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  2. Not really surprising, this sounds just like the shitfest that was that Uwakimono's mini album, maybe a bit worse...
  3. Will wait before forming an opinion, but that bleep blop on the intro is so cringey, so overly done. I'll always wonder what the bands think it adds to their composition...
  4. my god, I can't freaking believe in it... his condition deteriorated so fast... RIP
  5. I always thought ZON's Jellyfish was a hell of a song, really creative, until @JamesRpointed out how it was such a blatant copy of THE ORAL CIGARETTES's DIP-BAP: I find it so funny how ZON had the balls to do such a rip-off in such a short time, like a few months after DIP-BAP release. I still love both songs, but If this isn't the proof that nobody cares about VK in japan, I don't know what is.
  6. These dudes make so fine neo vk, but for some reason people don't seem to really care about them
  7. Never been a fan, but I actually enjoy this 蛔蟲 song from the latest single. More melodic, with a more regular structure, way less weird than their usual stuff. Do they have other songs like this that you guys would recommend?
  8. I have to say, this is much better than their latest efforts. Wasn't really expecting much, specially after the mess that is fix you, but this is kinda nice.
  9. This dude must have some serious connections, to do a first live on O-WEST with this support lineup. Is he from any famous band?
  10. Heyy @plastic_rainbow amazing as always! (Drum) SON, BE-1, LOGOS and AREA are all livehouses they used to play, forgot to mention that! it's just one of Yoshito's wordplays, but maybe they make some other sense when reading with that in mind! I think this one is about the hiatus, the loss of will to go on, their talks of coming back, the way they still had passion for the band, but bigger than that, they did it for their fans. Regarding the lyrics, it sure looks like Yoshito found some new strength to keep moving forward with xTRiPx, that the hiatus was conforting at first, but he missed the stage and wished to come back. "You wished for it, didn't you? Even before, you knew all along from the depths of your heart A love connected to you, we'll go beyond our desires" - I may be wrong, but I think he was talking to the fans. How we somehow knew they would've come back someday from that hiatus... GOD I miss those guys...
  11. yuya is fuckin insane. Their lyrics always have been a problem, as they are often missing sections, listing shit that is not being sung, are written in a really odd way, etc For example, here's the lyrics for 'after': 僕に似合う音をください 僕に似合う愛をください 僕に似合う色をください 今となっては不格好なこの街に もう少しだけ住ませてください 今となっては不格好なこの街に もう少しだけ居させてください 素晴らしい世界をもう一度 あの時の街並みをもう一度 Which would be completely fine, if not for the fact that he doesn't sing any of that in any moment, at all. The actual lyrics are completely different for some reason. but the dude is now simply creating words off his ass. Here's the last verse of 'My World': I vuena deng ora sea we na saty r I vuena deng sim wo en dai I vuena deng ora sea we na saty r one ea sa wes ten yea… What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Anyone smarter than me actually understood that? Googled it, even sections, and nothing...
  12. Same old FED, the worst mastering on the scene. Even the drums sound like a programmed machine, jesus lord
  13. ZON's 58 is the best thing they've done since Re:Night

  14. DOF's 無礼王 is the most danceable they've been since psychedelic modulation. This song could seriously be a few more minutes longer, what a chorus!

    1. Zeus


      If that's the song I think it is, I like it a lot!

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      gotta get my thoughts together and then maybe i can review

  15. Love the nods to Cube, one of my fave sci-fi horror movies ever! other than that, ain't much for my tastes, I'm afraid. Maybe it will grow as Kawazu did, but I don't think so...