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  1. was embarrassed by my recent (two month long, give or take) Gackt binge, but here I am, listening to femme fatale (the britney "euthanize me fam"  spears' album, not kaya's fab band)

    there're like five different people singing her lines, and it's drowning in more autotune and vocal distortion than you could squeeze from an entire metronome discography, and Goddess of Vocals seemingly only delivers her impeccable creaking and croaking 


    I'm never joking about dir en grey studio shenanigans again in my life, Brit has legit ruined all the appeal of that

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      saying anything negative about britney's last good album is homophobic 

    2. nekkichi


      it's a very good album (granted she didn't do shit on it, outsourced singing included).


      I'm impressed how much the soundwall they recorded for FF kills the pelvic exam vocal harmonies

  2. uQOnDtw.png


    do. they. have. an. app. 

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      tag urself


      I'm the one getting kicked out at 1am

    2. nekkichi


      I'm chelseas mormon sister



  3. I really like production and mastering on this, clonazepam-kei queens really invested into their sound quality. I suppose the rest of 2017 will be flooded with pointless, going nowhere compositions (I can imagine The Black Swan hopping on this train as soon as their adoratio bootlegs arrive from Taiwan.) 純朴、無垢であろうが is cute, 白濁 is the only track I didn't end up skipping through. would be an interesting experience to listen to this through sukekiyo stan ears, alas
  4. reading that inside of me thread reminded me how gackt hears voices and hallucinates on the reg according to his own biography: yet neither nippon crown nor avex never really had a problem with it, interesting
  5. ugly gross fuck



    I hope his hairline leaves him as fast as his ex in question and his shitty little dog dies ffs


    are you excited for next GoT season y'all

    1. sume7


      So excited!!! 

  6. tbh it's really time 2 eat your asses out, tohma and satoshi, I can't believe both were at least partially involved in recording this perfection and just left for respective flop bands ughhh
  7. conspiracy theory du jour: the 13teen are funded with mao's ghost-singing cheques he's been getting for Dir en grey releases past 2007 & the only reason Kazu is embarassing himself being a part of this is to overwatch the bih not running away, jeopardizing further Deg-related things


    since everyone else in that band is capable of performing their parts, most of remaining sadie members were allowed to fade into obscurity


    post your own bizarre vk-related fantasies below!

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Jasmine You and Kaya are the same person

  8. 2nd and 5th tracks snatch sukekiyo weaves stat goddess of artkei
  9. their drummer is too good for this band (same goes for tha pretty guitarist idk ha name) I foresee a disband a few singles from now tbh
  10. CpSy1q9.png




    this is why I can’t take the local oversharing threads seriously,

    like, if you’re going to flex those lying muscles bringing your non-existent dating escapades to life,

    please do come up with something more creative than “shagged two tinder lassies the other week and having a rigid stonker over an upcoming a weekend with an 8/10 slag!! how u doin lads”

  11. I'm just catching up on britney's bizzare promotion for that album from 2013, why doesn't she do anything like that anymore
  12. Kai and Uruha are slaying it tbh, Aoi needs his hair back and Reita looks typical Reita idk why they even bother making diff photos of him every time
  13. this coincides with actually prominent and important Deg members looking vivaciously fresh ever since the howling garden gnome demon got occupied with sukekiosque, interesting