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  1. LMAO, I love this PV so much ! It's hilarious and super relatable to those who enjoy heavier bands and they look great as a br00tal band. I also love the fact that they went to an actual VK live house and you can see all those posters for those indie bands on the walls. Truly, a masterpiece, like most of their PVS. Translations for the lyrics, anyone ? Pretty please.
  2. jon_jonz

    What does that mean, exactly? Will those be cover songs or what?
  3. This look is ugly af, yikes.
  4. jon_jonz

    Shit, $"Casper. 's policy regarding romantic relationships is as tough as McDonald's.
  5. jon_jonz

    That's a very shitty cover. Also, I'm pretty sure I listened to their entire discography and I don't remember any of the songs ever featuring a violin, so I hope they do that in the new song.
  6. jon_jonz

    Yo, there's already an oldschool vk band with the same name. Which tag are y'all using for this one?
  7. jon_jonz

    This sounds like 8P-SB, and I don't mean it as a compliment.
  8. jon_jonz

    So that's how VK will survive in the 2020s 🤔
  9. jon_jonz

    That's actually a very good lineup, but what's the crowdfunding for?
  10. Fuck yeah ! I love Wizard. Too bad they were always so underrated. Wish they'd come back for real this time. What about that supporting member replacing masumi ? In which bands did he play before?
  11. Or maybe メーデー stands for "merde", a French word for “shit”.
  12. jon_jonz

    We don't even have previews yet, but I already have a feeling it's gonna sound not even half as good as they did back when they were called アリス九號.
  13. This sounds a lot like TЯicKY.
  14. jon_jonz

    Hmmm. I remember Mast saying he'd retire after Dead Children flopped.
  15. jon_jonz

    Never really liked KAMIJO but IMO Castlevania is the video game franchise with THE best OSTs ever ! He'd better not ruin their songs. Would be better if he collaborated with musicians from the franchise instead of artwork people, but yeah, let's see how it develops.
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