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  1. Rides In ReVellion【STORY】 = X JAPAN×Versailles×DragonForce !? ❤️

  2. ジャックケイパー「ママライブ行かせて」, this song is fuckin' mad <3

  3. ✓ ジャックケイパー ❤【絶狂アイロニー】signed copy ✓

    1. ricchubunny


      I love this guys haha once they invited me to their stage to dance Samba in KaniKani Carnival

    2. Bunny


      They are fun , sadly I can only visit in Japan 1-2 times a year !!

  4. Finally got my メガマソ <3 雨降る夜に copy !!!!!! Miss the old era style of メガマソ <3

  5. DADAROMA revival, that visual , sound and music video preview just cum in my ear. 💦

    1. Wakarimashita


      That was fucking amazing!!! I was NOT expecting it!!!

  6. Bunny

    Pretty Generic IMO. Can you hear footsteps ? is that a fox, No.... That's a black dog, coming to eat my legs ... I mean... really !? Those lyrics will not be an international hit.
  7. Bunny

  8. Bunny

    💀 WHAT !????????????? I can't wait!! I am not sure about their new style of visual though.
  9. Bunny

    I am loving their new song <3 So many i-don't-keep-a-shit-expression in the MV <3 [
  10. New members? New Album <3
  11. Bunny

    Looking dark A F (at the end) already !!!!!!!! Who will he be ganging up in this band !?
  12. Bunny

    "I have just finished recording X Japan's album, which took almost 10 years, so instead of thinking about a world tour or those things I just wanted to concentrate on finishing the album. The album is done, so I need to talk to management and my agent about what to do with this new album." So , Yoshiki-san , have you finished !? Yes, then why you questioning what to do with this new album .... I don't get it still.
  13. 💀 I think it's time for a 陰陽座 cover 💀
  14. AOI is back !!!!! I like the preview of 水葬 > 魔が刺す > CANDY , and obviously looking forward to the solo version of 破軍の時 <3
  15. They are one of the most steady band that doesn't give a damn of being pop-rock, stay visual, stay metal, stay headbanger, I hope they will come back with good news after the break.