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  1. I am confused about グラビティ↗↗楽しさ♪FULLVOLTAAAGE!!! , is it just a gimmick or have they officially changed to this bloody long name !?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. suji
    3. Bunny


      Thanks to both , LoL was really confused with their official website and youtube channel ..

    4. chemicalpictures


      I was asking this question myself a few months ago and JRD said they are still called gravity, and this fullvoltage wankery is just a moniker


      he knows a ton about these bands so he's probably right

  2. Bunny

    That is a long time to release a single .... but I will wait for them !!
  3. DEZERT 🖤 black hole

  4. Bunny

    LOVE the preview !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. BABY I LOVE YOU's シルエット ❤️their best song ever IMO.

  6. This is more worthy than the re re re re re re re release songs' Best album !!
  7. Obsessed with resistar record 治外法権セッションバンド【Ajito】<3

  8. I Love イガグリ千葉 Solid 1st Full album「千葉の穴 vol.1」, anyone want to listen to it ?

    1. IGM_Oficial




      (as well as the rest of his discography)

    2. Bunny


      I have only got their full album , it sounds so good ! I mean , without all the silly make-up gimmick , Chiba (yomi) voice is well known to be great, plus some of the songs composed are superb , metal , speedy , fun , melodic , just like the usual 仙台貨物 ❤️

  9. Hidden gem 💎 Roub『ASSASSIN』

  10. So excited about this single , by the way , DIAURA's yo-ka are doing both compose and lyrics this song is extra !!!!!
  11. It sounds not too bad actually , at least they retains the VK authentic rock genre, over neo laser electronic new-age music.
  12. ロマン急行 delete it mine ❤️ sounds like シビレバシル !!

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      The whole album is pretty good.



      They still remind me of pre-geriatric Cali Gari



  13. 黒ユナイト【釘】= 2nd Chapter of ユナイト【嘘つきのプレイリスト】

    1. ricchubunny


      Yup, it seems to be a sequel. Actually I think they wrote both as a criticize to the same band 

  14. Ashmaze. 💛

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