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  1. ricchubunny

    So we got another ballad MV... I'm fine with that. The new look is stunning, Ruk...Oops, Ryo, looks super good!
  2. The correct reading is Kimi wo Omou
  3. 準子 (Junko) first single A-side song "Pien"is now avaliable on Streaming sites. I love it,the only Idol possible ❤️ 💘Apple Music https://music.apple.com/jp/album/pien-single/1522458227 💘Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1WOrvWNuBDoYaB566PtJ8t?si=zFY1M6alRhyFCyIMMI74bg
  4. ricchubunny

    Nop, he doesnt smoke also dont drink a lot. He's very healthy, that plus doesnt moving his face helps a lot.
  5. ricchubunny

    he's just in the front line of the picture while the other members are a little bit in the back tho.
  6. ricchubunny

    Actually, literally this. I have a friend that is really close to Mana. He told me that he speaks very, very low (and covering his mouth with his hands lol) even to his friends/members/staffs. By doing that he doesnt move his face muscles and he doesn't get aging signs as welll.
  7. Yo-SHiT from xTRiPx invited me for joing him in a live collabo yesterday. It was so fun! His voice still awesome and he's such a nice guy.

    1. chemicalpictures


      lol I've seen you around on hist twitchcast lives!


      it must've been AMAZING!

  8. For those who didn't get: This is Junjun from DOGinTheParallel World Orchestra! This is one of his characters and he takes it so serious, its pretty funny. I'm super excited for that.
  9. ricchubunny

    They displayed it in a Talk Event with the MV Director, fans had to pay to see it so probably they're not going to show it. But it's nothing really special, don't get hyped by that.
  10. ricchubunny

  11. ricchubunny

    Yes!!!!! If you attented to any of the first 3 oneman's probably u heard it. The one that sounds like hes saying "TEQUILAAAA" HAHAHAHAHA
  12. ricchubunny

    They will release a new song 走馬灯 (Soumatou) on May 31th. I'm so happy because this is my favorite song of them and LiME said he discared it a long time ago. So happy and surprised to see that he changed his mid. It's sooooo good!!
  13. ricchubunny

    Hiroyuki Kondo (www.twitter.com/VThiroyukikondo)
  14. ricchubunny

    But when they put a 黒い雨, a ballad, as a single everyone got I MISS OLD KIZU 😕 that’s the problem, people won’t ever be satisfied. the directors of all their mvs except kawazu is the guy who direct DeG mvs as well!
  15. i have no words for gulu gulu's E.P WTFFFF SO EPIC

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