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  1. I hear the VelBet similarities for sure! I get it, I also started following this band because of the style they were presenting early on and I'm def not trying to stop anyone from being over them! Just offering what my impressions were. I should have made this clear in my original post, but the congested and drunk comment was specifically referring to the rerecorded versions of songs on the album and the last single we got. The vocalist was sounding sick/overworked/whatever and I was worried we'd continue to get more recordings like that in the future.
  2. PIZAZ

    This was a huge help yesterday, thank you so much for putting it together in such an easy to understand way
  3. PIZAZ

    Nope, this is my first ys game! I've heard good things about other entries(including Celceta) and plan on checking them out after a couple of other games in my backlog.
  4. PIZAZ

    haha, I have the damn japanese itunes card but my computer and itunes are not being friends rn, itunes won't let me create an appleid. I'm in the middle of troubleshooting the issue, but if someone(who isn't a complete rando) with a japanese itunes account can come through I'm willing to just go through them.
  5. PIZAZ

    I'm considering buying it and a few other newer releases from other bands but I'm hesitant to go about the whole japanese gift card/itunes account because I've had weird experiences in the past. Will absolutely post here once I figure it out lol.
  6. It doesn't sound nearly as dire as some are making it out to be. Plus there's just not enough to go off of yet. Vocalist is sounding noticeably less congested and drunk here, I'm optimistic.
  7. So does anyone k now if this a parody of a particular band/song? I wasn't feeling this as much as other songs I've listened to from them, but it's kind of cute and catchy
  8. PIZAZ

    Cool video, nit quite as crazy as I as hoping for considering the outfits but it works. Mahiro's screams seem to have less of effects and layering than usual towards the end, I like it. They should consider expanding on that in the future.
  9. PIZAZ

    Doesn't sound too bad at all, will keep an eye out for them next year
  10. I loved what we saw of the music video and the b-side previews sound great too. Really looking forward to the whole thing.
  11. Congrats on making it ten years, ya'll really don't need another best album though.
  12. PIZAZ

    I started Ys 8 on the switch last week and it's really addicting. I love how well easily combat flows, exploration is fun(not overwhelming like a lot of modern games) and while it won't win any awards, the writing is decent to passable; anime tropes are present for sure, thankfully there's more to it the characters and they're mostly tolerable so far. There's a decent variety of things to do and it all gels really well and feels cohesive. I don't have a lot of negative to say about this game, graphics will be an issue for some as they are late ps2/early ps3 quality but personally I find them serviceable when in handheld mode. I tried playing docked for an hour and all of the games graphical issues are exacerbated, shading in certain areas has those blocky ps1 textures that looked bad in the 90's and slowdown becomes a problem. I've heard that the switch port is the worst in that regard though, so it's probably less of an issue on ps4/steam. I'm not too far into it, so who knows it could fall apart, but so far this is the best arpg I've played in a long time.
  13. PIZAZ

    I'll check out the Yuna track out of curiosity because I like her
  14. I was sent an interesting mix by @reminiscing2004 that flowed really well. I can tell a lot of consideration went into this, so I'll try to respond in kind. Please excuse my lack of musical knowledge and as a result possibly faulty terminology. I'm skipping giving real ratings/reviews to songs that are under 20 seconds.
  15. woof, those are some really bright, ugly outfits. Take note everyone else in the scene, this isn't a good look.