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  1. Such a shame, I love MIRAI's voice
  2. http://kaya-rose.com/information/detail.php?id=240 Lolita TeaParty!! inLA 『Café Noir en Los Angeles』 ANNOUNCEMENT: Save the date! Kaya’s Chanson Tea Party, Café Noir en Los Angeles Sunday, May 13, 2018 Details coming soon! Kaya in BRAZIL!! 『WORLD POP FESTIVAL』 at MART CENTER 19, 20, 21 e 22 de Julho de 2018 http://www.worldpopfestival.com.br Message from Kaya Kaya in BRAZIL!! in WORLD POP FESTIVAL vou voltar para o brasil♥ Quero te ver logo!!Eu te amo♥ BRAZILLLLLL ♥
  3. Manila?? Oh wait... Kaya ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. Headphone★Baby new single 「ふたりのうた」(Futari no Uta) will be released on March 10. ¥700. Tracklist: 01- 花一匁の一等賞 02- 侵略★レヴォリューション The songs will be sung by シャア (Shaa) and ヲリヲリ (woriwori).
  5. Slaaaaay queen weeeerk
  6. I miss your girly style, but he's so cute in both ♥
  7. たつひ (Tatsuhi) under the name タツヤ (Tatsuya) ex-ZORO new band "RUMCAT" has formed. Vocal & Guitar 有希 (Yuki) Bass タツヤ (Tatsuya) Keyboard & synthesizer カツラ (Katsura) OHP: https://www.rumcat.tokyo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/rumcat_official
  8. I love Raizo, happy to see him in a new band.
  9. OMG I loved this preview ♥
  10. I love♥
  11. Yeees ♥