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  1. DEZERT new album songs are actually very good. If it was a brand new band i'd be super hyped like "WHAT AN AWESOME POP-ROCK COMMERCIAL BAND!!!" it just makes me feel kinda "meh..." because it's not what i expected from them. But the songs quality are super good, Chiaki is singing super well and the bass sounds awesome.

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    2. Spectralion


      For "New" Dezert listener, that album is quite a trip. 
      I'm feeling it~

    3. colorfuljinsei


      I treat it like old baroque(バロック) v. BAROQUE they're technically the same but I just treat them different, mentally (I don't think that's the best example, but yeah.) I've listened to a bit of "good" DEZERT going into this release, but I found myself enjoying the softer tracks on this album.

    4. Tokage


      the drums on track 9 sound like tin cans imo

  2. Honestly why these news in Japanese? Just few people can read japanese here and if i want news in Japanese i would look in japanese sites XD

    1. Lestat


      Because this site is her personal diary, right?

    2. suji


      And all copypasta'd from actual news sites...

    3. BrenGun


      Because those who can read Japanese, can read them, and the photos are in HQ.

      But I wished I could edit the club settings in members only?!  It's not possible to change anymore.

      Then it won't be spammed anymore.

      And nope, I got everything via e-mail! So not copy paste from actual news sites...


      Also btw,  next time, if you or anybody feels annoyed about anything I share, just drop me DM.



      However I have sent a DM to Zeus, might he can get a fix that open club posts won't show up at the topic sidebar or to make the club for members only. 

  3. ricchubunny

    The best visual kei band on this decade. Next release please.
  4. ricchubunny

    I love this songgggggg!! So catchy! About the people hating this """new""" Kaya, have you ever been Kaya fan? He always made this kind of songs (Sugar Rose for example), they just weren't released as A-side before. lol
  5. ricchubunny

    He's like this since ever and thats super cool? lol
  6. ricchubunny

                                    x Hey guys. Since yesterday most of the bangyas are commenting about the 0.1g no Gosan x Mathilda drama. I don't know if rumors section is the right place to post it, since it's not a RUMOR, but i don't know anywhere else to do it lol I think many of you know that 0.1g no Gosan is a very polemic band. Their vocalist, Midorigawa Yuu is always chasing fans who are not doing the furi, or saying bad stuff about other bands. For example, he said to the fans don't go to shitty bands like Vexent., said POIDOL is a shitty band with a ghost-writer and also made fun of DOGinPWO (their senpais tho........). On June 28th 0.1g held a event where they intended to play with "minor" bands. One of these bands was Mathilda, a new band that just started their activities. What no one was expecting was that the vocalist Kuu would enter the stage holding a 0.1g no Gosan picture*. Then he smashed it and ATE it all. The fans were surprised and some of them scream in panic. But okay, the concert was over and no one said anything about that.......until yesterday. On yesterday's concert 0.1g vocalist stopped their song to talk about Mathilda. He said how pissed of he was for such shitty band smash their flyer (*actually it was not a flyer. it was a colorful print that Mathilda vocalist made by his own, so...) and said that if any of the 0.1g fans go to a Mathilda concert, the whole band would hate this fan forever, and don't talk to them on instore events and such anymore. In the end, he made all the fans scream "MATHILDA DIE!!!!!". If you look for opinions about that on twitter, it's very divided. But indeed, 0.1g is losing a lot of fans for their posture. In my opinion, first of all, who he think he's to say which bands the fans should go or not? "I WON'T TALK TO YOU ON INSTORES ANYMORE!!!1111" bitch how old are you? 7? the fans are PAYING MONEY for that. It's so stupid. Also, as mentioned, Mathilda didn't use a flyer that 0.1g useid their money to make. And is it THAT offensive? Mathilda vocalist is always eating stuff on their concerts, pizza, apples, and stuff because it's their concept. They choose 0.1g no Gosan picture fot that because IT WAS 0.1g EVENT. It was just a fuck'n performance. Can we also mention how problematic is to make your fans scream to SOMEONE TO DIE? Like......Jesus........ In my opinion the fans are also stupid tho. It's very funny that he's so pissed of, but he's always doing worse stuff to other bands.... So when it's with you you can't take it? HAHAHA I'm really rooting for Mathilda now and i hope they smash and eat Midorigawa next time lol What you guys opinion about that? #MathildaTeam
  7. ricchubunny

    CLØWD announced that they will disband after their oneman "CLØWD FINAL LIVE「CLØWD NINE」" on August 25th at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO due to differences among the members about the band future direction.
  8. ricchubunny

    The GazettE announced on june 29th that they’re leaving PS Company and opening their new company “Heresy”
  9. ricchubunny

    Actually japanese bangyas are hating them a lot lol They're famous for having their songs composed by ghost-songwriters and for not even being able to make an original look lol
  10. ricchubunny

  11. ricchubunny

    AGHHHHHHHHHHH I MISS THEIR CONCERTS SO BAD. I love seeing reiki on the stage
  12. ricchubunny

    They were my first band... I don't even know what to say...
  13. ricchubunny

    i think it's UNiTE's Shiina Mio solo project album
  14. ricchubunny

    Actually yes. MEJIBRAY Company president is rumored to be from Yakuza and he's one of the big bosses of Visual Kei industry now. Since Koichi and Tzk apparently had some problems with him (remember Koichi stop playing the bass and showing his middle finger in direction of their boss in the end of their concert), yes, they're in blacklist and probably can't do a Visual Kei band anymore. That's what this song is about. On yesterday concert they said that CreatO was the only live house that let they play.
  15. ricchubunny

    Dance Lesson version is also avaliable now