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  1. メガマソ (Megamasso) announced that they will disband after the concert "世界が正しい夜に、ここにいて" (Sekai ga Tadashii Yoru ni, Koko ni ite) at 北とぴあ さくらホール (Kita to Pia Sakura Hall) on November 23th.
  2. With the Vivarush guys. They're so fun that i couldnt even stop laughing and had to concentrate a lot to don't laugh while tooking the picture hahaha Love this boys
  3. 情ノ華 will be a opening for a children anime......................OH GOD :'D This makes me afraid to expect any heavy songs on this single...
  4. Anyway theyre playing lots of new songs in the concerts and they are all awesome
  5. Zonbi is absolutely one of the best bands ever. Their live is so much fun, their performance is OASRUGSARSAHJRKSLARÇAS and their songs are flawless. LONG LIVE TO THE DEAD BOYS
  7. One of the best bands i've ever seen live. Can't wait for the single, the tour and the oneman
  8. Got R-Shitei free oneman ticket but then realized that it's on the same day as Vivarush 500 yen oneman.......... PRIORITIES 

    1. qotka



      What will it be then? :P

    2. ricchubunny


      @qotkaVivarush lmfao

  9. "Uretai!!" Sorry but "Urenai!!"
  10. I wouldn't expect any known bandman. I think GOEMON intention is make a brand new "monster" band like ViViD etc so that's why he's looking for young people
  11. Nop, they don't sell at all. Actually the only one Ains band that sells well here is DIAURA
  12. Me and Yue from Kizu
  13. I wish. Sadly it wasn't filmed
  14. Can you find me on the picture? HAHAHA It was the BEST DAY EVER. I've cried a lot. Anyway, Shuuta couldn't really move because of his traffic accident, so they said they want to play it again so he can make a 100% concert. IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL AGHHHHHHH they all seemed really happy to be there