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  1. I checked the twit and I'm pretty sure they will covering 90's artists at the concert (probably because they don't have enough original songs for a oneman). The CDs will have original songs. Btw I recall seeing Suicide Labyrinth in their setlists for a few years already and they are mentioning they will not release it ever again.
  2. They are also releasing a new mini album in September
  3. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/YZLM-8006
  4. Their twit clearly says they are reforming so it's not a one day thing. Unless it goes bad of course.
  5. After seeing their twitter selfies I'm 99% sure Idea and Levi are from forCroix.
  6. Mercuro will have their first live in 16 years at Ikebukuro Chop on April 13th. Quite surprising I didn't expect them to actually play live!! ">
  7. It seems he actually committed suicide but the official story was different to prevent fans from being influenced.
  8. I bet it's going to be the same kind of revival as noisy crowds (only one original member)
  9. It was part of their 6 announcements on January 1st
  10. Worst jacket design ever but I like how his hairstyle and looks is reminiscent of his days in Matina
  11. Looks like they will sell a split single with glamscure on April 23rd for their twoman live. Also their website says they will release an album in Spring.
  12. Promotional flyer for glamscure, nue and Roqudama Carta's 3man live featuring the three vocalists. Comment movie
  13. I believe they just made it unavailable as they won't be able to ship the tickets on time? preorders usually close about two days in advance and there is no sold out announcement from neither band and live house.
  14. Looks like they will release an album this Spring. I wonder if that will be their first release in regular stores and if they will include the songs from these singles too?
  15. Their twitter says he is joining AS A SUPPORT GUITARIST, so he is not a member of the band. I am sure they purposely phrased it in that misleading way to make it sound more sensational though. They took new pictures like two weeks ago and wouldn't make sense if they were planning to add a new member right after that I wouldn't be surprised if he joined eventually though. It looks like they are slowly growing bigger and it might be a chance for him to get a decent fanbase after Cell failed.