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  1. I like the first 2 songs 1 ビー玉 2 オレンジの空 some early 2000s VK vibe , and obviously the typical xaa-xaa banger track 6 あなたはきっと浮気してる also sounds good ! The rest are meh ....
  2. Bunny

    So , there are only 4 songs ... and 2 new songs only .. I kinda wish they will release a mini album with at least 6 , 7 songs .
  3. Bunny

    Too difficult to narrow down to 10 bands ... but the following bands are in my recent non-stop play list : 己龍 ゼラ DIAURA gulu gulu RAZOR アルルカン キズ AvelCain SCAPEGOAT えんそく
  4. I can't ...JESTIVAL「GALAPAGOS」' cover art is literally a copycat version of DIR EN GREY「UROBOROS」

  5. Nightmare-effects , nothing remarkable about these solo artists' music from a band not even picking themselves up for the past few years .... Sadly , Famous and major bands often became boring... so is these solo artists' project ... 🤑
  6. Royz has released a single 奴隷金魚 (doreikinngyo) for 公大 (Kodai)'s Birthday on the 3rd of July, as a Special Music Subscription to all the fans, the single released on apple music, spotify , LINEmusic and youtube : Single cover is by far the most pretty one from Royz imo. 奴隷金魚 (doreikinngyo) can be translated as Slave (奴隷) Goldfish (金魚)
  7. Bunny

    I like 人間へと帰りたい , ❤️ 一聖's production
  8. Bunny

    だらりどろり だらりどろり だらりどろり だらりどろり ❤️ Banger !!
  9. They have re-designed (?) their CD covers to these : ビレ盤 呼ばれて飛び出てババン盤 ボベブビ盤
  10. LOL , Astaroth mini album「Genesis of “Astaroth”‐第一章‐」is just a copy-cat version of David'sui project ?

  11. Bunny

    New kitchen appliances line ? Yoshikitchen 🔪🍴
  12. I am in LOVE with ゼラ ❤️

  13. Official name of the project is プロジェクト「Loki」 the digital single is available on most music platform since the 7th of June. I am curious about this project, because of ロキ's voice ❤️
  14. There were some good tracks , they reminds me a bit of クララ零式 .
  15. Can't wait for their Buddha metal. Confused.com with 真言書 , 信言書 on the flyer.
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