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  1. nekkichi

    they were topped by korn ages before mucc hath formed which is not the topic of conversation here x
  2. nekkichi

    アメリア has that 2003 exhumation energy they've been trying to channel since 2009 once in a while & I don't hate it, otherwise that preview is a waste of 10 minutes tatsurou sounds like shit
  3. nekkichi

    never heard of ha but glad they ended マチルダ too!!! the slaughterhouse...
  4. nekkichi

    ohmygod they literally came in to fill the essence missing in VK at the moment!!! ended avelcain legacy with the first PV ✔️ ended R-Shitei/mamireta/DDRM with the second ✔️ the slay.... the slayage...the slaughter....
  5. has good sis Asagi commented if her song and this fact have any connection: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2018/04/animals-disease-health-koalas-australia/
  6. nekkichi

    yass Hiro teaching random overhyped lessers how to look at the essence, we stan 👏
  7. nekkichi

    Satsuki found dead & dewigged in Novosibirsk x
  8. nekkichi

    tbh judging by that translation + him pointing at the label it sounds like they were being molded into something the band didn't agree with creatively and while they don't want to continue as a band, there probably will be a bunch of shit i.e. best-of releases and possibly unreleased live videos pushed by the label in absence of official disband notice.
  9. good sis Karma will be hit by her own stage name over this desperately baiting for attention single x I expect their disband/major member change next.
  10. nekkichi

    nnnnn i don't have an opinion on that decision before he actualizes somehow in the scene again, for what it's worth not all member departures result in artistic upgrades lmao
  11. adding a Kenichi x Mako new project this fall to my manifestation scripting list on the new moon wbu

  12. nekkichi

    their bassist ditched them like a week ago, so "remnants" would be an accurate word at the moment. it used to be the same line-up under different name.
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