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  1. Their first public appearence will be tomorrow at 09:00 PM (Japanese time) in a YouTube Live Concert at GOEMON's official channel.
  2. ricchubunny

    It just means they are going to perform in the 47 japanese prefectures
  3. Already a MOTHER stan 😭🙌

  4. Why many of you guys are refering to male bandmembers as she/her? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. nekkichi


      just an extension of the twitter gay speak, don't overthink it x

    3. BrenGun


      I never called a guy She unless He want it...

    4. Komorebi


      I think the only band members I've called a she are those who actually do some form of drag (Kaya, Asagi, Sena). And only on my social media, I wouldn't do it to their faces. I think it's the case for many here, calling them "she" just on here.

  5. Sorry to get offtopic but why are all you guys here refering to bandmembers in feminine gender?
  6. Bandname is MOTHER lol Also Shion became AKO LARM became Shian Lucy became Ruru MARYA became Jake (reads Jeiku)
  7. I did some edit! sorry for being late. It's really bad, bangyas are freaking out lol
  8. Actually he didn't decide to leave. After the live the staff come to him and said "The members told you to leave the band". He was dismissed by the staff without even being able to talk to the band. Also, they had already decided the new member and even made phothoost with him before even telling Urara that he was out.
  9. Talentless? LARM is a fuckn great guitarrist and composer, and no words about Lucy talent homewever how young he's lol Shion was lucky as fuck.
  10. Vocal: Shion (ex-VRZEL) Guitar: LARM (ex-DEVIZE) Bass: Lucy (ex-Jupiter) Dr: MARYA (idk)
  11. For using Mercari u need a japanse credit card tho. I made a japanese credit card just for using it haha
  12. ricchubunny

    Gimme my prize https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/55597-ペンタゴン-pentagon-new-maxi-single-夢から覚めた日-yume-kara-sameta-hi-release/?do=findComment&comment=654574
  13. Lets just remember that a "world tour" is not a big announcement for japanese fans, they'd be just like "so what" hahaha It's probably a oneman-tour or a full-album (or both?). Im super excited!
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