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  1. D.L.S

    I haven’t been here in forever but it used to be my homepage once upon a time. I remember becoming truly active and becoming an involved memeber of the community the day of the transition to toasted waffles. I’m glad I did because my teenage years would have been a lot more dull! Monochrome Heaven was my only real friend and I was here constantly and maybe a bit obsessively. If not participating in the threads or the chat, then trying any and all new music. This place will always have a special place in my heart and I’m glad that it’s thrived beyond my stay. I doubt that anyone remembers me, but I seen some people talking about the prime days of the chat and I’m glad that I got to be a part of that. I had no one else to talk to, but I could always rely on the chat to have a buddy to “hang out” with. So much nonsense talked about, but it made me feel regular when I felt like such an outcast in real life. All the good times in turntablefm. And we even had some sort of chat that let us speak to each other. Man did your voices not match up with the persona I had given you hahaha. This website greatly effected the person that I am today in ways that I can’t even describe. Many things happened in my life that lead to me becoming less and less active and eventually disappearing, but I always think of his place nostalgically and I’m grateful for the community and all of the members! I’m feeling all sappy, but I’m just glad MH is still kicking. My childhood is still alive haha.
  2. How unfortunate. At least they've made a lot of good music before this dud. I'll just go listen to that.
  3. D.L.S

    I really should come back here more often for the musics. It's been quite a long while..... This place was practically my homepage 2 years ago.
  4. D.L.S

    your outfit though leaf. <3 I'm gonna need to borrow that for the next drag show.
  5. D.L.S

    :'( I can't even.
  6. D.L.S

    Has the audio on their dvds gotten any better? I remember downloading one and it was shit. could barely hear the guitars right.
  7. D.L.S

    I love singersen!! I remember her being in cat's best of 2012 and I was hooked instantly.
  8. i was just wondering when there would be something new. yaaaaay!
  9. D.L.S

    Sodomy sounds very Hora~
  10. D.L.S

    Still have that sexy pic of usuxorz on my comp somewhere mwahahahahaha
  11. D.L.S

    Will the audio be crap??? Or have they fixed that? Lol
  12. D.L.S

    Isn't that the day that kamijo's single comes out???
  13. D.L.S

    Totally disbanding. He will probably go solo too.
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