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    Kaye got a reaction from multi-facet13 in the GazettE   
    This, really. I've been going to concerts for the past 10 years and I've seen it evolve. Personally I find it one of the most annoying things when the first few rows of a venue are just people standing there with their phones up. It obstructs the view from people behind them + they get mad at you when you accidentally hit them because of a pit or a rowdy crowd. I've seen people literally watch the shows through their phones and cameras while the band's performing right in front of them. Like, go home and watch a live DVD instead? I understand the need to record at least something to make it feel like you've been there. A lasting memory. But full shows? I'm usually in the middle of crowds when I go to gigs, and I'd rather not have to watch out for someone's iphone crashing to the floor, or someone's nasty stares when they can't keep their phones still.
    I'm fairly sure that's just called "setting the atmosphere" rather than "shut the fuck up, don't move, and fucking listen to mmmeeeeee." It's a type of respect to go along with what the band asks you to do for certain songs. Screaming and yelling is ridiculous imo too. Reminds me of when Dir en grey "demands" the crowd to be quiet for Kyo's acapella parts and every now and then there's this bunch of screaming fangirls who can't read situations. It ruins the moment. It really does.
    Singing along to songs? Now that shows something.
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    Kaye got a reaction from Ro plz in ONE OK ROCK New Album "Eye Of The Storm"   
    Last time I saw them live that was basically me with their latest album. I listened to it once, forgot all about it, saw them live and thought the songs weren't half bad because of them performing them as they do with all their other stuff. It has nowhere near the same energy nor feel as their older work, but at least it's manageable when there's good songs across the setlist anyway. (Sadly those will get less and less the more bland things they release)
    Used to love them and grew older with them (I'm the same age as Taka) but at this point I got to say lil bro's band is far more interesting and I hope they stay that way. OOR fell victim to the blandness of a lot of the American bands they tour with and those on their American label 😕
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    Kaye reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in MIYAVI new collaboration album, "SAMURAI SESSIONS VOL. 3"   
    When he vs himself, he better include some Dué riffs with random panning 

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    Kaye reacted to blacktooth in Dir en grey   
    I kind of dig the Yoshiki thing. Dude's having steak and fries with his 朝食 too, no fucks to give. Check out that huge thing of ketchup.
    Unless it's fruit punch or something.
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    Kaye reacted to Saishu in Dir en grey   
    Speaking of acting too cool, this fucker needs shades to eat breakfast. 
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    Kaye reacted to Kelrya in Dir en grey   
    I think Shinya would rather die.
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    Kaye reacted to AwesomeNyappy in Dir en grey   
    Whenever I see pictures of Kaoru these days I cannot help but think that he has some type of midlife crisis 😂
    I much prefer him with brown hair. His blue hair is okay, his blonde hair was....let’s not talk about his blonde hair 😂
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    Kaye reacted to AwesomeNyappy in Dir en grey   
    Oh no, i was talking about the queue outside (which did not exist at half past 7 anymore). I was there at around six. I also queued for the toilet, the wardrobe and the merch booth, so there were already lots of people standing there. So we also made our way through some people to find a good spot, but it was so crowded already that we did not want to move in further to annoy people (I'm also used to concerts where things are different, but I wasn't sure about the way diru fans would take that.)
    But I was actually quite satisfied with where I was because I had sooo much space. I could jump around and headbang, it was super fun!
    About Die: I also find it crinchy af, but for me, that's the fun of it (or maybe I'm just too magnetised by his wavy hair, who knows lol).
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    Kaye got a reaction from AwesomeNyappy in Dir en grey   
    Die's act is borderline cringe tbh. It's just too much.
    We got in really late too tbh. We knew they were starting at 8 and I think we got there little after half past 7. I don't even know what queue you're talking about! I'm used to going to metalcore gigs and such so we just made our way through the crowd/pit as usual heheh
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    Kaye reacted to AwesomeNyappy in Dir en grey   
    Me too! Was never a big Toshiya fan, but he left an impression on me. 
    I find Die's "poser" act pretty hilarious tbh (probably not what he was going for), and I never want it to stop
    It's super funny that you two were standing so close to each other!
    I was standing way more in the back for once, but that was okay. I arrived quite late (because deutsche bahn), and the queue was already waaaaay too long. But I met some super nice people that I ended up spending the concert with, so I'm actually glad I was so late haha.
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    Kaye got a reaction from Seelentau in Dir en grey   
    Ah! We were right behind those seated just before the concert started, and then moved to the left of the kyokyokyo girl so it's very possible I was right next to you at some point. The twins (if we're talking about the same dudes with the same tourshirts on) ended up in the pit near the end as well and ended to my left side. I was right in-between the pit and the people staying put for most of the gig!
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    Kaye reacted to Alkaloid in What are you listening to?   
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    Kaye reacted to Alkaloid in What are you listening to?   
    R.I.P. Kyle Pavone.
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    Kaye reacted to violetchain in What are you listening to?   
    I think I'm finally sold on NOISEMAKER?
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    Kaye reacted to YuyoDrift in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    Just saw this on Amazon video the other day. I gotta say, it's quite entertaining. Got to episode six, and thought that the season has ended since it was at a good stopping point, only to find out there are 24 episodes! Sweet.
    @Gaz I'm looking forward to some more Jojo too!
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    Kaye reacted to Original Saku in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, Asobi Asobase, and Grand Blue all are shows that were completely under my radar, but have consistently had me in tears so far. Very funny shit.
    Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki seems like it'll be pretty good plus it's been far too long since I've watched a Historical anime that felt this good out of the gate.
    Banana Fish has me enthralled with the first two episodes, I don't really know anything about the source material but I'm really into this American gangster setting in anime it's pulling off. might be a AOTY contender.
    Hanebado! Gonna go ahead and call this one my anime of the season, I'm just a damn sucker for sports anime and what a obscure sport to do an anime on. I mean it's fucking badminton for Christ sake, but I'll be damned if I'm not just utterly captivated by the animation and art in this show, and by the end of the third episode I'm all in on these characters and can really feel their struggles and relate.
    Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu yes it's a isekai ecchi harem show... But I really like it. So sue me, I like big voluptuous elven titties and the significantly flatter but in no way inferior loli boobs in this show.
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    Kaye got a reaction from platy in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    Watching very little this summer somehow and hardly anything can keep my attention fully as well.
    Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger and Banana Fish are being really consistent at least. Definite faves of the season.
    Satsuriku no Tenshi is a fun surprise. Even if I'm mainly watching to hear Zack's VA go batshit as usual (as if he isn't yelling enough as Bakugo in BNHA yet)
    Will I ever understand the hype for SNK? I doubt it. I just wish someone would eat Eren and Mikasa already so Levi can be the lead he deserves to be.
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    Kaye got a reaction from Rakuen in A Brief History of Visual Kei: Unnecessary Symbols & Punctuation in Band Names   
    I still have √eight sitting in my itunes and after all these years I still pronounce it Veight.
    Silly VK dudes.
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    Kaye got a reaction from Komorebi in Why do you think that J-rock never really broke through in the west?   
    Speaking from the pov of someone who's interviewed lots of western bands + is European: you don't "break" into the European scene. People just happen to pick up your music or they don't unless you're with some bigass label that pushes it towards mediaplatforms. The recordlabels in Europe that have Japanese bands signed are mainly responsible for distribution of the CDs, as well as getting them venues/promo when they come to Europe for tours. They don't promo them with a big PLAY THESE DUDES PLS. Rockbands in these type of genres get around by touring, not by getting played on a radiostation or anything.
    As for the US. I've heard it a lot from the bands I've spoken to, but it's more of a thing in the US than it is over here. We simply don't care much about language since we have loads of them in our surroundings. It doesn't NEED to be English. The US is simply more chauvinistic in that way where they want all their media to be English. Look at all the dubbing of anime, for instance. Sure, it happens in some countries here too but overall it's fairly tame in comparison + only for the children's shows. Or whenever they find some interesting European or Asian movie that isn't in English they feel the need to remake it with the idea that "people won't bother with subtitles" or something of the likes (They've done it with some of our local productions and then horribly failed). So there's part explanation in that too.
    Imo OOR would have done way better if they'd have just stuck to their original thing of mixing English and Japanese. Now they just sound like any other basic overproduced Fueled by Ramen band. Also, whether Diru sings in English or Japanese you wouldn't recognize it anyway so I'd highly doubt that being any indication as to why they charted or not.
    Additionally, Crossfaith, coldrain, Fact, and many other Japanese bands also have releases in the US and Europe, but since their genre isn't all that widely spread, neither will the sales of their stuff. Doesn't mean they don't have the fans to back the tours of course. I see this all the time since I'm a big post-hardcore/metalcore/whatever fan as well. The forum where I get my western stuff have coldrain/crossfaith/diru and are equally hyped for those than they are for the other releases. Crossfaith's been coming to a huge local festival for 3 or 4 years now and always has a huge crowd.
    If we're solely talking VK then I'm sure it's not a surprise it never "broke through". I mean, it's VK.
    Wanted to add that Japanese is also a very difficult language to get used to, so if people hardly ever hear it they'll always perceive it as "weird sounding". Meanwhile we're all used to Spanish, French, English and the likes so it's not as hard to adapt to songs sung in such languages.
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    Kaye reacted to Shaolan974 in NOKUTO new single, "妄想殺意" release   
    next time they will change it to NOCT
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    Kaye reacted to YuyoDrift in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    I didn't even realize the amount of youtube vids trying to explain the hate for ichigo lol
    So excited for tomorrow!
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    Kaye got a reaction from YuyoDrift in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    Honestly, I saw the comments before I watched the episode and after watching it I just want to slap them all on the head. Sure, I got annoyed as well but imo it all fits their story and current life/convictions. We can only wait and see what they'll do with it.
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    Kaye reacted to YuyoDrift in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    Ep 13 pf Darling in the FRANXX fucking delivered on the feels.  So glad I stuck around.
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    Kaye reacted to K-x-H in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    I started watching "Just Because!" last night, an anime from Autumn 2017 for this season of Spring 2018 and i managed finish 8 episodes in a row overall since story is kinda touching me really, even though this anime is actually an original anime with a serialized novel that also came out on Autumn 2017.
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    Kaye reacted to Original Saku in Currently Airing & Watching Anime Discussion Topic   
    3Gatsu no Lion might seriously be one of my favorite series ever....  this second season just raised my enjoyment of it to a whole new level. I can't wait for it to return. I urge people to please go try it, honestly one of the best shows I've seen in a very long time.
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