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    Jrock, anime, music, video games, comic books, girls, boys, books(Like Hamlet and heart of darkness), Jdramas, and a lot more.

    messege me here people i don't bite lol

    Note:i am female and my real name is Michelle ^^

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  1. girusatoshi89

    "Ava Maria" - Christina England-Geoff Zanelli
  2. girusatoshi89

    Hora- New Skin
  3. girusatoshi89

    MASQUERADE- Pisera x pisera
  4. girusatoshi89

    Today many of friends that graduated came to visit
  5. girusatoshi89

    RIZE- heiwa
  6. girusatoshi89

  7. girusatoshi89

    i'll have to listen to that for sure. i like the original a lot.
  8. girusatoshi89

    i liked stitches and opticon. I haven't heard much else from them. They are good though.
  9. girusatoshi89

    NIGHTMARE-Ibushi (Ku Yuru)
  10. girusatoshi89

    girugamesh is my top favorite band. I love all their songs. Fukai no yami is one of my favorite songs.
  11. girusatoshi89

    I like both Mirror and Coll:Set But Coll:Set, for me, had a harder sound and so its my favorite <3
  12. girusatoshi89

    so i was playing Bioshock...is big daddy an actual person? cause like idk he's too strong and scary >
  13. girusatoshi89

  14. girusatoshi89

    wow lol, i like this cd and i don't think it sux so i have nothing bad to say, i also love their older stuff as well
  15. girusatoshi89

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