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  1. I'm not a fan and really don't care but it doesn't sound that unfair to me honestly. If it's only 4,000 seats they won't be able to pay off the usual fee the band members get for a show, so regular ticket prices wouldn't make it profitable enough for their standards I suppose. Also they are branding it as a premium show and Richard Fortus and Wes Borland will be guests too so that sounds kind of fair if you are a big fan of the band and want to see them at a smaller venue for once. Not so hardcore fans would not pay for that so that's why they are having it at a 4,000~ venue to begin with isn't it. Fans who don't care about premium gigs and just want to see them live can just go to their regular gigs and pay the regular tix price.
  2. A tickets cost 9,999 and include three unspecified privileges. They are limited to 30 and sold on Crucifixion's mail-order. B tickets are sold here: http://sort.eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P0010843P006001P002254262P0030001 . C tickets are direct reservations by email to each band (I think they have like a mail address or form on their websites).
  3. Older visual kei was always trying to put some shock value in their looks so that might have been on purpose, but with probably zero political meaning. They were just trying to shock and play with taboos. But I'm pretty sure that current bands are being inspired by that and use uniforms and nazi alike imageries just because it looks cool. Most people in Japan nowadays do not even know what nazism is anyway.
  4. Makoto did recording and editing for all Insanity's works so that might be why all three vocalists sound so close. Chaos had no impact vocal wise but I was under the impression he and Makoto were mostly in charge of the band activities, that might be the reason for the hiatus? They're such a small band I don't even think they actually have royalties and Kyoka has always been pretty bad at managing band activities himself, I can imagine him leave the work to his kohais. Anyways previews sound promising I'm surely buying this.
  5. Reminds me of the ziggy stardust lp cover
  6. I think it sounded more like a "I won't be on stage anymore in my life" kind of thing, but you know Kyouka announced retirement like a billion times already so I would not probably believe it.
  7. I checked Kyouka's twitter and it seems that Insanity Injection will not play live anymore but will release songs in the future. Anything official confirmed about that?
  8. I checked the twit and I'm pretty sure they will covering 90's artists at the concert (probably because they don't have enough original songs for a oneman). The CDs will have original songs. Btw I recall seeing Suicide Labyrinth in their setlists for a few years already and they are mentioning they will not release it ever again.
  9. They are also releasing a new mini album in September
  10. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/YZLM-8006
  11. Their twit clearly says they are reforming so it's not a one day thing. Unless it goes bad of course.
  12. After seeing their twitter selfies I'm 99% sure Idea and Levi are from forCroix.
  13. Mercuro will have their first live in 16 years at Ikebukuro Chop on April 13th. Quite surprising I didn't expect them to actually play live!! ">
  14. It seems he actually committed suicide but the official story was different to prevent fans from being influenced.
  15. I bet it's going to be the same kind of revival as noisy crowds (only one original member)