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  1. The Reverend

    God Damn the Sun acoustic in a tiny cafe sounds like a pretty awesome show! I'm old and jaded and "back in my day we didn't have cell phones" enough to count not seeing anyone taking lo-res video at a concert as a serious blessing.
  2. The Reverend

    Glad they brought back the museum label cover art... the covers they've done with those are infinitely cooler than the art for the two singles.
  3. Damn, we never got a full album from them.
  4. The Reverend

    Someone had to.
  5. The Reverend

    Alright another (awesome) example comes from this Madeth gray'll song. (shoutout to @hyura's amazing Madeth gray'll lyrics thread... without which I never would have noticed this. And obviously where I stole the lyrics transliteration from.) At the 1:45 mark of this song Hisui sings: 剥き出しの愛し××× Muki dashi no aishi xxx There's no censored beep, there's no silence... he literally says XXX ("ecks, ecks, ecks!"). That's next-level.
  6. The Reverend

    I like this cover art. Especially that panel with a lush of a sloth playing beer pong.
  7. The Reverend

    I don't even recognize Danny Brown without that big gap in his teeth. Good track either way. Looking forward to that album (produced by Q-tip!)
  8. The Reverend

    Damn I thought Rob was one of the good ones.
  9. The Reverend

    This is amazing. (How do you even *get* food at McDonald's without paying?? Don't you pay first? Sad to see someone deported because they asked for a water then filled their cup with Coke haha) Edit: @anadentone are on the same wavelength here
  10. The Reverend

    No need to remake Flare, it’s already perfect.
  11. The Reverend

    Cool I haven't heard Akito in a while (I ride for anyone who was in Hated.) Who is out here sharing their music through *dropbox*??
  12. Great live report! Sounds like a good show and a good time! Haha. What would you say the ratio of boys/girls in the crowd was for this show? I imagine it would be more than the ~5% boys I've seen at some VK shows.
  13. The Reverend

    I actually really like the chorus in the first song (and their name obviously).... one to keep an eye on.
  14. The Reverend

    The back of my big head is in the way of the rear-of-the-club shots from this Deathgaze/Gotcharocka show, haha.
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