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  1. Now I want THOMAS to do a revival two-man / AC DC cover live with them name” Thomas Edison vs Nicolas Tesla: AC vs DC”
  2. This is really funny too, this brand will randomly gift 2 of these shit green to anyone who retweet. Why only two you ask? Well because he hidden his marriage for two years.😂
  3. Again I not a fan of kiryu fan, so I'm not familiar with their fan circle so please correct me if I'm wrong and please taken these tanuki information with a grain of salt. Yes, she were one of the most famous and craziest hardcore gya. She attended to every kiryu show and always at the first row. According to tanuki, It all started with his wife show-off alot of kiryu behind the scene stuff and rarez on her instagram and toxic towards other fans. Yes, I know what you mean, japanese are really sensitive about hidden meaning under the sentence. Even as simple as "Thanks for your meal" can also means "Your meals are terrible"/ "You bored me to death" if you don't express it in proper way. Those fans sucks but as a profession musician for almost two decades, takemase also should dealt with this situation more seriously instead of wearing shit on your head.🤣
  4. I'm not a fan of kiryu, of cause there are some crazy fan gya are piss because of he's married, but alot of other dislike the video because: 1. According to what I saw on tanuki, his wife is one of the famous gya that's toxic and bitchy towards other fans, and the one who start all this drama? 2.The way he announces he's married, the poop hat is not "I'm shit because I'm married", a lot fans think more like a passive aggressive way to make fun of the fans. Also the way he speak some fans feel like "I'm not part of this drama, why you make fun and scold us, you could just simply announce you are married".
  5. Good point 🤣 Judge from the way BPR run their youtube channel like those trendy youtuber, it's quite possible that they deliberately left the comments on since dramaz are essential to douchetubers.
  6. deadman

    CURE Vol.180 http://cure-net.shop-pro.jp/?pid=133500727 😀
  7. 😂😂 New dezert song from their official channel
  8. deadman

    Please, whoever going to upload this single, USE THIS AS COVER.
  9. deadman

    The way they distribute this pv is pretty creative. They use「AirDrop痴漢」(Airdrop Perverts) method to distribute the youtube link at Shinkiba Studio Coast live house. (AirDrop痴漢 is a phenomenon in japan where some sicko you don’t know tries to use Apple’s AirDrop function to send you a picture of their dicks, because most people airdrop setting is open to "everyone")
  10. deadman

    Probably from diru live since sho, mio, issei are all huge diru fanboy.
  11. Wow, magician kei😆 I love how awkward they are, lack of any showmanship and the audience was awed into silence by their bad performance. Even this digest video last almost 10 mins... I can't imagine how long this magic show is and the anguish that these audience experienced.
  12. The music are masterfully compose, but I still kinda let down by the vocalist KAZ. He seems can't do harsh vocal very well? From this album and LAST CALIX songs I listen to, every time he use harsh vocal need tons of effect to make it sound kinda "harsh". I just think some of the songs in this album would be even better if they add a little harsh vocals to spice it up.
  13. deadman

    I agree, its poorly made, what I mean "common" is that these S.E. doesn't indicate any musical direction change, it's just V kei cliche. Sorry for my broken English😝 It also not a good indicator of their composing skills, at least not fully. These two genre require some totally different skills, so even some of the talent composer in the scene fail to do it well. It really show how little budget they are. I like vanitas PV the most, but compare to issei era's PV production value (Vanitas=white background+couch/Issei era pv=location shooting+studio shooting+actress), you can literary tell how much mitsu money issei is received.😂
  14. deadman

    Why do you guys make such a big deal about these common things? V kei bands love using these shitty EDM for S.E. for loooong time. Even Dimlim have being used these kind of music for promo video for a while.
  15. deadman

    Anyway, for those of you who wondering what deadman ex bassist takamasa doing..... He founded a marketing company, two non-profit organization(education/music). Now becoming a politician.
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