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  1. Dictators_Circus

    Updated the list, turned it into a spreadsheet for convenience too. 😅
  2. Dictators_Circus

    Someone from Japan "accidentally" (pretty sure they were trolling though) sent me 5 comment DVD's from MEJIBRAY. All are the same, 2014 Winter ver. (even though the content of the disc itself says 2015 Winter ver.), from Tsuzuku. (3 still available) Also a "fake" Miya Records bootleg version of Plastic Tree's Hana moete, bourei no namida, tenmaku ni ochiru. ~Live & Clips 2005~ DVD. CLAIMED Only asking for shipping. Photos available on request (just PM me!).
  3. Dictators_Circus

    Added two new items to the list, LOVE DIVING Shout It Loud single + Plastic Tree bootleg Miya Records DVD (free!).
  4. Dictators_Circus

    If you're going on a hunt for rare stuff, I'm still looking for a セラフ TYPE A from Killaneth! (It's the one with Kai's face on the cover, not the one with his arm, this has been a confusing matter before, haha.)
  5. Dictators_Circus

    Edit: INTER PLAY MEMBERS VOL. 2 and 6 have been SOLD!
  6. Dictators_Circus

    If you want I can help you with Closet Child? ^^
  7. Dictators_Circus

    Message received! I’ll answer your questions there. ^-^
  8. Dictators_Circus

    After moving last year I just initially put everything back the way it was, but after getting settled and looking through stuff in detail, I found a few items I wouldn't mind parting with. The list will be updated once I go through more items, but I have no time indicator on when that might be, sorry! I've made a spreadsheet to make it easier to read for you, so let me know if anything interests you: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g-aC60DFGcIw3N1Y04UMIsqE9KIDh-pei5zGsWhqwoo/edit?usp=sharing Shipping will be from The Netherlands, so I apologize in advance for the sometimes absurd shipping rates, but I'll keep them as low as possible! If you'd like to see photos of the items, feel free to ask me in a comment or a PM. I do consider trades, so make me an offer if that's what you're into (I'm mostly looking for cheki from certain artists, but the list is long so please ask!). 😉
  9. Dictators_Circus

    Yet another promising artist which disbands...
  10. Dictators_Circus

    Thank you! Actually, yes. XD Sometimes it gets a little bigger and more cursive to the right when I have to write faster but... Yeah this took about 30 seconds total. ^-^;
  11. Dictators_Circus

    Let me join in on this party as well, as somehow I've always liked threads like these... ^-^;
  12. Hi! I'm interested in the LM.C Super Duper Galaxy w/Goods single. How much would it be to send it to the US?
  13. Dictators_Circus

    Prince Tygerfish 9:00 pm bosultjes ×××。 9:02 pm Selderij. Prince Tygerfish 9:02 pm geraniums ×××。 9:03 pm Bloempot. I mean omg wtf XD
  14. Dictators_Circus

    Oh for real? You don't seem like the kind of person to deserve such a thing / has something like that done to them. That's very sad. ): Been bullied through elimentary, and secondary education (my schooling system is raped compared to the rest of the world, don't mind that). Currently at 'specialization' they're pretty much leaving me alone, but they still treat me differently for being the only girl in the design class this year.
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