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  2. Loving this guys! Also heard this song live and it was pretty good
  3. Their music on CD is kinda bad but their concert is super funny! Kinda excited for new songs!
  4. Today is Kizu 2nd oneman at TSUTAYA O-WEST! Super excited! I leave for Tokyo in some hours but can't even sleep...

  5. I'll post my favorite recent pictures: Me and Kiryu: I was really surprised that THEY ALL knew my name. It was the first time in my life meeting them and they all were like "Hey Ritsu". Takemasa said im famous between japanese bandmans...OH WELL. HOPE THATS GOOD. Me with my favorite band, UNiTE: It was just awesome. No comments. Me with Yue from Kizu, my second favorite band. They're just the best band that appeared on the recent years! My forehead looks giant on this chekis. I know. Blame the photographer!! (LOL NO) Also the most recent that i took the day before yesterday, me and Yuuha from the Raid. the Raid. is not on my top 5 favorite bands, but Yuuha is one of my favorite bandmans ever! Love this babie!
  6. This is not the new look. Is the same look as the last single and tour.
  7. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥:glitter:

  8. Ikr I'm now fangirling over it. dude I love some drama
  9. Making the thing easier to understand: Tsuzuku and Koichi left MEJIBRAY. Now Mejibray members are only Meto and MiA. WWK Project is ex Kameleo guy solo project, so MiA is just a support member. It's not his project or anything. Plus he's not "ex.MEJIBRAY" because he still part of the group since they didn't officially disband yet. Just Tsuzuku and Koichi are "ex. MEJIBRAY" now
  10. Im addicted to Neverland concerts ;(

  11. They're my personal friends so i feel really sorry for this happening But these guys are really decided to become bigger, so i think that a bright future wait for them!
  12. Today I will see Kiryu for the first time... so damn excited!

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      I wanna know your thoughts!! 

  13. Hahahaha nooo Mio is really old 😰 He is my favorite bandman in the world, but he looks like 60 in person hahaha