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  1. SlaySlavery

    Sadako cosplayer.
  2. SlaySlavery

    That's a......daring switch.
  3. SlaySlavery

    Band name checks out.
  4. SlaySlavery

    He's just trying to be the Axl Rose of Japan.
  5. Memento Mori fans 

    Awesome :headbang:

  6. SlaySlavery

  7. Do seem legit. Maybe they're bounded by contract to release an album and a single. Hence Camera obscura and Gypsy? Do believe they may come back under a new name.
  8. SlaySlavery

    I doubt 初期 is the title of a song. In Chinese, it means "early stages". Early stages of La FeeRie.
  9. SlaySlavery

    -will- BLOWS me away Mebius Trip BLOWS me away Calling Angel BLOWS me away Eyes of Insanity BLOWS me away ヒステリア GOD DAMN IT BLOWS me away Messiah BLOWS me away GALEYD will be on repeat mode for the rest of 2012 and 2013.
  10. SlaySlavery

    Amazing. Sounds even better than the original version!
  11. SlaySlavery

    Is that a Chanel necklace around 恋一's neck?
  12. SlaySlavery

    Why didn't they include Freedom?!
  13. SlaySlavery

    It's time for people to start ripping their cds at 320kbps.
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