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  1. ASAGI SHOW OFF ARTISTS for each Track 1.天地行き来る小船 謡(うたひ) : 浅葱 鼓 / 大鼓 : 真矢 (LUNA SEA) 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 三味線 : Motoki (HEAVENESE) 2.月界の御子 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : 咲人 (NIGHTMARE / JAKIGAN MEISTER) Bass : 人時 (黒夢 / Creature Creature) Drums / 鼓 / 大鼓 / 和太鼓 : 真矢 (LUNA SEA) 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 三味線 : Motoki (HEAVENESE) 3.畏き海へ帰りゃんせ Vocal : 浅葱 Violin : SUGIZO (LUNA SEA / X JAPAN) Guitar : 中村佳嗣 (Eins:Vier / alcana / 青天の霹靂 / yohiaco) Bass : 岡野ハジメ 4.花雲の乱 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : DAITA (BREAKING AROW / BINECKS / ex. SIAM SHADE) Guitar : HIDE-ZOU (D) Bass : 岡野ハジメ Drums : 遠海准司 (己龍) 5.隠桜 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : K-A-Z (Sads / DETROX / STEALTH / カイキゲッショク) Bass : 亜季(Sadie / AXESSORY) Drums : 奏-kanade- 6.螢火 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : 千聖 (PENICILLIN / Crack6) Bass : 沙我 (A9) Drums : Shinya (DIR EN GREY / SERAPH) 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 7.大豺嶽~月夜に吠ゆ~ Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : you (Janne Da Arc) Bass : SHUSE (†яi¢к / La'cryma Christi) Drums : HIROKI (D) 三味線 : Motoki (HEAVENESE) Chorus : 樹威 (GOTCHAROCKA) Chorus : yo-ka (DIAURA) 8.冬椿 ~白妙の化人~ Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar / Acoustic Guitar : HIRO(La'cryma Christi / Creature Creature) Bass : 人時 (黒夢 / Creature Creature) Drums : Sakura-櫻澤泰徳 (gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / Rayflower / THE MADCAP LAUGHS / ZIGZO) 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 9.白面金毛九尾の狐火玉 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : HIRO (La'cryma Christi / Creature Creature) Bass : Tsunehito (D) Drums : MOTOKATSU 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 三味線 : Motoki (HEAVENESE) 10.鬼眼羅 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : Leda (Far East Dizain) Guitar : MiA Bass : TOSHI (Gargoyle) Drums : LEVIN (La'cryma Christi) Chorus : 樹威 (GOTCHAROCKA) Chorus : yo-ka (DIAURA) 11.雲の通ひ路 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar / Acoustic Guitar : JUN (GOTCHAROCKA) Guitar / Acoustic Guitar : 十夜 (GOTCHAROCKA) Bass : 岡野ハジメ Drums : TERO (†яi¢к) 12.妖刀玉兎 Vocal : 浅葱 和太鼓 : 真矢 (LUNA SEA) 琴 : Tomoko (HEAVENESE) 13.物の怪草子 Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : Ruiza (D) Guitar : SYU (GALNERYUS) Bass : 燿 (摩天楼オペラ) Drums : 淳士 (BULL ZEICHEN 88 / ex. SIAM SHADE) 三味線 : Motoki (HEAVENESE) Chorus : 樹威 (GOTCHAROCKA) Chorus : yo-ka (DIAURA) 14.アサギマダラ Vocal : 浅葱 Guitar : aie (the god and death stars / gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / THE MADCAP LAUGHS / KEEL) Bass : 天野攸紀 Drums : Sakura-櫻澤泰徳 (gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / Rayflower / THE MADCAP LAUGHS / ZIGZO) E.Piano / Strings Arranged : 藤原いくろう 1st Violin : YUMI NEGORO 2nd Violin : MISAKO ARAMAKI Viola : FUMIKO KAI Cello : SHO TOMODA
  2. Is It a cover version of HARU's ex band オーダーメイド ??
  3. Fxxk Sake, puresound doing a massive sales (again) for 30% off everything !!!!!!!!!

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    2. Shmilly


      I just picked up some rare live-dist CDs/DVDs, a live DVD I've been looking for for a while and a random single for only 7000 yen!

    3. Komorebi
    4. Bunny


      I have already got something at the end of December for around 18K yen...,!

  4. Spend the night headbanging with +AvelCain+ songs <3 #DarkAF

  5. So excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring me the darkness vibe please !!!!!
  6. As nice as usual <3
  7. WT.... TOKYO-GANGSTER-Kei ?
  8. Has anyone got ハクビシン's CD ?!???
    I missed my chance to order it !!! FFS

  9. Has anyone got a chance to grab レイヴ【妄想×カニバリズム】and【ツミトバツ】regular version (320 ACC) ?? PLEASE !?:tw_bawling:

  10. Although it's a generic VK band, they sounds quite decent, I like the サファイア, not sure if anyone agree, it sounds like early era of ViViD × REALies .
  11. I like the UCP old ダリ than the New Dali , return for a dark metal revival band please !!!!!
  12. Where da F can I get レイヴ【妄想×カニバリズム】and【ツミトバツ】regular version??

  13. 己龍's BEST ALBUM 二〇〇七~二〇一七 are Re-RECORDING ver. <3

  14. I am sure the New EP will be as heavy as always. In another note, I think they are going the VK way like Initial'L (very pop modern vibe / fashion and less make up kei)
  15. I am their fan since 2004 when 斑~MADARA~蠡 was out !!!! Still remember Ruki's evil horn hair, Uruha's silver ash straight hair !!!! I was a fan of Miyavi, because of his bloody tattoos and his early era music were great, digging from the same company, looking into more bands like Kagrra and bis. ガゼット was a crazy indie top visual , stylished VK band. In the album 斑~MADARA~蠡, I like > Ruder, No.666 , 貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命。 the most. Moving into 大日本異端芸者的脳味噌中吊り絶頂絶景音集 , the best singles at all time, ザクロ型の憂鬱 and 舐~zetsu~ No doubt 未成年 is their BEST song in the indie era. End of the year album DISORDER ! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! Just love so many songs of them. 2005 COCKROACH , Last bouquet , Cassis 2006 Filth in the beauty , バレッタ , Nausea & Shudder , DISCHARGE 2007 Hyena, CALM ENVY and 千鶴 *One of a very dramatic / cinematic song 2008 this is the year I think they are really focusing on Tour and music-wise ... nothing remarkable 2009 泣ヶ原 and Headache Man are the only 2 tracks I like in the year. 2010 Red and PLEDGE > their BEST Ballad song I LOVE the most 2011 VORTEX , the album [TOXIC] is a solid one , Love the heavy side as usual 2012 the album [DIVISION] is okay, nothing outstanding , just another steady album from them 2013 - 2014 again , another year focusing in Tour... music-wise, I am not related to this New era of them, pretty boring .... 2015 - 2016 where the PROJECT:DARK AGE began, definitely the most iconic album [DOGMA] with single [UGLY] [UNDYING] , Masterpiece of this era, many great tracks on the album : DERACINE , INCUBUS, DOGMA, BLEMISH, LUCY, DEUX, UGLY and UNDYING of course the GazettE is now more dark, heavy and international , I still Love them in live, music-wise, less creativity than they used to. still have some great tracks though. After knowing their 『HALLOWEEN NIGHT 17 SPOOKY BOX2 THE DARK HORROR SHOW アビス/LUCY』, I just wanna Cry , because they are playing a lot of indie SONGS !!!!!!!!!