularity?)maybe just want to stay comfort zone?, i think they just lost their motivation to surpass themselves or even their music. quite dull his newest albums, but i still respect them at least they are few neo vk bands still exits haha


    which one of u neckbeards is dragging us in the DIMLIM yt comment box

    1. Arkady


      It smells very much of "the Fox and the Grapes" from them. Just saying... 😉

    2. nekkichi


      oh i don't doubt that w/e posted that smells (hell, reeks) for sure!!!!

    3. IGM_Oficial


      Not to mention that Brazilian Dimlim fanpage advertising, it's a staple

  8. nekkichi

    oh my god thanks for unpacking on it, the previous google translate oracle work that was done here was absolutely nuts t b h . this really makes a concise and understandable album concept.
  9. nekkichi

    ummmm it's like gazette-schmazette but nailed down to one specific album x
  10. nekkichi

    this album is serving para:noir/d.i.d. worship act even harder than w/e they recorded with issei tbh. they have such a weird penchant for over-elongated intros given the average to short track length they went with. the sreeching thing overuses his baby voice gimmick on too many songs. their SE work is just lame. I liked grotesque and d. hymnus, but this album made me miss akane even harder, they barely filled his niche in the scene.
  11. PV snippet sounds custom-produced for @The Moon's love for monologue inserts x
  12. nekkichi

    technically everyone aside from those two are session members, they are a two-man band that relies on live support.
  13. nekkichi

    door and dystopia sound ok, nothing is fab and should have been sang by Hakuei or anyone else other than howling former miyavi roadie imp chanteuse, everything else is pure garbage and some tracks are serving sega saturn sound compression tbh I sometimes wonder what's stopping aiji from forming his own resistar-style label and producing awful music for a bunch of half-idol half-label puppet performers, and decent music for his own thing/other major artists but like it's p rhetorical at this point, homegirl probably lives off his 90s pierrot peak' savings anyway.