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  1. Man, MBHI's Aozora Guillotine's chorus is really something else...

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    2. Reiko


      I feel you. I'm not so deep in yet as to know behind the scenes on his projects, but through musical output alone, I think he's a special vkei vocalist and frontman.

    3. Elazmus


      The video will never not be by signature on here!

    4. ricchubunny
  2. tracklist: 01. CELEBRATE 02. PLANETARY LIGHT 03. DREAMSCAPE 04. BLACK BANE 05. メロウホロウ 06. SKY WALKER 07. SWALLOW THE NIGHT 08. SILENT PICTURE 09. SKY FITS HEAVEN 10. キズナ [Acoustic Ver.] 11. ORIGINAL LOVE [Acoustic Ver.] 12. 魔女と林檎 13. Nutty a hermit. 14. 我伐道 15. 何千何万何億の君への想い 16. teeny-tiny star 17. G I R L 18. MEMENTO 19. PLANETARY LIGHT
  3. Eins Vier self cover album is so nice! I don't know if any of the tracks is stellar or anything, but there's such a fun, fresh, summery feel in it, it's definitely an album i'd play on a car trip or something

  4. BAROQUE's new Live DVD "ALL OF THE LOVE, ALL OF THE DREAM -LIVE at DIFFER ARIAKE 2017.12.25-" will be released on 2018/6/26. DVD 5,800¥ Blu-ray 6,800¥ Teaser:
  5. VERY BERRY's "Zero" is so much ❤️

  6. Trick×Trap is the best Acme song, period. Here's hoping for more in that vein on their new album

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      TrickxTrap + Cry Wolf for me

    2. akiko


      Trick×Trap and テバナシライダー ❤️

  7. chemicalpictures

    I love that people unfollowing each other is now definitive proof of HATRED and ETERNAL GRUDGE oh vk scene, please never change
  8. I'm sorry, but shouldn't that be the other way around? how come in a BAND music is "important" and the looks are "integral"? We'd be in a very sad place if people could somewhat forgive bad music if it came from nicely dressed boys... And I don't see any contradiction at all. Some people are here (japanese music in general, with VK going for a more specific rock vein) for the composition styles, unique time signatures, different scales and etc. A lot of times VK is a thing of its own, musically speaking. IMO that's what should attract people, in an ideal world looks would be a plus. But I'd have to agree with you that it is what keeps band floating, sucking on the wallets of socially awkward fans who pays shit ton of money to spend some time with them (which is such an abusive practice I can't fathom why people don't stand up against it). In any way, visuals are somewhat of a gamble. You are either doubling down on the weirdness and hoping on cashing on the hardcore fans, or you get popular enough to ditch the hard looks and appeal to more casual masses. And I bet most of them would go clean in a heartbeat, if that meant a more sustainable band career
  9. Neverland's drummer is actually very competent.

  10. chemicalpictures

    Thing is, that tenchim girl has a pretty HUGE fanbase on her personal channel, if she can convert 5%, 10% of those people to buy their stuff, they are probably going to outsell mejibray, lol
  11. I'm too lazy to create a new thread, so here it goes Apparently, MiA is in a new band called "Sugar or Dry", which is the corniest shit I've seen in a long time: members: vo. JOHN gt. MiA ba. tenchim key. MARI dr. SOY https://twitter.com/SugarOrDry https://www.instagram.com/sugar_or_dry_official/ Song preview: The vocalist is a brazilian dude that has a really unknown gameplay channel, and released a video explaining that he was a fan of Mejibray and one day asked MiA to have dinner with him, he accepted, they somewhat became friends and that's the story. Surprised nobody is talking about this, or have I missed something?
  12. chemicalpictures

    caralho que loucura isso vale post na news section, a banda parece ser formal e tudo mais... já fizeram?
  13. chemicalpictures

    that's a really freaking good idea! I'd recommend you to find a couple of artist that fit the artstyle you'd want, show them the album covers and the looks, maybe some stills from the pvs and give him some guidelines you'd want, the place in the body, the art style, etc. You might be surprised with what they can come up to!
  14. chemicalpictures

    Hey y'all! I've been wondering if any of you have one or have the desire of doing a tattoo inspired by a band or song. Few months ago I did my first one, inspired by FAKE?'s THE LOST GENERATION album cover: I gave the tattoo artist the liberty to modify the tattoo to better fit his style art and the position I wanted on my arm, aswell as doing an exclusive art. Overall I'm really pleased with the result, it looks really unique. I still want to do another two, based on xTRiPx and bis more minimalistic logos: I also wanna give them a more unique feel, but this time being way more faithful to the original art. Planning on doing each one in one calf. What about you guys, any tattoos or ideas for the future?