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  1. Man DISH were so good 


    1. Tokage


      excuse u i think you mean ''dishes are scheming'' x

    2. cullucoo
    3. Jigsaw9


      I shecond dish shtatement.

  2. 香風積 Kafuu Seki Perfumed Wind 気も萎え荒ぶ Ki mo nae susabu A spirit weakens and grows wild 茜 溶ける 木々 に Akane tokeru kiki ni Where the trees are melting red 明鏡止水 Meikyoushisui Clearly, serenely 黒き獣の上 Kuro ki kedamono no ue The dark beast approaches 望む山にて頂を切る Nozomu yama nite itadaku wo kiru Who wished to reach the mountain's peak and found it cleaved [1] 座る わけなく Suwaru wakenaku Seated easily 気 も 萎え 荒ぶ Ki mo nae susabu A spirit weakens and grows wild 蟷螂枯る訪れ Touru karu otozure The mantis' sad arrival 雲集霧散 Unshuumusan Swarming, scattering 痛ん だ 土 くれよ Itan da tsuchi kureyo The pain given to the ground 命 細める 野山 に 語り Inochi hosomeru noyama ni katari Life speaks in the hills and fields 座る 崩壊だ Suwaru houkai Be seated and collapse 今 Ima Soon 駆け上がる 階段 の 事 Kakeagaru kaidan no koto Running up the steps of possibility 朽ちた 鉄 の 骨 Kuchita tetsu no hone Rotten bones of iron 砂 に 戻る ために 震え Suna ni modoru tameni furue The quaking sand turns back 山 眠る 晩秋 Yama nemuru aki The mountain sleeps in autumn [2] 歩きだす Aruki dasu Walking out この身にいくら積み込んでいても Kono mi ni ikura tsumikominde ite mo However much my body is burdened 全ての種 Subete no tane All kinds [3] 根付く地に舞い降りられないからね Nejuku chi ni maiori rarenai kara ne You can't land and take root on an empty planet, right? 気も萎え荒ぶ Ki mo nae susabu A spirit weakens and grows wild 優しそうな声で Yasashi sou na koe de With a kindly voice 巧言令色 Kougenreishoku Honeyed words 野望 頼る 小心 Yabou tayoru shoushin Depending on timid ambition [4] 空転 続く 手段 の果てに Kuuten tsukuju shudan no hate ne Keep racing to this way's end, right? 座る わけなく Suwaru wakenaku Sitting pretty 今 Ima Soon 駆け上がる 階段の事 Kakeagaru kaidan no koto Running up the stairs of possibility あめた鉄のねじ Ame ta tetsu no neji A sky of iron screws 砂に戻るためにくずれ Suna ni modoru tameni kuzure Turning back to sand, it's ruined 夜寒にきしむ Yozamu ni kishimu An irritatingly cold night 生き急ぎ Iki isogi Fresh urgency この身にいくら積み込んでいても Kono mi ni ikura tsumikominde ite mo However much my body is burdened 受け取る 手を Uketoru te o Take a hand 探 せぬ 人 は いつまでも 見上げる Sagasu senu hito ha itsumademo miageru Admire those grasping at forever [1] Kiru also carries the meaning of "to complete", so this could also be an abstract way of saying one worked hard for nothing? [2] To my ears, Full only pronounces "aki", not "banshuu", the full reading of "晩秋". Aki, the first kanji, has the same meaning. Don't know what to make of ban, which is nightfall, whether he meant it to be a lyrical idea guide, or just didn't sing it, or what. [3] The more common reading I've run into is, more or less, "all sorts/kinds/manner of". The first version I had was "complete deception" or "total trickery". Apparently all pronounced the same. Pick and choose your own meaning, here! [3] Another interpretation, I think, would be "reliant on cowardly lies". credits: newsoles As requested like a year ago!
  3. cullucoo

    And talking about cages, why isn't he in one yet
  4. :( I miss Tokyo Heroes


    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Literally just got into them yesterday and damn do I feel bad for being so late to the party 😭

    2. cullucoo


      They were really so good 😔 also i want more 6+ min long songs in vk pls

  5. cullucoo

    I never thought I'd ever see a vk boi wearing yeezys
  6. cullucoo

    I never even bothered looking for it... I've never seen it show up anywhere in the past 10 years...
  7. R.I.P. His voice was INSANE
  8. cullucoo

    I somehow actually like it The synths are cringy but also my favorite part of the song lol
  9. Since I already spammed the recent topics with SEX-ANDROID I might as well just post them here too :°) 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tokage


      I think he's just unable to grow more hair :^)

    3. cullucoo


      I still appreciate his commitment, dude hasn't has a normal hair color in 20+ years lol

    4. saiko


      Love this song! Classic!

  10. cullucoo

    Haven't changed it since 2014 lol
  11. Day 20 of me re-discovering my love for VK/Angura: 音鬼 are SO GOOD can't believe I forgot about them??

    1. filth_y


      Skipped them when everyone loved them over 10 years ago. Checking them now I am shocked at what amazing gem I missed there (but even more shocked to read they were on UCP!?!). Atmosphere in parts reminds me of another god-tier band, Uma. Early 2003-2006 was really the peak of creative vk bands!

    2. cullucoo


      I'm glad you like them!!! 

      According to discogs they only had two releases under UCP, but still pretty cool! UCP actually had quite a few unexpected Angura crossovers, they even published stuff by some CRAZY-SKB projects!

      Btw if you liked 音鬼 you should check out PINK OPAQUE too! It's the vocalist's previous band

  12. cullucoo

    Oh shoot I didn't know the guitarist passed away =\
  13. Proud Ravenclaw, very happy with my house Apparently I have some Slytherin traits too and I can see why
  14. cullucoo

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