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  1. Currently playing lots and lots of CS:GO (who would say such old timer game could hook me up so hard after so long...), Some Fallout 4, which I'm finding way too similar to F3, and to be honest, if it wasn't for the interesting world set up, I'd probably have already given up by now. The gameplay is too clunky to be satisfying. Wish the series would return to 1 and 2 roots... Also, there's a nice little game on steam for all you Megaman X widows out there (summoning @YuyoDrift) called 20XX. It's a procedurally generated Megaman X, basically. Nice upgrades, great music and most importantly, TIGHT controls. Check kotaku's article out: http://kotaku.com/20xx-is-a-procedural-mega-man-x-and-it-feels-perfect-1797965399
  2. Shit, that kinda worries me, the lead song of Aoi latest is TERRIBLE, lol I really do hope Ryohei focuses on MST. Their mini was amazing! This is such retarded fangirl fanfic it boggles my mind people actually take these kind of "leaks" seriously..., Yeah, a scene so predominantly male-dominated is fully rigged with sexual interchange between most of it's somewhat famous players, riiiiight.
  3. The members farewell messages can be read below: https://megamasso.jp/archives/884 anyone wiling to provide a rough translation on their reasons?
  4. This is such bullshit. Megamasso is a staple on the scene, they will be truly missed. Whyyyy disband man, c'mon... I don't think Ryohei will leave the scene, but I admit I'm afraid for Inzargi and Gou... They had a good run tho, and are leaving a SHITLOAD of great songs behind.
  5. Jesus Christ, WTF is this. Was Rei Shounenki's main composer, or something? They disbanded because of their expectations x mediocre success, right? How they expect to achieve anything with this? Fuckin songs barely have STRUCTURE. Shounenki was so amazing, I'm sure they haven't forgot how to write actual songs, but those lame, cheesy ass b-sides make me think otherwise...
  6. Yeah, AvelCain did nothing for me when I tried it, but you guys hype this dude so much that I'll revisit their discography, I must have listened only the bad songs or smh like that
  7. I don't know if it's all about production quality. Take"Seion", from Saikou no Shokutaku, as an example. It has some real interesting production values (the whole album has), the whole composition is pop as fuck, and yet it does not lose any "rawness". That song is dirty, guitars and bass vibrate as the real fuck, and the recording quality there is top notch, crispy clear. This new song is really toned down, it's more like bad gazette days than earlier Dezert, in my opinion. Yeah, they never tried to hide their pop vein, and I don't think they should, cuz some of their best is really poppish, but this sounds like something equalized the easier way, like they weren't even trying... Maybe live it will sound better, cuz now it feels souless, I would say
  8. Aesthetically, that teaser is amazing. Still gives me DOGMA vibes, which is imho their best work so far. Not really fond of the promotional looks, tho, kinda reminds me of SUICIDE CIRCUS shitfest
  9. insert memory is probably the best VK song of the last decade and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

  10. Maybe it will grow on me after a few more listenings, but so far, ain't no Saikou no Shokutaku-grade material
  11. Jin is back, niiiiice
  12. FREAKING AMAZING guitarwork by kei



  13. Man, that's sad. I really like some of their stuff. Expect future cashgrab tour reunions and no new releases whatsoever, while Takeru starts a half baked solo career inbetween doing shitty design works
  14. Has any of you ever seen a bis PV VHS appearing on online auctions? at which price? those things gotta be the rarest vk shit ever

    1. Biopanda


      Nope, never seen 'em :v



    2. chemicalpictures




      I've been checking you site and no new bis stuff ever pops up! Pleeeeeease share them, or at least let me relieve you from their weight  :tw_blush:

    3. Biopanda


      Make an offer if ya want :v They've just been sitting in my closet for like 8 years now XD