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  1. DAMN GOOD breakdown at 02:27, but you can't put your faith on Akane, sooner or later he will do another re-re-re-re-re-re-remaster of paranoir songs for some ez money and have another mental break and call its quits
  2. Would any of you help me find FAKE's Forgive (And Get the Life New) lyrics? I would love you to death!

  3. Need some new DOPPEL in my life to keep the groove on. It has been far too long since their latest release

    1. togz



    2. Mihi


      still searching for their live-limited angel halo song :(

    3. fitear1590


      Yes! I was just listening to their first mini last week. "Eggknock" and "Moonlight xxxx" are so beautiful!

  4. Maaan, I'm SO GLAD you enjoyed xTRiPx! They are one of my favorite bands of all time, so good to get more people interested in them! Based on what you said, I'd recommend starting with their the songs 'clever noise[r.i.p ver.]', 'good trip', their mini 'Lo+ver.s' and album 'any verse'. It's one of those bands you feel would be so much more sucessful if they tried a more indie/outside-of-vk approach. Miss them like crazy! few comments: I'm glad you got more or less everything I tried to express with this tape. 'ring clef' was meant to express exactly that, the cheesiest, corny way we may feel, but we think that's okay, cuz love is just like that, fun, silly, beautiful. Love that ending too! It's also my favorite Plastic Tree song ever. While does evoke an image of emptiness, it also packs a confusion of emotions, it's really a powerful song. that bis song I understand where you're coming from. It is kinda out of place on the mix, but I love them to death, and that song is powerful to be mainly because it was attached to a period of my life, because was one of their last and etc, so it has more of a personal meaning than one that can be easily expressed to a first time listener. I also agree with everything you said about K and PTP. Rain is such a punch in the guts of a song, It's one of those you may avoid, if you do not want to get all moody all of a sudden. Sharp, direct lyrics to cut through any hardened hearts out there, I think everyone can relate to them at least in some way. His passing was such a loss, PTP were on their prime. All in all, it was really fun reading your comments, most of those songs represent so much to me. Thanks again!
  5. yeah, I want to check the lyrics to see how they portrayed it. The references on the PV are kinda thrown out here and there. The Kiddie also have one song called Omelas. Would be interesting to compare both interpretations
  6. Another usual Jiluka song: great instrumentals, boring, uninspired chorus. Interested in why they chose to name the song Omelas, tho. It's one of my favorite short stories ever, looking forward for the lyrics
  7. eeewwww... A BEGINNING FROM THE END will always be their best release, apparently. And how such talented musicians keep releasing such mediocre music is beyond me
  8. Hey y'all! This is what @indigo had to say about his tape: "Basically the first half is about the feeling of when you move to a big metropolis and things are hectic and you're kind of lost and in awe of everything that's new to you. The second half is when you start to get accustomed and enjoy everything." So I'll try to gather some thoughts on the songs, while describing the image I get in my mind based on them. Let's begin, shall we? 01. té - 如何に強大な精神や力といえども知性なくしては『無』に等しい。 - A huuge wall of sound to kick off this tape! I'm from one of the biggest cities on the world so I'm pretty used to the feeling, but I totally get how one person new to this would feel overwhelmed, I think the song choice nails it! On the song itself, banging track! kickass drums and bass lines, my speakers couldn't even handle all that tremble, lol. I like how it dwelves into a more quieter bridge before amping it up all over again. té is a must for any instrumental fans out there. 7/10 02. RADWIMPS - おしゃかしゃま - RADWIMPS is a band I've been missing out for far too long. I've listened to one or two songs by them, both great ones, but that's it. I'm quite fond of the fast paced half-speech vocals here, some GREAT guitar lines, impressive chorus. Following the theme, the impression I get from this one is that moment when you are seeing cars and people and subway trains passing by you really fast and you stand there a bit dazzled/confused. one of the faves on the tape. 8/10 03. THE BACK HORN - 運命複雑骨折 - I'm a sucker for weird tempo drum lines, but the vocalist here kinda rubs me in the wrong way. Not a fan of the guitar distortion effects aswell. But indeed it is another track that fits the "hectic/confusion" theme quite nicely. 5/10 04. SuiseiNoboAz - ultra - I've never heard of them before, but I really enjoy the fast tempo guitars here, specially the opening riff. Somewhat reminds me of what early 2000 indie bands used to do, some Strokes-ish sounds and all. Interesting! I get an image of that moment you are nearly broke, with not so many great things going on in your life, but manages to find some confort drinking and dancing during a concert in a rock bar. 6/10 05. Shigeto - Safe In Here - I love the title of this one, it perfectly describes it. This song gives me warm feelings, like staying inside on a rainy day. Absolutely lovely reverbing sounds, the shaker is such a nice touch that directly speaks with my brazilian side. Many bossa nova inspirations here, I see. Sweet stuff, the best so far. I gotta look for more of this dude right now. 9/10 06. Suiyoubi no Campanella - ウランちゃん - I gotta admit I wasn't really feeling the vocalist, but the instrumental was really interesting, I've got a growing interesting in fast tempo EDM-y tracks recently. I really like the chorus, there's some nice deep house/vaporwave influences here. Top notch instrumentals, overall, not really fond of the vocal work. Somewhat I think this track would be better placed if exchanged positions with the one before, tho. 7/10 07. iri - 半疑じゃない - Daaamn, this is good. Some nice, groovy indie pop at its finest. Easy going guitars. The mid-tempo jazzy feel really gets me. This is so, SO my kind of feminine vocals, unlike most high pitched feminine japanese vocalists. Smooth track, makes me think of those cloudy days, when life is just fine, and you are hanging out with people you love without many concerns over life and other obligations. I'd spin this anyday, everyday. 10/10 08. Petrolz - アンバー - Groovy bass lines, nice low pitched vocals. Sounds like something my father would listen to, if it wasn't the japanese vocals, lol. Really nice chorus, simple and catchy. another jazz bar track that just clicks with the smooth/tranquility second side of the tape. I'd fix myself some bourbon while listening to this, mos def. 8/10 09. Ratatat - Abrasive - Now this one sounds like easy going sunny summer days. Emotionally, I'd place it on that moment you already made some new friends, getting that lazy breath of fresh air only weekends can provide. Musically, another track with heavy 'Is this it'-era Strokes influences. Really enjoy the indie feel the guitar lines bring to it, they really shine in the overall. It's one of those tracks one would wonder how vocals would fit in it. 7/10 10. Kinoko Teikoku - You outside my window - The closing track has some anime ED feels to it. It is a light-hearted pop rock track, with soaring vocals, punch-y bass and drums and fine atmosphere, overall. I really like the pre-chorus here, amazing guitar work. Gives a sense that everything is going on smoothly, and life will be just fine. Kickass guitars in the outro close it up with grace. 8/10 Overall, while short (this is absolutely a good thing, mine may be a bit too long, sorry for that @indigo, lol) this tape conveys pretty much everything you would expect with the theme proposed. I could feel pretty vividly what was intended, the transition between confusion and sense of lost/awe into cheerfull tranquility is really evident. I hope I could accurately place those feelings into words. Favorite tracks are iri's 半疑じゃない (god I can't stop spinning it), Petrolz's アンバー and RADWIMPS' おしゃかしゃま, and the second half is my favorite. Only thing I would change would be the order of tracks 5 and 6, otherwise the mix is pretty much spot on. Thanks for sharing it with me!
  9. I've just started listening to Pentagon's WANDERLUST and I'm regretting already of using speakers instead of a headset. Cringe as fuck.

    1. chemicalpictures


      aaaaand I take half of that back. While the first half is forgettable as forgettable can be, there are some sparks of creativity here and there, namely on BAD BOY, As., PROPOSE...

    2. Platy


      I agree with you that's it's a mix of forgettable/good but BAD BOY? I'd throw that in the garbage with their last party tune single. 

      Crazy tribe would be fun live, but do I want to listen to it on a personal level?  NEVER

    3. chemicalpictures


      lol, BAD BOY is the kind of uncompromising safe track that somewhat clicks with me. The auto tune reminds me so much of later  ZORO, and affective memory is a bitch.


      But I did find the bass and drums lines (double pedal ftw) interesting, the rap vocals in the pre-chorus, and the classic vk bridge all gets me. Listen to it again some other time, maybe it will grow on you!


      but yeeeah, we do agree that CRAZY TRIBE belongs to to the dump and it's a fuckin waste of hd space


  10. Interesting! This is the right way to do a radio-friendly pop-rock track, catchy structure, sticky chorus, I like it!
  11. Filler jazz track, apparently every band needs one...
  12. Toughts on Acid BLOOD Cherry? later half is better than the first one, imo. Forbidden Bells, Ride Into the FATE and Kedamono are highlights. BLACK OUT, Sweet dEvil and BEAST are your usual ABC filler. Yasu really played it safe choosing BAD BLOOD as lead single, it's so radio friendly. But I can't help but think he lacked balls doing that, tho. I kinda expected more, overall.

  13. Makes sense. Schoolboy's Q second album, I think, was removed from spotify with no explanation. At the time I didn't give much thought to it, but looking from the consumer viewpoint, that's pretty fucked up. I am not entitled to anything when I subscribe to their service, I'll have to listen to what they want to make available... I admit I'm becoming lazier and lazier, basically all my non japanese music is listened through spotify too, and yeah, we should be aware of that, indeed. Lucky for us, torrents are always there to save the day, I guess. I still buy physical copies of releases I like, but I also think that's a fading trend, pretty soon releasing physical copies of albums will be limited to collection editions and etc. abide to the technology revolution, I guess. About the japanese industry, I think it's a matter of time. Japanese consumer base is the weirdest in the world. They are absolutely open to some technologic innovations, but extremely conservative to some others. They will resist while they can, but will succumb eventually, I think. And that is kind of positive for us in the west, more music will be available to us, when they finally decide to change.
  14. can't stop listening
  15. Interesting to see Michael's list! I quite like some of his works!