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  1. I really like their crazy side tracks (e.g. 排水口 / ピストル / のろいうた / ラブレター / ララララ ...etc) Recently listening back to Belmosaic, I found some similarity, just wondering if they will ever play their songs since 一葵 composed most of it ?
  2. Their last few releases were solidly great. Can't wait for this.
  3. Interesting enough, and there is a LIVE LIMITED CD will be released.
  4. Bunny

    - vistlip on hiatus - えんそく release another New Full Album - ex. グリーヴァ + Gossip-ゴシップ- members new band (?) - A9 disband - MEJIBRAY vanish completely - another massive series of omnibus (オムニバス) CDs release (e.g. NEO VOLTAGE、妖幻鏡!! in hope of CANNONBALL need to revival) - サディ coming back later (June/July) in 2019 - Versailles drop another bloody masterpiece (15mins +) in a brand new Full album For now !! Last one (I assume everyone have the same prediction) - announcement from X JAPAN's new album to be delayed for 3 more decades (probably 5 in fact)
  5. Bunny

    WTF is going on with them .... I think this post shouldn't even be in Japanese rock forum... I am totally NOT looking forward to any of their work... this album is worse than worst !!
  6. Bunny

    Really loved 樹✕誠's compose in The Black Swan , can't wait for another heavy metal doom arrival !!!!!
  7. So their live on the flyer decided to be called 暴動peaple!
  8. OMFG for 「救ワレタ唄」 <3 All 3 songs sounds very nice !! What a solid single.
  9. Bunny

    This weekend is already miles away, how can I wait for this until January ........
  10. Rides In ReVellion【STORY】 = X JAPAN×Versailles×DragonForce !? ❤️

  11. ジャックケイパー「ママライブ行かせて」, this song is fuckin' mad <3

  12. ✓ ジャックケイパー ❤【絶狂アイロニー】signed copy ✓

    1. ricchubunny


      I love this guys haha once they invited me to their stage to dance Samba in KaniKani Carnival

    2. Bunny


      They are fun , sadly I can only visit in Japan 1-2 times a year !!

  13. Finally got my メガマソ <3 雨降る夜に copy !!!!!! Miss the old era style of メガマソ <3

  14. DADAROMA revival, that visual , sound and music video preview just cum in my ear. 💦

    1. Wakarimashita


      That was fucking amazing!!! I was NOT expecting it!!!