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  1. Yay, here comes another collab with Kokusyoku Sumire. Hyped.
  2. jon_jonz

    Ok, but those teddy bears are in the back like
  3. Miku looks and sounds so bored in this it almost doesn't make me wanna watch this DVD, which I was super hyped to watch back when they published the set list for the last live. He used to have so much charisma and I haven't seen that maybe since the Lc5 days. Bummer. Still hoping for this DVD to leak asap, tough.
  4. jon_jonz

    WTF is Choprogramming?
  5. jon_jonz

    This gotta be one of the ugliest outfits in VK history.
  6. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, fellas. It's not because a band looks bad that they will sound bad. But if you wanna argue that they'll prolly sound awful because they are wearing sonata arctica and marilyn manson merch, then I'm with you.
  7. They 're back to sounding like old baroque, yay !
  8. jon_jonz

    Good thing they got rid of the clean vocals.
  9. I've been into VK for many years and I never really cared about MUCC, but this sounds surprisingly good. Guess all the hanging out with DEZERT did these guys some good.
  10. jon_jonz

    Remember when VK bands would only leave their labels to go major or to go to a bigger label ?
  11. jon_jonz

    Leaving under code production and siding with starwave is the ultimate betrayal !
  12. jon_jonz

    Behold, the new Maria Cross !
  13. I couldn't sleep last night because of this terrifying thumbnail. Fuck this band.
  14. This song is actually pretty good !
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