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  1. I've been giving Kizu a tons of spins lately, and I have to admit I had a slightly change of heart about them, specially about Lime. I still don't think he is a formidable vocalist, but I can now understand the "fun" appeal you guys talk so much about. While Oshimai, Elise and へのへのもへじ (fuck that annoying nanana, really) all honestly sounds like harder edgier LEZARD leftover songs, definitely there is heart in Kawazu, and I feel there's a lot more originality here. As you said, Lime is good at one thing, vocally-wise. That means they will have to be one of those one-trick pony bands to work? Does that uniqueness really work on their favor? Lime's lack of range still sounds like it will be really detrimental to the band as a whole, but for now I'll take back my criticisms until further releases
  2. VANDALISM's version of G.A.L.D. is miles ahead of the original one, good lord. Yggdalive is amazing, but there's a serious problem with the mastering there, they really screwed it up. Would love to see its songs re-recorded, specially Follow the Future

  3. last song is looking good, sounds like wing works. I'll pass the other two.
  4. It's easy to make fun (which was my first thought, I'll admit), instead it would be nice if we could all make some constructive criticisms to help the gals, since they'll probably check the thread... - I don't care about visuals, but people in general do, and you are all looking nice. Hair, clothing, makeup... maybe work on your poses, and improve the photoshop (the group photo is much worse than the individual ones, probably too much light on your faces) - The main point: the recording of your song is PRETTY bad. I know youtube usually drags it down and you probably don't have that much of a budget, but you can DEFINITELY record a song or two in a proper studio with a couple hundred bucks. Yes it's an investment, but it makes the world of a difference. That chorus could be catchy if properly recorded and equalized, the drum lines specially. It's such a niche market that usually don't care about western bands, so you really have to go the distance to win this crowd. - It's a matter of personal preference, but I find your logo way too confusing, really hard to identify the band's name. Branding is important, I would try to express that differently. wish you girls luck!
  5. That track is not bad, but I really don't get what they are trying to express with those bridges/transitions. You get some nice buildup till 2:17, then comes that depressingly weird tempo crap that does not fit the song AT ALL. Then a nice chorus, then a weird verse all over again. That song structure simply does not make sense. I applaud innovation, but to me this is just poorly executed
  6. Halfway through latest Coldrain and good lord, feels like every song is the same uninspired shit. Freaking disappointing, VENA was such a killer...

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    2. freesia


      I was even more disappointed by VENA when it was just released than this new one.

    3. chemicalpictures


      @doomboxto be totally honest, I think FEED THE FIRE has potential, and F.T.T.T. metal touches are kinda fun, but still... maybe live they will sound better, I dunno

    4. doombox


      We can only hope. I have a feeling they will though. Hard to fight the energy when they're mixed in with older songs. :3 

  7. In other words, an indefinite hiatus? Or is it worded like they intend to come back?
  8. Hello, I also like xTRiPx as crazy.

    Do you know why they disbanded?

    1. chemicalpictures


      Hey there!


      Nice to see another xTRiPx fan around here! basically because they felt they had achieved their maximum as a band, and they believed they wouldn't have room to grow from there. A shame, indeed. Still hopes for Yoshito and K to come back, tho.

  9. What's your FAVORITE release of this year? That one that will stay on your playlist for years to come? I need reasons to believe music isn't DED.

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    2. violetchain


      There are definitely other releases that I've enjoyed, but, to be perfectly honest, FABLED NUMBER's "ILLUMINATE" album is the only one that's really left a lasting impression so far this year. 


    3. saishuu



      I don't think anything Japanese ever came close to these three, sadly.

    4. doombox


      2V-ALK and Muggles' Mansion blew me away this year.


  10. I also wish I could see what you guys see on them. Instrumental-wise, it's okay, kinda nice, even. But Lime can't sing. He couldn't on LEZARD (but the quirky, oshare-y compositions helped him A LOT), can't here. I get it, those tracks are probably really fun live and all (十五 is kinda clever), but Lime high-pitch whine on every song is a tiring one trick pony
  11. My boy Seika is killing!
  13. Again, thanks for fulfilling my request! This is my favorite song of theirs, and I'm glad the lyrics are as lovely as the song. The parallel between the fleeting memories of their relationship with the duration of the sparklers, and how it reminded him of those moments is so beautiful.
  14. QUESTION: Did DOGinthePWO ever re-recorded 'WORLD', from Haru's solo project, like they did with 'Sanzen Sekai'?