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  1. So, last time it was MALICE MIZER and now they're making fun of LAREINE. Too bad this song is super boring. I hope that at least the PV is funny,because the one that paid homage to MM was really funny.
  2. jon_jonz

    Repetitive, but good. The song in the PV is dope.
  3. Hands down one of the best releases of 2k18.
  4. jon_jonz

    Even tough I do agree that these new songs are shit if compared to the old ones, I think it has nothing to do with the western drag queen scene or that she's sounding like this now in order to appeal to the western audience. If that was the case, she'd be explicitly singing about dicks and partying in engrish. She's just trying something new. It sucks, yes, but not only because it's happy and upbeat. I mean, she has other happy songs that are pretty good, like Chocolat, but it's because of her older influences,like gothic stuff, cabaret and French music, while this is just some lame ass generic pop garbage.
  5. This looks a lot like Kameleo.
  6. jon_jonz

    That chorus is super catchy.
  7. jon_jonz

    Ugh, is she still trying ?
  8. jon_jonz

  9. jon_jonz

    Is it just me or Ryutarou with a blond wig looks a lot like Aoi from Ayabie ?
  10. I wish this band would sound half as good as it looks.
  11. Isn't it great when we finally get to see a VK band taking pics in a new location for a change ? Anyway, great band. They give me old-school DOREMIdan vibes and I absolutely love it and hope they never change their sound. Too bad they don't seem to have many fans, but they seem to be on a roll and releasing lots of stuff lately. One of the best current VK bands IMO.
  12. Yeah, it's a super lame reason. Worst than that was the fact that they didn't broadcast lynch.'s gig back in the day just because one of their members was caught smoking some joints.
  13. Out of all the bands that performed in this year's LUNATIC FEST, DEG's performance was the only one that wasn't broadcasted on T.V.,so I was hoping it would show up as a bonus on one of their release sometime after the gig, but it doesn't look like we will ever get to see that,just like last year's lynch. Performance. What a bummer.
  14. jon_jonz

    Great Microsoft Paint skills !