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  1. jon_jonz

    Behold, the new Maria Cross !
  2. I couldn't sleep last night because of this terrifying thumbnail. Fuck this band.
  3. This song is actually pretty good !
  4. WTF is that shitty logo ? Looks like this
  5. jon_jonz

    Yo, what happened to that rumor of them going major?
  6. Woah, the last live set list is actually pretty good ! Obviously because it is mostly old songs. I hope they release the DVD with the actual full length performance of the last live and not the one before that.
  7. It would be nice if someone could give us subtitles for this video.
  8. jon_jonz

    I hope this means that Headphone★Baby is gonna be more active. They spend so much time in between releases that I always think they've silently disbanded.
  9. You say it like stealing and plagiarizing ain't a normal thing in VK, LOL.
  10. jon_jonz

    They've stolen MORRIGAN's look
  11. That's actually Shia Labeouf
  12. This song is actually pretty good. Stop roasting her. Leave Satsuki alone !
  13. jon_jonz

    Daizystripper's drummer has always been the band's leader and it was prolly his decision to change the lineup in the 1st place as it was his idea to make Frantic EMIRY an alter ego band of Daizystripper back in the day and apparently it didn't last long because he wasn't satisfied with it back then. My guess is that he changed the lineup in order to better suit what he envisioned, hence his decision to make Mao part of it, so I guess they'll be making heavier music from now on. Chill. Also, why isn't anyone talking about how this new arrangement of "World End" BOPS ? I'm hyped af !