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  2. Jenny78242002

    Hey everyone ☺️ I'm currently looking for chekis from the following bands: - arlequin - RAZOR - kizu - Verxina - Sarigia - Grieva - awoi - KAMIJO No specific members, if you can offer something, please send me a PM 😍
  3. Jenny78242002

    Got my CDs well packed, fast and in perfect condition!! Perfect seller!
  4. Jenny78242002

    Hey, I have some Aggy cheki and a few photos of the band. Just let me know if you are interested^^
  5. Jenny78242002

    Hey, I have some Mejibray cheki I'm selling, just Meto an MiA ones. If you're interested, just let me know ^^
  6. Jenny78242002

    Hey~ I'd be interested in DIMLIM stuff, some DEVILOOF cheki and NAZARE cheki and photosets (if they have some at those lives) ^^" Also if you could pick up some things from Puresound, that would be great
  7. Jenny78242002

    Got my stuff, everything went perfect! Thank you!
  8. Hey, are the KIZU chekis still there?
  9. Jenny78242002

    Habe dir eine PM geschickt
  10. Hi I'm still selling some MEJIBRAY and Nocturnal chekis at my eBay-shop: https://www.ebay.de/usr/jenny78242002 Just tell me if you are interested in anything
  11. Jenny78242002

    Still selling lots of chekis! I have more Nocturnal Bloodlust chekis (mostly Hiro) and also Lycaon, MEJIBRAY that I haven't made pics yet. Feel free to ask me
  12. Jenny78242002

    I have 3 MEJIBRAY CD's for sale at the moment and lots of chekis from them over at my eBay-site: eBay If you are interested in anything, just let me know
  13. Jenny78242002

    Still selling lots of chekis over at our eBay-site. If you are interested in some of them, let me know!
  14. Jenny78242002

    Updated our eBay-Shop! Link--> eBay-Shop We still have many chekis from Nocturnal Bloodlust, MEJIBRAY, Lycaon, Royz and others left!
  15. Jenny78242002

    Updated our eBay-shop with some J-Rock/Visual Kei-related items: eBay-Link
  16. Jenny78242002

    Updated the whole sales-post!! Feel free to take a look
  17. Jenny78242002

    *list was updated* PRICES REDUCED!!! Just take a look
  18. Jenny78242002

    I'm still selling lots of things! Just have a look!
  19. Jenny78242002

  20. Jenny78242002

    UPDATE WITH A LOT OF FLYERS! Please take a look at my sales-lj: http://noble-sympathia.livejournal.com/
  21. Jenny78242002

    Hey, my sister is selling a lot of flyers over here: http://noble-sympathia.livejournal.com/4070.html Just ask her for pics^^
  22. Jenny78242002

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