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  1. oh, one for each of their birthdays that’s pretty darn cute
  2. mopkins

    that’s a good-ass setlist
  3. I kinda love live takes of GRIEF saying a prayer for this one
  4. oh, there's nothing groundbreaking going on here but they're pretty fun definitely some strong 2006 vibes
  5. mopkins

    if this leads to a new release I might actually cry
  6. whew after one listen I don't think I like it as much as Myakuhaku, but it's Strong Living Dead rules
  7. sounds like I'm gonna have a pretty good time
  8. I can't believe that guy on the left photobombed MUCC
  9. that's a weird freakin album title I like it
  10. little album, BIG chocolate taste
  11. mopkins

    I still love Obscure even though I'm not sure what the hell it is
  12. mopkins

    after giving them some time to stew I'm pretty sure I like all three remakes better than the originals I definitely like them much better than the Vestige of Scratches remakes
  13. mopkins

    Pink Killer is like the only song from Kisou I go out of my way to listen to like I'll suddenly think "oh, I haven't heard Pink Killer in a while. I should fix that"
  14. mopkins

    the worst dir en grey song is aoi tsuki and nothing else even comes close
  15. mopkins

    I've warmed up to Rubbish Heap a lot partly because I can't wait to hear the crowd shout "FIST" when they play it live
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