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  1. man, the Riotts was such a cool project

  2. They really need to hire a better photoshop artist
  3. chemicalpictures

    I love that all of this "bands are copying DEG!!!!!" shit, THE most obvious commonplace you can go on criticizing VK, comes around every couple months like the flu then comes the obligatory Kuroyume song to prove the absolute copycat shitfest DEG was and then we get a mod calling everyone to stay on topic oh, the circlejerk of life
  4. chemicalpictures

    yeah, I don't think they will last much longer
  5. chemicalpictures

    https://subthatsong.blogspot.com/search/label/DIMLIM this gal is translating the album and they are dissing us fans pretty hard in a couple of songs, lol
  6. Jouei is one hell of a singer, underrated as fuuuck

  7. chemicalpictures

    I'm also under the impression that I've posted this before LOL I NEED SOME HELP Y'ALL
  8. Is STEREO C.K. still a thing?

    1. Jun_


      https://twitter.com/sck_official They're still updating their Twitter! :D:D

    2. Jun_


      I mean, their last update was last month, but still xD I guess they're touring again with HOLLOWGRAM

    3. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      So... about as active as usual.


      What is anyone in this band other than Kazu doing otherwise?? Must have *real* jobs.

  9. chemicalpictures

    Hey guys, I have this bis picture that I love it so fuckin much, but I don't know if it was a poster, from a magazine photoshoot, a promotional shoot for a release etc I don't even know which one of them is the original any help?
  10. xTRiPx's Yoshito. Probably some really in depth interview on his career and every-fucking-thing musically related, , his thoughts on songwriting, influences, production techniques, etc
  11. Will we ever see those super rare  World Wrap Word songs surface on the interwebs, I wonder?

  12. wait, is this bassist from THAT MANNEQUIN, the 2008 pretty good band? wow, what a throwback
  13. chemicalpictures

    Kei announced on twitter that he will release a new solo album on 2020.03.21 Will include the songs 'Utopia' and 'Eve' that he's been playing on recent solo performances Further details yet to be announced
  14. man, I miss Shounenki... it's such a shame that Amai Boryoku sucks so hard

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Totally agree. Shounenki was a cool band!

  15. Hiro was on twitter mentioning lives he'd been a part in the last few days, but I really don't know if he was talking about session bands or orcalade It's really strange for a band to go into this absolute silence while the members are all around still tweeting, with the band on their profile and whatnot In any case, glad for clearveil boys, would hope the vocalist fella I forgot the name would comeback aswell
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