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  1. jon_jonz

    What's the name of the song they play in this video?
  2. jon_jonz

    As far as I can remember, most of this drama was due to Yumehito getting married, engaged, or whatevs. Looks like his wife (who's an idol) gave him delusions of grandeur or some shit. He then formed Belle, which's dope IMO, but never attempted to sing again. I heard fans used to bully him for his singing. Intetsu said he'd retire by then but acted as a support member and composed for WING WORKS and Piko as well as composing some stuff for Sanrio and some game OSTs. Just like Aoi, KENZO also tried a solo carreer and some other projects but they all flopped. Takehito is the only one that never tried anything not related to Ayabie and their current revival is his idea, so there's that.
  3. GRANRODEO's cover actually sounds better than the orignal.
  4. jon_jonz

    LMAO, the video is so shitty it reminds me of those made by ISIS or whatevs where the kidnapped person is begging for help.
  5. jon_jonz

    I can't download it. Would you please repost the file? Preferably to another server.
  6. jon_jonz

    IMO it was actually the worst LUNA SEA album. All songs kind of sound the same, which's a shame, since most of what they released after the revival was fine by me.
  7. Woah, they look like a completely different band.
  8. This PV is actually pretty good, which proves they'd be a good band with a decent vocalist
  9. jon_jonz

    YAAAAS, Kaya, kween, slay ! I'm tired of waiting for RPDR jp to happen so that she can make history, tough.
  10. Ok, but these 4 going to jail look better than most of your faves wearing makeup, which proves that scamming people is better than asking bangyas for money.
  11. jon_jonz

    Previews didn't sound good at all, IMO, but I actually really enjoyed this release. What a pleasant surprise.
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