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  1. nekkichi

    they have been basically sitting on a 2nd full album that never got released because of members departing and like other shit and akane finally going solo before disappearing again
  2. nekkichi

    tbh I really have no clue what realistically can stop China at this point. HK news this entire year are heartbreaking.
  3. nekkichi

    DIMLIM thangs that surprise me in light of the news:
  4. nekkichi

    is anyone else actually happy that silent hill s got cancelled because the cancellation took down the trademark Hideo Writing with it?.. I'm watching d*ath str*nding videos here and there and the persistent tila tequila tripping on DMT vibe of the dialogues pouring out from every cut-scene is making my braincells fight for oxygen extra hard tbh
  5. waiting so hard for a VK band called 『de:flêuration』to commence


    they should serve a kote-kei throwback act that is embarrassing on more levels than the original genré could offer x



      doesn't DEFLOWER kinda qualify? not a throwback act but other than that... 🧐



    2. nekkichi


      exactly, they got all of the cringe on-point except for being a product of their time, not its resurrected imitation

  6. nekkichi

    who asked for this vocaloid gospel mess
  7. nekkichi

    they should keep it indie ancafe recorded in a mcdonalds coin restroom sounded more professional than this trash
  8. nekkichi

    exactly luv x
  9. nekkichi

    Ai giving us kusomen drama we all longed for 👏👏👏
  10. nekkichi

    the bar for lycaon clones debuting in this sad scene has never been lower and I blame initial'L for that
  11. nekkichi

    class, how do japanese stans define angura?
  12. I'm surprised I actually dig the entire single so much, miss Asagi made so many points this time this is much better than his self-aggrandizing solo work too
  13. nekkichi

    I just v much respect german TV for putting in WORK documenting all that & setting them up on cam, I'll have to watch it in chunks but she's def a role model for many!
  14. nekkichi

    we stan a TV debut 👏 I wonder if anyone ever tweeted them about the feature omg
  15. they should commence as a fulltime band tbh
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