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  1. You also have to consider that these singles are self-released.
  2. midnightskywalker

    This wasn't patronizing at all, but your original post suggested that you are pointing out the English meaning because you haven't mentioned French anywhere and you just edited after my reply instead of replying to me directly. Americans just often don't think out of the box (=outside of English), that's why I added that snarky comment. Well, yeah, Karyu's former band was called Dieur Mind and Hizumi's and Tsukasa's after that was D'espairsRay though. Personally don't think that they picked these words from a (French) dictionary. I think VK bands often just pick names which sound "cool" or extra ordinary and unusual instead of actually making a statement. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S).
  3. midnightskywalker

    Oh wow, why so low key patronizing? "no (...)" was a bit inaccurate, but definitely not wrong, mate. And I think that Japanese couldn't care less about what their band names mean in different languages, because they just don't give shit about what they mean, especially vk bands lol nul (feminine singular nulle, masculine plural nuls, feminine plural nulles) 1. (indefinite, singular only) no, nil 2. of poor quality, lousy, rubbish 3. lame nul - no one, nobody https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/nul#Pronoun Also nice to see, that you actually fixed your post though after playing Monsieur smartypants and "correcting" me lol
  4. midnightskywalker

    It means "zero" or "no (...)" in French. There are more languages than just English. 😉
  5. midnightskywalker

    Where does "vk" begin and where does "J-Rock" end and what's "Japanese rock music" without being "J-Rock"? 1. MONO 2. FOX LOCO PHANTOM 3. mouse on the keys 4. THE BACK HORN 5. NICO touches the Walls 6. BORIS 7. the telephones 8. heaven in her arms / envy 9. plenty 10. 0.8秒と衝撃。 Bonus meme: té, world's end girlfriend
  6. I think it's a really reasonable price, especially for an indie release. Also you have to consider that a Sony release would have looked like this: Regular version: Songs only A Version: Songs + DVD B Version: Songs + Bonus Track 1 C Version: Songs + Bonus Track 2 D Version: Songs + Piece of Tata's boxershorts ....
  7. Well, not really. Myakuhaku had 14 songs, including 4 singles which have been released beforehand which makes 10 new songs only. I prefer bands releasing a shorter album and no singles actually. Their self cover albums, the tribute album and Jigen Bakudan has been released under MSHN already, so I'm not surprised. Seems like their contract with Sony expired.
  8. midnightskywalker

    Would anyone upload these? 2003 - チルコ 2004 - 無人テレビの設計図 2008 - Blgtz 2011 - 同時に消える一日 2005 - コントロール
  9. Yea, that's why I said "actually". It's pretty common to use the English version in these cases.
  10. Actually it would be "M-ologie" because medical terms derived from German in Japanese language and it's written "gii", not "jii" at the end.
  11. Would anyone upload the EU documentary?
  12. midnightskywalker

    They're both really good, but LITE are sometimes quite boring, toe is more "inventive" and varying.
  13. midnightskywalker

    anyone who got this?
  14. midnightskywalker

    hah!!! yes!!! thanks a lot!
  15. midnightskywalker

    Hey guys! I've randomly remembered a band from some years ago (maybe 2008-2010) and they weren't really a VK band, but a "vk inspired jazz / swing band"... Unfortunately I don't remember their name D: All I remember is, that the singer was wearing a cylinder and they had lots of engrish lyrics Any ideas?
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