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  1. nekkichi

    "The Mylene Farmer of visual kei scene earns her Farmer chops: This Entrepreneurial Genius Invested Mitsu Cash Money Into A Blossoming Mail-Order Limited Avocado Business And Outsold Wallmart In a Grocery Staple That Died For The Millenial Generation of Customers"
  2. what is the consuming/the receptive counterpart to shitposting, is it "pissreading"?


    I was fuming my way through the dumb (dumb. DUMB.) astrology article on the tinder blog (which is, like, dumb, in a not "lobotomized and totally glam" kind of dumb), but it had this narrative masterpiece offered in the related pissread section and I know what essay exactly will lighten up my evenings when I'm feeling down for whatever reason



  3. nekkichi

    Nice analysis of vk music you've got there! I've recently started to write down some ideas I've had about the genre, putting them togheter and starting to make conclusions about it's story and development as a whole scene. Would you like to share your thoughts with me?
  4. nekkichi

    what a weird way to spell "Russian" x
  5. nekkichi

    tbh a hollowgram guest appearance on their debut live is not exactly the tea either, I hope they won't reduce their past heavy sound to a messy sioux-style ~jazz avantgarde extlavaganza-kei~
  6. we've dispatched trained crews to clean up this scalding tea spill




  7. nekkichi

    well that sounds way softer than I expected from a Jin band unless it's gonna be 90 % screechfest again on the actual songs I wonder why both TBS guitarists are there but Rena parted ways with the others it's like final TBS singles screamed creative burnout on every song but the main composers have apparently carried on?????
  8. nekkichi

    I hope this doesn't mean some of them retire from music entirely (assuming the statement is not some polite lie they've penned during those numerous conversations), but tbh all of them will do better playing for different bands. if soan project gets scrapped now that duel jewel are back full-time, I can see them taking off with either soan or temari (or both idk.)
  9. >fastening the wig


    >starting that vistlip album

  10. muh aidoru-kei emptiness
  11. nekkichi

    homegirl looks like crushing a molly in a skinny latte makes their albums 300x times more digestible x