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  1. THIS IS THE MOST ABSOLUT PERFECTION WTF I'm in love with every second of that
  2. ricchubunny

    Tbh i feel kinda ashamed to be a 25 years old man getting addicted to a kirakira band called B A B Y K I N G D O M but I just can't help WHY THE FUCK DOES THEM KEEP DOING SO GOOD AND CATCHY MUSIC I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF THAT AND CAN'T STOP REPLAYING
  3. ricchubunny

    Actually one of my hobbies is go to see people sending tweets complaining to bandoman in shitty google translator japanese. So much fun, I do recommend.
  4. ricchubunny

    It's so funny that all people complaining about are all foreigns lol (I didn't enjoy this too but the japanese aren't really giving a fuck)
  5. Actually gramatically ファンでもなんでもない would mean "People who aren't even fans or anything". That's what he actually wanted to say tho.
  6. ricchubunny

    R-Shitei Mamo
  7. ricchubunny

    I will come to write here as soon as i have time, but i wanna ask....... Is Uruha excited like this in every single concert? Because i swear i never saw this guy like that. He was so excited that he was almost throwing himself at the crowd lol (he actually gave his guitar to the crowd play it hahaha)
  8. ricchubunny

    Here in Brazil we are camping since Tuesday. The concert is on sunday lol
  9. Today Takemasa announced officialy thorugh BPR YouTube Channel that he has been married since January of 2017. The reason that he's announcing this now is that his wife instagram got exposed and a lot of rumors started, so he wanted to speak by himself. According to him, after his father passed away he started to worry about making a family, so he decided to marry to the girl that he was keeping a relationship with.
  10. ricchubunny

    I'm super in love with this preview. So excited! I really love Karasuna Mei but i got bored on Kuroyuri after their 2nd or 3rd release... Hope gulu gulu keep doing great stuff
  11. ricchubunny

    so far i've found Oshimai and Stereoid. Did you see any from Kawazu, Kizuato and 0?
  12. ricchubunny

  13. Around 40 minutes for Kizu's MV YEAHHH SLAY THE HEISEI ERA 

  14. Today i tried to do Kyonosuke make up (posted on Show Yourself thread) and now my skin is literally DEAD. HOW CAN HE DO IT EVERYDAY

  15. ricchubunny

    Tried to do a Kyonosuke alike make up but failed super hard hahaha It was my first experience with make up so it's kinda helpless.. I didn't know eye shadows were so hard to do (just for comparison, this is me without make up anway)
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