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  1. Me with my cheap-kei wig and guitar today on Rio's carnival:
  2. Today officially starts carnival here in Brazil, and it lasts till wednesday. Time to start drinking cheap beer like a there's no tomorrow and wake up without memory next week on the beach half naked next to a hobo, a penguin and a girl you never seen before calling you dear, with a new tattoo on your forehead, just like The Hangover accurately depicted us

    1. Platy


      is that what happened to u

    2. r...


      I was at a grocery store yesteday and a guy in front of me was buying 40 cases of beer. Just for himself. I shit you not.

  3. You, kind sir, is doing the holy work by spreading Masashi's message. thank you so much again!
  4. yes, sir!
  5. Ningyohime part was just too beautiful... and akashic records daaamn *______* man I freaking love that song! summoning @hirokifor a shameless beg: if isn't much of a bother, would you mind sharing its kanji? that song name is so esoteric and random, I'm really curious of what its all about, lol
  6. So SO GOOD! It will be a shame if they don't release the full scene of this live. So many of my fave songs!
  7. RAZOR's single is interesting, but considerably weaker than their debut mini. Way too much born-esque style chorus and chanting, not really fond of. More MBHI, less born for next releases please, thank you.

    1. sume7


      Yup I agree but I think it's still pretty good.

  8. Yuina is a freaking genius, sad he isn't so active lately... Word Wrap World's "Sapina Hapina" is BRILLIANT

  9. I don't think I'll be able to enjoy this one. I'm a huge tenten fan (heck, look at my username) but even him won't be able to salvage something here. I thought they finally had something good going on for them on "百足", but WTF were those watered down guitars, the half assed breakdown, bland sound structure? It sounds so disappointing, specially in the 02:04 to 02:50, tenten actually sounds great there, and the instrumentals ain't bad either, but they do not really fit, seems like someone took tenten's recorded track and threw some instrumentals on it. And to make things worse, it was actually an interesting buildup, but what comes next is pure disappointment. I'll keep listening to every release by them cuz such talented musicians couldn't have forgotten how to write songs, but this clearly sounds like a band without any direction or idea of concept, it's like a bunch of ideas thrown in the mix to see if it glues. but it hasn't, so far.
  10. Happy birthday!

    1. chemicalpictures


      heeey million thanks for the message! so kind!

  11. remember when NoGoD used to be brilliant back in Rashinban days? good times.

    1. saishuu


      I still like NoGoD, but yeah, Rashinban was their peak. It was perfect.

    2. Zeus


      all hail rashinban!

    3. Spectralion


      Everything changed after they dropped Kakera.


      Still spin their distributed single Yume no Tsuzuki.

  12. they were so fuckin good!


  13. Janne da Arc. For some reason I've stumbled upon 'Feel the Wind', was love at first sight. Couldn't find the PV on youtube, so here goes a live ver:
  14. I love Aiolin's concept, but sadly their songs haven't really resonated with me so far... Error World is kinda nice, tho

    1. Komorebi


      I loved about two of their songs and some others were nice but didn't resonate either. They do have a good concept and this is their first release, so I'll wait for more and see how it goes.

    2. Mihi


      Lol this status is my exact feelings