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  1. Fuck yeah ! I love Wizard. Too bad they were always so underrated. Wish they'd come back for real this time. What about that supporting member replacing masumi ? In which bands did he play before?
  2. Or maybe メーデー stands for "merde", a French word for “shit”.
  3. jon_jonz

    We don't even have previews yet, but I already have a feeling it's gonna sound not even half as good as they did back when they were called アリス九號.
  4. This sounds a lot like TЯicKY.
  5. jon_jonz

    Hmmm. I remember Mast saying he'd retire after Dead Children flopped.
  6. jon_jonz

    Never really liked KAMIJO but IMO Castlevania is the video game franchise with THE best OSTs ever ! He'd better not ruin their songs. Would be better if he collaborated with musicians from the franchise instead of artwork people, but yeah, let's see how it develops.
  7. jon_jonz

    Meh. Nowadays Neverland sounds like a better BAROQUE than BAROQUE themselves.
  8. jon_jonz

  9. I legit thought it was a tampom in his head, like
  10. It's super cool to see a bunch of westerners in the audience of this gig. I didn't realize before actually watching it that this show is kinda of a V.A. The two 1st acts are kinda boring IMO.
  11. jon_jonz

    Woah, that's gotta be the release with the most guests in VK history.
  12. jon_jonz

    This look reminds me of D=OUT and CELLT. Glad to see they didn't disband after Yumehito's departure. Hope they don't change their musical direction.
  13. I love how VK as a whole is literally fading away, with magazines and stores going bankrupt, most bands disbanding and the overall interest in the genre disappearing, yet still bands like this come up with the genius idea of releasing super limited and quite expensive bullshit like this, that most people can't play, therefore they won't buy or care about it, not realizing the industry's greedy obsession with this trend of releasing super rare and expensive/limited items is one of the main reasons why VK is dying. Cringe worthy.
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