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  1. nekkichi

    paging @hatred000 x
  2. nekkichi

    I hate how it's so painfully evident their entire catalogue was written with a Secret Ingedient in mind x nails-over-chalkboard chanteuse extraordinare consistently ruins rly good music
  3. nekkichi

    looking snatchedT
  4. nekkichi

    nnnn taste
  5. nekkichi

    everything about 8"pbj makes sense now if we are being honest
  6. nekkichi

  7. nekkichi

    at the moment: 01 Kagerou - Kagerou 02 Duel Jewel - Luminous 03 Nightmare - Varuna 04 The Black Swan - OUSIA 05 Penicillin - Missing Link which is not accurate bc. most of stuff I actually listen to are non-album b-sides and mini/EPs, and my developing gag reflex over anything Dir en grey-adjacent has hit a peak, otherwise vulgar should be #1 or smth.
  8. does anyone else remember like 2005 russian gya living in an osaka dumpster who would shame u for owning a 12012 discog in shit mp3 rips instead of purchasing every re:re:reprint of consecutive [limited 10 copies] singles by sending nudes of your first born and ¥1100 to kisaki directly?


    I sometimes think we didn't protect them hard enough x

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    2. xriko


      Came into vk avg in 2006/2007, so I have absolutely no clue about this story O_O

    3. nekkichi



      manifest iT, good sis



      no I'm like p sure she upgraded from living in a dumpster following the arrival, not the other way around x




    4. Arkady


      @nekkichi: Because italian base was much more confined so some times information was limited and The Drama was of a minor quality.

  9. I guess jiluka paved the way for this but they need to leave music scene stat
  10. nekkichi

    hmmm righT I also vaguely remember TSS was a maxi-single, and v-kei bands tend to make a big deal out of "1st single", "1st maxi single", "1st quadruple A-Side Single" numbering for w/e reason sometimes, might be that too
  11. nekkichi

    I'm lukewarm on the no-pictures policies (venue photography ppl typically have better opportunities to take pics anyway), but this part is a kii. to re-iterate what you've written, you can either — - pay for Japanese visa + traveling + staying expenses (provided you're legible) and be forced to comply, or - pay for local traveling + expenses and get the same concert experience w gross local trade jerking off at shinya considering international touring literally led to bands over-estimating white gya purchasing power and disbanding as a result I'm down for less touring outside of Japan tbh. 「an illusion≠ of ≠re:levancy」 in most cases x
  12. nekkichi

    stream verxina sisters this is pure shit
  13. nekkichi

    how many first singles is this band planning to release? like sis the silent song is not that old at all
  14. nekkichi

    their new album title is finalized as「wigering to death」
  15. sooooooooo anyway


    now that visual kei bandomen are no longer ashamed of admitting their heterosexuality, can Iori marry that ratty mitsu, make a public wedding announcement, and rebuild femme fatale from the lacefront ashes?


    2019 vk has been mostly boring af so far and I need my peak hysterical kaya back, like, immediately

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    2. madygrain


      I'm always thinking about them and about bansaku's dong

    3. nekkichi
    4. inartistic
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