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  1. spleenmonkey

    Oh, okay haha! still awkward doesn't it? yeah.. for the person getting slapped.. they don't know wtf they did wrong... NOTHING.. its fun.
  2. spleenmonkey

    i like to slap people when they do something good... its satisfying.
  3. spleenmonkey

    all i can say is KAMIJO BETTER SING!!!!!!.. Remember Forever made me wanna slap him.. sounds so good.
  4. spleenmonkey

    yeah. id like to hear from them as well.
  5. spleenmonkey

    agree. their are freakin awsome. one of my top fav. as well. i can't wait to listen to the new mini-album
  6. spleenmonkey

    i must go find their stuff and check em out.
  7. spleenmonkey

    ahh. this makes me happy.. i love cats. a jrocker cat. awsome. makes me wanna dress mine up .
  8. spleenmonkey

    i beleive that. some of the other members also went to Kurt after hanamuke disbanded. i had some stuff by them a while ago. but i don't anymore. i liked them too. but i liked Kurt more.
  9. spleenmonkey

    thats some bull. i was hopeing they would be around for a while.
  10. spleenmonkey


    D owns my soul. they are at the top of my list. i can never get enough of them. i haven't got to see the new pv yet. im trying to find it to download. anyone have any hints? tsunehito is such an amazing bassist. each memeber of the band is so amazing.
  11. spleenmonkey

    sounds like he's having seizures on the drums, lol. lmao. yes is some songs. it does sound like that. but i must admit . some songs require a certain rythem. but still. let's get a new drummer plz.
  12. spleenmonkey

    i like them alot. and i agree. a new drummer would spice things up a little. what i really want is Kozi to release some more stuff.
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