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  1. Fumiya playthrough: can't wait for the new album
  2. Xhide1

  3. New single「瀧夜叉姫」 2020.4.29 release 1. 瀧夜叉姫(たきやしゃひめ) 2. 鉄皇(くろがねおう) 3. 豪賊(ごうぞく) 4. 瀧夜叉姫 -Instrumental- 5. 鉄皇 -Instrumental- 6. 豪賊 -Instrumental- 価格:1,400円
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/Fuki_official/status/1242735011935051776 New MV will be unveiled April 1st (hopefully it's true 😔)
  5. It seems they will release an EP in May and a new album in July they were planning to play some new songs in their live that was canceled because of Corona
  6. Xhide1

    Their new single OIRAN is released today: https://mobile.twitter.com/NEMOPHILA_band/status/1230869949599617026 It seems will be available on Spotify soon YouTube channel:
  7. I really liked this one🤘
  8. Acoustic album: https://mobile.twitter.com/ankimo_official/status/1117632005993189377 Sounds great!
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