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  1. nekkichi

    yes :'))
  2. dreamt about someone on this board forming a band called «melancholia advocates» and giving me their first EP for free 🤔



    they sounded like the black swan, but in English

  3. legendary, impeccable, unexampled, especial, unrepeatable, one and only, unsurpassable, 『~𝓼𝓾𝓲 𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓼~』
  4. nekkichi

    the hideous tonedeaf chanteuse really ruins this entire thing It's like I am listening to another Starwave band (2)
  5. nekkichi

    he's such a miserable low-vibrational aquarius I can't @ all that brain purge nvm I'm surprised they don't have enough JSL Matts in American embassy over there, but I'd have assumed "I fuck your daughter on your grave" is an acceptable career inquiry response?..
  6. I rike the random trans-siberian Natasha, slay that staged drowning sisT that song belongs in 2007 and should have never been exhumed tbh
  7. nekkichi

    yasss new chapter give us DLC ⓨⓐⓞⓘ queens
  8. I post so much shit in the d*mlim threads while in reality I want them to get picked up by a decent vk indie label after they wrap up that tragic little overseas tour and get given some nice outfits and a couple support members so that ratsu would finally stfu about living his most pristinely authentic life and could focus solely on composing and producing instead of being a clown on IG

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    2. CAT5


      I feel ya, sis.

    3. Tokage


      VK deserves its own Angelic 2 the Core tbh and i'm ready for DIMLIM to bring it

    4. saiko


      Nekkichi being honest and other 99 things I want to see before getting shot in WWIII

  9. nekkichi

  10. nekkichi

  11. nekkichi

    are those sickness bags
  12. nekkichi

    he has good potential for stand-up comedy after quitting vk/music scene for good x
  13. you have to pay ten dollars to leave???
  14. nekkichi

    so a band that was shitting out ~conceptual~ member CM spots just a single ago is promoting their new album tour with a two year old PV after announcing they're no longer visual at all, is Methtsu okay? nvm judging by the fresh bleaching job their re:debut 『for VK mitsu』 is a month away from now tops
  15. nekkichi

    I wonder if they're gonna outshit satsuki with the album & abandoned ukrainian mercury factory standing tour that'll follow
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