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  1. 黒ユナイト【釘】= 2nd Chapter of ユナイト【嘘つきのプレイリスト】

    1. ricchubunny


      Yup, it seems to be a sequel. Actually I think they wrote both as a criticize to the same band 

  2. Ashmaze. 💛

  3. Bunny

    Agree , the compose are weak ... nothing outstanding about their songs. I LOVE JIN though <3
  4. 💸 for NETH PRIERE CAIN ❣️

  5. ユナイト is back with their early era styled: Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown🔥liar to playlist , both are amazing !!

  6. Bunny

    Is that 美央 unmasked ? Haha
  7. だいごろぉ×Eve【社畜♡Addiction】is everything I need from Eve (ex. Lycaon)

  8. Bunny

    They aren't that impressive , pretty average music-wise unfortunately , especially that Spice girl intro in すまいる。 , LOL
  9. NETH PRIERE CAIN vibe is soooooooooo strong <3

  10. Bunny

    so it is WITCH !! not BITCH after all. That 2:11 guitar solo is just yummmm !!
  11. 人間不信 is my absolute favorite head banging song from ヴィルシーナ
  12. Bunny

    Going back to their earliest era without a drummer .
  13. Bunny

    The band got really boring since their 2016's album WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL ... Such a waste of talents, I really love their beginning era, CALL ME… , 少年ワルツ and ひじきとカラアゲ were solid releases.
  14. Bunny

    This line-up is like
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