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  1. The One Punch Man workout is killing me

  2. I asked for ATB only option in the FF7 remake and they've announced that's what they're doing, Jenova heard my prayers

  3. Ayyyyy, happy birthday, friendo! Hope it's a good'un :D

  4. Ecosia is the way forward

  5. Happy Birthday! You chose the best month to be born in

    1. Gesu


      Thank you~ ^_^ and yup! September is when all the best babies are born >:D lol

  6. Manabu

    Ling Tosite Sigure fans, whats the best album to start with?
  7. Manabu

    You're joining the PS4 party soon! Just wondering but what drew you to the Xbone?
  8. Manabu

    Spent a long time on PS4 (I'd suggest Nier:Automata) but gaming has moved away a bit from what I used to enjoy so I've gone back to playing on a PS2 and gameboy advance.
  9. Manabu

    I've only heard a few of the groups signed to them so for me it's Zephyr
  10. Manabu

    Kaoru has worn a lot of hats throughout his career but this abomination really tops them
  11. Hats are an underrated accessory in VK

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Manabu


      Merci! Was one minute away from making a whole new topic

    3. spockitty
    4. nekkichi



      I hope the haute couture hat-kei makes a comeback

  12. FF7 Remake looks good but please have an ATB only option

  13. Manabu

    Their name suggests they could be a brexit themed group.
  14. Manabu

    For someone who only dabbles this is good! You've certainly nailed the Castlevania style (It definitely has that playstation One vibe) But as some constructive criticism, I'd suggest lowering the volume and treble on the hats and cymbals.
  15. Manabu

    Fantastic, really thought they were going to break up after their issues with guitarists, wonder if this will usher in a new sound/direction for the band
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