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  1. the video and the looks are so trashy, but I dig the song snippet tbh it's sounds more promising than their past 2-3 years worth of lead single songs so far.
  2. (more like crystal castles but I love this)
  3. final fantasy XVI looks stunning, those new Fujin and Raijin models almost look human, 10/10 hype is real



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    2. nekkichi


      yeah, and the design docks leaked too

      you can only win the final boss by throwing KFC™ buckets his way

      they lower his stamina

    3. Shmilly


      Then there's the real final boss, the one pulling all the puppet's strings... a formidable man hailing from an icy land, whose very existence you have been doubting all game because any documents relating to him have mysteriously disappeared...

    4. nekkichi


      that's in the prequel DLC, please use spoiler tag next time!!


      so glad they added Ultimecia in the casting, her face looks fab in HD!!

  4. do u think they fucc, MH?

    1. saishuu


      no idea who that is, but that guy is cute

    2. nekkichi


      you have good taste in men :< he indeed fine

  5. that mejibray thread blossomed into this:


    and I'm LIVING

  6. >but anyway I knew for a while now that music critics are often overly harsh to the point of just being plain delusional. if you suspect this, it's likely the correct assumption when "reviewers" is a stand-in for "bored internet weebz" also irrational hate twds random bands was huge when undercode was around, and when nagoya-kei was more or less a Thing for a few years both aggregated the worst kinds of elitist dipshits in their respective western fandom bubblez lmao
  7. bih not this angsty gothic shizzle again, try an oshare approach for the sake of variety idk
  8. scammed her insurance for another oxy RX cycle and didn't get arrested for opioid possession when will YOUR faves henniz
  9. Traces, II



    1. orange~


      hey that's cool! Did you make it?

    2. nekkichi


      thank you!



    3. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      You're gonna accept this comment.


      This is ballin. 

  10. love her, I want butch mamah to sit on my face
  11. this is not cringey and also not jpoop cancer
  12. thx god this seems to be the case, I'll eat a kleenex (I'll eat a whole pack ffs) if their collab ever happens visual kei goddess did not slay this genre for 200 + years to be contaminating her majestic vibrato with kyo's caterwauling