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  1. PIZAZ

    Favorite anime of all time is and always will be the Utena tv series. Followed distantly by Wolfs Rain, Perfect Blue, Nadia tv series, End of Evangelion, Madoka and Kids on the Slope. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch that I would call my favorites on a different day.
  2. Damn, that's a hot look. Sample sounds fire too
  3. Nice! They really impressed me with their album last year
  4. PIZAZ

    ^LOVE the Grandia series! 2 is probably the best overall, tho the first is my personal favorite. I love the 90's adventure anime aesthetic mixed with ghibli tropes.
  5. PIZAZ

    I found Silky equally obnoxious and endearing, she reminds me of an irl friend. Then I read the sexual assault allegation and... yeah. I won't call it anything other than an allegation at this point, but it does kind of recontextualize her lack of boundaries displayed in the first episode. Yvie and Plastique are right up my alley, so I'm going with them for preliminary faves. I wanted Soju to do something, anything more than what we got, that was underwhelming af. Vanjie surprised me! I was expecting a tired rehashed memefest for the entirety of her onscreeen time, thankfully we didn't get that. And that's a damn impressive glow up. Miley looked and sounded like young twink Justin Beiber and it was far too much for me. I need to spend more time with the rest of the cast, but everyone else ranged from good to passable. I'm looking forward to seeing how this season plays out, it's pretty clear from some of the girls social media and interviews that they don't exactly get along well and I'm a sucker for petty drag queen drama.
  6. Sick look! Reminding a bit of Nega's early looks(which were pretty flawless for a period of time)
  7. PIZAZ

    Playing Tekken 7 with my partner for the last week or so and getting back into fighting games that aren't smash for the first time since I was a teen. I still suck. Katarina is forgiving enough to noobs and I enjoy her playstyle so I'm sticking to her so far. I'm having a lot of fun getting the timing down and learning basic combos, I can safely say I'm moving away from button mashing territory. When I get confident enough I'll start playing online 😞 Finished up Dragon Quest xi a little while ago, though I haven't plated the game yet and I'm not sure I will. The way Sylvando was handled was unexpected, relatable and endearing, it was impressively progressive for such an old school game. Also helps that I have a hispanic father and we've had similar issues when I was growing up. I also started playing the Langrisser mobile game because my old go to is being shut down(RIP Sailor Drops) and I'm loving it. Story is meh and I'm not very familiar with the original games, but I love Satoshi Urushihara's character designs and the gameplay is above average for a mobile game imo. I refuse to pay even a dime for gacha games on principal(I was heavily addicted to one at one point and weep when I think of all of that money I wasted) and so far this one has been accommodating of that. We'll see how long that stays true.
  8. PIZAZ

    Agreed that Monet, as much as I love her, was the one least deserving of a crown of the four. I'm not a huge Trinity fan, but I respect her enough to say she deserved her win. Monique deserved it the most out of all of them though. Naomi was shaky sometimes, but when she delivered she went HAM. This season was strong in the first half, kind of lost me near the end. I'm not feeling as burned out as I was at the end of AS3 last year at least. Season 11 has some queens I'm vaguely familiar with, Soju and Plastique stand out to me. Like always, it'll take a couple of episodes for me to start caring about them. I've heard nothing but good about Thailand and been peer pressured to watch it by friends for months now. UK I'm curious about, I wonder how much will change
  9. I'll defo check them out! Seems like fun, tongue in cheek oshare with edge, which is totally a positive for me.
  10. That is some tragic ms paint tier photoshop, holy shit. Their heads look like they'll come flying off of their bodies. Some of their faces are blurry while their bodies are clear as day??? If that was free, they overpaid woof
  11. Vk gets it's "me too" moment spearheaded by a remorseful, reformed Kisaki, breaking everyone's mind Ariana Grande claims vk as an inspiration, proceeds to do a 90's white-kei/r&b mashup album that brings a bunch of unwanted attention and misused money to the scene. Bad auto tune makes a comeback and ridiculous ponytails/fiveheads become new trends, pissing off most fans in the process 0.1g no gosan and Mathilda are forced to play a year long, nationwide tour together. It starts out rough and only gets worse- tension from the vocalists of both bands leads to canceled shows and releases. Both bands break up before the tour is over. Gosan's vocalist goes missing shortly after and rumors of him being eaten are passed around on tanuki as fact every time either band is brought up.
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