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  1. chemicalpictures

    Really? you really do believe that concept can reach mainstream audiences or something like that? religious themed "brother bands"? If their main goal is to keep themselves in the 20~30 fans AREA 2-mans for a couple of years and then disbanding, I guess that's fine
  2. chemicalpictures

    People do love to come up with some bands/concepts that don't have the slightest change of everbe any successful, jeeez
  3. chemicalpictures

    PV Song is pretty boring, but this is good news, nonetheless トゞメの美学 is better, loved the funky guitars, but it's not really different from what kiddie used to do before DYSTOPIA Neither are the other two tracks, but all of them are more interesting than Normcore amd I agree with anyone who said LSN was better with Hakuei, but that's on Ruka who wrote some shit ass songs, Yusa drew the short straw
  4. chemicalpictures

    I don't think I can love a song more than I love AN ETERNITY. What a chorus, what a guitar line. Kei was fuckin inspired. Granted, the youtube version doesn't it do justice. DL section is the way, guys!
  5. AN ETERNITY blew me away, as expected. I don't remember the last time I've heard such an atmospheric, heartfelt piece of music

  6. Do you guys read manga on your phones? what's your setup? I used to download from mangatraders but they are gone and I can't find a reliable source now

    1. Laurence02


      I use the app Tachiyomi.

    2. Spectralion


      I only following a little number of mangas, so I'm searching the official site from each scanlations


    3. God


      I also use Tachiyomi.  it's not in the play store, though.  you need to get the apk to install it.  But it's honestly the best.

  7. chemicalpictures

    Corny ass shit. Always. But the biggest thing there is Rip Slyme, hands down. Teriyaki Boyz got mainstream attention after Tokyo Drift, but besides m-flo and maybe Dragon Ash (which is already a stretch, as they are most pop rock with hip hop influences nowadays), that's it for the big hitters, AFAIK
  8. chemicalpictures

    terrible PV aside, the song is actually listenable. Much better than the first release, that's for sure
  9. Anyone besides me had a positive impression on the latest DEZERT?

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    2. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Me too.


      It's definitely an album for a different mood than most Dezert stuff, but I'm digging it after my first listen.


      Bonus points for Dezert for putting it on Spotify too.

    3. chemicalpictures


      I have a strong feeling that if they had announced it as a conceptual album, people would be enjoying it a lot more. Looking at the big picture, I really think it is a nice addition to their disco. It's probably not what people would expect from them, but it would be a lie to say it's not a well thought, composed and executed release.

    4. emmny


      momma trash isn't a concept

  10. chemicalpictures

    lol, don't worry, every single one in the trenches sucks, don't let a bad teammate take the fun out of the game for you. Really, nobody has any clue of what they're doing AT LEAST until something like Nova Master or something. Thankfully, CS is one of the few team games that one person CAN carry the weight for the team, so you won't have to depend on them that much Work on your spray, on learning the most important smokes and how to manage team economy and you rise in the ranks sooner or later
  11. chemicalpictures

    Just finished Chasm (good, but could be so much better) and Salt & Sanctuary (really really good). Now waiting for Death's Gambit and Blasphemous later this month. Still choosing what to play next, Far Cry 5 or Bloodborne DLC. Some Overwatch now and then (Hammond is so much fun, makes the design of the original cast look so, so lame) and dipping my feet again into some CS:GO
  12. Who's the best drummer on the scene and why (what in his technique/style makes you think that)?

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    2. akiko


      Jun-ji of SIAM SHADE/BULL ZEICHEN 88/and other artists that he plays with xD He's the best <33

    3. helcchi


      Check out this thread on 2ch ranking vk drummers lol



      And I think these kids deserve a mention:


      hibiki shiraishi (matenrou opera supper) - clinician, and can play various styles. Also his stick tricks.




      for speed, Zyean (jiluka) improves at a rate 50bpm a year. Last clocked at around 330bpm

    4. Duwang


      Not in VK anymore but Roji ex-XAA-XAA is by far the best drummer I've ever seen in the hundreds of vk lives I've been to.
      Rai from Gigamous is up there as well.

  13. chemicalpictures

    really hoping they comeback somehow! that short live video is amazing, btw
  14. LOVE LOCK's TOKYO FASHION KILLS is the best oshare release of the last 5 years, and I dare you to show me otherwise