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  1. I couldn't find more info on this song, and their site apparently is down I thought it was coming as a b-side of this new single, but I guess not did they ever release it? it's so fun!
  2. chemicalpictures

    yeah, its pretty lame
  3. chemicalpictures

    it's not embedding, but here's their artist page on spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ipTXCYZqGOtgjUAeDu3NA?si=-yg7dvioRQ6sFzvxiB8Uww
  4. Apparently Yanagi ex BLESS THIS MESS has a solo project and the preview is pretty cool



  5. chemicalpictures

    aww man now whos gonna be sarcastic af when people post dumb shit? on a serious note, it's really fuckin sad to see you go, dude but somehow I do think this place is a home/safeplace for everyone whos been here long enough, even if sometimes we do need to step away for a bit hope things somehow change and MH is home for you again, but if not it was a cool ride gave u a follow on twitter, see you around!
  6. ttps://open.spotify.com/track/3YsFNK24QqbJM0dJqN9FcK?si=y0CVMqbuQiyAmWjU_nSyMA man, this song is pretty cool, imagine it being sung by someone who isn't absolutely horrible at the job
  7. chemicalpictures

    Yes, it is my opinion, obvioulsy. Something as subjective as music is always an opinion. TBH I think you could probably use music theory to objectively state they are a wee bit mediocre, but yeah...
  8. chemicalpictures

    this band is the definition of wasted potential
  9. chemicalpictures

    this is pretty cool!
  10. Man, Bless this Mess was such a cool project...

  11. chemicalpictures

    pois é, to na mesma situação... pior não ter idéia de quando termina, de como vai ser a vida daqui pra frente... 1.2k só hoje, é surreal como a gente normalizou isso, virou numero ao vento melhoras pro teu pessoal, e bom saber que tá tudo bem contigo, mano!
  12. chemicalpictures

    same, same a coisa não tá bonita pro nosso lado não, viu... =\ e nessa quarentena meia boca que parece que só eu to em casa, nem sei como vai ser só resta torcer, né?
  13. chemicalpictures

    Eaí meus queridões, como ces tão? geral se cuidando namoralzinho?
  14. I've never really paid much attention to YOHIO but this song is decent, and it could eeeeeasily be something from a vk newcomer playing safe and yall would be okay with it

    what was his crime again that make people sick when hearing his name?


    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Visual kei is only a Japan thing, according to most people; it might be true, but why if someone's good in what he does, must be blamed because is of a nation which "rips off" a genre? 🤷‍♂️

    2. platy


      His crime is not being Japanese... I agree with you he has some decent songs. There's much cringier/objectively shit stuff within "Japanese visual kei" 

    3. ahnchc


      I think the people who dislike him (for a reason that's not related to him being a foreigner), dislike him because of his attitude. 

  15. yoshito is going live now and then on twitcast, singing snippets and such


    shiina mio was just now fanboying as fuck on the comments, while yoshito was fooling around with their song on APQ mini album


    man, what wouldn't I give for those two to start a formal project together

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