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  1. LMAO give us more details to narrow down the possibilities dude you believe it's old vk like early 90's, or early 00's if its style is more similar to luna sea, or dir en grey , or oshare, etc etc etc smh like this
  2. chemicalpictures

    I'll have to wait till the full ver., but so far Mononoke Requiem still tops it by a mile
  3. Garnet is not even top 5 of coll:set. Truth or Heresy?

    1. saishuu


      hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm heresy, but it shouldn't even have been on the album in the first place

    2. zombieparadise
    3. ghost


      Tru....no, heres.....wait, i don't know dependsonmymood

  4. chemicalpictures

    most definitely MIRROR and Coll:Set
  5. xaa-xaa's 光 is 100% my jam

  6. chemicalpictures

    the chorus is formulaic and boring, but I LOVE everything else
  7. 99% of the time it's all the same, just a maneuver to avoid/reduce taxes
  8. chemicalpictures

    yass! I hope we get more songs like '58' excited!
  9. bis' SAZANAMI is an absolute CLASSIC

  10. Man I miss the feeling of excitement when a past favorite announced a new release and I would jump out of my chair with each new information released... Seems like I have less and less bands that makes me truly look forward for their releases

    1. saishuu


      same 😞 I used to check the websites of my faves daily in hopes of finding new info about releases or even new looks. hell, even being excited for website renewals was fun. I haven't felt that in a long time now, but I guess I've found other things to be excited about and it's okay

    2. CAT5


      I feel you on this. I could probably count on one hand the amount of J-rock bands that still make me feel this way.

    3. colorful人生


      I share the same sentiment, but I've come to accept the times have changed. I've had to make do with some of the host-kei trope bands w/ live-limited releases, but there's only been a handful I've stuck with. The exorbitant prices, inconvenience of shipping, and my own shift towards financial sensibility have whittled away my urge to buy, even upload anything. Amidst all the attempts to branch out to international fans, I feel like the visual kei that I was interested in has largely made a sharp inversion back into the shelled-up live scene. Granted, a huge part of the "perceived growth" I was seeing were the fans who made the effort to upload in the first place... but that takes time & resources that many, including myself, aren't willing to expend anymore. So it's a combination of the scene and the fans, prob. 60/40.


      On a positive note, the Japanese Indie scene has become increasingly accessible w/ many artists embracing the Spotify platform. You don't have to scrounge for CDs, use Soulseek, or spend hours on Audioleaf to find good artists anymore.


      Things come in cycles, and fortunately I'm waiting this one out through a plethora of other genres.

  11. chemicalpictures

    Shit, if only I knew beforehand I'd have downloaded it all, lol
  12. chemicalpictures

    dunno why the took down the album title song PV it was great
  13. remember back in 2005 when bis were THE hottest new band around and everybody was freaking out when they released 'Days'? good times

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. chemicalpictures


      they are still absolutely my jam, top 3 VK bands ever, 2007 was both wonderfull and horrible, they released so many great songs just to disband the following year =\


      I wish Maru would form another band somehow, but I guess he is happy being a salarymen or smh


      I still wait for the day when jesus will illuminate your heart and you will share those rare AF tapes with us, @Biopanda wink wink

    3. Biopanda


      The rare af tapes aren't very interesting, unfortunately XD Unless you like watching 1-minute previews of already-released PVs looping over and over, that is.

    4. chemicalpictures


      @Biopanda really? that's a bummer =(

      I thought they were like the 'Ao no Risou', that had 'worst baby' full pv inside

  14. chemicalpictures

    I for once believe in the differences in music direction thing. I always thought their "directionless" approach was actually intentional, and I respect them for that, even if the disco ended up being 50-50 for me. There is A LOT of talent in those boys, that's for sure. I hope to see them all back in action in the future, specially the drummer, he is great
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