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  1. ricchubunny

    good bye ghost-writer band
  2. ricchubunny

    Well sorry for the off-topic XD i follow kiryu for 10 years now and i've never heard about that. - The little mahiro thing: he's literally a little. he's super small. - The kun thing: He's younger than the other members so it's normal that they call him kun. What I'm saying is that he's not THAT younger. They are all 3X - The family thing also means nothing actually. They may compare Mahiro to a child because he's super selfish and the members take care of him all the time because of his health If he was actually 28 he would be starting his first band at 12 hahahahah no way. If you look for the info that you're saying in Japanese, there's nothing about that as well. Also, if you see him in person you can see that he looks old as the other members. He IS some years younger than the others, but not THAT younger haha. I'd say that he's around 33 while Takemasa and Mitsuki are 36 So yeah, you was deceived hah
  3. ricchubunny

    No way, Mahiro has the same age as the others hes around 30’s and whe he started the band he was so 20+ lol
  4. ricchubunny

    No. Kyonosu was just his roadie
  5. ricchubunny

    Kyonosu is 22, reiki is 22~23 too (i forgot) LiME and Yue around 30
  6. ricchubunny

    Well because it wasn't really a big thing. Apparently the event was super boring tho
  7. ricchubunny

    That's true, it's very unprofessional indeed and i think it was a shock mainly for the Nosukkos. But i also understand his feelings. He said that he's always feeling neverous and worried about the concerts and he barely have fun, so i think he just got very nervous and couldn't control himself. We can't also forget that Kizu is his very first band and also the first time he's facing troubles like that. I hope he become a little bit more professional tho
  8. ricchubunny

    SAVIORS OF THE HEISEI ERA i just can't wait Yes. It was clear since the beggining I don't get why people keep spreading rumours about this. The PC stopped playing so the playback wasn't working. Kyonosuke got desperate and mad. That's it. There's nothing wrong between them. Kyonosuke said recently in a interview that in the beggin they weren't really close and he felt anxious being with the other members, but now they're super friends.
  9. If you didn't wish me Happy Birthday probably you like THE RAID

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      Happy birthday, wish you all the very best always. Hope you have great day  bjs abçs

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      omg happy birthday

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      omg happy birthday!!! [2]

  10. You're welcome! They have lot of additional information that you only know if you go to instores/read interviews, so I try to share it as much as I can to the fans who doesn't have access to that or don't speak japanese. It makes the band way more enjoyable
  11. ricchubunny

    Same music quality, better vocals. Next
  12. ricchubunny

    This kind of music mades me hate his voice. It fit well in stuff like PSYCHO, but in this song it sounds awful. One of the most overrated vocalists in the whole scene lol
  13. I know right! That gives a lot of meaning to the words "Maybe I've thrown away my life once, but I was saved by music and managed to survive" before singing that song. I love how he write songs about the ages that "marked" him. Juugo is about when his classmate passed away, and he started to question God when he was 15. I hope he write more "age" songs 😮
  14. Just adding an info, Juukyuu is a song about when he tried to commit suicide when he was 19 yo
  15. The reading is "Mono no Aware". It's in old japanese and in classic japanese は has the sound of わ