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  1. ricchubunny

    This 47 prefectures shit again? First make a sold out concert in Tokyo lol
  2. Awww it was my ritual to get a strawberry one everytime I went there (like at least once a week haha)
  3. AGHHHHHHH I WANT TO WATCH SO BAD. Hope my CD's arrive soon
  4. - a status that isn't about DIMLIM -

  5. 雨、コンクリート is one of the best visual kei ballads ever. If you breath, you agree


  6. ricchubunny

    LiME already said a couple of times that they will never release a full album. But he's always changing his mind so idk. It may happen!
  7. It's gulu gulu's radio. Basically they collected questions from the fans and answered it. In the Taishuu-ban they talk about regular stuff/common questions and in the Strong-ban they talk about dirty stuff like sex etc.

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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      its out x

    3. ricchubunny


      @Peace Heavy mk II i know babe, i`ve pre-ordered it 1 month ago :P It just take 1 month or more to arrive in my country. 

    4. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Love SAL!! S.hould A.rrive L.ater

  9. ricchubunny

    Basically, lyrics are about how we (the japanese people, in the case) are living in peace and happy above the corpses of the people who died in the war in order to protect us. The title is "Black Rain" because a black rain fell after the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima Knowing that is way easier to understand the MV
  10. ricchubunny

    Okay this is FUCKING AWESOME. Their music videos are absolutely the best on this scene. It's very emotional and deep, i really love it
  11. ricchubunny

    Because it was his first live as a UNiTE member so he got emotional He used to be a big fan of UNiTE. before joining them.
  12. ricchubunny

    what was that supposed to be?
  13. ricchubunny

    No??? It's only saying that he and Yuki had a nice relationship with DEN from ZIGZO and used to receive advices from him lol
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