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  1. Yea, that's why I said "actually". It's pretty common to use the English version in these cases.
  2. Actually it would be "M-ologie" because medical terms derived from German in Japanese language and it's written "gii", not "jii" at the end.
  3. Would anyone upload the EU documentary?
  4. They're both really good, but LITE are sometimes quite boring, toe is more "inventive" and varying.
  5. anyone who got this?
  6. hah!!! yes!!! thanks a lot!
  7. Hey guys! I've randomly remembered a band from some years ago (maybe 2008-2010) and they weren't really a VK band, but a "vk inspired jazz / swing band"... Unfortunately I don't remember their name D: All I remember is, that the singer was wearing a cylinder and they had lots of engrish lyrics Any ideas?
  8. Well, "EURO TOUR" more like "Germany Tour", but still!
  9. maybe the best thread on MH...
  10. last good vk band is disbanding yet I don't know if it's a "disbanding" - like rookie talking about "every end is a new beginning" and stuff... remember mucho gracias "traveling" all the time very sad though
  11. nooo
  12. According to the band's OHP, Suehiro Maruo designed the artwork. who wouldn't notice anyway? haha
  13. what happened to "future"?
  14. wow, finally i have some advantage of learning latin for 4 years in school.