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  1. chemicalpictures

    Man, those horrible glasses someone gotta tell him it's not the 90's anymore
  2. for a band known for their heavy work, I find JILUKA is MUCH better when doing smooth, acoustic, like Petrichor or Divine Error -another story-

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Where did you listen to "Divine error ~another story~"?

  3. chemicalpictures

    Jump off this sinking ship Nimo, my dude Is this true? Afaik he left cuz he was having several health issues with his vocal cords due to tight schedule, first time I'm hearing this
  4. chemicalpictures

    I would, but tbh I'm really really lazy right now. but do a quick google on their situation, on how he would sometimes go missing without telling any of the members, how he treated the fans really poorly and was instable a lot of times, even back during the old days. and after the revival, he decided to leave after like 8, 9 months, without notice, the band had to tour without him and then sending a note through a spokeperson and didn't want any contact with any of them or their management, including Akira. Don't take my word on it, look it up Nah, If you are afraid or think you've been wronged or abused you go to the police and negotiate you contractual situation later if needed. He did neither, he went on hiding from the members and the staff. He abandoned his contract. Kei was on the wrong side for sure, he knew it and tried to fix it, if the situation was as you make it look like, he could get kei out of the band easily. There's no defense for going into fistfights. Only problem is that he would have to deal with a two album deal he wouldn't be able to finish, so he made his choice to negotiate out of it. He may have draw the short straw there, but to me it looks like both Akira and Bansaku were in it for the quick cash. If he got blacklisted (which is so not likely, the contract was fulfilled in the end, and in any case nobody would give a rats ass about it if he went back to the indie scene) he should have found a better way to deal with the situation. But yeah, there's no denial it was a clusterfuck for everyone there And this is naive. Most of the times bands actually are not a group effort. Recording is, finalizing touchs and sprinkles sure, but heavy composition work, not so much. And brq trademark style is so easy to notice during every work kei had done, the argument gets pretty much self explanatory when you get to analise the structures of songs like gariron, gakidou, passing moments, monochrome, life is, 17, rinzen identity, mellow hollow, swallow the night, black bane. Same with easy going ballads. That's all kei. They've changed? sure. They're still brq? most definitely
  5. chemicalpictures

    Dude I don't really know why do you keep going on this idea that kei and ryo are the devil incarnate. Bansaku bailed on the band not once, but twice. Dude is clearly fucked up on the head, and that's well known. Then Akira stood with them for a while and got into that fight with kei that made him left the band, that you could put on his tab, I guess Now, grown up dudes being PUSHED OUT OF THE SCENE by their ex-band members is so laughable it's not even an argument. poor helpless grown ass adults... boogieman disbanded not because they sucked or anything, but simply because they couldn't sell enough to maintain what's was invested in them. The last hurrah with heartless vocalist wasn't enough and their called it quits. It's easy as that, nothing to do with kei or ryo again And even by going with that "sounding like brq", get Sug Life or most of their old releases and look up for the composer. 90% is kei. So they don't do the sound you like anymore, they don't get to call themselves baroque then? When other members left the band on their own? dudes probably are not saints, kei is quite known his troubles, but nobody is. And I really don't see why an old geezer and their senpai like Akira couldn't handle himself or the business properly if he had any interest on it. C'mon, let's get back to the real world for a sec
  6. The second song is sounding GLORIOUS The first one is just basic dof, yeah
  7. chemicalpictures

  8. chemicalpictures

    mediocre as expected. will give it a spin if someone shares those singles there, tho
  9. chemicalpictures

    expected, tbh years active doing the same thing without ever breaking through don't really like their latest output but it's a sad disbandment nonetheless
  10. BAROQUE announced the release of the new single, YOU. More details will be disclosed at a later date. New tour [FALLING FOR // YOU] announced aswell. details: http://pigmy.jp/live/#falling_for_you a bootleg live version of YOU was leaked last year: I do hope they improve the song on the recorded version, cuz this one is a bit bland, tbh
  11. Ranunculus' chorus is definitely my favorite moment of The Insulated World

    1. Egnirys cimredopyh

      Egnirys cimredopyh

      Mine is Aka's chorus

    2. EvilHippy


      Rubbish Heap's climax.

  12. chemicalpictures

    I'm watching Evangelion for the first time now, and 8th and 9th episodes were just stupid. Some earlier ones were pretty dumb aswell, but I've LOVED the world setting and plot so far. Problem is characters, everyone besides Shinji seems pretty shallow and trope-y, borderline annoying (Asuka anyone?). I guess I was expecting something a bit more mature in character development sense, given the "crisis" they are facing (And I know I'm partly to blame for expecting seriousness from kids piloting robots). That's puting aside the awkward sexualization of 14 year old girls that definitely bothers me. My question is, does it gets better from now on?
  13. Man, anfiel has been such a disappointment... Had so much hope for them, now can't tell if I've already heard a single or not, everything sounds the same

  14. chemicalpictures

  15. Am I wrong to say that Chargeeeeee... is the best drummer on the scene?

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    2. lichtlune


      His drumming was pretty awful in Femme Fatale. But I guess it was just recorded poorly I don't know.

    3. platy


      Yeah, it was awful in femme fatale but he seems to do well in other projects, hence why he's not the best. 

    4. chemicalpictures


      I find that disputable, to be honest. Femme Fatale had a very serious problem with mixing. in Freya single everything sounds so, so terrible. There's a little upgrade in some songs on Gladsheim like Afterglow or L'oiseau Bleu, but it's still pretty bad. Voyage as miles ahead in that aspect. One may argue that band was not much of his style, but if you can go from ZIZ to Marty Friedman seamlessly, don't think the problem would be style