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  1. Manabu

    preemptively deleting your Line account so you can't get caught ordering pizza
  2. Excited but seriously? no cowslick?
  3. Reminds me of Acidman, kinda disappointed their hair isn't bad
  4. Lol this isn't even sly Just sounds like a child prey cover
  5. Manabu

    Waterweed have really changed... I was hoping for a return to this sort of style
  6. Manabu

    Tatsurou of Mucc plays the Harmonica during lives (kinda happy to see it wasn't just some flashy part for the kokoro no nai machi video) Not VK but Yojiro from Radwimps plays guitar and piano live, although I believe he couldn't on a recent tour after "breaking his hand from practicing the kame-hame-ha"
  7. This topic died but my ambition hasn't My latest song https://soundcloud.com/swayingyura/your-song
  8. Only one but I haven't seen it posted it yet Shounenki's first ever album pretty much being songs they'd already released
  9. Glad to see they're still around, 'proven' sounds fantastic but damn I wish it was longer :/
  10. Kagerou was one of them, but I checked them out via the post earlier in this thread. Loudness are another as are cinema staff, to be honest I can't think of a huge amount of bands that are legendary/popular etc that I haven't given a good listen to It's more bands I listened to a song or 2 by and didn't go any further but feellike I should try again, mejibray, kuroyume, due le quartz, dueljewel
  11. Manabu

    Well...at least Yoshiki kept the tradition of getting naked for every cover
  12. Really happy to see them getting exposure in the US as well as the singer greatly improving in his accent and pronounciation but...this is quite a boring song to enter with as well as some truly awful lyrics, to the point where you wouldn't be surprised if they were wrote in 10 minutes
  13. Manabu

    Never heard either so I'm going by the 2 samples provided from each The Black Swan: Pretty much nothing new, the guitarists do a good job of showing off and playing some complex stuff that works in the song and doesn't distract but the vocalist and standard neo sound lets it down, I've never heard Nega but it seems Jin can't really get either right, clean or harsh vocals. Whilst this may be down to the production and mixing both songs sound quite empty Kamomekamome: Whilst the music doesn't stray much from the standard 'hardcore' sound they still provide some interesting parts, the twin vocals work really well and although the vocalist may on occasion be a bit flat his vocals are decent as well as the songs being pretty catchy! With that in mind, my vote goes from Kamomekamome, these band battles are so much fun! Lets hope for some more interesting battles CAT5
  14. The only difference I see is minus 3 masks...
  15. Manabu

    Wow :/ I thought these guys would actually go on to have a decent career, such a shame :/ 2a is one of my favourite releases