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  1. ricchubunny

    FUCK NO WAYYYYY This place was my home
  2. ricchubunny

    No, this is not really the nose he wanted to, from beggining. He tried it for 3 times, but all of them failed and i t got even worse than before the surgery, so he tried for one last time in way to at least "fix it", and that's what they could do since he had not even bones left on his nose anymore after so many surgeries. He seems to be happy now, so I'm also happy for him.
  3. ricchubunny

  4. Only 2 songs that are the same in both types. The only difference are the radio tracks where they will talk and answer questions sent by fans.
  5. ROY is definitely one of the best singers in the scene
  6. This look is everything! In addition, they uploaded 2 MV's from the previous release:
  7. ricchubunny

    I play on Nintendo Switch (if there's someone that plays splatoon DM me!) and LoL on my PC
  8. ricchubunny

    Oh! I want to visit Chile so I think this may be a nice opportunity.
  9. Ricchubunny new crowdfunding campaign - help ritsu to return to Japan
  10. ricchubunny

    Oh! I'm surprised to see MIYA in a VK band. He was mutual friend with my bandman friends so we used to go to see their concerts and dinnering together. He was very nice and funny but played in an weird not vk underground band. Hope he gets some popularity, he's a nice guy
  11. Their first public appearence will be tomorrow at 09:00 PM (Japanese time) in a YouTube Live Concert at GOEMON's official channel.
  12. ricchubunny

    It just means they are going to perform in the 47 japanese prefectures
  13. Already a MOTHER stan 😭🙌

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