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  1. eaí pessoal, alguém vai colar no lolla?
  2. This is REALLY good! structure-wise is a bit formulaic, but the chorus is beautiful, and that dude can definitely sing.
  3. oww come on... their first single was weird/catchy in a really unique way... was looking forward their other releases, that's a shame
  4. Visual-Kei

    I really, REALLY wish I could peek inside their minds to understand what they were trying to say... "You look really good in the suit which seems great." "If I complain, I'll bite you." "Because it's harsh, fucking sleep." Jokes aside, I really like some of their music, and this totally looks like they were using google translate when writing lyrics, so it kinda makes me feel bad to make fun of it
  5. Started Hollow Knight yesterday and I'm completely addicted. What a good game. I may be biased cuz metroidvania is my favorite genre, but this game is way too good. Great, beautiful aesthetics, controls, nice level design, hard combat, interesting story... If you like the genre this is a no brainer Started Deus Ex HR for the second time, I've never went really far the first time playing. Having to stealth everyone is fun, but gets tiring sometimes. Sometimes I just wanna shoot a motherfucker in the face, but the diminished exp results are not really encouraging...
  6. Visual-Kei

    MY GOD. WTF ARE "NOISE" LYRICS, DUDES? gotta be the best engrish I've ever listened. I'm dead
  7. Besides, I've listen music from loved VK bands that are FAR, FAR WORSE than his vktrope-fest shit like Sky Limit or Our Story, and this is coming from someone who couldn't care less for Yohio
  8. Sioux' Last Scene is such a saving grace of a song in a really mediocre month in music! can't wait!

  9. dexcore's The Dead Sea lyrics doesn't make any sense at all, but damn that chorus is CATCHY

    1. Mihi


      If the song didn't have that amazing chorus, I honestly wouldn't be listening to it on the daily. It literally saved the song for me since I'm not into the brutal growls/screams.

  10. those clean vocals are da bomb! sounding real good.
  11. Dragon Ash 20th anniversary new single "Beside You" will be released on 2017.03.29, in three types: CD Only: VICL-37251 / \1,000yen+tax Tracklist: 1.Beside You 2.Circle CD+DVD : VIZL-1117 / 2,980+ tax with: 30cm×30cm Vinyl-like LP Package 32 pages photo album Logo sticker Limited Edition CD+DVD :VIZL-1118 / 1,980+ tax with: Logo sticker 20 years of Dragon Ash DVD Tracklist: ・The Day dragged on / 1997.11.20 SHIBUYA ON AIR WEST ・Future / 1999.4.11 AKASAKA BLITZ ・Fever / 1999.4.11 AKASAKA BLITZ ・Cool Boarders / 1998.10.6 SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO ・Humanity / 1999.10.7 YOKOHAMA ARENA ・百合の咲く場所で / 2001.5.5 Tokyo Bay NK Hall ・Fantasista / 2003.11.23 Tokyo Bay NK Hall ・Scarlet Needle / 2005.11.25 YOKOHAMA BLITZ ・Fly / 2007.6.28 Zepp Tokyo ・Velvet Touch / 2009.5.8 Zepp Tokyo ・SLASH / 2011.4.22 Zepp Tokyo ・The Live / 2014.4.20 Ishinomaki Onepark )
  12. same! the first single was a bit shallow, but this is way too good! can't wait! amber gris lives!
  13. Nocturnal Bloodlust's Hiro vocals improved so much over the time. The difference of the vocal track in Bury me from the first version to the one on the best is tremendous. The boys are definitely on the top of their game

  14. Feel like Codomo Dragon will never do anything as good as their first album again... =(

    1. efuru


      Unfortunately agree. I like them still but it doesn't compare. Their second album was definitely good but not the same.

    2. Spectralion


      Couldn't agree more.