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  1. color me pleasantly surprised that Ash actually sounds like Ash
  2. I think I'm way into it I'll withhold full judgment until I hear a version that wasn't recorded in a vat of pudding
  3. it's a lot harder to eat people if you don't take their clothes off first
  4. feelin' it SUPER pumped to hear the full song
  5. Ash is the song so nice they remade it twice
  6. Gauze was the first DEG album I heard, but Macabre was the first one I actually liked Missa is a historical curiosity and nothing more
  7. feels like it's been ten damn years since utafumi
  8. Midwife and The Inferno are the only songs on ARCHE I almost always skip also, Juuyoku owns
  9. I actually really like this take on Beautiful Dirt but IIID Empire I... uh...... hm
  10. the Merry cover is probably my favorite, but MOST of the tracks are surprisingly good definitely one of the most overall enjoyable tribute albums I've listened to
  11. saishuu ressha! tracklist seems fun enough, but I definitely didn't need utagoe and flight
  12. myakuhaku is their best album since shion and I hope people aren't sleeping on it MUCC's killin it this year
  13. kind of a weird-ass tracklist but they squeezed a few of my very favorites in there so I'm happy
  14. freakin great album love almost every minute of it
  15. I dig it that recording quality made me feel like my ears are full of mud, though