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  1. Didn't know at all , thanks for the info. Kinda hope BFN come back though !
  2. Oh my God , that is for sure ラメ (ex. VIDOLL / Black Gene For the Next Scene ) at the beginning of the video , LOL Why !?
  3. MERALOA , such a piece of VK gold !!

  4. Bunny

    Possibly new members announcement on the 31st May Live tour Final ?
  5. Track 2 is = 親愛xx君x
  6. Bunny

    ULTIMA is their typical opening ceremony song for the album , love the arrangement from the beginning with the clear guitar start , solid lynch. heavy metal track. XERO is great title(?) track I guess , lots of howling scream as usual. BARRIER , IDOL also sounds like their era of GALLOWS , I LOVE the vocal in IDOL especially !! IN THIS ERA , EUREKA are averagely good songs , just like their older album, MACHINE , ALLERGIE , RUDENESS = My kind of lynch. headbangers ❤️
  7. Bunny

    déraciné. is a fuzkin' sickening headbanger track !!!!
  8. DaizyStripper【INFINITY】reminds me of Clavier~クラビア~ ❤️

  9. ゼラ「エリカ」Orgasmic ❤️

  10. Bunny

    I love the title track 私塗レ , it is great especially with 参輝 composed and wrote the lyrics , and the re-record version of 凩 is also good , more of the Japanese styled orchestra than the original. I am not sure about 蛇婬 , this song is just weird with the jazzy (?) twist ...
  11. Pawn 水玉 ❤️
    Old era VK were as good as now !

  12. Listening to EAT YOU ALIVE's music , re-realized they have made so many good / catchy VK songs !! 

  13. Bunny

    I love Kebyo's creation !! I am missing out their 1st EP 実験くん !! (Wondering if anyone has it !?)
  14. Bunny

    When you think the Drums' and Bass at the beginning were great , wait until the killers' guitar solos ❤️
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