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  1. That looks a lot like Enguarde, the Swordfish from Donkey Kong:
  2. I can't download that. Would you please reupload it and send me the link ?
  3. WTF is this new metal garbage ? I want the deathcore goodness back.
  4. Sweet ! I wish this trend of cute bands coming up with badass projects would catch up. I remember when several cute bands, like DaizyStripper, AYABIE and THE KIDDIE did the same. I hope it happens more often.
  5. I think they misunderstood tribute for disrespect album. This is fucking awful ! KIYOHARU did a good job, but the rest, uuuuugh... Cringeworthy. This gotta be one of the worst cover albuns ever.
  6. FUCK YES ! I hope they stick around for longer than their last revival. At least IZAM is not dressed as man again. This is a good sign, haha. Inb4 8377373838th re-recording of Melty Love. Who are the 2nd Vocal, Drums) and Sax players, tough?
  7. Oh, yeah. I misread your post. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Didn't they already release this footage ages ago ?
  9. This PV has some of the worst acting and CGI in the history of VK, LMAO.
  10. Shion sounds pretty good indeed. I've never heard of them before, tough. Would someone be nice enough to share their releases, pretty please ?
  11. Ugh, he's still trying ? That looks cheap af indeed, but the song is ok. I just thought that after all those Ayabie and MASK revival he'd finally come up with something decent or revive one of his previous bands, and now this. Meh.
  12. Cultural Appropriation Kei never looked so good.