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  1. ricchubunny

    The announcement totally sounds like a disband 😕
  2. Comments on 自我-ジガ-? I'm super in love for 白日.

    1. Himeaimichu


      I think the album sounds really good composition-wise, but I cannot get past the guitar tone. These songs are way too good for a guitar tone with no mids

    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I liked a couple of songs from it, but I honestly don't really remember much about it still.


      I have カケチガイ, ズタズタ, and 絶望輪舞曲 saved.

  3. Is that hard for you Mamo?



  4. ricchubunny

    In Brazil, otherwise, there’s less than 20 tickets left lol
  5. ricchubunny

    I didn't really enjoy the last release (花鳥風月), it was kinda boring for me. But did you listen to 手纏ノ端無キガ如シ? It's pretty much awesome! The chorus is very catchy, so give it a chance! Their latest full album was pretty good too.
  6. ricchubunny

    I love it! It just take some time to hit you, but It's a really good song. His face changed indeed, but about his voice he's just singing in a different way? lol Mahiro has ever sanged in many different ways. His voice in 漣 is very different from 鬼祭 for example. I'm kinda surprised that Kiryu fans didn't notice it haha. Can't wait for the b-sides ❤️
  7. ricchubunny

    Well, he changes his mind a lot, but I've attended to their instore events/readed their interviews and he said a couple of times he doesnt want to produce a full album again on his life 🤔 who knows, but better to don't expect.
  8. ricchubunny

    Like every topic I'm here to comment again: LiME stated he will never release a full album.
  9. ricchubunny

    It will be! That album was released while Yui was on the "command" of the band. But they received a lot of criticize and now Mio is back, as you could notice in the previous single Citrus/Eyes_Bitter
  10. ricchubunny

    Just a plus: LINE CUBE SHIBUYA is Shibuya Kokaido also known as Shibuya C.C Lemon Hall
  11. ricchubunny

    Lazy to look if its already in the topic but Meto from MEJIBRAY and the BABOO vocalist are brothers
  12. ricchubunny

    They charge in Yen so it's probably a Japanese site, hehehe. You can also buy in recochoku and iTunes JP if you have a japanese account. I was being more specific about streaming services
  13. ricchubunny

    It will be when it become 28th in your region! It's already out in Asia/Australia etc
  14. ricchubunny

    Just checked their thread and actually the reviews are 90% good? lol What thread did you read?
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