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  1. I stayed up too late last night listening to Madeth Gray'll.

  2. Tracklist: 1. 蛙-Kawazu- 2. ラブソング 3. ELISE (Type-A only) 4. 十五 (Type-B only) |Prosaic, but with potential Should a band be held accountable for not living up to hype created by fans before they’ve released a single note of music or even revealed their identities? That’s the question I pondered as I listened to キズ (Kizu's) second, and newest, maxi-single 蛙-Kawazu-. The conjecture surrounding Kizu started near the beginning of this year when a red and black flier was handed out at VK venues with precious little information other than the name of the band, details of their first show, and a phone number prominently displayed. Callers of the phone number were greeted by a recording informing them that the band would listen to “your pain, your worries, displeasure, and anxiety”. All VK fans had to work with was a new, mysterious, melodramatic, emo as hell band that had left no direct clues about the members’ identities; not even a group shot in silhouette or with the faces obscured by masks! The biggest clue being that the other bands performing at Kizu's first show (DOGinthePWO, Unite) were popular bands in the scene, so this new band must be made up of people with connections… probably from playing in bands with some success themselves. This wasn’t a bunch of newbies who would be unknown whether or not their names and faces were public knowledge! Little by little more info leaked out of the Kizu camp (the vocalist of the band would actually answer calls to their number, more fliers with references to despair and scars and blood and loneliness) but still no one was quite sure who was in this new band. Theories about vocalists from all sorts of recently disbanded acts were entertained. One that gained traction that I hoped would turn out to be true was that this was Karma from Avelcain’s new band. The signs were all there: Karma is the queen of teen-angst-zetsubou and these promotional materials for Kizu had that in spades. When it was finally revealed that the vocalist was Lime previously of Lezard there was a collective “not bad… but I wish it had been *insert my favorite vocalist who isn’t in a band right now*”. By the time their first (extremely energetic and polished) PV came out many people had already come down from their speculative excitement. With all that being said, what about the actual songs? The music is not the backdrop for despair that their promo fliers would imply, which is a blessing because Lime is a capable vocalist but it’s hard to imagine him pretending to cut his wrists or mumbling to himself trying to quiet the demons in his head. In fact, the least worthwhile parts of this maxi-single come when Lime tries to showcase his harsh vocals. Too much of "ラブソング (Love Song)" is marred by Lime trying to contort his voice into shapes it just wasn’t meant to fit into. He’s much better highlighting his slightly staccato, higher range such as in the otherwise rather moribund "十五 (Juugo)". Kizu is at their best playing the frenetic, vaguely djent-inspired fast-paced VK you can hear in the title track "蛙-Kawazu-" or after the jarring Beethoven intro homage has ended in "Elise". When the big riffs and digital effects combine into some bouncy, undeniably fun rock'n'roll you can see why Kizu have scheduled a second oneman live at Tsutaya O-West less than a year from their formation and having released only two singles. Ultimately, I'd place my bets on the slightly brasher Razor or the even more scatter-brained Lack-co to be the 'winners' of these djent-kei experiments, but if Kizu can continue to channel the relentless energy of the performances in their PVs (shoutout to them for the throwback 'VK band in the woods' video) into their live shows and releases they should be able to make a name for themselves in the crowded and often staid VK landscape. Support the band: CDJapan
  3. A great Christmas present for myself!
  4. So @emmnywrote the definitive Kagerou piece about their best era.... but the timeframe discussed there left out one of my fave Kagerou songs! (And I wanted to talk about what Kagerou meant to me a little bit...)
  5. Lame, I woke up early to catch the last two bands and wondered what happened when it just ended.... lack-co were pretty fun
  6. Just checked out Train to Busan recently as well... and I enjoyed it a lot too. (I hope someone pitched it with that exact phrase: "Snowpiercer with zombies" haha) Enjoying your month of horror movies @Bear!
  7. Haha, I would not have thought about it until this thread... but having been to a few VK shows I now will absolutely think to myself "oh this has got to be the bit they jump back and forth across the venue during" or "I bet this three minute song takes 15 during a concert". There are names for the different moves??
  8. Digging those videos @Yukimoto!
  9. I like the new album from Behind the Shadow Drops. Time will tell whether it really captures a unique enough mood that I will come back to it instead of just... listening to some Mono. Not usually a fan... but I'm enjoying that Kamijo song! Shades of MM for sure.
  10. Happy B-Day @Bunnyand @eiheartx
  11. Shoutout to @doomsoul136for starting a thread about this band (with much more info than I'm able to provide in the video) just this weekend!
  12. Heh, what a coincidence this thread being revived today was... I had "Illegal Sleep" stuck in my head at work today and thought 'damn, it's been too long since I spun some Oz' Sidenote: the outro guitar in Illegal Sleep is one of the ripping-est effin' riffs in VK.
  13. I highly encourage checking out this band/mini-album if you haven't. Let me know what you think! (Ignore my dirty windshield! Focus only on the mountain landscapes...)
  14. Happy birthday @Delkmiroph!!!

  15. Stay safe @rekzer!!