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  1. Damn... together with Grass Thread (Which was such a bless when it was still updated), vkdb is the most reliable source of information. Really hope he comes back someday
  2. Someone reuploaded it I gotta say I like it. Doesn't sound or feel like Luna Sea tho, so I can understand people not liking it. If it was by any other band, I bet people would have enjoyed it, people are expecting another ROSIER, and c'mon, we should all know better, it ain't happening...
  3. AllS E.P. is damn good! Memories, Hunter and Identity Disorder are some killers, and it was wise for them to leave VK their style is really fine tuned for a broader audience

  4. Thanks for this! Seems that so many of post-2013 songs were recollections of their careers, and kind of farewell letters to the fans. If 10+1 was a think piece on the band lifespan, this is a reminiscence on the people that made it happen. It's really nice to see that all the past members left in good terms with the remaining ones, many of them are yoshito's personal friends. "I wish for anyone's search of belonging To be right here where everyone is, just for once" gotta love this guy
  5. @hiroki yaaaassss happy birthday, my friend! may this new cycle bring you many new cool bands (maybe a Masashi new project?) and your wishes and plans may all come through! enjoy your day!

    1. hiroki


      aww thank you!!!!!! <3

  6. First time listening to DAMY, and this Chilled. song is nice! Any recommendations of their other works?

    1. Alkaloid


      Recently they've gotten poppier while keeping their DEZERT-esque edge. This song has that similar quality to "chilled."


  7. AYYYY LMAO you freaking nailed it (and god, this is the first I'm learning about this anime and I already hate that dude and his VA).
  8. Look at BABOO silently dropping some TIGHT shit despite all the mockery... there's quite a few bigger bands eating -kokuhaku-'s dust when talking about this year releases, that's for sure

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    2. tetsu_sama69


      dude i'm fucking shook it's so good. we got fucking trolled by them hard.

    3. Tokage


      the most unexpected vk prank

    4. anadentone


      ikr. I feel like I've jumped thru a parallel universe listening to their newer stuff.

  9. This Gravity first release is some fine bleb-blop  oshare! I kinda missed stuff like this, gotta keep an eye on them!

  10. There are shit tons of vk bands with members using their real names... Anyway, hope this new Sick is better, cuz the old one was boring AF
  11. This. That shit is WEIRD AF. To be honest I find any kind of extreme fandom weird and kinda childish. Not that it's an exclusivity of fans of japanese stuff, but they sure get top scores at it. It can't be that healthy to dedicate so much money, energy and time to a hobby like that... But yeah, the gya culture is indeed what sustains the VK environment. But that's just because VK does not have a clearly defined purpose nowadays. The movement was created with an idea that made sense at the time, to create a space for expression, to counter the mainstream culture of the time, and it was necessary. It happened all over the world, there was Punk, Glam, Tropicalia, each with its differences, but it was there. You can bet X, Luna Sea, Kuroyume are bands with 50/50 fans. Today, there's no need for that. What does VK bring to the table? What's the message in 2017? There's none, it's a scene that exists sorely to fuel these girls/fans idealizations and desires, in exchange of their money. So those foundations are so set in stone, I don't really see it changing at all.
  12. period, and it's not even a contest. period is probably the most innovative thing later-era girugamesh pulled out. technique-wise, its near perfect. there's like three songs there, it's an emotional ride you don't see so often. that ending, suddenly exploding in an anguish-filled instrumental is brilliant, you couldn't ask for a better last release. Samidare is just a nice cover of a nice song, not even on my MUCC top 20.
  13. yaaaasssss Can't wait for Open your Heart, Siren and iris live versions!
  14. dat sound quality,geeeez The neverending world is the highlight imho, classic Morrigan
  15. yay for Junno, the budget Kirito! seriously tho, I like that dude, expecting good things from him. How nice would it be if it's a Junno/Akira unit, uh?