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  1. PIZAZ

    I really liked the album, my biggest issue with it was my favorite tracks were previously released so I don't find myself going back to it as often as a completely fresh album. It still gets frequent play, in fact thinking about it has inspired another listen
  2. PIZAZ

    You look amazing!!! I want to try dressing full on vk someday too
  3. PIZAZ

    ??? Are they feeling looked over and chose this concept as a statement to the scene? Probably not, but I'd be interested in reading an interview about their reasoning.
  4. I hope the upcoming single has more oomph, i get that this is a joke song/mv but it's been so long since they released anything. I need more than a joke!
  5. I'm excited, they look amazing. New to them so I'm not getting any fatigue, bring it on!!
  6. PIZAZ

    I've been listening to them more lately. I didn't have strong feelings one way or another, yet their most recently shared single kept making it's way to my playlist and now I really like most of their music that's been shared. I feel like they have a really cohesive sound that that doesn't stand out or leave a strong first impression, but works well after spending some time with it. Gekokujou and WOLFMAN are fun albums that rarely get boring. I get the impression that they're overlooked? Hopefully that changes because they've been at it for awhile now.
  7. Maybe even more in the direction of something like a sasquatch or a werewolf. Mythological creatures.
  8. He's not dressed as a military member, he's dressed as kitsune, a yokai. I don't think it's supposed to be exotic, more fanciful and visually appealing.
  9. It's nice to hear his voice again and the song is better than previous solo efforts. The pv is a let down and I had no expectations. Previews inspire less confidence, I still want to hear full versions though.
  10. Holy shit, this may be contender for best look 2018, I love it
  11. I kind of hate it haha. Song is boring and sounds like lame album filler, synths are annoying/ill fitting, video has the season 1 of drag race filter and everyone looks old and cheap.
  12. PIZAZ

    I'm getting Walter Mercado vibes personally...
  13. PIZAZ

    Did anyone have thoughts about the new single? I really liked the title track and music video. I enjoyed 中庭 the most out of the b-sides, but I felt like there was some missed potential. It's such a short song and most of it is build up. Effective build up and that chorus is dramatic, I wish they would have spent some more time fleshing out the rest.
  14. woof, but 彩冷える has a live coming up on the 1st and takehito is participating?