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  1. Happy b-day Linh! ❤️

  2. Linh-san

    Mine is: https://www.instagram.com/linhieeee_/ I mostly spam on my stories with videos and pictures of my hamster www
  3. Finally received LOST ASH final album before disbandment, much feels TT

  4. Hi! I'm selling a few J-Rock items! Prices are negotiable! I'll be adding some more stuff later this week... ;> You can find them all in my Sales Album You can message me on FB (I'll reply faster than on MH).
  5. Linh-san

    Sad, but hope they find their ways in what they want to achieve. mejibray isn't complete without koichi and tsuzuku tho TT
  6. Linh-san

    Had VIP with OOR Yesterday, and when I checked out the photos I realized Taka made silly faces xD here is one of them close up xd
  7. Linh-san

    Tried wearing lenses for the first time, I look like a doll. And the silly piggynose pose.
  8. Linh-san

    Last time I had blond with turquoise ww Now I have purple with darkblue and my younger brother has pink hair x3
  9. It feels weird to listen to Jrock again after like 2 years, omg I missed this T_T. Anyone who has some recommendations for me which I definitely have to check out?:glitter:

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    2. Elazmus


      There's a lot I could recommend from the past two years that are also already disbanded in that time XD 

    3. Linh-san


      Thank you guys! Yeah I'm trying to catch up some good music! Already did on my favorite band as Mejibray! I'll definitely check all these recommendations (๑>◡<๑)

    4. Komorebi


      Check out Far East Dizain, Develop One's Faculties, Dezert, Purple Stone, Keel and definitely VRZEL

  10. Linh-san

    Congratulations! *coming back sneaky* I've been with TW a year after it changed to MH and I've met so many great people since then. Always loved the daily conversations in the chats and sharing some of the VK music I own. I was happy to become a part of the staff/moderating team back then, it was a fun job and I did it with pleasure. I hope many more years to come...! and I'll try to come back from time to time to say hi haha Stay well you all~ stay genki! and don't forget to stay positive no matter what!
  11. By next week, this grown up girl is moving in a new home together with boyfriend ^_^! So excited! 

    1. Jun_


      This is awesome, Linh! :3 Good luck~~~

    2. doombox


      Wow! That's great. <3

  12. Any visual kei music recommendations? I'm not really up-to-date since last year haha :)

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    2. Messenger84


      girugamesh with their disco-sht music? please stop humiliate them

    3. emmny


      girugamesh's latest lp kicked ass there's no disco shit there LOLOL

    4. Lestat


      More, KEEL, マルコ (Marco), メディーナ (Mediena), ELYSION-エリシオン-.

  13. My nailstudio has been open for an half year now, damn time flies :)

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    2. yakihiko


      Congrats, I hope more will come

    3. doombox


      Congratulations. I hope business is doing well! :D

    4. Linh-san


      Thank you guys :) Yes, we're doing pretty well atm :)

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