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  1. jon_jonz

    I've always had the feeling this project wouldn't last long, but we should at least get a last live DVD.
  2. jon_jonz

    I keep seeing VK stores getting the axe, magazines ceasing publication and very few bands joining spotify, putting their songs up on YouTube and stuff like that. Looks like streaming services will be the final nail in the coffin for VK as whole. Tragic, but it serves them right for always being so greedy and narrow minded in terms of business and reaching out to the fans, mostly foreigners.
  3. jon_jonz

    LOL. Just sell the posters. It's cheaper and more practical than getting all dolled up for a piece of paper.
  4. I get the impression that this label demands way too much from both Kiryu and Royz. They keep releasing new stuff every other month and seem to be perpetually touring since they got signed to BPR many years ago and it doesn't seem like they get any vacations or whatever, except for the occasional sightseeing and going out to drink while touring, but even this gets documented by the label. Oddly enough, the quality of their material doesn't go down, at least IMO.
  5. jon_jonz

    Keep it.
  6. I was surprised by how good this single was, except for the last track. I never really liked this band and I've always considered most of their stuff forgettable, so I hope they keep the same direction.
  7. I was expecting something heavier, but it sounds good so far. Love the vocalist's voices.
  8. jon_jonz

    It's super sad to see that out of all the 23 bands listed in the cover only the Gazette is still active.
  9. Art kei lives ! That live footage looks fucking gorgeous. Hope someone leaks this DVD ASAP.
  10. I'm guessing it's supposed to represent self-inflicted scars on a skin, tough.
  11. Wish they'd still release the album, even without ka-yu.
  12. jon_jonz

    Woah, this must have been one of the longest gigs in VK history. They should release videos out of it. Hopefully not a DVD, tough. 62 songs might be like, 5 discs long. Haha.
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