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  1. ヴィルシーナ💀【人間不信】💀

  2. I can't wait for this album !!!!!
  3. ROMiO. is still active ?!?!? I thought they disbanded (or disappeared at least...) for a long time !
  4. Bunny

    TRACK LIST: 1 ハイドアンドシーク 2 服毒アイロニー 3 彼岸より 4 Q
  5. I am ready for their darkness spirits' rhythm
  6. I really like their sound of the 2000s styled vibe.
  7. <3 that cover art is so pretty <3
  8. the Gazette is coming to London <3

  9. Frantic EMIRY ~second crisis~「Angels Cry」


  10. What is 爛-ran- (ex. Xepher) doing nowadays ?

  11. I really like their crazy side tracks (e.g. 排水口 / ピストル / のろいうた / ラブレター / ララララ ...etc) Recently listening back to Belmosaic, I found some similarity, just wondering if they will ever play their songs since 一葵 composed most of it ?
  12. Their last few releases were solidly great. Can't wait for this.
  13. Interesting enough, and there is a LIVE LIMITED CD will be released.
  14. Bunny

    - vistlip on hiatus - えんそく release another New Full Album - ex. グリーヴァ + Gossip-ゴシップ- members new band (?) - A9 disband - MEJIBRAY vanish completely - another massive series of omnibus (オムニバス) CDs release (e.g. NEO VOLTAGE、妖幻鏡!! in hope of CANNONBALL need to revival) - サディ coming back later (June/July) in 2019 - Versailles drop another bloody masterpiece (15mins +) in a brand new Full album For now !! Last one (I assume everyone have the same prediction) - announcement from X JAPAN's new album to be delayed for 3 more decades (probably 5 in fact)
  15. Bunny

    WTF is going on with them .... I think this post shouldn't even be in Japanese rock forum... I am totally NOT looking forward to any of their work... this album is worse than worst !!
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