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  1. this is terrible but that's just liek kiryo. fuck hiyori looks rancid, bet he has hepatitis
  2. Yuuze

    lol u
  3. Yuuze

    lol if you think so, k, i can't help if you need spectacles
  4. Yuuze

    r u blind besides he just caked on more meiku than usual he's still ugly as a bat's arse
  5. Yuuze

    lol silkhime remember when you said kpoop was shit and then two months later you were suddenly a fan, very invariant of you Only 12 year olds like Yohio in Sweden anyway, I guess it's why Kebinu has to make his relatives bribe the record execs in nippon so he can get some older things that are actually legal to pork
  6. Yuuze

    breeders into bijuaru = lol
  7. No, that's being eaten and unlike the former stuff it's actually hawt barf
  8. There's people who pay for "inflation" artwork Dragons. Inflated dragons swelling like buns in an oven
  9. wait what why am I mentioned Furik isn't allowed to speak my words with his herpes-rash lips and coke-laced nasal cavity, he'll make this some EDM atrocity
  10. Yuuze

    Is he your little brother?
  11. ^ http://ameblo.jp/stella---official/ Official website not really up-to-date
  12. Yuuze

    I thought no one wanted herpes, yet there's all sorts of gravity here
  14. you should be embarrassed hagan, you just can't see why because you love yourself too much
  15. Yuuze

    ^the long rich history of groupie fucking horny teenagers
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