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  1. Manabu

    English statement from the group, sounds like Shinya was burnt out from all the touring.
  2. Manabu

    Good idea! As well as this I think there are people that probably have the files or have downloaded them but haven't re-uploaded them because they don't know the link is dead.
  3. Manabu

    This is surprising, he's one of the founding members but I imagine after 18 years he's probably tired of the scene. I do wonder how the band will progress because whilst they've had a lot of departures this leaves them with only two full time members in Yudai and Ryo.
  4. I started around the middle of April and do it every day, I've always been quite unfit so a lot of it was building endurance and getting a better diet, trying to do it every day was a major hassle in the beginning but now it's ingrained as part of my morning routine. The first few weeks were really tough and I'd have to take breaks in the middle of jogging, I still take breaks in between push ups and sit ups because my body just can't handle that many in a short time but jogging is fairly easy now
  5. Somewhat on the one punch man/saitama routine, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and a 3 mile jog (no hair loss yet) Honestly with how much Visual Kei there is to listen to walking/jogging is one of the best ways to digest it.
  6. Manabu

    I can't remember which sets they're in but when I played I used a shiranui deck, focuses on the graveyard and extra summoning a lot with a lot of extra effects, very good for overwhelming opponents. Because it's the steam sale I've been buying a lot of Sonic games (really loving all stars racing) as well as Jet Set Radio
  7. Manabu

    Happy Birthday :D May you get lots of presents!

    1. Jigsaw9


      Yay, thank you Manabu! 8) 

  8. Manabu

    I'd argue that it is quite important because in my opinion there are two vocal techniques that are staples of most forms of Visual kei, those being Falsetto and Vibrato but obviously not every group employ these and during the years when Oshare Kei and the western inspired metal stylings were popular these techniques weren't nearly as popular. I wouldn't call it subpar but visual kei has a far smaller talent pool and with it having such a high disbandment rate it can hard for vocalists to stay in music consistently and improve their vocals. As for some good vocalists, I really rate Chizuru from the group 'Pentagon' (not the k-pop group) Debatable but that's one of his best performances in my opinion, good use of techniques Annoyingly I can't find the song I wanted to show you but Akuta from Chanty has the blessings of having a unique voice and good technique You might have to delve quite deep to find some great vocalists (I'd recommend listening to more of Chanty and Pentagon than just the songs I've posted)
  9. I'm getting bored of VK
    Kizu: We got you homie

  10. Manabu

    There are a lot of blogs floating around that still have download links, quite a few died but there are some that still have links, drop me a message if you need any of them
  11. Manabu

    I got my votes the wrong way round sadly (I put my best as the worst and vice versa) First and foremost This is a 16 track album as well and Mucc definitely bit off more than they could chew An average experience with no songs that are entirely terrible but very few songs that are worth returning to, most of the songs I found decent sounded like filler and just lacked any form of staying power., There was always a nice phrase, rhythm or melody but they were never enough to make me want to hear the songs again. On the other hand I found that most of the songs I disliked at least had some attempt to stray from being played out metal even if it didn't work out that well. There were a few idea's floating around but none ever seemed executed that well, songs like Sandman were a bit different but felt messy and hastily composed, Overdrive was going for a skate-punk vibe but feels almost too fast with it's short length and somewhat awkward structure ruining the flow of the track. アメリア has a nice chorus and the second half of the song is far better than the first but you're listening to 2-3 minutes of standard nu-metal bounce, Maya fiddling on guitar and Tatsurou just talking to get to it. Both COBALT and スーパーヒーロー feel like the group is on auto-pilot, funnily enough these were two of the tracks I liked more but they're arguably the most forgettable. Then there are songs that have potential yet never really fulfil it, Friday the 13th has the brilliant 1950's diner-esque dance piano running through it but can't capitalise on it meanwhile 海月 offers a lot of dynamics with it's mix of synths, pianos and tones but they can't come together to make a truly great track. Lastly songs like 自己嫌惡 and My WORLD (惡 MIX) although not great at least have a few good parts but are muddied by shoehorned metal that seems to be there just for the sake of switching things up, I can appreciate that but this a technique Mucc use so liberally throughout this album.
  12. I'd argue it's a natural phenomenon and I think it's entirely understandable in small amounts, particularly when a relationship is in it's early stages or the admiration for each other is intense and imo sometimes it stems from how the other person views the time together, if you've hardly seen your partner but you've been out with other people, playing video games etc then I'd understand the jealousy. I think it's something that eventually dies out as both people become more trusting but as Platy said, it's heavily reliant on communication. There also needs to be a line drawn when it's too much, i.e. you're banned from going out, your time away from your partner becomes forcibly limited.
  13. Manabu

    As the title suggests, what are some artists you wish had alter-ego groups? As well as that What genre of music would they play? What would their name be? Would members swap instruments? Would it even have all the same members? My first pick would be 'Develop One's Faculties' under the guise of 'Undeveloped Facilities'. They would play a pretty raw and heavy mix of punk/metal, I'd keep the members the same given Yuuya knows how to shout/scream decently and Johannes is one hell of a drummer
  14. Manabu

    I'll suggest one of the many contributing factors for a high turnover rate is because VK is quite a 'gimmick' genre/subculture and generally gimmicks will only keep people entertained for so long, genre's like the new phase of emo music with groups like MCR and glam/hair metal had their time in the sun and spawned huge subcultures but died out as people grew up and got tired of it and I'd consider both of those as gimmick genre's where if you stripped back the clothing and tone of the groups, it wouldn't have had as much excitement around it. I think as people grow older things like the clothing and look of a band don't matter as much but they were certainly one of the elements that drew me in when I was younger and probably what draws in people nowadays. As well as people tiring of the gimmick of VK, I imagine people move over to K-pop because it's easier to find communities and like-minded people both online and in reality, I live in a very small city and work in a slightly larger town, I've maybe met three people that liked Dir En Grey but I've meant countless people that like BTS, Shinee, NCT etc.
  15. Manabu

    Finally up to date on SNK, honestly how the plot has developed has been amazing. It's gearing up to be one of my favourites but it's not without it's flaws, Isayama has a habit of bringing back background characters that were in one or two chapters and use them as plot devices or trying to get the reader to care for them, it has varying degrees of success. Jojolion, I'm going to have to reread this once it's finished, the story is the most bizarre yet but it's been such a slow burner. There's a fair amount of mystery to this one but it's being drip fed, some great fights and cool concepts (still no Japanese rock stand or 'The Smiths' stand though) Dorohedoro, I'm amazed this manga even finished, iirc it went through three different publishers! I'm only on volume 5 but I'm liking it a lot, the art style is really unique and the story is quite interesting, only flaw so far is how inconsistent the bodies are.
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