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  1. Pikachu

    YAASSSS!! PLS!!!
  2. Pikachu

    Ex.Lougenel omg! but i miss to Nao u.u
  3. Pikachu

    guarec guarec 🐸 lol nice band!🥰
  4. i wish, ex-Mediena instrumental members with Karma ... haha i'm crazy 🥰
  5. Pikachu

    It was good while it lasted, but it's over. ;_;
  6. i only can say.... Megaromania need back ;_; . bye--


  7. Pikachu

    OH MY!!! 😮
  8. Pikachu

    en los 00's había mucho visualin en Chile, pero atrás quedaron todos es fans de cartón que solo lo fueron por moda, un gran abrazo a esos que seguirán apoyando al jmusic hasta sus últimos días de vida.. "que profundo.. xd" .
  9. Pikachu

    Megaromania - 残香~Dearest of scent~ Megaromania - Amethyst Megaromania - A prelude to Glint Megaromania - Sense of wing Megaromania - Cynthia .... and more of Megaromania 🥰
  10. Pikachu

    OH MY GOSH! nice look!!
  11. Pikachu

    i think what this will be so good!
  12. Why are you doing this to me, my dear IIIRD ? T_T ..... I hope Hueye doesn't do the same
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