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  1. The Reverend

    Acme Dezert (both have just their new albums)
  2. The Reverend

    Awesome live report! I have never had the nerve to venture to the lowest section of AREA as a similarly tall dude. (though I've never been to a show there that had 50% boys...) Amazing.
  3. At first I thought maybe there was some connection because their mail-order flier(?) looked so much like Ren's always do.
  4. The Reverend

    I kinda like the song too! (other than the 'rapping') I just think the video is bad/very low budget and ripe for making fun of. If there were nothing redeeming about the song I wouldn't have listened to it enough times to critique the video haha.
  5. The Reverend

    Damn and I thought I had been into VK a long time. Welcome! So there are a lot of people here who go to lots of lives and are pretty much experts.... but if you want the perspective from an American dude who doesn't speak Japanese and is sure he's doing it wrong feel free to drop me a line haha, so far no one has yelled at me for doing something wrong at VK show.
  6. RIght? Pretty big time considering they'be been around like a year(?) Their live show was tons of fun though, I get it.
  7. The Reverend

    VK newbies モンダイジ!! (Mondaiji!!) released a PV for their new song "ラヴベリ-Love very-" and because they decided to disable comments on the video, I had to take my comments here! 'Hey guys! We're Mondaiji!!' I don't like that this caution tape is arranged in such a way that it isn't even pretending to keep anyone out of anything. It looks way more like they were learning about Maypole dances in class that day and had no streamers to make one. Oh no we're only 10 seconds into this video and they've already started adding unnecessary post-effects in editing. They did not have a lot of confidence in this video holding up on its own. See what a I mean? Though this was probably necessary considering the terrible lighting of this PV. 'We don't have a drummer yet.' Did no one think that exposed fluorescent lights maybe wasn't the best they could do for lighting a music video featuring three men in tons of makeup? The lighting just screams 'this is a cheap PV we made on an iPhone!' and is the second worst thing about this video. The worst thing is how unwilling the whole band is to just 'go for it'. I remember Jimi from Chemical Pictures blogging once about how to look cool in a PV you have to be willing to look ridiculous in person because normal movements won't translate with any energy on film. The dancing and jumping and instrument-ing in this video are so half-assed it's like the band are embarrassed. This is also my biggest complaint with their sound so far. I actually kind of like the summer-time fun vibes in the verses of this track, but no one in the band sounds like they really *mean it*. I have no idea what this song is about, so I'm not sure if the classroom relates. But now the vocalist is singing into a chalkboard eraser cause why not. (Though I do appreciate that they gave him a microphone in this PV, nothing makes singers look more awkward than when they have nothing to hold and don't know what to do with their hands.) I feel ya bro. 'Quidditch after class??' I actually think dude on the right's vibrator-on-my-hip blowin-some-bubbles aesthetic is pretty on point. Again, dudes look like they got bored in the middle of shooting their own music video. There's rapping in this song. When will VK vocalists learn that really all you have to do to not sound like my mom or the Beastie Boys trying to rap is rhyme more than one syllable? Also there's no way that little cone would amplify someone's voice whatsoever. 'Oh shit I forgot to hold either my mic or cone or eraser. I'll just mime it for this shot.' What's with the curtains in this classroom? I like to think they shot this video while school was in session somewhere and the school's principal needed all the middle school children to not see the VK horrors lurking in that classroom. (Hopefully it's something innocent like nap-time darkness. Going to school in America, we had drills where we had to hang things to black out the windows so hypothetical school shooters wouldn't be able to see into the classrooms 😢) Who ya got as the GOAT, MJ or LeBron? 'What are you doing to the clock??' 'Hehe, time to go! Saika you're such a trickster!' These guys have a one-man show coming up at Takadanobaba AREA this fall, whoa!
  8. There’s a Suiyoubi no Campanella X Chvrches song out today? Cool

    1. Chi


      yeah i was surprised lol

    2. -NOVA-


      i had no idea who campanella was until this. I follow chvrches religiously xD i thought it was a super awesome song :) what did you all think? 

    3. saishuu


      not sure if I like the song yet, but it's still surprising how lowkey popular they are with some western artists. their song with Moodoid was really cool.

  9. The Reverend

    *Quick public service announcement* Are you that dude in the mosh pit flailing your arms everywhere and punching and kicking all around?? Nobody likes you and your whole shit is definitely an act.
  10. The Reverend

    Ok, so final verdict from you guys: as someone who likes Lynch. but doesn't love them (I've been happy so far just keeping The Avoided Sun and The Buried around whenever I hear a new album and think 'I'll just listen to the similar stuff I already know I like...') is there any reason to check this out??
  11. The Reverend

    I'd go out to this if he were playing with a band. By himself doing karaoke? No thanks.
  12. The Reverend

    Guys, turn your read receipts off.
  13. The Reverend

    Both kind of VK-adjacent but noticed these two today: Blam Honey (Just Providence of Decadence) Speecies
  14. Nice! The Velvet do the kind of low-budget kei I'll always give a chance, looking forward to it. If you were actually curious: melancholy is a noun, melancholic is the adjective form.