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  1. Manabu

    Wondering if typing "I've neber seen it" was intentional None the less it's good they're putting out more music just after their album dropped.
  2. NGL the slap bass is pretty cool but on the flip side, although it's a pretty generic chugging riff it sounds awfully similar to:
  3. Manabu

    Shin Megami Tensei 3, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Monster Rancher 4 I really enjoy monster collecting games
  4. I was in a few local bands and some of our sets got decent turnouts (bare in mind we lived in a small city) but I was always late to join bands so I could never really make their sound my own. The best group I was in was called 'Flock North' and we played political fuelled rock...I had no interest in politics so it was a bit like how The Smiths sang about meat being murder but Morrisey was the only vegetarian. As for now I'm a small time hobbyist producing lofi hip hop and Breakcore although I did have a breakcore track released on a compilation a few years ago which is my crowning achievement. I'm trying to incorporate VK somehow but I'm still finding the best way to do it.
  5. Inverse Reverse X Lockdown is my favourite collab

  6. Gal Gadot was lambasted for imagine and now Yoshiki is doing the same thing

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    2. colorful人生


      the fucking timeline this is

    3. platy


      BRUH  last year (and maybe this year too?) I predicted will.i.am and Yoshiki would collab and this is legit as close as I'm gona get and I'mma take it :kyo::kyo::kyo::kyo::kyo:

    4. chemicalpictures


      I hate the coronavirus

  7. I'm hoping 'Heaven is a place on earth' is a cover of Belinda Carlisle
  8. Manabu

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2020! The CG looked fantastic, Marsden played his role perfectly, the credit sequence (despite the unnecessary song) was well done and fitting. I came in to it thinking it would be strongly aimed at children but the comedy was quite decent. The film plays it pretty safe so whilst it's enjoyable there's nothing that really stands out but to name a couple issues, Jim Carrey is a bit too over the top, it's the typical character Carrey played in the older days but it's just a bit much. A couple more references to the games and music would've been nice (there were a few times that the invincibility theme would've fit perfectly) and I wish there was more to the film, it feels like it's over pretty quickly and the journey from A to B doesn't have much going on. Overall enjoyable and it was nice to see a video game adaptation not completely butchered.
  9. Things to look forward to this year:

    Baroque album

    World War Three

    1. Tanishi


      PUER ET PUELLA was really good and seeing them go for a darker sound has made me super hyped.

    2. nekkichi


      I'm highkey anticipating this atm (which is coincidentally a really good fit for BRQ album's ~concept~)

    3. lichtlune


      Imagine the amazing angsty music created after the fallout of WW3 #Hype. 

  10. Manabu

    LM.c's 'Love Me' and The Pretenders 'Don't get me wrong' are awfully similar, particularly the choice of synth
  11. The One Punch Man workout is killing me

  12. I asked for ATB only option in the FF7 remake and they've announced that's what they're doing, Jenova heard my prayers

  13. Ayyyyy, happy birthday, friendo! Hope it's a good'un :D

  14. Ecosia is the way forward

  15. Happy Birthday! You chose the best month to be born in

    1. Gesu


      Thank you~ ^_^ and yup! September is when all the best babies are born >:D lol

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