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  1. This PV has some of the worst acting and CGI in the history of VK, LMAO.
  2. Shion sounds pretty good indeed. I've never heard of them before, tough. Would someone be nice enough to share their releases, pretty please ?
  3. Ugh, he's still trying ? That looks cheap af indeed, but the song is ok. I just thought that after all those Ayabie and MASK revival he'd finally come up with something decent or revive one of his previous bands, and now this. Meh.
  4. Cultural Appropriation Kei never looked so good.
  5. The only thing worst than their logo is their photoshop skills.
  6. There we go again with this lolicon stuff. Some people never learn.... At least so far it sounds decent, unlike his cringeworthy previous bands. I'm guessing it's gonna suck once he starts singing, but let's see how it develops.
  7. Yeah, but it's not only because you don't have money that you have to always use the same locations, etc. It's no excuse.
  8. Whoa, this dude is talented af ! I liked this a lot more than I thought I would based on what I've heard from them before. Looks like we're finally getting an actual good VK band with a violin. I hope they keep making more sings like this.
  9. The song is basic indeed, but the PV is so good for VK standards. I mean, everything works so well in the video and it's entertaining af. Good production, god direction, good acting, good editing, etc. At least they're putting some effort (and money) in trying to make their videos memorable unlike super indie VK bands that always tape everything in the same fucking places and with the same fucking cinematography and famous bands trying to make VK suitable for mainstream audiences, therefore wasting it's appeal.
  10. Can't listen to it in my country. Would someone be nice enough to provide a rip of these songs, please?
  11. As boring as the other side projects by the other DIR EN GREY members. Thanks for sharing, tough.
  12. The character being slaughtered in the cover is also a rip-off off Toothy from Happy Tree Friends.
  13. Fuck Teru and his lame ass repetitive as fuck glam/gothic crap with the other cringe lords. He wasn't even in the original line-up of this band, so they don't need him now. Aikaryu is THE shit ! One of the bands that got me into VK. The only comedy kei band that was actually funny and good to listen to. They should come back for real. Their live performances are always lots of fun. I wish they'd at least give us a bootleg of this revival.
  14. The "actress" in this PV is actually the chick from Rose Noire.