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  1. Boris have announced a North American tour with some seriously cool support: from their Facebook: "DEAR/25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR" 10/03 – Fresno, CA @ Strummers * 10/04 – Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s * 10/06 – Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall ^ 10/07 – Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s ^ 10/08 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre ^ 10/09 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge ^ 10/11 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent ^ 10/12-14 – Joshua Tree, CA @ Desert Daze Fest 10/14 – Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole % 10/16 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall % 10/17 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater % 10/19 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre % 10/20 – Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room % 10/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club + 10/22 – Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall + 10/23 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall + 10/25 – Detroit, MI @ El Club + 10/26 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop + 10/27 – Millvale, PA @ Mr Smalls + 10/28 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer + 10/29 – Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live! (Days of Darkness) 10/31 – Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall ~ 11/01 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw ~ 11/04 – Durham, NC @ Motorco ~ 11/05 – Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse ~ 11/07 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade, Hell Stage ~ 11/08 – Nashville, TN @ Exit / In ~ 11/09 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn $ 11/10 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks $ 11/10-12 – McDade, TX @ Sound on Sound Fest 11/14 – Albuquerque, NM @ Sister + 11/15 – Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom # 11/17 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah # * = w/ ENDON ^ = w/ SUMAC, Endon % = w/ SubRosa, Endon + = w/ Helms Alee, Endon ~ = w/ Mutoid Man, Endon $ = w/ Thou, Endon # = w/ Torche, Endon
  2. I start a new job in about ten minutes (after working at the same place for 9 years!)..... nervous as hell

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    2. Jigsaw9


      Good luck to you! Think of it as a new adventure. :) 

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Congratulations on the new job!


      What are you doing now?

    4. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Thanks guys! Of course I should've expected the first day is mostly just paperwork and a tour of the place...


      @Peace Heavy mk II, doing the same thing... just in a bigger city now. I work in public transit; teach people to drive buses/test them for their commercial drivers licenses/etc.

  3. One-man tour ending at O-West!? Good for them.
  4. Only tangentially related but I generally like the flyers Crow Music makes for their shows... good job art guy at Crow!
  5. What are the albums I need to check out?? I liked the Amanda Woodward album I've heard.... and that is basically the beginning and end of my familiarity with French screamo.
  6. God I hope so too! Been like five years since I was able to buy something Ren related that came in an actual jewel case.
  7. Had a long drive over the weekend and noticed this album was on Spotify so finally gave it a listen (the tracklist is completely different on Spotify for some reason). Basically my biggest complaint. Their sound is novel and cool in small doses... but over an entire album almost becomes a gimmick. The vocalist's unrelenting vibrato on some tracks can wear on you. Agreed the production is great though. This band would be a great candidate to just eschew the concept of a full album in general. If they released a single a season with a cool video (as they definitely have the capability of making) they'd probably be one of my favorite bands. I wouldn't even consider just releasing single songs (or maybe singles with a b-side) as 'fleecing' since they put their shit online. A $5 single four times a year probably makes the people who buy physical copies happier in a 'have a bigger collection of *things* for the same price' way and the people who aren't buying their albums anyway don't get tired of the slog through an album and forget about them the rest of the year. These record labels really need to hire me and let me enact my vision for a perfect world
  8. LOL, the petition came up just a biiiiit short:
  9. That's a sexy lineup for the show.... I'd certainly be happy if they came back and released some new stuff
  10. Welcome! I haven't been keeping up with Metronome since they came back, any highlights from the show in Toronto??
  11. Found some goodies in my mailbox today!
  12. Hehe 2017.7.29 'First Cracking' Not bad, I'll keep my eye on 'em.
  13. Guess those playfully derisive show names worked!
  14. Hey guys/gals I'll be moving soon (boo! I've lived in the city I do now for 12 years and kinda like it) BUT it's to start a new job that I think will be good for my career! Anyway, does anyone want this signed Mucc poster? Got it when they came to the states on the taste of chaos tour, but I've never been a *huge* Mucc fan and I don't think this is gonna make the cut for my smaller apartment (and all the branding on it kinda detracts too) Just pay for however you want to ship it to you, I could fold it and stick it in an envelope, or I've got a poster tube lying around if you want to keep it looking nice. Post in this thread if you want it!
  15. Finished up Master of None yesterday as well. I'd agree the second season is well worthwhile (I never really cared about the 'black virus' movie story arc from the first season). I do think 'Mornings' from Season 1 is still the best single episode though. Just rang really true to me.