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  1. up! get yourself a nice guniw tools cd for christmas!
  2. Hi! I'm selling some DIR EN GREY merch for a friend: 4 wristbands from various tours (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) 5€ each DVD 2008 The rose trims again 5€ DVD 2005 Withers and withers -bootlegged- 5€ DVD 2009 Aknot only 5€ Tour shirts (S sizes, various years and colors, both US EU and Japanese tours, ask for more info or just let me know which one you're looking for, i might have it) 10€ each Hoodie (S size, color black) Tour 2011 Paradox of retaliation 17€ Hoodie (S size, color black) Tour 2009 Uroboros EU, broken fly (needs to be replaced), hoodie has been worn a lot so it shows usage signs, 5€ CD: Kisou limited (shiny cover), Six Ugly, Agitated screams of maggots, Marrow of a bone, Hageshisa to kono mune no naka de bla bla, Lotus, Different Sense 5€ each Photobook -a dead angle- (2000) 10€ Photobook Ware (2003) 10€ I have PLENTY of Dir en grey items since I've been a hardcore fan for over 10 years, so if you're looking for something specific let me know and, if I have it, we can work something on. Shipping from Italy, if you want more pictures or if you have any questions just ask~!
  3. .StranGè.

    Hey there everyone! I'm looking for an hardcore dir en grey fan who can help me with some questions I have about DEG's DVDs and general merchandise, do you think anyone could help me?
  4. TAFUCA - トゥルットゥーサマー (w/ obi) SOLD! and up
  5. BEST OF FULL sold! If you're interested in anything please let me know asap even if you can't pay for them now! Because I'll leave all the stuff at my parents' house and go back to university in two days and if you want I can bring the stuff you're interested in with me so that I can ship asap whenever you're ready!
  6. NIWLUN (w/ obi) OTHER GOOSE (w/ obi) SPARKY (w/ obi) DAZZLE (First press that came with a creepy sticker) (w/ obi) FICKLE BOON (Original pressing that came in a clear plastic slip-case) Newolf (w/ obi) All sold!
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