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  1. nodamedame

    Hey, man! Long time no see! How have you been? 🙂
  2. nodamedame

    The twist at the end was definitely some next level stuff.
  3. nodamedame

    Haven't really listened to them in a while, but I do have most of their albums on my CD shelf and got to see them live too. They were a wonderful band ✨
  4. nodamedame

    Finally ordered Persona 5 Royal. Haven't played the original version, so this is an all-new experience for me.
  5. nodamedame

    Hey, Plant! Good to see a familiar face. 😎
  6. It looks like I've had this account for nearly 10 years and have never said a word. Somewhat impressive, if you ask me. One could also assume that I'm probably old as hell. Anyhow, I'm from Finland and my musical taste is quite vast. According to my last.fm (my username being ksms) I've listened to nearly 13,000 artists, so that in itself says something. One of my absolute favourite bands is COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, who can hop from one genre to the next within the confines of a single song, sometimes several times. I appreciate electronic bleep bloops, massive walls of sound, ethereal reverbs, minimalism, cute things, brutal things, video games, movies and so forth. Anyway, good to meet you all.
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