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  1. Takatori Reiji

    Haha yeah, if only we could travel back to 2015 when this article was published ;D
  2. Takatori Reiji

    I was dead middle, 2nd row. Looking around the entire middle was full and all sides were also full. The only areas that were empty were way back in the far two corners of the venue. So I'd say around 80% or so full. It was only during the 2nd Encore that I saw people starting to leave
  3. As someone else mentioned, yes he only played one song which I assumed was Genesis. It sounded really good live and I'm looking forward to hearing the full version when it's released as well as future releases.
  4. Indeed. David (Sui) performed just before Versailles started their performance last night in Paris. Must say, it sounded pretty good! I am intrigued by what else he can do in the future.
  5. Takatori Reiji

    That setlist is incorrect. Genesis wasn't played in London, and I know for a fact the Encore was Venom followed by VIP.
  6. Takatori Reiji

    Hearing this again in this version, literally gave me chills and goosebumps One of my favourite songs from Para:noir
  7. Takatori Reiji

    Not a nice thing to say thank you. Show some respect. Sad sad news. My favourite band and one of my favourite drummers too. Very odd reasoning behind this though.
  8. Takatori Reiji

    Shame... I was hoping the new video would at least provide a new sample of the new single, sadly not.. It's still 磔 (Haritsuke) from THE STALIN -666- Didn't see a new member there myself, but I might have not caught it. If so, it would be Mio (ex-Lycaon) as their support bassist.
  9. Takatori Reiji

    FYI. The video is NOT the new song. It's 磔 (Haritsuke) from THE STALIN -666-
  10. Looking forward to this a lot. Definitely some XodiacK/Eros vibes there, his voice is amazing.
  11. Takatori Reiji

    Don't think so. That isn't part of their new look, all their hair is different. A few weeks ago a picture of Yuuki with blonde hair appeared on tumblr with a similar comment. Thankfully, it turns out this is how Yuuki dyed his hair to re-dye it into the pink we see in the new look.
  12. Takatori Reiji

    6 in Roman Numeral on Satoshi, 6 in Kanji on Ichiro, 6 by Fingers on Yuuki, 6 in Words on Hiyuu and 6 in Numbers on Zero. Unsure of the true reasoning behind this, but a comment went along with the original photo saying 'Lycaon counting down to 「stylish wave CIRCUIT’14 夏の陣」. It’s 6 days left until the opening of the live event.'
  13. Takatori Reiji

    Sweet.. hope it will be as good as, or better than Madrigal de Maria! Loved that album. More of that please Sadie!
  14. Nice amount of types again like the last single. Definitely gonna buy both Regular types (for the live footage). Probably the 3rd Regular type if it's cheap like the previous was again. Looking forward to this release!
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