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  1. jon_jonz

    Are there any new tracks in this ?
  2. This Kouji dude looks a lot like blu-billion's vocalist: Also,Aki's solo stuff flopped,right ?
  3. Now we're talking ! Why the fuck ain't they releasing any footage of those revivals ?
  4. That pic hurts my eyes, but Eiji never disappoints. Looking forward to their releases.
  5. jon_jonz

    This is what I expected: Still amused, though.
  6. jon_jonz

    Still better than 8P-SB.
  7. jon_jonz

    LMAO ! This is genius ! This is some Lupo Label type of marketing. I hope they keep posting more stuff like that.
  8. jon_jonz

    Full MV: Was there any beef between HYDE and KAZ ? I mean, HYDE's solo career used to sound very different from VAMPS and now both projects sound the same. Either that or she doesn't wanna share any royalties with KAZ anymore and just told her support members to copy VAMPS.
  9. jon_jonz

    This band has some very nice prog metal influences. I wish they'd invest more on that,instead of the other generic stuff.
  10. Notice she's wearing a millennium puzzle around her neck. This is gonna be lit.
  11. jon_jonz

    AROMA is a BOP IMO ! Haven't really followed anything coming from this band in years. Is there any recording of this new version of AROMA anywhere,even if it's just live ?
  12. jon_jonz

    It reminds me of Moi dix Mois as well.
  13. jon_jonz

    Plagio detected ! The breakdown in the 1st song is just like the intro to Dir en Grey's new version of 羅刹国 (Rasetsukoku).