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  1. that's a weird freakin album title I like it
  2. mopkins

    little album, BIG chocolate taste
  3. mopkins

    I still love Obscure even though I'm not sure what the hell it is
  4. mopkins

    after giving them some time to stew I'm pretty sure I like all three remakes better than the originals I definitely like them much better than the Vestige of Scratches remakes
  5. mopkins

    Pink Killer is like the only song from Kisou I go out of my way to listen to like I'll suddenly think "oh, I haven't heard Pink Killer in a while. I should fix that"
  6. mopkins

    the worst dir en grey song is aoi tsuki and nothing else even comes close
  7. mopkins

    I've warmed up to Rubbish Heap a lot partly because I can't wait to hear the crowd shout "FIST" when they play it live
  8. mopkins

    yeah I immediately assumed it was referencing this I love it
  9. mopkins

    I kinda want them to remake Pink Killer but I'm not sure it's possible to improve on perfection
  10. mopkins

    Downfall is my sleeper favorite
  11. mopkins

    I gotta say, while Devote My Life and Rubbish Heap are easily my least favorite songs on the album, I'm not feeling the urge to skip them like I usually do with the tracks I don't like there's no Midwife here
  12. yeah after a few listens I'm really starting to appreciate this one I don't know if it'll ever crack my top 5, but there's a lot of really good stuff going on here
  13. yeah the album version of utafumi is definitely a weird downgrade probably the worst case of it since ryoujoku no ame for me
  14. man the first half of this album is, like, exhausting (I'll probably start loving it after four or five listens like I did with DSS)
  15. damn this album sounds like a riot