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  1. ryutsu fuka = not available for general distribution, pretty much it's either live only edition or live+mailorder edition.
  2. 薔薇の末裔

    Well people abusing their kouhai's and women in general is something that is peculiar the Japanese society of that time overall, not really limited to visual kei. I'm not trying to say that being delinquent boys is the key to making inspired music, but probably their "spirit" somehow helped them to make something new and sincere. Someone "educated" and with enough music knowledge are keen to think inside the box and play along the rules, pretty much put a stop on their creativity. They would be great writers and performers but not the innovators. For example I hardly imagine skilled musicians being able to write and perform the complete mess that bands like La'Mule or Kuroyume were doing in the 90's. Those bands could write those songs and end up being original because they probably had no idea of what they were doing in the first place. As soon as they got able to play a bunch of chords on guitar they were ready to write songs right out of a 30 minute jam session. Sure a lot of bands were just atrocious and eventually got forgotten, but I guess the ones with fresh ideas, charming persona and decent taste could emerge as popular acts in the end. Some other bands like BUCK-TICK eventually became skilled musicians and polished writers, but kind of kept their original spirit intact as well (looks like BUCK-TICK members still get themselves drunk till morning after all of their gigs, probably younger bands would die at 25 if they had the same lifestyle). Some other eventually learnt about the grammar through experience, and that's when they started being good musicians but suddenly unable to write memorable songs like at the beginning of their career. Probably this applies to other genres as well, when lots of people seem to like a band's indies works even though the musicians got so much more mature in their latest albums.
  3. 薔薇の末裔

    I think there are two main reasons: 1. Techniques for smaller studios/home recordings are much more advanced now, so even no budget bands can finally afford making more polished releases. 10+ years ago a decent recording/mixing session would cost a lot of money while pretty much now anyone can fix songs with melodyne, preamp guitars and the like. Especially with indies band you can really feel the quality gap between recorded songs and live performances. A lot of dudes are not even playing their instruments/singing live anymore as they are aware of that. 2. Socially speaking the musicians are completely different people nowadays. Otaku-ish dudes who liked music and grew up listening to bands are more common in the scene now, while in the past it was really just a bunch of ex-chimpiras, yakuzas, bikers, hosts, etc. who did not fit into society and were in bands just because there was little else they could do to get chicks (of course there are exceptions). They had the ideas and the fierceness, but mostly no music knowledge whatsoever and especially no will to practice or overthink about their music. Now most guys went to school, have money to learn playing their instruments and afford decent equipment, and especially they all mostly compose on their laptops so there is again a bit gap in what their minds can compose and what their hands can play on an instrument. So the result is mostly polished and well performed songs but kind of lacks the raw energy and "heart" older bands had instead. There is no right and wrong about it, it really depends on what you are looking for in music.
  4. If you really knew them then I can't really see why you should be confused by that Bel Air video. I don't recall seeing them dancing over it or doing anything else than playing their instruments.... If Mana were playing guitar during Madrigal, well then your comment would have made sense. Anyway don't worry the DVD has a bunch of dancing around songs too 😉
  5. 薔薇の末裔

    looks like mako and kamijo had a baby
  6. Actually he fits in even a bit too much. I agree with the people saying that Hizaki was looking for this kind of vocalist from the beginning. Wouldn't be surprised he kicked out Zin after getting the chance to invite Kuze. These Japanese metal bands could be interesting as long as they're throwing in some peculiar elements like visual kei-ish melodies and vocals. HGP and early Versailles had a good vk-metal balance and kinda sounded fresh at that time, but now Jupiter just sounds like an imitation of any average european band. I didn't like their previous vocalist either as he was (badly) trying to sound like western metal, but I guess that could sound at least more interesting than this new dude. Would rather go for Kamijo's shitty singing which can at least make it sound more personal or at least different.
  7. 薔薇の末裔

    as mentioned in the post above they are just doing a malice mizer session twice in september for the band's anniversary. sakura is on drums as it seems he was kami's mentor, while former malice mizer roadies kamijo, hitomi and shuji (caligari) will be on vocals. I think it's been announced about half a year ago?
  8. 薔薇の末裔

    That's some great work indeed. I registered at manicure and would love to contribute if possible. The only thing that is missing and would make it the ultimate vkei database would be adding discography entries similar to discogs (all releases a musician is featured in showing up in their individual pages, and being able to add credits with artist links to each discography entry). I know that would be a lot of work though. also in the musician's page band history, if the time periods and position would be mentioned it would be cool. fields for guest appearances, special session bands and the like would also make it more interesting I guess!
  9. 薔薇の末裔

    The 33 expensive tickets are sold out. Regular tickets are available.
  10. 薔薇の末裔

    I'm not a fan and really don't care but it doesn't sound that unfair to me honestly. If it's only 4,000 seats they won't be able to pay off the usual fee the band members get for a show, so regular ticket prices wouldn't make it profitable enough for their standards I suppose. Also they are branding it as a premium show and Richard Fortus and Wes Borland will be guests too so that sounds kind of fair if you are a big fan of the band and want to see them at a smaller venue for once. Not so hardcore fans would not pay for that so that's why they are having it at a 4,000~ venue to begin with isn't it. Fans who don't care about premium gigs and just want to see them live can just go to their regular gigs and pay the regular tix price.
  11. 薔薇の末裔

    A tickets cost 9,999 and include three unspecified privileges. They are limited to 30 and sold on Crucifixion's mail-order. B tickets are sold here: http://sort.eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P0010843P006001P002254262P0030001 . C tickets are direct reservations by email to each band (I think they have like a mail address or form on their websites).
  12. 薔薇の末裔

    Older visual kei was always trying to put some shock value in their looks so that might have been on purpose, but with probably zero political meaning. They were just trying to shock and play with taboos. But I'm pretty sure that current bands are being inspired by that and use uniforms and nazi alike imageries just because it looks cool. Most people in Japan nowadays do not even know what nazism is anyway.
  13. Makoto did recording and editing for all Insanity's works so that might be why all three vocalists sound so close. Chaos had no impact vocal wise but I was under the impression he and Makoto were mostly in charge of the band activities, that might be the reason for the hiatus? They're such a small band I don't even think they actually have royalties and Kyoka has always been pretty bad at managing band activities himself, I can imagine him leave the work to his kohais. Anyways previews sound promising I'm surely buying this.
  14. 薔薇の末裔

    Reminds me of the ziggy stardust lp cover
  15. 薔薇の末裔

    I think it sounded more like a "I won't be on stage anymore in my life" kind of thing, but you know Kyouka announced retirement like a billion times already so I would not probably believe it.
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