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  1. PIZAZ

    Kind of got back into art, still lacking talent, but I'll show off the last thing I finished working on and then I got really bored at work and tried to add to it with gimp, results are mixed at best
  2. PIZAZ

    Love your work, super unique and fun. You have a great eye for coloring!
  3. PIZAZ

    You've got a great eye for fashion and your coloring is really soft and beautiful. Love your work, keep it up!
  4. PIZAZ

    Did anyone check out the new single and have thoughts? I liked it more than I thought I would, title track was nicely put together. I haven't been the biggest fan of their more electronicore direction in previous singles/b-sides off the last album, but I think they've refined it a bit here. Song is catchy without being overwhelmingly poppy. There are little synth flourishes that make it stand out, but it's subdued enough to not give me a headache. B-side was even more my speed, harsh vocals fit well. I feel like they can and have done much better, but this was a solid single overall.
  5. PIZAZ

    Music could use some work still, not as awful as that first video. Looks are on point and served well, I'm down with that at least.
  6. I'm also morbidly curious, who knows maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised
  7. I'm glad the band seems to be doing well and you had a good time, I had a lot of fun seeing them way back when too. He does, I imagine he's probably gotten even better over the years. Hope they keep doing these lives and actually fully reform in the near future!
  8. PIZAZ

    ^^ Yeah, it was. That was a pretty special couple of days for me. Pretty amazing lineup looking back on it over 10 years later
  9. PIZAZ

    Like a lot of yall, I've been casually playing smash with a friend occasionally. LOVE that they decided to pull a MvC2 and just throw whatever they could think of in, smash was feeling stale for awhile. I'm maining Jigglypuff and Kirby(as always), but also switching shit up and giving other characters a try. I like Villager and Simon so far.
  10. PIZAZ

    The beginning of this year has been unexpectedly positive so far. It's too soon, I'm still sad, but you're really cute and you're saying everything I need to hear rn soooooo... I guess we'll see where this goes.
  11. PIZAZ

    I really liked the first single too, solid stuff for a fresh vk band.
  12. PIZAZ

    I get in Vidoll moods pretty often and spend time going through their old stuff. Love that there's a sizeable group of people here who seem to do the same. Most of the major stuff was a snoozefest and missed the mark for me, but it's far more tolerable than a lot of other major vk acts at the time where. Jui's voice saved it from being truly garbage. Even though it was such a tiny set, I'm glad I got the chance to see them once before the disbanded. I held on to that candy Rame threw at us for YEARS. Finally had to throw it away after I could see discoloration through the wrapper lol
  13. PIZAZ

    Agreed with all of the above, they look great. Vocalist looks especially ready to tear some shit up