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  1. I know right ? What's with Japanese musicians and this obsession with a nightmare before Christmas ? There are quite a lot of bands that made entire discographies out of ripping off the soundtrack of that movie. And I just hate how they cover songs and never give credit to the original. I've been misled to believe many,many songs were original songs when in fact they're covers and nobody mentioned that.
  2. The more the years pass the more their vocalist looks like Johnny Depp as Barbanabas Collins.
  3. Any info about the short film ? I mean, synopsis and stuff like that.
  4. jon_jonz

    Their name sounds to me like Knows
  5. In one of their DVDs he talks about how he dislikes VK and doesn't want to to be associated with it. I won't remember it's name, but it's the one in which they get on stage and play inside of a truck (!?) And thanks for the info on koki.
  6. I thought anchang was dead or at least retired. I still love sex machine guns, BUT anchang was extremely disrespectful to VK as a whole back at the time that sex machine guns was at their peak and the media associated them with VK, so he claimed he wanted nothing to do with VK and proceeded to offend VK as whole while constantly appearing on VK magazines and selling their stuff at VK shops because it was convenient for them, so fuck him and the flop that was his solo career. I don't think VK bands should be welcoming him at all. Also, who the hell is Koki?
  7. jon_jonz

    They look like Alice nine as well.
  8. Ugh, #LOSTWORLD was dope. This is awful.
  9. jon_jonz

    So is half of the population of the world nowadays. I don't mean to disregard his pain (in case this is true, since many bandmen just lie about their reasons for leaving bands) but come on. This sounds like a lame excuse so we can sympathize with him and not get mad over him leaving the band. It also sounds very unlikely that a person that is struggling with depression to the point of leaving a band would still come up with a new look and tour for 1 more month, since it bothers him so much. Also, being an artist and meeting fans,no matter how little their fan base may be, is a great way to overcome depression so that he will feel useful and that people care about him, so yeah, I think it's time people stop using mental health as an excuse for letting others down. #unpopularopinion
  10. jon_jonz

    So that's how Kiwamu gets his stuff, eh ?
  11. The song is good, but quite messy and confusing. Sounds like just a bunch of clichés glued together and It lacks consistency. I get it's a parody and all, but I think they should stick to more upbeat songs, which they compose much better. The breakdown is dope, tough.