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  1. chemicalpictures

    really? which ones he wrote? it was such a bummer to see him leaving the band, dude is so so talented!
  2. chemicalpictures

    Great to see them active again! Love the instrumentals, sounds like something Kai would do! Maybe it's an old song from his period in the band? Anyway, excited for this! by the way this is my favorite warehouse in japan, so many good PVs have been recorded there, lol
  3. witness is FACT best album, and even today sounds so fresh! besides SHADOWS there's not many bands doing what these boys did...

    1. zombieparadise


      Was just listening to that the other day. So much raw energy in that album. In the blink of an eye is still my favorite from them though ;)

  4. I miss NAINE =\

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Me too! I really enjoyed them at the point that their unique album inaugurated my reviews blog five years ago 🙂

  5. chemicalpictures

    their new logo is horrible, jesus
  6. chemicalpictures

    God of War. Good lord, WHAT A GAME. I was a bit skeptical cuz I always found the combat on the previous ones a bit repetitive/boring and somewhat weak on the story side, with a lot of wanker fanservice inbetween. They transformed the shallow Kratos into a person tormented by his past, who is not able to connect with his son the way he wants and should, with much more depth than he appears to have/should be, all while tearing monsters apart with his bare hands. Game is gorgeous, Atreus is a hell of a kid, full of character, combat is fluid, I haven't found anything to complain yet. Also got into a few rounds of Apex Legends, won my first one and got stomped all the others. Sounds like a fun game, tho.
  7. chemicalpictures

    you gotta love this forum
  8. chemicalpictures

    Whaaaat? Disease? Wasn't even aware he was ill =\ well, wish him the best. As far as DOF goes I don't think we have anything to worry atm. As long as yuuya is invested in the project DOF will be around
  9. chemicalpictures

    leave the neo oshare to those boys, they know what they're doing
  10. chemicalpictures

    Our love and Fragile are the two worthy songs on this release, and that's it. a former favorite becoming THIS is sad as fuck
  11. chemicalpictures

    nice, love those guys! shame their only release on spotify is the first album, tho
  12. What's your favorite SONG released in 2018?
    Doesn't have to be the one you find the best, it's the one you liked the most!

    1. saishuu


      there were quite a few I genuinely loved, but in the end it's probably this one



      as for Japanese music, I don't think I liked anything as much as this



  13. chemicalpictures

    What defines a "newer" band category? The only time I was jumping through the roof in excitement the last year was with shiina mio's APPLIQUE and boy, he did not disappointed me. Top 3 2018 releases for sure. I sure hope he takes this project forward, cuz its freaking refreshing compared to what unite has been doing. But not so confident after reading about the whole recording process... I find DIMLIM and GRIMOIRE interesting, but in a: "oh, a new release by those guys, I'll check it when I can" way. but they are not recent, neither is Develop One's Faculties, which is imo the strongest act in vk right now by far. Soan project is never bad, but rarely GREAT. sleepyhead improved after a really mediocre first album and I guess that's it
  14. I miss REALies =\

    the one true kings of bleep blop kei


    vk could use rayka's voice again

    1. IGM_Oficial


      "Iroha-uta" was a bop

    2. evenor


      step by step and plugin are my personal favs

    3. chemicalpictures


      I have so many it's hard to list


      line, today is the first day., 180 drama mix, setsuna candle, sakura hanabi, aimai categorize, change!, hearts, believe, next, stand upx3....