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  1. Great news! (Happy to see Eve here; 'eve-writing-everything' era Avelcain was my favorite Avelcain)
  2. Hymn was a great mini album.... I'm looking forward to more even if Starwave is involved.
  3. Ooh not too late right? Count me in.
  4. Ah too bad, I liked their album from last year.
  5. Lol is very accurate. Saw him for the first time last year and it was sloppy as hell but still fun. Have fun!
  6. I can only find one source to confirm it but Vamps is playing some shows with Danzig and Deafheaven!?! Pretty legitimizing. (or is this that other band whose name is The Vamps or something?) Anyway, I think @tetsu_sama69will be excited if true!
  7. Really like this new Waxahatchee album!

  8. I'm torn..... I love blindfolds in VK but hate bare feet.
  9. Cool more tunes! Go see them if you can Europe! Their live show is a ton of fun.
  10. Prince, TGUK and Baiser?? Fuck that is a great haul of albums.
  11. ^^that run with Panga, CarlSagan and Poo providing commentary was indeed a lot of fun. Caught Diablo 2 and Link to the Past live last week.... I enjoyed both of those because at various times they were amongst my favorite games. Crazy to see people beating Zelda without a sword in an hour and a half.
  12. I like Playboi Carti even though I don't think there's a single instance of him really 'rapping'. I could listen to his ad-libs of "what?" "huh" and "*laser sounds*" for hours though. The flute in "Magnolia" is summer-time sounding as hell too, perfect for July. No one will remember this shit a decade from now but it's fun. (Is it just me or does the dancing with the black umbrella bit look like it could be for a VK photoshoot?)
  13. Sounds great! Might need to preorder this one
  14. For the second week in a row I reference the Gazette during a review of some new VK. This time while reviewing ゴシップ's new single. This is @inartistic's excellent post about Ains/Yukika I referenced in the vid:
  15. Driving around my new home and reviewing the new mini-album from Miztavla (which is available for streaming on Spotify and probably other places!) Let me know what you thought of the mini.