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  1. Manabu

    This has really hyped me up for the second part, I kinda forgot half of the fighters existed. Hoping for some martial arts rather than the reliance on weapons, admittedly it made for some scenes but I felt it took away from the Dorian's character a bit. Currently watching JoJo: Ougan no Kaze and finding it pretty ironic that the adaptation is becoming my favourite, considering the part 5 manga is my least favourite in the series.
  2. Saying goodbye to your friends in Persona 5 never gets easier

  3. I'm sorry if this sounds condescending or it's information you already know but in my opinion you need to move past it and get out of the idea that this is the endgame or the one and only. In a very similar situation to yours, I ended up deluding myself and at one point believed 'being in love with her is everything I need' and whilst it's okay to always have a spot for that person in your heart, hanging on will stunt your personal development. It can be hard to let go but in time you'll see there is more to your life and there are other people out there who can make you feel the same way and even better, you just have to take a really big leap of faith.
  4. Manabu

    Sure Antic Cafe annoy most people but how about 'Shelly trip realize' who made Antic Cafe good in comparison
  5. Manabu

    There are some painfully unflattering shots Is the keyboardist genuinely scratching her nose at 0:11 or this a new VK move? Update: https://www.youtube.com/user/john69110 Youtube channel of the guy in the video, not sure what relevance he has to the project because the channel seems mostly dedicated to One Piece
  6. Manabu

    Yojiro Noda of Radwimps/Illion is spectacular at English, even on their first album, you wouldn't think he was Japanese
  7. Manabu

    preemptively deleting your Line account so you can't get caught ordering pizza
  8. Excited but seriously? no cowslick?
  9. Reminds me of Acidman, kinda disappointed their hair isn't bad
  10. Lol this isn't even sly Just sounds like a child prey cover
  11. Manabu

    Waterweed have really changed... I was hoping for a return to this sort of style
  12. Manabu

    Tatsurou of Mucc plays the Harmonica during lives (kinda happy to see it wasn't just some flashy part for the kokoro no nai machi video) Not VK but Yojiro from Radwimps plays guitar and piano live, although I believe he couldn't on a recent tour after "breaking his hand from practicing the kame-hame-ha"
  13. This topic died but my ambition hasn't My latest song https://soundcloud.com/swayingyura/your-song
  14. Only one but I haven't seen it posted it yet Shounenki's first ever album pretty much being songs they'd already released
  15. Glad to see they're still around, 'proven' sounds fantastic but damn I wish it was longer :/