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  1. It's a good song, but I kinda expect more from them. Sounds like an album filler, don't know if it really deserved a PV
  2. BAROQUE's kei solo work is so fucking brilliant. This dude single-handedly influenced SO MANY bands, his composition style was mimicked so many times, and sadly the western fanbase don't seem to think so highly of him... a shame

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    2. chemicalpictures


      @madygrain his solo is mostly a followup of baroque's Sug Life, which is undeniable his most sucessful work. Yeah, Akira and Ryo had their glory moments, but later baroque composition-wise and style direction is definitely all about kei. (Akira had a larger say on early baroque afaik, which was still influential as heck). Listen to Gakidou bridge, for example. From the top of my head, I can say bis, DoGinTHEPWO, EVE, DOPES, Canzel/UNiTE, xTRiPx, Called Plan, SuG, DIV, Downer, Purple Stone, auncia all have songs that draw inspiration from that structure. That goes without saying the dn'b baseline in vk songs, but that I kinda attribute to The Mad Capsule Markets or Dragon Ash. This is an interesting discussion, if I find time I'm thinking on writing a bit about this

    3. madygrain


      @chemicalpicturesI only listened to Unite/Cancel out of all of those. I will try them out just to see how it relates to Kei stuff. Thanks!

    4. chemicalpictures


      @madygrainCheck out xTRiPx's clever noise (the r.i.p. version is my favorite!) and past<future, bis' Yasashi Kaze/Seasons (so many Ila. vibes) and color of mind or SuG's CRY OUT... those are all great songs, and nice examples too!

  3. that's some really interesting preview!
  4. And I just heard FRUSTRATION for the first time yesterday and said: this is fine, gotta keep an eye on them. Of course they would lose members. of course.
  5. CatfisT was a bloody good band. Criminally underrated.

    1. itsukoii
    2. Zeus


      they always struck me as mini-gazette idk why

    3. Biopanda


      That was pretty much what I thought until I saw them live and found out they were extremely... not so good. I think that might have been around the time that their vocalist was sick or something, so maybe that had to do with it?

  6. Several more under SPOILER:
  7. Balalaika's Welcome to Hell is da bomb! great tune!

  8. yo yo @hirokiand @Mihi, anywhere I can get a preview on these guys, youtube channel, releases or something? Seeing you talking big about them made me curious, lol
  9. fuck... they not always delivered, but when they did, maaaan... 自分定義, 願うのなら, Derailment, STORY... they have some fuckin GOOD tunes! Hoping they other members stay on the industry.
  10. sounds good!
  11. A prize for anyone who can decipher what the hell Ryuga is shouting on Sel'm's S from 00:12 til 00:35, lol. what's with some vk bands that doesn't put the entire lyric of a song on the booklet?

  12. Visual-Kei

    now finally another noteworthy song. Besides above the clouds, this is the one I would actually spin once in a while. good stuff!
  13. lol, that was fast
  14. Any Stromae fans around? He uploaded his Racine Carrée full concert on youtube a while ago and it is absolutely MINDBLOWING:


    1. IGM_Oficial


      I only know "Alors on danse"... does that count?

    2. royal_gargoyle


      I think he's very talented. I'm proud of him as a Belgian. :grin: